Pat McAfee Reacts To NFL's Week 5 Weird Game Schedule 

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Seems like this weekend will lead to some weird game times. Is it good?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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9 okt. 2020




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ostry66 11 dagen geleden
Extra weeks are inevitable at this point.
Gonzo Bonzai
Gonzo Bonzai 12 dagen geleden
I live in the boonies,network TV spotty at best, picked up Sunday Ticket. Wish they would still show the games even if on Monday or Tuesday
Patrick Lawton
Patrick Lawton 12 dagen geleden
Pat go work as your pops did for a week and you'll understand why the nfl won't ever do a afternoon game during the week. 5 pm is the earliest you'll ever see
life of chris
life of chris 12 dagen geleden
It's a good idea to try and line it up for prime time over seas
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 13 dagen geleden
Use this comment as the petition for Pat and the boys to do a live commentary/watch along for NFL game days 🏈
MyPoop999 13 dagen geleden
lmao y’all forget that most people have actual jobs and can’t watch games weekday afternoons.
SePtic Toad
SePtic Toad 14 dagen geleden
I can’t watch the broncos cause they play at 3 pm on a Monday but tbh it might be better not to watch them
Beau Peterson
Beau Peterson 14 dagen geleden
Why wouldn’t we want football every day?
Thomas Coursey
Thomas Coursey 14 dagen geleden
When the Tigers use to be good they put on the last of the game at the end of the day during playoffs
El mEñ0
El mEñ0 14 dagen geleden
Get Em!!
Mr K
Mr K 14 dagen geleden
Full send football
Zac Carlisle
Zac Carlisle 14 dagen geleden
You'd love to give the bills a shorter time to prepare for the chiefs Pat
Reaper 14 dagen geleden
Stop the bs Tom they don't give a damn about the football they want to rearrange to make the most amount of money while losing the least.
Austin Zornow
Austin Zornow 14 dagen geleden
How come Pats desk always adds more stuff to it but nothing ever seems to go away lmao
izzy ellis
izzy ellis 14 dagen geleden
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Z J 14 dagen geleden
Try'n ya-nite the olds n the younger olds, PAT?! SOCIALISM!! Ask'm which'ns better, Mineo's er Aiello's. ASK 'M!! Betch yinz I know. FAKE NEWS!
noob loot
noob loot 14 dagen geleden
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Nate Sotebeer
Nate Sotebeer 14 dagen geleden
It’s not a “standing agreement” to not play Friday/Saturday, it’s a federal law the NFL must follow to retain their legal monopoly
Danny Casteel
Danny Casteel 14 dagen geleden
Lifelong wrestling and football fan but even I know WWE is literally the lamest, most boring and absurd product on tv. Stop it Pat
Me E
Me E 14 dagen geleden
Friday Night Football! Common make it happen!
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 14 dagen geleden
I wanna know this guy's teeth care routine & which products. I think I'm blind from his teeth being too bright
PoloNoLogo 14 dagen geleden
Dude COVID or not I think 2 Monday night games is awesome , 5pm and 815 pm or something like that!
MacDofGlasgow 14 dagen geleden
As a Scottish fan, a game at 5pm EST would still be watchable for me, or at least the first half. Best week of the year is the week where UK clocks have changed but US clocks haven't so Redzone is 5pm- midnight rather than 6pm-1am.
Ali Balaghi
Ali Balaghi 14 dagen geleden
Like superbowls on sunday the flipping worst. Cant stay up till 1am because i need to get up in 5 hours for school
Layla Campbell
Layla Campbell 14 dagen geleden
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
izzy ellis
izzy ellis 14 dagen geleden
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Joey Fletcher
Joey Fletcher 14 dagen geleden
Shoulda made it like 5:30 so everyone has time to get home. I would love getting off work, grabbing a beer and watching football. It would honestly make the week much better.
nozzk 14 dagen geleden
There is literally a federal law saying the NFL cant schedule games that compete with high school or NCAA football. Sports broadcasting act.
iambbak 3 dagen geleden
Nicholas Claggett Only thing I disagree with your college stance is that college sports give some students an opportunity to attend college they would not have otherwise. I agree that they whore out the student athletes though. But anyways college football is a religion for most of the south. If you force Georgians to pick between watching Alabama and the falcons, it’s not going to be good for the NFL. Same with Texans with the Longhorns and the cowboys. I particularly don’t care about CFB so I wish the NFL could play everyday of the week, but it’s not that important to change.
Nicholas Claggett
Nicholas Claggett 3 dagen geleden
@iambbak Honestly I don't particularly care about how discouraging it may be for high school students not to have well attended football games. It's not the responsibility of lawmakers to make 15 year olds feel like their sports matter imo. And tbh, I am just philosophically opposed to the idea of televised college sports in general. I think students should be students. Colleges whore out athletes who spend so much time with sports they never have the chance to learn as advertisement for the school. And it's especially stupid because they aren't even marketing anything related to the service they provide, learning.
iambbak 3 dagen geleden
@Nicholas Claggett imagine if you're a highschool student and nobody shows up to your games because the town is too busy watching NFL football... not very encouraging, is it? Remember that a lot of the country live in rural areas where they don't have NFL teams. College football is the whole economy for certain towns like Pullman and Tuscaloosa.
hector garcia
hector garcia 10 dagen geleden
@Nicholas Claggett I’m assuming because the football games probably stimulate the local economy and if the NFL had their games on the same days people wouldn’t go to see the games because they would much rather watch the NFL game
Nicholas Claggett
Nicholas Claggett 13 dagen geleden
@iambbak It is a stupid law though. Because why do we care that colleges and high schools have an audience for their games? I am pretty liberal, so I don't usually have a problem with "big government" but why should the government step in and ensure those games have an audience? It's pointless.
noob loot
noob loot 14 dagen geleden
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Levi Andreasen
Levi Andreasen 14 dagen geleden
Pat doesn't get people wanna watch and focus on their team when the Packers are on I'm not turning the channel lol! Leave my Pack on Sunday lol
keyoke69 14 dagen geleden
What are the odds the NFL even gets 16 games and a playoff in.
lgarciajr23 14 dagen geleden
It's beautiful being on the west coast. Football at 10am 1pm and 5pm.I was on the east coast for a week it was terrible having to wait all damn day to just watch baseball. Don't know how the east coast does it waiting till 7pm and 10pm for it. 4pm and 7pm is nice.
Spencer Honda
Spencer Honda 14 dagen geleden
"intellectual debates about mortality rates"
Layla Campbell
Layla Campbell 14 dagen geleden
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Joe Molnar
Joe Molnar 14 dagen geleden
A great idea I feel for a next live guest or as soon as could be made pospossible would be Norm MacDonald regardless of where the conversation may go it would be incredible.
jagfanbb 15 dagen geleden
"It'd been a long damn week, Pat." Dead 🤣
izzy ellis
izzy ellis 15 dagen geleden
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
noob loot
noob loot 15 dagen geleden
OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️
NinerMacca4749 15 dagen geleden
5pm Games US Time absolutely benefits fans here in the UK 10pm Kick-Off is fine by us! 😁🏈
OZ 15 dagen geleden
i watch it at 1am hkt most of the time
DJ Mixxwell
DJ Mixxwell 15 dagen geleden
2pm football on Monday? I’ll take it!
Electric Paper
Electric Paper 15 dagen geleden
Not playing Friday and Saturday is a hard and fast rule, it’s literally the law. Congress made it illegal to play on those days when the NFL was granted an anti-trust exemption.
Electric Paper
Electric Paper 14 dagen geleden
@Steve Goldson Because the college season ends
Steve Goldson
Steve Goldson 14 dagen geleden
Then why are there Saturday Night Special games every year around Christmas time?
J.G. McBell
J.G. McBell 15 dagen geleden
They don’t play games in the middle of the day because most people won’t be able to watch it and the advertising dollars are a fraction of the prime time slots. Basically your entire adult life of not working traditional 9-5 jobs has ruined your perception on what your average person is able to do on any given weekday afternoon.
Jay W
Jay W 15 dagen geleden
I don't know this guy but I love him!!
Layla Campbell
Layla Campbell 15 dagen geleden
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
7700Football 15 dagen geleden
If any team is not able to play all 16 games, and others are, what would happen to their draft pick status?
Mike B
Mike B 15 dagen geleden
As a west coast viewer... I have no idea what you're talking about games ending at 1am :D :D :D
izzy ellis
izzy ellis 15 dagen geleden
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Krohe Gaming
Krohe Gaming 15 dagen geleden
Honesty the scheduling for this weekends game don’t seem to shabby. Probably wouldn’t mind seeing it like that overall. It’d give us all a game to watch practically all week
manny4mayor 15 dagen geleden
Buffer weeks makes the playoff bye useless, which makes the regular season matter less.
rckdude12345 15 dagen geleden
I'm a Packers fan and even with Rodgers lighting it up I'm having a hard time keeping interest. No fans make it feel like practice. The refs continue to suck. The announcers suck. I'm not gonna plan my sundays around NFL football anymore.
rckdude12345 15 dagen geleden
@N B nahhhh
N B 15 dagen geleden
You clearly don’t like football, but the football experience
Steve 15 dagen geleden
Olds and younger olds... lmao
Sosa DiBiase
Sosa DiBiase 15 dagen geleden
This is beautiful 😢
noob loot
noob loot 15 dagen geleden
2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️
JayPeezy 15 dagen geleden
That guy's teeth are so white they're luminous and he wants everyone to know it lol
Chance Draper
Chance Draper 15 dagen geleden
He’s like Ross
Rahiem Hunt
Rahiem Hunt 15 dagen geleden
Love the 5pm football. Saturday night would be 🔥🔥
TripodKat 15 dagen geleden
If I act like a dumbass and get sick and then don’t social distance and get my coworkers infected, yeah, it’s my fault. Not saying every player that gets infected did something wrong, but yea it only takes one careless player to infect a bunch of people and then the season and everyone’s paycheck gets impacted. You called it a “suit” thing to say but honestly he’s just smart on the subject.
Alan Jensen
Alan Jensen 15 dagen geleden
Thanks for looking out for us Younger Olds because yeah it’s hard to stay up late especially if your a working class Younger Old
TetrisTech 15 dagen geleden
Tom said that there's a loose agreement between NFL, college, and high school to not have games run simultaneously. But it's actually genuinely illegal for the NFL to run air games within a certain like radius of a simultaneous college/high school game.
The Silver Shroud
The Silver Shroud 15 dagen geleden
5:22 🤣🤣🤣 love you pat
jlk 15 dagen geleden
All games should be played at the Bengals practice facility. Covid less contagious outdoors.🤔
Aidan Neff
Aidan Neff 11 dagen geleden
This comment deserves more likes.
J Beaman
J Beaman 15 dagen geleden
This is literally a Denver broncos game, and the damn game is at 3:00 p.m. mountain Time. Not great on the NFL's part.
J Beaman
J Beaman 13 dagen geleden
Well looks like we don't have to worry about it anymore lol
SePtic Toad
SePtic Toad 14 dagen geleden
Ya I won’t get outa work until the game is over
Ned Mononymous
Ned Mononymous 15 dagen geleden
Really starting to resent Pat's east coast bias. Yes most people live in Central or eastern time zones. That doesn't mean the pat or the nfl ignore pacific or mountain time zones.
Joseph K
Joseph K 15 dagen geleden
"IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE COLLECTING A PAYCHECK"- listen to this dbag spouting the narrative that will be repeated for all of us. Of course it's in the name of "protecting all of us" when they try to impose the vax, tracking chips, and everything else they want to control in our lives.
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson 15 dagen geleden
Joseph K - you sound ignorant he’s just spitting facts. I’m trying to watch football all year. Just sack up & follow the dumb protocol
BenB 15 dagen geleden
Move the Bills-Chiefs game to Monday afternoon/evening for another Monday double header!! GO BILLS!!!!!
BenB 15 dagen geleden
@Alec Johnson I'm talking about NEXT Monday, not this Monday. The Bills are scheduled to play the Titans on Tuesday night, then the Chiefs was supposed to be Thursday night, but now is being moved to the weekend. I say make it next Monday. :)
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson 15 dagen geleden
BenB theres already a Monday double header that would be 3 games on Monday then
Frank Corral
Frank Corral 15 dagen geleden
No You Listen!! Lmao i love yal!!
ransac82 15 dagen geleden
Blame is on everyone, players included.
Joseph K
Joseph K 15 dagen geleden
Who do you blame for infecting the fruit and goat that had covid???
Malccc 15 dagen geleden
There’s no where to go, Clocks moving slow
Daniel Mustang
Daniel Mustang 15 dagen geleden
Football 4 days a week > 3 days a week
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez 15 dagen geleden
Football everyday 🔥🔥🔥🔥
I am Groot26
I am Groot26 15 dagen geleden
My hope as a Bills fan is at the very least a 4:00 P.M. Sunday game or added on to Monday night after getting pushed two days for our week 5 game.
manny4mayor 15 dagen geleden
1 would be fine. Moving that game from thursday to sunday, after moving the other game from sunday to tuesday, actually already gives the Bills an extra day to prepare than they would have had if the schedule hadn't changed.
J C 15 dagen geleden
Jets just tested positive for COVID-19
SaucyX4 •
SaucyX4 • 15 dagen geleden
Eric Tolfree naw it was a false positive test
Eric Tolfree
Eric Tolfree 15 dagen geleden
That's The great news the jets have had all year
Brett Patterson
Brett Patterson 15 dagen geleden
Canadian Thanksgiving that day. Great we can have early football.
usmcrave99 15 dagen geleden
"It's been a long damn week, Pat!" - Tom Pelissero, 2020 Quote him on this, forever.
Jesse Freeman
Jesse Freeman 15 dagen geleden
No ones seems to be talking about how this season is gonna affect fantasy leagues
ryogain USU
ryogain USU 13 dagen geleden
@Jesse Freeman if people are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fantasy, as you claim, money is the least of their worries. More likely, getting their head right with healthy habits should be a bigger priority.
Jon Adamich
Jon Adamich 15 dagen geleden
@Jesse Freeman Tell that to the millions who lost their jobs. This is the least of everyones worry. What, do you want them to play with covid? What's your angle here?
Jesse Freeman
Jesse Freeman 15 dagen geleden
@William Shakespeare tell that to the people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on fantasy
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare 15 dagen geleden
That's because in the grand scheme of things... it's pretty unimportant.
jlv3x 15 dagen geleden
It's like Christmas for football fans!!!
Bullyhunter Brad
Bullyhunter Brad 15 dagen geleden
I like that the NFL has thr common decency to not try to overlap the NCAA. I'm sure though an agreement could be officially made for that if push comes to shove.
Gandalf TheJedi
Gandalf TheJedi 15 dagen geleden
How much bleac did Pelissero drink? Those teeth look so unnatural. A subtle job of tooth bleaching may be ok, but that is just over the top lol
Don Allen
Don Allen 15 dagen geleden
I love it! It’s 2020. Rules don’t apply this year. Let’s have NFL games every night of the week! 🏈🏈🏈
ineedhoez 14 dagen geleden
They need to push these games up early too.
Sean Disbrow
Sean Disbrow 14 dagen geleden
@renegonzalez1991 you never played football, shut up 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
areallygoodjoke 15 dagen geleden
I'm down to drink everyday 🤔
Kyle Griffith
Kyle Griffith 15 dagen geleden
renegonzalez1991 save it for the bench
Jamie Alder-Martin
Jamie Alder-Martin 15 dagen geleden
We did it in our code this year and it worked a treat was awesome
villen 15 dagen geleden
It’s bad enough that grown men still watch fake wrestling but you pay for it? My dude...
Irvin Urioste
Irvin Urioste 15 dagen geleden
You players!!!! Pat Pat Pat
C. M.
C. M. 15 dagen geleden
Pat you realize a lot of ppl are not working at home anymore and are back to working in the office correct?
ineedhoez 14 dagen geleden
@Sean Disbrow everyone that I know is still working from home.
kendell smith
kendell smith 14 dagen geleden
Not really. Maybe SOME. A lot? No
Sean Disbrow
Sean Disbrow 14 dagen geleden
Not the case with a lot of big cities still
jjbamaman97 15 dagen geleden
Maybe we will have a Friday night game sometime this year. Only in 2020
Sweet scientist84
Sweet scientist84 15 dagen geleden
We need Tuesday night football. At least until Tuesday night MACtion roles around for us degenerates
Carter Alvarado
Carter Alvarado 15 dagen geleden
i love it
chris coleman
chris coleman 15 dagen geleden
Why did the NFL put the name of a r apist kidnapper on their helmets?!?!
chris coleman
chris coleman 13 dagen geleden
@ryogain USU lolol are you serious?!?! So the cops should have let the guy kidnap some kids after he fought with the cops while holding a knife? That's what you would have done? Let the maniac drive off in a stolen car w some kids he had no legal right to?
ryogain USU
ryogain USU 13 dagen geleden
Because in this country we believe in due process before the law, regardless of whether you have a perfect record or not. Jacob Blake was not afforded that process when he was shot. Cops need to be better paid and more narrowly selected for employment before being given a gun and badge, and then maybe trigger happy cops wouldn't have as many opportunities to cap people in the back 7 times.
chris coleman
chris coleman 15 dagen geleden
That was the murderer.... I'm talking about jacob Blake.... The NBA, NFL and Kamala Harris's new hero....
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare 15 dagen geleden
Where? I haven't seen Chris Coleman's name on any helmets yet.
Big Easy
Big Easy 15 dagen geleden
I don’t see anything wrong with this . I was a high school all star disregard that it was JV but I still dominated . I was 23 at the time and I identified as a women so yea good career. Oh yea we would play four games a day
Upstatebackwoods 15 dagen geleden
Can we get like a 9am football game on the east coast? By 1pm I’m a 6 pack and 2 gummies into the day, ready for them Bills to play
CPR 15 dagen geleden
Maybe not this year. I don’t think there are games in London this year. And most stadiums will have people in the stands (not to capacity) so I doubt changing an EST game to 9am on a Sunday would happen.
PMS Store
PMS Store 15 dagen geleden
Michael N
Michael N 15 dagen geleden
Dude sits like a stooge
Joseph K
Joseph K 15 dagen geleden
narcissistic d-bag...
Papa Cap
Papa Cap 15 dagen geleden
I'm a Bills fan, and this Bills-Chiefs game was going to be great. I wish that was still on the big stage of Thursday night
Craig 13 dagen geleden
As a Chiefs fan, that game should have never been rescheduled. Feels more like... NFL noticed Kc has 4 prime time games in the first 5 weeks, and wanted to change that. 2 potential undefeated teams face off on a night game? Yes please!
Kevin Moynihan
Kevin Moynihan 14 dagen geleden
Sean Dowdy Isn’t it in prime time on Tuesday now though. What I don’t get is why Thursday is so much of a better day then Tuesday it’s all alone on Tuesday night in prime time.
Kevin Moynihan
Kevin Moynihan 14 dagen geleden
Lunker Pond Nobody else is playing on Tuesday though
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 14 dagen geleden
Lunker Pond if the bills played the titans Sunday then the chiefs Thursday as originally planned that would be 4 days between games . If we face titans Tuesday then chiefs Sunday that would be 5 days. 1 extra day to recover from the titans game not 3. also if we face the chiefs Sunday it would be 7 days till our game after them instead of the original 10 days we were gonna have after playing Thursday .
ForeverRanger 91
ForeverRanger 91 15 dagen geleden
Thursday Night games suck and as much as I love watching my Chiefs on primetime, no thank you, especially given their luck as of late on TNF.
mike bower
mike bower 15 dagen geleden
10pm I’m out. I get up early to let my chickens out and feed them.
mike bower
mike bower 15 dagen geleden
George Harry I’m guessing you don’t understand what it means to let them out. They can’t be out at night to many predators.
mike bower
mike bower 15 dagen geleden
hennythingposs 15 chickens, 6 ducks, 3 ginnies, 2 geese, 2 turkeys, and 1 rabbit. I live on a native reservation lots of wild dogs they go in the coops at night.
George Harry
George Harry 15 dagen geleden
Your chickens aren’t free range?
hennythingposs 15 dagen geleden
Same boat here. How many chickens you got bud
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 15 dagen geleden
Pelisario's teeth are whiter than my toilet.
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare 15 dagen geleden
Cat urine is the best teeth whitening agent.
Knoji 15 dagen geleden
Foonsiz 15 dagen geleden
I love it when Pat looks to the side so it looks like he’s staring directly at the person
Foonsiz 13 dagen geleden
@TristonGats Well typically hes looking forward (to our perspective) so I always assumed that that is where he needs to look. I mean, the monitor could be over there but I like to believe that he does it because it looks funnier for us.
TristonGats 13 dagen geleden
That’s probably where the monitor is for the video call
Kolton Meditz
Kolton Meditz 14 dagen geleden
Doug Less lmfao
Doug Less
Doug Less 14 dagen geleden
He is bruh
Michael 15 dagen geleden
Happy bday Gumpy and Zeet
Poor Muggle
Poor Muggle 15 dagen geleden
Love you pat!!
Ris & Danny
Ris & Danny 15 dagen geleden
Love y’all hammer DAHN
Lownyn 15 dagen geleden
Heart this pat
Will Ernst
Will Ernst 15 dagen geleden
Joe flacco mvp jets go 12-4 and win super bowl
Ris & Danny
Ris & Danny 15 dagen geleden
Christian Ramirez Boom ya got em
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 15 dagen geleden
TheManWithNoName that’s the point, since I am a cowboys fan, that means I am the master of delusion
D_ Baggington
D_ Baggington 15 dagen geleden
This happens and ill smoke crack live on the pat mcafee show
NorthWestGuy4Life 15 dagen geleden
@TheManWithNoName say whatever you want, he can't defend himself.
TheManWithNoName 15 dagen geleden
@Christian Ramirez says the cowboys fan
Amutter 15 dagen geleden
Thankyou for all of the content. I wish you would stream all day on sundays to talk about all of the games! MORE MORE MORE! Understand you need your time off and i hope its enough!
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 15 dagen geleden
first comment