Pat McAfee Reacts To Report JJ Watt BLEW UP On Bill O'Brien Before He Was Fired 

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Can you imagine a MONSTER like JJ Watt coming at you?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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7 okt. 2020




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Don Smith
Don Smith 7 dagen geleden
I don't support players abilities to evaluate a coach. Players coaches rarely win championships.
Cirlce of Iron
Cirlce of Iron 7 dagen geleden
What about JJs playing ability, hes never on the frickin field anymore except 2 do cry ins with the rest of the whiners
Lampros Merkourakis
Lampros Merkourakis 9 dagen geleden
Jets players do something
Ya boi Alex
Ya boi Alex 9 dagen geleden
Thank god he got fired or JJ would be traded or cut 🙏🙏
Kai Wong
Kai Wong 9 dagen geleden
What player who blew his stack at his head coach and GM in front of other players didn’t get traded but got his boss fired?! Only an idolized overrated JJ Watt could get away with it.
Santa Clause
Santa Clause 9 dagen geleden
Jj watt so overrated, his younger bro way better
dandre2K 9 dagen geleden
Bob wasted most of his prime. JJ should be traded but I know Houston loves him. ( I know cause my girl lived there for 2 years around when they hosted the Super Bowl)
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 10 dagen geleden
The NFL sux...starve them. Walk away.
Edward Morgan
Edward Morgan 10 dagen geleden
Listen to the players , they're the ones in the trenches getting their asses kicked , they know what's needed to compete .
Charles Versea
Charles Versea 10 dagen geleden
JJ "Hollywood" Watts Time to show the 🌎 world your acting skills. 🔦💡 🎥 🎬 😎💬
Charles Versea
Charles Versea 10 dagen geleden
💰Cal McNair💰 🙏🏾🙏🏾Please do the 🏈Houston Texans🏈 Fans huge favor and "Sell" your🚽 team🚽. It's so clear that you don't want to 🎉🏆win. This is so sad. 🥃🥃🥃😤😡🤢🤮🚽
Jeffrey Wyatt
Jeffrey Wyatt 10 dagen geleden
I wish we still had clowny and Hopkins
Jeffrey Wyatt
Jeffrey Wyatt 10 dagen geleden
JJ won defense player of the year for this one ☝️
Jack Arnsick
Jack Arnsick 10 dagen geleden
He just made up an entire argument w words! He has no idea what watt said
cornfednebraskaneer 10 dagen geleden
Felt sorry for BOB at first, but after some of the crap he pulled? Pretty much dug his own grave.
Oz Dogg
Oz Dogg 10 dagen geleden
Why are you always hurt jj
Green Man
Green Man 10 dagen geleden
Dude on the right kinda looks like woody harrelson lmao
kiltmanm60 10 dagen geleden
Im from KC and Romeo is a damn good man, and a damn good coach! Happy for the Texans even though it will be tougher for my Chiefs.
AceMountain414 11 dagen geleden
What if Larry fitz did it
Z L 11 dagen geleden
JJ Watt is a loser before and after Bill O Brien. Getting the coach fired isn't a rep you want on yourself as a player.
Taryn Wynands
Taryn Wynands 11 dagen geleden
john legend
Kyle Cook
Kyle Cook 11 dagen geleden
To quote the great UrinatingTree...... “Bill O’Brian is a HACK”
Drink life Deeply
Drink life Deeply 11 dagen geleden
J.J. Watt is the face of Houston. Which is correct because Houston is one ugly city, I mean look at the "World Champion" Astros. Cheats and liars with no integrity or morals. Yep, that's the city and J.J. for sure. Nice try to make him look like a hero though, and BTW, while you have your head up there check for polyps.
ty sanders
ty sanders 11 dagen geleden
Obrien thought for a minute he was on par with BB..... NOT CLOSE.....FIRED IN NE.....
Ted Grizzly
Ted Grizzly 11 dagen geleden
They should give Romeo Crennell another chance longterm
Micah Lawrence
Micah Lawrence 11 dagen geleden
The optics truly tell that BOB didn't like Hopkins leveraging his talent for a new contract, so his ego let the best receiver in the league (at least top 3) go for absolute peanuts. When you were in win now.
John Balzy
John Balzy 11 dagen geleden
I like BOB. He trades perfectly good players away to teams that really need them, Clowney for a very late first rounder. Sha-weet.
Helbert S
Helbert S 11 dagen geleden
Trading Hopkins was beyond the stupidest thing ever, it was blatant sabotage of the team. JJ and Deshaun should have demanded to be traded on the spot. I wish JJ would have done this at least 3 yrs ago, but better late than never i guess.
Sammy Mubarak
Sammy Mubarak 11 dagen geleden
It took him this long tho? I wish he would’ve said something sooner.
No Comps
No Comps 11 dagen geleden
Smashed the -6 texans last week
Eric Lane
Eric Lane 11 dagen geleden
If Tim Tebow turns on you, then I guess you've lost your minor league baseball team.
KORN 1999
KORN 1999 11 dagen geleden
Worst channel ever. Pat McAfee acts like he PLAYED in the NFL. What a fraud.
Jackson Tutt
Jackson Tutt 11 dagen geleden
JJ Watt for league MVP cuz he just made the best play of the year.
Joseph Chappell
Joseph Chappell 11 dagen geleden
But is he the coach? No, he disrespected the coach. As a football coach, unacceptable.
The Master
The Master 11 dagen geleden
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Dribble Gawd
Dribble Gawd 11 dagen geleden
As a jj watt fan, I agree with him even more
Aaron Bernhard
Aaron Bernhard 11 dagen geleden
I’m sure the head coach didn’t trade deandre Hopkins. That’s all the upper management
The Dred God
The Dred God 11 dagen geleden
Manohar Rajan
Manohar Rajan 11 dagen geleden
Only Bill O'Brien could have ruined a J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney partnership that could have ended rushing as we knew it.
Jason Benavides
Jason Benavides 11 dagen geleden
Sean W
Sean W 11 dagen geleden
Bro, that practice analogy 🤣🤣
nichad29 11 dagen geleden
JJ to Pittsburgh 👀
EvilCaptPlanet 11 dagen geleden
Can this be achieved with the cowboys and Jerry "*ucking" Jones?
Mr Schnede
Mr Schnede 11 dagen geleden
Houston is a cursed program and y’alls city is full of bums/homeless.
Crispy 12 dagen geleden
As much as I find it awesome... I don't think Watt is the type of player/person to blow up and disrespect his coach. No matter how bad the situation is.
Starlight Frontier
Starlight Frontier 12 dagen geleden
God damn, it's about time we got rid of him. I'm surprised it took this long
John Carpinito
John Carpinito 12 dagen geleden
What a deuce bag he is. He got a guy fired for not coaching well, who is he to judge? He's a selfish player who has never won anything,
John Carpinito
John Carpinito 11 dagen geleden
@bill tamas doesn't mean you get a guy fired. Just my opinion. Especially when you have folded in every big spot you've been in. Just seems like a totally JJ watt kind of thing to do
bill tamas
bill tamas 11 dagen geleden
He played for a selfish deuce bag HC who never won anything because he was incapable of coaching well.
Tate 12 dagen geleden
Bengals players please revolt against Mike Brown now🙏
Dick N. Uranus
Dick N. Uranus 12 dagen geleden
Watt used to be well respected in Houston......this year he took a knee for the flag.....and he totally insulted the good citizens by going over to the side of Burnlootmurder....f**k watt
Jay 2023
Jay 2023 12 dagen geleden
So true
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 12 dagen geleden
JJ. Watt is the man. He is getting older & had some injuries he knows that his team has the pieces. He wants that championship man deserves to get one. His team got a QB that is very skilled. He watched his head coach make so many bad decisions. He couldn’t take it anymore. For real though JJ. Watt is Houston. He has done so much for this franchise on & off the field. The Community loves him. Time after time he has proven he’s a good man. When he hangs up the cleats he will be in HOF. If he runs for any position in office for the city. He getting them votes 🗳. The Texans will offer him a job when he steps away from the field 💯. JJ. The Great.
Agent Orange
Agent Orange 12 dagen geleden
O’Brien set the texans back years.
Gawd GettinAllWeDeserve
Gawd GettinAllWeDeserve 12 dagen geleden
Trae The Truth IS HOUSTON...
Integrity Minded
Integrity Minded 12 dagen geleden
Oh so jj doesn't have to respect his coach and authority? Hmm very interesting
Cris Hova
Cris Hova 12 dagen geleden
Good for JK Watt and the rest of the Houston Texans.
jdm2339 12 dagen geleden
I am from Houston and literally every single person I know or have ever met has not supported BOB since about 2014-2015ish. We were all glad to see him go and have been waiting for this day impatiently for quite a while
Lovely Keto
Lovely Keto 12 dagen geleden
JJ Watt > bob
Tiller Tyler
Tiller Tyler 12 dagen geleden
Not even a Texans fan but finally I couldn't stand him as the coach
zi R
zi R 12 dagen geleden
Bill o brien was trying way too hard to be like bellicheck. I don't think bellicheck would've got rid of D-hop lol.
Peter Longhal
Peter Longhal 12 dagen geleden
cosmonaut variety hour
Wan Shi Tong
Wan Shi Tong 12 dagen geleden
BOB has been a POS for like 4-5 years now and I’m not a Texans fan.
Timbo Slice
Timbo Slice 12 dagen geleden
As a water polo fan, I full heartedly support JJ on this one
Matthew Foster
Matthew Foster 12 dagen geleden
⬇️ this is how many times pat said “JJ Watt”
Heath Lewis
Heath Lewis 12 dagen geleden
He is just about the only reason why I still like Houston. They have potential but the coaching staff may not be there idk.
Fat Man
Fat Man 12 dagen geleden
Houston, we have a problem
Groovy Baby
Groovy Baby 12 dagen geleden
6:24 lmfao
G Coyne
G Coyne 12 dagen geleden
When i saw bill obrien have a shouting match at Tom Brady when he was offensive coordinator for the Pats....everyone knew he had an ego problem. That was over 10 years ago lol
rotatingcats 12 dagen geleden
JJ should of done this years ago. Good on him.
slimydick23 13 dagen geleden
Two things 1. this JJ Watt guy sounds like a real prick 2. I don't like this guy at 4:55 he looks like he doesn't even smoke cigars he just waits till he's on camera and takes big drags for... what? The image? His eyes will still look the same in relation to his nose and his head. The cigar and smoke doesn't change that. This guy looks like his mom drank during the first trimester.
Trev WIlliams
Trev WIlliams 13 dagen geleden
JJ Watt calls out a coach, it was bad!!! He lost his team when you lose the Franchise player on your team. The Organization saw it, and had to move!!
Beaux Dup
Beaux Dup 13 dagen geleden
Tony Y
Tony Y 13 dagen geleden
I hate the dude smoking a cigar. Total oral fixation. He needs to come out.
Yugi_ Boyy
Yugi_ Boyy 13 dagen geleden
Why yall gotta take a shot at my boy Tebow
peter maiers
peter maiers 13 dagen geleden
he also loves getting over paid
peter maiers
peter maiers 13 dagen geleden
JJ WATT is a OVER paid player sorry but true
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 13 dagen geleden
Take a shot for each time you hear the name JJ WATT
B Dog
B Dog 13 dagen geleden
Aj hawk looks like Zed from pulp fiction, Zeds dead baby...
james 13 dagen geleden
I just have one question about JJ Watt, why is it everytime he plays the bridge of his nose is bleeding and has a bandage on it. I think it's just a publicity stunt. Trust me that shouldn't happen every game and if it does there definitely is an issue there.
Mike Thorp
Mike Thorp 13 dagen geleden
Wouldn't it be funny if now the Texans go 12-4. It would send a statement lol
absolution8259 13 dagen geleden
My dude. BoB set Houston back years. I know Watt is the man and all but please don't treat him like Andre. Trade him with a little tread left on the tires and get something in return. He'll forever be beloved in Houston, fans will understand.
Roy Logan
Roy Logan 13 dagen geleden
Pat is funny af 😭😭😭
Vorsutus 13 dagen geleden
My favorite part of this is he gets replaced by Romeo and you know if this is how things went down jj just went fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu w ijjdjdjsj
Kade Miller
Kade Miller 13 dagen geleden
I honestly don’t think anyone especially BOB should be a head coach and GM
Juicy 13 dagen geleden
JJ Watt is a class act.
ShobiWanKenobi 13 dagen geleden
Ts and Ps? thats a little disrespectful
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 13 dagen geleden
He should have been fired when he traded DeAndre Hopkins
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 13 dagen geleden
JJ Watt is like the guy, everytime I hear about him off the field he's like saving a kitten from a tree or performing lifesaving surgery on a child, like he's sacking the cancer cells or something, I've never heard a negative story about the guy in my life, so Bill O'Brien really must have fucked up bad lol
Savmitch1 13 dagen geleden
I understand getting rid of a bad apple to save your locker room, but I think BOB should know that when you trade a superior talent like DeAndre Hopkins, you don't get peanuts in return. I would have fired BOB after that blunder!
Dunkaccino25 13 dagen geleden
Give this man a Walter Payton Man of the Year award.
Luis Cavazos
Luis Cavazos 11 dagen geleden
he already has a few give him another
Brendan Yates
Brendan Yates 13 dagen geleden
JJ Watt saves Houston yet again
TheWatchernator 13 dagen geleden
I'm not sure I've ever seen a coach disliked for being bad by fans of other teams so much.
Raul C
Raul C 13 dagen geleden
BOB is like my old high school baseball coach
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky 14 dagen geleden
I do not like to hear this, this is your coach and you do not disrespect your coach
Nikolai Williams
Nikolai Williams 13 dagen geleden
Nice meme. Respect is earned. Bill O Brien screwed the team and the disrespect is warranted
TheVangbal 14 dagen geleden
Getting BOB fired is the best play Watt ever made for Houston.
Jaredthefallen 14 dagen geleden
Thank you jj watt
Noj Paul
Noj Paul 14 dagen geleden
Bro tried to turn Houston into New England. Doesn't work champ.
tricktaylor1983 14 dagen geleden
How every nfl team soesnt have a 2 point specialist like tim teebow. A 4th and short guy is beyond me. If he gets in 50% of the time hes doing as good as your kicker and on 4th and goal 4th and short hes a weapon too. But lets just keep taking 1 point if we're lucky with the new rule and not worry about having a guy on the roster that can get 2 yards no matter what and potentiallycharge the way the games played.
Michael 14 dagen geleden
Bill would’ve been fired if he didn’t win the afc so many times.
Zealous Tiger
Zealous Tiger 14 dagen geleden
Why am I not surprised? Well done, JJ!
Nuraby _
Nuraby _ 14 dagen geleden
Biggest sack of JJ's career
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