Pat McAfee Reacts To Report Titans Broke Protocol Before Latest Positive Tests 

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Do you think the Titans will be punished for this?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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8 okt. 2020




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Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon 14 dagen geleden
It's so important we quarantine for the rest of our lives and never be within 6 feet of someone ever again. It's too important Biden/Harris 2020
Nater Potater
Nater Potater 14 dagen geleden
Yes, this makes sense. The Steelers shouldn’t lose a buy week or other psuedo punishments with them getting off free when they signed contracts to follow the rules.
Elliot Eisler
Elliot Eisler 14 dagen geleden
The bills and Steelers, thanks to the Titans inability to “Tighten up”... have been fucked harder than Sasha Grey.
All Things Sports
All Things Sports 14 dagen geleden
So bills get screwed over. Instead of playing Kc with both teams rested we get KC on normal rest and Buffalo gets two days less prep time
SunnyD 14 dagen geleden
Scrap the Titans season & move their team to Alaska
Bes haxhaj
Bes haxhaj 15 dagen geleden
Trying to hold players accountable for having covid?? Wtf last year (and all the years before) players were able to play while having the flu... The NFL never cared if they gave it to someone else.
Heguana 15 dagen geleden
Corona? C? C gap? Guys I think I’m on to something
Joel Salazar
Joel Salazar 15 dagen geleden
Each team should have their own bubble. Like separate bubbles for every individual team, consisting of the players, staff, and even the plans pilots and bus drivers lol
Mitchell Guntrum
Mitchell Guntrum 15 dagen geleden
Give Steelers a W, Titans an L, and put the season back the way it was. NFL needs to show backbone
Jeremy Dailey Sr.
Jeremy Dailey Sr. 15 dagen geleden
NFL bubble. Only real answer if you don't want this to keep happening...
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson 15 dagen geleden
Its Raiders Week. Go Chiefs
OG Bean
OG Bean 15 dagen geleden
Millions of dollars to be made and they do this. Some Human Beings are just stupid as F
Donnovan Owen
Donnovan Owen 15 dagen geleden
Gotta follow Proto bud! My manager at the Falcon car wash is all about following proto.
Moses Miller
Moses Miller 15 dagen geleden
Teams with major covid problems that make games have to be rescheduled more that like moves to a Monday or something should be forced to forfeit every game until they get it under control!!
Russell Wise
Russell Wise 15 dagen geleden
Brendan Little
Brendan Little 15 dagen geleden
With the way Pat rambles he should make a run at being an auctioneer.
Bronze Eagle Offical
Bronze Eagle Offical 15 dagen geleden
NFL is shutting down til next season when Mahomes gets COVID
Todd Weidler
Todd Weidler 15 dagen geleden
The whole team and staff probably ran a train on some girl after one of their wins and she must have had covid. Cant win like that, gotta find safer methods of building team chemistry.
Joseph Sellers
Joseph Sellers 15 dagen geleden
I dont buy this at all. I think they just made up positive test results after they found out the titans broke this so called protocol as a control measure. Other teams would hear what the titans were doing and then start doing what they did if they didnt all of the sudden have all these positive tests. All people want is their freedom, and we continue to let them take pieces of it, little by little.This is all about fear and control, nothing but lie after lie used to keep you in fear so you are more easily controlled.
Patrick Griffith
Patrick Griffith 15 dagen geleden
Yea ban the titans for the season. Now they are putting other teams in harms way
PMS Store
PMS Store 15 dagen geleden
MrAlittleofeverythin 15 dagen geleden
As someone who lives in a part of the world where coco is basically nonexistent I just can't when I hear a bunch caught by doing something they shouldn't be doing
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 15 dagen geleden
Its absurd how much the league is bending over backwards for a team that broke protocol... both the steelers and bills are now being punished for another organizations irresponsibility. Its horseshit. Make the titans forfeit every game until they have 10+ days of no new +. Stop rewarding them for the issues they caused.
overseer Miller0330
overseer Miller0330 16 dagen geleden
As a titans fan IM NOT excited to see what the punishment is
Alejandro Elizondo
Alejandro Elizondo 16 dagen geleden
i’m obviously no one to say anything, but what if and i’m just saying what if, thursday night football gets entirely canceled, just to get teams time for to the covid tests and just keep sundays and mondays going. just a thought! i know the money being lost for thursdays but the NFL has always been greater than that!
w8stral 16 dagen geleden
Damn boy, do you take a breath? Got them lungs lubed and roaring...
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 16 dagen geleden
Lmao this is a funny comment. "Got them lungs lubed and roaring." Sounds like southern terminology and I read it in a southern accent
Cam 16 dagen geleden
This is serious business! So many players are dying!!!
Self-Righteous Ideologue
Self-Righteous Ideologue 15 dagen geleden
@Cam - Ah. Well played, sir. Take the like
Cam 15 dagen geleden
@Self-Righteous Ideologue exactly
Self-Righteous Ideologue
Self-Righteous Ideologue 15 dagen geleden
Who has died?
SomebadCandy 933
SomebadCandy 933 16 dagen geleden
Bruh why is this happening when the titans are one of the best teams in the NFL
Jay 16 dagen geleden
Shut down the Titans for the rest of the season
Marcus 16 dagen geleden
Imagine getting fined for getting sick
Fabian Munoz
Fabian Munoz 16 dagen geleden
They should just make them forfeit their games
Keith Crook
Keith Crook 16 dagen geleden
From here on out the Titans should have to forfeit the game and it counts as a loss of it happens again
Al3x Xavier
Al3x Xavier 16 dagen geleden
All this over a flu
Jaryd Jackson
Jaryd Jackson 16 dagen geleden
Put the league on pause for two weeks... figure out the logistics of bubbles for each conference possibly or maybe do it by a two week basis. No one enters no one leaves. Figure it out because we won’t take well to having the NFL season cancelled over the coof.
Mike E
Mike E 16 dagen geleden
Miss a college game for an NFL game???? Not in this lifetime!!!
MJ 16 dagen geleden
always follow proto... nd keep feathering it brother
Tyler Prince
Tyler Prince 16 dagen geleden
Lol no way this game is played. If it is, Bills are going to buttfuck the titans pretty easily
52 Studios
52 Studios 16 dagen geleden
Isn't there some government regulation that keeps NFL from playing at the same time as college Saturday?
Self-Righteous Ideologue
Self-Righteous Ideologue 15 dagen geleden
Lol. Sorry, just the government regulation part was funny. Government has nothing to do with sports. There could be a contract between college and NFL organizations. But there's no government regulation
Andrew Brooks
Andrew Brooks 16 dagen geleden
Make em play with only 10 defenders, then a 1 billon$ fine, that'll teach em
Matthew Rhodes
Matthew Rhodes 16 dagen geleden
The bills game has just been moved to Tuesday night
WyomingPTT 16 dagen geleden
There is a simple solution. Titans forfeit until they can field a team safely. The main reason it won't happen is that before the season the NFLPA agreed that if games were to cancelled due to COVID19, that the players would NOT be compensated for those games. However, if games were to be _forfeited_ the players WOULD indeed be compensated. So the games might end up being cancelled if the Titan's can't get this under control, but they can't use the word *_FOREFEIT_* lol.....
Jamie Mills
Jamie Mills 16 dagen geleden
If the team is found to be even partially responsible they better not punish the players
Connor B
Connor B 16 dagen geleden
I really wish they would move that poster, I don't want to be reminded of shitting every time the camera is on Pat.
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 16 dagen geleden
herd immunity and just move on.... this whole thing is a joke
vlun121 15 dagen geleden
They are all going to live. Not one pro athlete has died yet.
Mike B
Mike B 16 dagen geleden
Moar Saturday night football!!!!
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson 16 dagen geleden
COVID fuckin my fantasy teams up
IMightBeBiased 16 dagen geleden
Señor Elotero
Señor Elotero 16 dagen geleden
Make them forfeit games, lose 1st round picks, and mega fines... it will stop
Bierstadt54 16 dagen geleden
If no one in football thought that nothing like this would happen, then they are COMPLETE IDIOTS. Add a week to the season for makeups. Simple solution, and f DG.
Carlingus 16 dagen geleden
The titans broke Proto Bud their done
James Roper
James Roper 14 dagen geleden
except they didn't and they're not.
jjballers81 16 dagen geleden
Forfeit their games. Give the steelers their bye week back. This is BS. I WOULD BE PISSED if my bye week was 3 days because of some other teams BS. Titans are a championship contender and need to act like it. Don't punish the other teams that are following protocol.
The Pop Head
The Pop Head 16 dagen geleden
Fake news
LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
Simple solution. Play when we have a vaccine.
Dillon Smith
Dillon Smith 16 dagen geleden
Titans should have to forfeit.
Mark W
Mark W 16 dagen geleden
Again, the Titans have proved that these adult players cannot be allowed to make these decisions
Joe Hung
Joe Hung 16 dagen geleden
Titans should be forced to forfeit the games and the other teams get extra buys
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan 16 dagen geleden
If they don't have enough players to complete a gameday roster, force them to forfeit the game. There's no better punishment for it.
E J 15 dagen geleden
Yeah, but some of this stuff is out of people’s hands. Especially with players that have kids. I’d be for it if the organizations broke protocol though. Or are you referring to just Tennessee specifically. Stay safe!
WyomingPTT 16 dagen geleden
They can't because under the agreement the NFL/NFLPA made before the season, the players would be compensated for a 'Forfeited' game. However, if the league 'cancels' the game due to COVID19 then they players would not be compensated. So my guess is the games will be 'cancelled', but the league has to at least make it look like every other option has been exhausted lol.
Seth Rich
Seth Rich 16 dagen geleden
I think a better solution would be to add 2-4 weeks at the end of the regular season for makeup games and leave the regular season schedule alone. If you can’t play your makeup game you forfeit. Only play make up games for playoff potential teams, and drop make up games for mathematically eliminated teams.
villen 16 dagen geleden
Doesn't even look like Pat has sponsors anymore, looks like just a bunch of trash on his desk... we're losing him folks.
kyler Graziano
kyler Graziano 16 dagen geleden
That’s my dad
Jose 16 dagen geleden
They need to forfeit because they’ll continue to be herpes to the season
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs 16 dagen geleden
It is clear - the players are now banging each other from the anxiety of COVID. How else could SO MANY guys get it?
Anime Dude
Anime Dude 16 dagen geleden
Give them that L
Talen Cards
Talen Cards 16 dagen geleden
No first round draft pick?
That's a Toilet
That's a Toilet 16 dagen geleden
I think the Titans should forfeit the season. They are ruining the season for everyone.
King Henry
King Henry 11 dagen geleden
Kolby Hampton
Kolby Hampton 16 dagen geleden
The stadium is literally by broadway Broadway is nothing but the virus
divedude1 16 dagen geleden
Guaranteed somebody in the Titans organization got the VID on Broadway in Nashville.
J West
J West 16 dagen geleden
If the bills get a forfeit because the Titans don’t have a bye week that’s dumb. The Steelers get shafted because they were the next team to play them
hail Kozakistan
hail Kozakistan 12 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan I don't want a forfeit. Make a week 17-__
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs 15 dagen geleden
@Templesdarkest I would wait until they are all well and then I would go to their homes and hold their families ransom until I get that game check they cost me. JK
Templesdarkest 15 dagen geleden
The bills don’t get paid if the titans forfeit.
Nick Alfidi
Nick Alfidi 15 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan, I feel bad for the Steelers too. They got screwed over, but we would still be able to play a COVID-infected Titans (players not playing w/ COVID obv). It's just a terrible situation.
Matthew Hines
Matthew Hines 15 dagen geleden
Ryan Belisle
Ryan Belisle 16 dagen geleden
As a 49ers fan steelers should get their bye back and titans forfeit every game until its fixed!
wuhzly_☆ 16 dagen geleden
I'm a Titans fan and I can't disagree, especially if protocols were ignored/disobeyed. Should definitely have to forfeit in that case.
Caden Prutz
Caden Prutz 16 dagen geleden
It’s Lamars division NAHHHHH. They don’t like us Stillers no more.
Autumn Mccatty
Autumn Mccatty 16 dagen geleden
jlk 16 dagen geleden
When the Bengals practicing outdoors makes sense 🤔🤔
jack Anderson
jack Anderson 15 dagen geleden
Legendary lol
JJQuickSilver 15 dagen geleden
Daniel Botello
Daniel Botello 16 dagen geleden
Damn. This is an underrated comment.
NovaHova 16 dagen geleden
Earl Louie
Earl Louie 16 dagen geleden
Were talking about a virus that has no chance of killing an NFL player. 50=64 with underlying conditions have a 1 an 11.1 million chance of dying frim Covid
DEFYND 16 dagen geleden
Imagine standing 5ft from someone, instead of 6ft, and being fined $125,000... After knowing you and everyone around you has been tested and cleared to be on the field. Why not just fire them after the first offense? Isn't that all it takes to pass the virus? I don't think you get 3 strikes when dealing with a pandemic. The politics of this is just nonsense.
Joseph K
Joseph K 16 dagen geleden
BS mind propaganda for the "new normal". Hyping up the fear for a tough cold. Just look at how many of us already want to punish them because of this narrative. The Milgram Experiment in full view today.
Randell Graham
Randell Graham 16 dagen geleden
At this point instead of rescheduling titan games they should be FORFEITED to the opponents!
wuhzly_☆ 16 dagen geleden
I agree, and I'm a Titans fan. I'm guessing the NFL is hesitant for ratings purposes.
Taco Tacotington
Taco Tacotington 16 dagen geleden
Shocker. We all knew this and the Steelers are the ones who got punished for the Titans not following the rules. The Steelers should get one of their draft picks to compensate.
Logan Murdock
Logan Murdock 16 dagen geleden
As a Titans fan I am very disappointed with the lack of discipline our team has displayed..This type of behavior should not be tolerated and fines coupled with suspensions should be handed out to all guilty parties
Carter Galbreath
Carter Galbreath 16 dagen geleden
Matt White we aren’t doing anything to the browns and losing 3 first round picks is outrageous just because you team has been bad for a while you don’t have to take it out on us. Everyone at some point is going to get COVID titans we’re just the first.
jjballers81 16 dagen geleden
Y'all are championship contenders and need to remember that your team is important. Vrabel needs to get right.
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs 16 dagen geleden
Fines? Suspensions? Crap. FORFEITS. Why is the whole league bowing to them when they did this to themselves?
Matt White
Matt White 16 dagen geleden
Shia Labeouf ✔ My franchise has players that follow the rules. Just because the Titans are run by filthy degenerates doesn’t mean all the other teams should be fucked. Anyway I’m just joking. Titans should lose a pick. A first round pick.
Shia Labeouf ✔
Shia Labeouf ✔ 16 dagen geleden
@Matt White just because your franchise is the worst franchise on nfl history doesn't mean that you get to make other franchise the worst just to feel good about yourself
Alex Eguia
Alex Eguia 16 dagen geleden
they should get an automatic loss for this. They didnt follow protocol and they already have screwed the Steelers byeweek with this.
GraveDigger35 16 dagen geleden
I thought they confirmed that the bus driver that took them to Houston was how it got in
Clayton Hilliard
Clayton Hilliard 16 dagen geleden
@GraveDigger35 But they haven't even played Houston yet.
GraveDigger35 16 dagen geleden
@Clayton Hilliard when this initially started, i thought they said it was the bus driver, or he ended up with it, idk
Clayton Hilliard
Clayton Hilliard 16 dagen geleden
Where did you see that?
Stephen B. Smith
Stephen B. Smith 16 dagen geleden
Nobody cares what a punter thinks. You’re a punter
Jason Flores
Jason Flores 16 dagen geleden
I just want to know what happens if they have to reschedule a rescheduled game? Like what if they get another COVID outbreak vs the Steelers again? Will they forfeit the game or reschedule it again!?
Jkallday52 16 dagen geleden
Or how about they do what the patriots did if you have covid next man up!
Jordan Bailey
Jordan Bailey 16 dagen geleden
They are gonna start running out of weeks then unless they push the playoffs back which is definitely possible!
Nico M
Nico M 16 dagen geleden
This is all on them, But did anyone expect all 32 teams and 53 players to follow the rules ? That's asking a lot by the NFL because some players are idiots. These idiots could ruin/Delay the season.
Eskamoo00 16 dagen geleden
Just kick the titans out of the season
Ill_Hex 16 dagen geleden
Practically half the NFL teams need to be out imo. Rather in performance, lack of protocol enforcement, or both.
Alexander Jorgensen
Alexander Jorgensen 16 dagen geleden
Maybe not that but they should forfeit the games
Ja M
Ja M 16 dagen geleden
Buffalo Bear what about the child in California?
Ill_Hex 16 dagen geleden
JP Garcia Not sure if joke, or if serious.
Buffalo Bear
Buffalo Bear 16 dagen geleden
@Babiest Celery45 hard not to be safe for a virus that doesn't kill anyone you ever knew under 80 years old or 300lbs.
rk3joker 16 dagen geleden
Do i see the aggro crag in the background? Throwback 90s nickelodeon i love it
C B 16 dagen geleden
I'm surprised more people haven't noticed this sooner. It's been there pretty much the entire time he's had this set
CL 16 dagen geleden
Damn, good eye...
Narrator007 16 dagen geleden
I want to know if he won that himself, or if he got from a teammate or guest.
b b
b b 16 dagen geleden
Lol its so obvious the nfl only exists to spread propaganda at this point. Glad i stopped watching
b b
b b 16 dagen geleden
@ketz I think we established you are a genius because you watch the nfl and everyone who doesnt watch the nfl is a dumb idiot. Dont be flip flopping now.
b b
b b 16 dagen geleden
@G-man I did yet i still see, that story and stories like it promoted and embraced everywhere by media outlets, nfl fans and random people. Shows you how far reaching the propaganda is.
ketz 16 dagen geleden
wow bro you are so woke and smart
b b
b b 16 dagen geleden
@ketz Lol at you thinking "smart people" watch or care about the nfl. Thats what makes this type of propaganda so effective, dumb people tend to watch nfl and are easy to condition.
G-man 16 dagen geleden
@b b that was after the game. And how would you know they say that ? I thought you stopped watching football lol?
Ian Folkersen
Ian Folkersen 16 dagen geleden
don't play the game, give them the L.
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 16 dagen geleden
They’re screwing over my bills
Garrett Yamashiro
Garrett Yamashiro 16 dagen geleden
They screwed over the Steelers last week....
Trace McSorley
Trace McSorley 16 dagen geleden
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Bengals still don’t have a indoor practice facility, probably because Troy Polamalu threatened to line up the c-gap if they built one
Caden Prutz
Caden Prutz 16 dagen geleden
You ruined the joke by combining another one
Ryan Belisle
Ryan Belisle 16 dagen geleden
PeterPlu 16 dagen geleden
How many COVID cases does it take to break an NFL schedule? About 10 I see.
Miles Brown
Miles Brown 16 dagen geleden
I was gonna dispute the number. but yeah i got it lol
alexander orozco
alexander orozco 16 dagen geleden
Good one 😂
Narrator007 16 dagen geleden
@Tyler Gordon No, he's saying "Ten-I-see". Get it?
Tyler Gordon
Tyler Gordon 16 dagen geleden
It’s been a hell of a lot more than 10 lol
Jackson Halladay
Jackson Halladay 16 dagen geleden
Congrats on the million subs. Seems like you love what you’re doing post NFL and couldn’t be more happy for you. Keep up the great content man!
It's Jackaboy
It's Jackaboy 16 dagen geleden
Give the Steelers the win they are obviously gonna win it if they play
HydroElectricz 16 dagen geleden
I hate when my team is stupid
Keaton Hixenbaugh
Keaton Hixenbaugh 15 dagen geleden
@Moo Oppenheim I love when your team is stupid speaking as a Cardinals fan
Carson Wentz Is absolute TRASH
Harrison Smith 2017 was eagirls I think you mean 2016 Speaking as a happy Seahawks fan
Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith 16 dagen geleden
@Jabez Gill well at least you won a super bowl on the last five years..... wait sorry you guys have been blowing leads since 2017
Jabez Gill
Jabez Gill 16 dagen geleden
Michael Haburay at least you’re not a Falcons fan. Speaking as a depressed Falcons fan.
Max F
Max F 16 dagen geleden
@Moo Oppenheim I love when you’re team sucks
Luc Frechette
Luc Frechette 16 dagen geleden
The titans need to do better this is unacceptable
nnjjee1 16 dagen geleden
This outbreak, just as with the White House super spreader event, resulted from arrogance and selfishness. Wear masks and distance!
Austin Charles
Austin Charles 16 dagen geleden
Give Pittsburgh the W!
Ryan Belisle
Ryan Belisle 16 dagen geleden
@HydroElectricz it takes away their bye week cause of another organizations mistakes how is that fair they were ready to play if you cant field a team thats your fault!
Austin Charles
Austin Charles 16 dagen geleden
HydroElectricz if it comes to be true they did not abide by the rules put out Sept 30 to not interact at facility or anywhere else, it shows they could have prevented any problems but chose not to listen. And for that should be punished by forfeiting that game as well regardless
HydroElectricz 16 dagen geleden
Why tho that game has already been figured out the only game they might give the dub to the other team is against the bills
Brian 128
Brian 128 16 dagen geleden
Anthony Sofia
Anthony Sofia 16 dagen geleden
Ay pat love your show keep up the great work
Josh Tomlinson
Josh Tomlinson 16 dagen geleden
Lower their salary cap maybe 🤷🏼‍♂️
Josh Tomlinson
Josh Tomlinson 16 dagen geleden
Taco Tacotington not in the long run though. Less payment to players probably means they’ll perform worse
Taco Tacotington
Taco Tacotington 16 dagen geleden
Hell that just makes their owner more money if he spends less.
Stephen B. Smith
Stephen B. Smith 16 dagen geleden
Make them cut Derrick Henry
DA31D 16 dagen geleden
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