Pat McAfee Reacts To Mohamed Sanu Being Released From The 49ers 

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What team do you think would be a good landing spot for Sanu?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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6 okt. 2020




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Money Power187
Money Power187 10 dagen geleden
Sanu To The Pack💪🏾💚
Ben Bierbaum
Ben Bierbaum 11 dagen geleden
He should come back to ATL during the rebuild
AndyActually 12 dagen geleden
Sanu on the steelers would give me old holmes, randel ell trick play vibes.
cruzboy 27
cruzboy 27 12 dagen geleden
Packers pick him up please
dead awake3
dead awake3 13 dagen geleden
He's probably going to the packers
Airec Goodwin
Airec Goodwin 13 dagen geleden
Get it done, Howie!
JSkeetman 14 dagen geleden
Sanu to the packers???
Mitchell Guntrum
Mitchell Guntrum 14 dagen geleden
Didn’t you just talk about players going to other teams to drop information for a while and move on? Leaves Patriots and goes to another Super Bowl contender.
Jazz Covell
Jazz Covell 14 dagen geleden
What is your problem
Raymond Ford
Raymond Ford 14 dagen geleden
Best show on the internet
Max Price
Max Price 14 dagen geleden
If you could tell Aaron to go pull some strings up there in GB. That’d be a wrap folks
Nash Potter
Nash Potter 14 dagen geleden
Niners have Deebo, Kittle, and Aiyuk. Sanu who?
Ris & Danny
Ris & Danny 16 dagen geleden
Falcons ruined him.
MrRipNasty808 16 dagen geleden
We didn’t even have jimmy g throwing to him and they released him smdh it’s a touchy situation with all our injuries but I still got faith in what we have
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 16 dagen geleden
Sanu... welcome to Tampa
TarmacTomato 677
TarmacTomato 677 16 dagen geleden
*coughs* packers *coughs* please *coughs through tears*
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce 16 dagen geleden
He likely requested the release
Mr J
Mr J 16 dagen geleden
Why is he being released from so many teams????
Brian Furdon
Brian Furdon 16 dagen geleden
the eagles are desperate. They may take him
Ty C
Ty C 16 dagen geleden
Matt👏 Ryan👏 made👏 Sanu👏
Naz Idoura
Naz Idoura 16 dagen geleden
Patriots. Get him back
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods 16 dagen geleden
Eagles should pick him up. We suck
Jackson Fitzsimons
Jackson Fitzsimons 16 dagen geleden
Why do I feel like Connor always says something that completely ruffles everyone’s feathers😂😂
Tomas Antonelli
Tomas Antonelli 16 dagen geleden
Yugi Monstar
Yugi Monstar 16 dagen geleden
Eagles. Call this guy😅 we need any available body😅 👀 aye you reading this,can you catch??
codee comah
codee comah 16 dagen geleden
Stupid the Niners have no weapons! Were fucked. He must be an issue in the locker room or something. Oh well maybe we got a rookie waiting in the wings.
John Bartz
John Bartz 17 dagen geleden
It would be cool if he signed with the Packers
FYV ClipzzYT
FYV ClipzzYT 17 dagen geleden
Kong Yang
Kong Yang 17 dagen geleden
Come to Green Bay!
Eric Dickey
Eric Dickey 17 dagen geleden
clg632012 17 dagen geleden
Why did I draft him in my best ball? Oh yea, kus I'm a mush.
Isaiah Ethell
Isaiah Ethell 17 dagen geleden
@eagles. Sign him.
Rachel Bartley
Rachel Bartley 17 dagen geleden
Eagles NEED him
sabian thomas
sabian thomas 17 dagen geleden
Joseph Jay
Joseph Jay 17 dagen geleden
9ers grabbed some talented receivers in last years draft, makes sense
Mister anal
Mister anal 17 dagen geleden
Lamar low key the best best non quarterback quarterback in the league
henry ha
henry ha 17 dagen geleden
Seahawks should get him
SomebadCandy 933
SomebadCandy 933 17 dagen geleden
Packers should pick him up
ふしちょう Phoenix 不死鳥
Cardinals need another WR. They should look at Sanu.
Jerome Garcia
Jerome Garcia 17 dagen geleden
Tysom Hill is the best back up QB... Just saying, Payton holding that fool on lockdown, but is not using him for a reason, but in my opinion he's a new Brees but can run like any top running QB..
Jon 17 dagen geleden
Solid ending to the video lol
roxx10k 17 dagen geleden
Bro the ending🤣🤣
Eduardo Mejorado
Eduardo Mejorado 17 dagen geleden
sanu sucks
Victor Lott
Victor Lott 17 dagen geleden
Vegeta Black
Vegeta Black 17 dagen geleden
I see GB , raiders and jets going after Sanu hard. Those 3 teams have no WR help.
Ryan Haywood
Ryan Haywood 17 dagen geleden
"Lamar should look at that" yes he should! 😂💩
GhosT sheLLz 75
GhosT sheLLz 75 17 dagen geleden
Wtf?? He is good! 🤔 🦁
fudi972 17 dagen geleden
Dude is a Certified bum
MrShanester117 17 dagen geleden
I thought he was on the Patriots
DAA314 17 dagen geleden
Sanu is baller, get him up to green bay and Rodgers will make him look like a top 10 wr
ramiram84 17 dagen geleden
Valente Rosales
Valente Rosales 17 dagen geleden
bears should sign him he would proably be a good combo with allen robinson
Sarada Sreeram
Sarada Sreeram 17 dagen geleden
He was on the 49ers? Real talk, Sanu is a talented class act. Hate to see this happen to a guy like him. Hopefully he finds a good home.
Skylar Schmidt
Skylar Schmidt 17 dagen geleden
Can't believe we traded a second-round pick for Sanu what a terrible decision that really cost us a potential second or third option receiver in the draft.
Boojay Maximus
Boojay Maximus 17 dagen geleden
Come to the Cardinals! The water is fine!
zig hag
zig hag 17 dagen geleden
love the lamar comment lmao
berlin040909 17 dagen geleden
Didnt even know sanu was on the niners
King Hershybar
King Hershybar 17 dagen geleden
So sad we never even used him
Dylan Mauch
Dylan Mauch 17 dagen geleden
KhemnuFrost 17 dagen geleden
*Pete Carroll has entered the chat*
Henry Darrow
Henry Darrow 17 dagen geleden
Packers pick up sanu 🙏
AIS 17 dagen geleden
Wtf 😳
ProphetDev 17 dagen geleden
Jalen hurts screen to Sanu, Sanu bomb to Raegor! I wish
That Guy
That Guy 17 dagen geleden
Bears could always use a wide receiver that can actually catch the ball
Erick Ogg
Erick Ogg 17 dagen geleden
Falcons fan here. I really had hoped he would sign a long term contract with us. He is slow, But he’s dynamic in so many ways. he does have above average hands and great over the middle that can take hits.
sid monge
sid monge 17 dagen geleden
Chargers need to sign him he would be our third guy
Daryle M
Daryle M 17 dagen geleden
He gotta come to philly man. Howie has been down at the L looking for crack heads that can catch
Scott Turnbull
Scott Turnbull 17 dagen geleden
Love pat's podcast. Great insight, funny, very entertaining. With that said, and at the risk of going into full grammar police mode, his incorrect use of the word "whenever" drives me a little nuts. Not enough that I won't listen, but a little. Just sayin'...
J Scharp
J Scharp 17 dagen geleden
Plz packers do something right here
Jaxon 17 dagen geleden
Come back to Atl
Jaxon 17 dagen geleden
U were so good here
Adam Horvath
Adam Horvath 17 dagen geleden
Can the Jets sign him please
Alyosha 17 dagen geleden
Kubby Kush
Kubby Kush 17 dagen geleden
Sign him Bears or Browns. SIGN HIM NOW!!!! *Schwarzenegger do it now voice*
bigup liquidrichard
bigup liquidrichard 17 dagen geleden
Green bay
NIc K 17 dagen geleden
jarvis landry is best non qb, qb.
Quest4Adventure 17 dagen geleden
My Vikings could use a security blanket/check down type receiver
Warm Crunch Productions
Warm Crunch Productions 17 dagen geleden
Bring him back to ATL. Stick him on defense
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 17 dagen geleden
Chilly Dawgg
Chilly Dawgg 17 dagen geleden
Take a breath once in a while pat
Stephen Sepe
Stephen Sepe 17 dagen geleden
He was garbage in New England!!!
manny4mayor 17 dagen geleden
"What is your problem?" 😂😂
baby Melvin Nelson
baby Melvin Nelson 17 dagen geleden
Great for the Packers
J da high roller
J da high roller 17 dagen geleden
I love the gang Mentality lol
Mike Emery
Mike Emery 17 dagen geleden
There is a reason he keeps getting released..He is a great person but not a great WR..its over
Ethan R
Ethan R 17 dagen geleden
LMAO at all the fans in the comments acting like Sanu is an all-pro talent and saying 'xyz should sign him'.
Greydp 18 dagen geleden
need him back on the falcons
Crön Benson
Crön Benson 18 dagen geleden
Packers should pick him up!
American Person
American Person 18 dagen geleden
Four teams that should pick him up: Ravens, Bengals, Seahawks, and Packers
david sanders
david sanders 18 dagen geleden
Jarvis Landry is a pretty dope deep ball thrower
FxckingHell Satan
FxckingHell Satan 18 dagen geleden
Bruh if the Texans don’t do everything possible to sign him they would be stupid
It's Jackaboy
It's Jackaboy 18 dagen geleden
Bruh I could see the Seahawks picking him up to get revenge on the 49ers
Liberty Above All
Liberty Above All 18 dagen geleden
Colts maybe
90710harborcity 18 dagen geleden
can't figure out shanahan and lynch in 2020.
AJtheAggravated 18 dagen geleden
The eagles need receivers right now so they better get him now
Eric Evens
Eric Evens 18 dagen geleden
Your not giving Johnny Hekker the credit that he deserves!!
Timothy George
Timothy George 18 dagen geleden
Hes overrated and always has been
Golden 185
Golden 185 18 dagen geleden
Ravens should pick him up
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 18 dagen geleden
Pat "what is your problem"
18 dagen geleden
I seriously wonder if some of the boys back chatter is scripted or not because they all just have perfect timing with each other.
Easton Sonnentag
Easton Sonnentag 18 dagen geleden
The packers need to sign him