Pat McAfee Reacts To's Week 6 Power Rankings 

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Do you think got these rankings right?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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15 okt. 2020




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Sam Beckett
Sam Beckett Dag geleden
Seahawks are at number ONE you east coast biased IDIOTS.
Cj German
Cj German 4 dagen geleden
Bears never get no love
Joshua Yeager
Joshua Yeager 6 dagen geleden
That green bay take didn’t age well
freeway rail
freeway rail 6 dagen geleden
How tf is green Bay number 1 and the buccs just smashed them who made this
forty9r9r 7 dagen geleden
Is this projected ROS rank or just where they're at for the week?
DaFridge 2x
DaFridge 2x 7 dagen geleden
bears r too low
Keeys 7 dagen geleden
Seahawks,Bills, and Bears are the most disrespected on this terrible list!
Myles Sanner
Myles Sanner 7 dagen geleden
1.) bucs kicked the packers ass 2.) the pats lost to the Broncos
# lakewood20
# lakewood20 7 dagen geleden
Time to respect TB
Atom Anonymous
Atom Anonymous 8 dagen geleden
Congrats pat on the 1 million subscribers!
GayJew 8 dagen geleden
Patriots should be higher. I cant judge them by that chiefs game, they didnt have cam.
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena 8 dagen geleden
Top 15: 1 packers 2 chiefs 3 Seahawks 4 ravens 5 Steelers 6 rams 7 Titans 8 bills 9 raiders 10 Bucs 11 pats 12 browns 13 saints 14 cardinals 15 bears
Para_doc 8 dagen geleden
-Marquise brown -James Connor - Jamison crowder If you could only start 2 of these 3, who would it be? Go!
Joachim Luft
Joachim Luft 8 dagen geleden
Rankings are good for nothing. Am Ende kackt die Ente. Go and get it Chiefs.
Abel 8 dagen geleden
The seahawks are way better than the steelers. What the heck??
Green_Bay_All_The_Way 8 dagen geleden
Poor JJ Watt and the Texans
Ammon Herrera
Ammon Herrera 8 dagen geleden
The only 5-0 team is tanked sixth. Joke list.
Connie B
Connie B 8 dagen geleden
GB isn’t strong enough on D To win it all. Now with Bell ,KC can outscore anyone. D bending too much.
Tory Fj
Tory Fj 8 dagen geleden
No respect for Seattle
Bob Onmuknob
Bob Onmuknob 9 dagen geleden
Pittsburgh should be 2 or 3. Kansas City and Baltimore have both lost.
Caleb Young
Caleb Young 9 dagen geleden
Bear 4-1,chargers 1-4. Nfl. Com: "we know the bolts are better, but we cant put that with a straight face"
USMCorbust 9 dagen geleden
Is that the lowest a division leader has ever been ranked?
Damon 9 dagen geleden
Dang the Chargers ranked really high!
Sir RedRaven
Sir RedRaven 9 dagen geleden
Other NFL fans: Geez these close games are giving me heart attacks! Seahawk fans: First time? Please stop okay I wanna watch a normal game guys
Gasbarandlisa 9 dagen geleden
I think the colts and bears should be higher
Ryan Parraz
Ryan Parraz 9 dagen geleden
They have the Hawks low so they can make a story off it later.
Nash Potter
Nash Potter 9 dagen geleden
Why are the seahawks so low? They are the only undefeated team that has played through 5 games. They should be #1 on the list. And I'm a 9ers fan.
cubeincubes 9 dagen geleden
are they even trying this year?
Jake Worm
Jake Worm 9 dagen geleden
Is AJ pissed off?
Nicholas Chapin
Nicholas Chapin 9 dagen geleden
Packers then Seahawks then Kansas City, then ravens then steelers
cBarlos 9 dagen geleden
Jets are definitely the worst team in the league by a mile lololol
Ali Jordan
Ali Jordan 9 dagen geleden
Seahawks at #6 is a joke. Espn is more accurate
nongthip 9 dagen geleden
My Hawks are not a #6 team. They have this week off, but wait for it... they are Super Bowl contenders.
Stedi-Sports Podcast
Stedi-Sports Podcast 9 dagen geleden
Bears too low. Panthers and Miami are too high.
Tim Greer
Tim Greer 9 dagen geleden
Jets are way too high
Backup Khan
Backup Khan 9 dagen geleden
How are the Steelers above the Titans and Seahawks?
m1ckyg21 9 dagen geleden
Titans and seahawks should be above steelers and ravens
SwayJJ 9 dagen geleden
Pat: ***HYPES UP THE NFL POWER RANKINGS AS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE MIND OF NFL PLAYERS*** AJ: Players don't give a s*** about power rankings Pat: BUT they should because it is power rankings on the NFL website AJ: Well they dont
Caleb Tache
Caleb Tache 9 dagen geleden
There is so much disrespect for the bears
perfect fitz
perfect fitz 9 dagen geleden
What's a little scary as a Titans fan is that we still have to play 3 out of the top 4 teams. There's a lot of good football ahead.
Gilbert Sanchez
Gilbert Sanchez 9 dagen geleden
No respect for Chicago. Stay sleeping
Nick Donahue
Nick Donahue 9 dagen geleden
The NFC East’s highest rating is the Cowboys as 22 just by the way.
Mikey Pickett
Mikey Pickett 10 dagen geleden
I think nicotine has an Aj hawke addiction
Carlos Carrillo
Carlos Carrillo 10 dagen geleden
Jets are too high
Cheshire666 10 dagen geleden
Whoever created the ranking is dumb. How the chiefs and ravens are above Seattle when they both have a loss and the Seahawks are undefeated makes zero sense
Jackson Halladay
Jackson Halladay 10 dagen geleden
I think I just fell in love with AJ Hawk -Jets fan
CallMeNyx YT
CallMeNyx YT 10 dagen geleden
Bears need to be higher
hengineer 10 dagen geleden
Packers playing well but look who they've beat. Even as a Packers fan I would lean on Tennessee being up there.
Aiden Kennedy
Aiden Kennedy 10 dagen geleden
who have the steelers beat that are good
Renn 10 dagen geleden
My mans smoking a Cigar
Carter Thomas
Carter Thomas 10 dagen geleden
Seattle is getting robbed
Mason Hain
Mason Hain 10 dagen geleden
the bears disrespect is real
That_ Guy
That_ Guy 10 dagen geleden
Whats the song at the end of the clip?
Team AHGG 10 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what mic he uses?
DarkSouljah 10 dagen geleden
How are the Steelers 4th and above Tenn & Sea???!?!? They haven't played a decent team yet. The NFL needs to get off that franchises dick for once. Their opponents have won a total of three games COMBINED.
wyatt hankins
wyatt hankins 10 dagen geleden
Seattle behind 2 teams that have already lost, WHAT?!?!
DillonDank 9 dagen geleden
The Hawks might have the better record (for now) but the chiefs and Ravens have the stronger 53 man roster
wyatt hankins
wyatt hankins 10 dagen geleden
So the team with the best record is 6th?!?!
Ghislain 33
Ghislain 33 10 dagen geleden
DinoGaming44 10 dagen geleden
Bears are so disrespected man. I know they haven’t played amazing teams or anything but they still beat the Bucs and are 4-1. The record speaks for itself. They’re better than many teams ahead of them.
Keiran Grant
Keiran Grant 10 dagen geleden
hell ya, rams on the comeup
Ethan Velle
Ethan Velle 10 dagen geleden
Seahawks can't crack the top 5 but the chiefs lose to the Raiders and are #2 because everyone in the media loves to suck mahomes and the chiefs cocks.
Dom Gia
Dom Gia 10 dagen geleden
I don't like GB being #1, want to see them as the underdog.
Goochie Thanos
Goochie Thanos 10 dagen geleden
Why did the Seahawks go down. They are still undefeated
DeadpanFish 10 dagen geleden
Charpiy C
Charpiy C 10 dagen geleden
I’m a Seahawks fan and I’m kinda mad, the Seahawks aren’t number six, at least in top 3. The bears I feel are being a bit disrespected I mean I know they are 16 on the rankings but there a four and 1 team like at least in the top 12 or something but hey I don’t know. Thats just my opinion
John Dickey
John Dickey 10 dagen geleden
This isn’t a good list
snowfreak551 10 dagen geleden
How are the raiders ranked under the browns??? The browns played 2 good teams this year and they lost to one of them???
John James
John James 10 dagen geleden
Seahawks are 1st on ESPN packers suck they haven’t played anyone
Andrew Fischbach
Andrew Fischbach 8 dagen geleden
Seahawks barely beat the Vikings lmao. The packers STOMPED the Vikings... and the packers defense is much better than the Seahawks
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith 10 dagen geleden
Will Russ ever get the respect he deserves? NFL sure doesn't want to give it to em. My Top 5: 1. Seahawks 2. Packers 3. Chiefs 4. Ravens (Go Ravens!) 5. Steelers
L Watkins
L Watkins 9 dagen geleden
Must have forgot the titans
Seth C
Seth C 10 dagen geleden
I’ve been a fan of Aj all the way until the last ten seconds of this clip
Kenny G
Kenny G 10 dagen geleden
All I’m saying is the raiders beat the chiefs, panthers and saints (all good teams) yet we are ranked behind the saints somehow. Raiders will be disrespected until they win a super bowl
Dan Neville
Dan Neville 10 dagen geleden
The bears can go 16-0 and still be at 16
Brent Kosty
Brent Kosty 10 dagen geleden
Bears 16? After making Brady look stupid on national tv. Ok.
Dreaming With Dan
Dreaming With Dan 10 dagen geleden
Browns above patriots, 2020 in a nutshell
Tristan Phipps
Tristan Phipps 10 dagen geleden
This show funny af
Kilercrab321 10 dagen geleden
Steelers are the weakest 4-0 ever they're going down Sunday.
Greg 10 dagen geleden
Pat is Golden
Luke Ryba
Luke Ryba 10 dagen geleden
mmm all this "bend don't break" garbage about the Seahawks 5 games in... I dunno how that's gonna hold up
Avery Jones
Avery Jones 9 dagen geleden
First of all it’s been that way for years, second of all it’ll hold up even better when 5/11 of the defensive starters come back
77 388
77 388 10 dagen geleden
How does New York manage to suck twice?
LowLevelScum 10 dagen geleden
Browns relevant for the first time in over a decade and they freaking out....lmao
Chloe Tillman
Chloe Tillman 10 dagen geleden
Whenever the Seahawks lose close games the other team is always praised for out dueling carol and Wilson. Whenever the Seahawks win close games the media always writes them off as lucky or they “barley won” I understand the defense has given up yards but they have yet to give up a game so Seahawks being #6 is some definite bias and comes off as trolling.
Avery Jones
Avery Jones 9 dagen geleden
@DillonDank 2nd in takeaways, top 10 in run defense, 4th in TD% allowed, 9th in passer rating allowed. All with 5 starters out, not a terrible defensive unit if you actually look at stats rather than just seeing yards and flipping out
DillonDank 9 dagen geleden
Their defense is awful
Ja K
Ja K 10 dagen geleden
Switch Steelers and seahawks and it's golden
Zachariah Lindsey
Zachariah Lindsey 10 dagen geleden
Imagine beating two top 10 teams and only being thirteenth.
il100374 10 dagen geleden
Seahawks and Titans should def be above Steelers. Look at the teams they played. I got Seahawks in my top 3 for sure
Ben VanHolstyn
Ben VanHolstyn 10 dagen geleden
The triple damn after he read Colts cracked me up.
Luke Ferraro
Luke Ferraro 10 dagen geleden
My Chargers are literally 1-4 and way too high
Armando Beck
Armando Beck 10 dagen geleden
Seahawks should be 3rd above the ravens imo
Nav Bravic
Nav Bravic 10 dagen geleden
As a Packer's fan I'd be pretty reticent to put them ahead of the Chiefs or Ravens right now
Brandon One
Brandon One 10 dagen geleden
Zach 10 dagen geleden
The beauty of power rankings is that they radially change based on record any week. I think any undfeated team in legit power rankings should be higher than any team with one loss.
Darrell Staley
Darrell Staley 10 dagen geleden
For the first time ever pat said something remotely positive about the rams
Johncas416 10 dagen geleden
Let’s also talk about the hate everyone puts on Archie Manning’s son, he’s slingin the ball and everyone says his WR is making the plays. Okay so that means Tom Brady was surrounded by elite WRs his whole career. The QB can only put the ball in places for the WR to catch. The internet is an odd place. Bears at 16 and a Manning is called a bad football player. The bears are historically good and there will never be a bad Manning in football
IHCTerra 10 dagen geleden
Eli is a below average QB. The Bears have played teams that choked more than they did.
Johncas416 10 dagen geleden
What’s with the bears at 16?? They’re 4-0 and look great. Pats at 11? This is totally bogus this is absolute madness
Tomislav Georgiev
Tomislav Georgiev 10 dagen geleden
Seahawks no.6..... Yeah..
Matias fernandez
Matias fernandez 10 dagen geleden
2:18 LOL
Ric H
Ric H 10 dagen geleden
Chiefs lose to Raiders at Home. Chiefs #2 Raiders#13. Something very Wrong with this list. Seahawks should be #1 and Packers#3-4.
Zachaboy 10 dagen geleden
Bell got picked up by the chiefs what is your reaction to this?
Carlitos 10 dagen geleden
cant wait for the seahawks-rams games
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom 10 dagen geleden
if Bears win the next game on sunday they are no doubt a top 10 team in the league
Cody Ortego
Cody Ortego 10 dagen geleden