Pat McAfee Reacts To Rumor Aaron Rodgers Is Close To Becoming A Bronco 

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Do you think there could be any validity to a trade for Aaron Rodgers going to Denver?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 apr. 2021




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MannyG33309 Dag geleden
GB: "No Way" Den: "Yes Way" Rodgers: "It's The Only Way!"
Chris Wodke
Chris Wodke 2 dagen geleden
Rodgers is a baby. See Ya!
Nate The Great
Nate The Great 2 dagen geleden
Good that'll be the dumbest trade ever as rodgers will take a so so team against great chargers and chiefs offenses and defense and get his ass kicked in that division 😂
Arch Angel Michael
Arch Angel Michael 3 dagen geleden
Make since 😇..
BLUM PKIN 3 dagen geleden
Rodgers to the Broncos and that defense is scary.
SNG Clue
SNG Clue 3 dagen geleden
Mahomo, Carr, Herbert, Rodgers 👀👀👀
Appleseed 4 dagen geleden
Jaxinape 4 dagen geleden
If it happens it'll be in June for cap reasons.
Neva G
Neva G 4 dagen geleden
Milwaukee, WI here. Here said we're the dynasty that never happened. 💯 say it louder!
GHOSTX 4 dagen geleden
Aaron is the nicest BAAADMAN! Lots of respect AR12
Nick 4 dagen geleden
This franchise is about to build a rift with One of it's legends and using the word legend as a Lions fan unfortunately
Harry Stafford
Harry Stafford 4 dagen geleden
Imagine if 49ers got him, Trey Lance sits for two years, good lord
dmg24 4 dagen geleden
Rogers likes his weed!
Gerardo Guijarro
Gerardo Guijarro 4 dagen geleden
as a raider fan... PLEASE OH PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN! So I can see rodgers mahomies and herbert torch the hell out of the raiders so gruden can FINALLY WAKE THE HECK UP AND SEE THAT HE ISNT A OFFENSIVE GENIUS!!!
Lois Lane
Lois Lane 4 dagen geleden
Justin Herbert is gunna be the best QB in that division very shortly...
Slut wagon
Slut wagon 4 dagen geleden
Rodgers has more success landing in San Fran or denver
Top Dog
Top Dog 4 dagen geleden
Thank god, nothing will ruin this diva like a trip to denvers offense
BanjoJay_Prod 3 dagen geleden
Yep just like peyton
Jon Schlosser
Jon Schlosser 4 dagen geleden
He's coming to Denver. Just gonna take a little time. Already ordering my jersey.
Wulf Bisbing
Wulf Bisbing 4 dagen geleden
I really hope he sticks to what he said and does not play for Green Bay ever again.
NerolNiethsreg 4 dagen geleden
Lol translation: if Aaron Rodgers is calling, physically calling Mark and asking him who is your source, then it’s basically news to him (AR). A deal is NOT close. What the “source” means by that is based on what POTENTIALLY the Broncos will offer Green Bay that there’s no way green bay can refuse. Ultimately he’s a fan who wants Aaron there. I don’t feel he’ll be traded but that being said: if he DOES somehow come to Denver this division would be AWESOME and we just got even more competition for our spot. Mahomes Herbert and now Rodgers? Becomes a 3 team race for sure. I think we are still the better team but these AFC west games will be even better. No more 30 point blowouts of Denver
raiders 4life
raiders 4life 4 dagen geleden
This guy a Liar you can tell by his body language
Kenneth Byrd
Kenneth Byrd 4 dagen geleden
This is dope mostly because I am a Bronco and my family are Cheesecakes lol I mean heads
alonso gonzsa
alonso gonzsa 4 dagen geleden
Can his engagement have something to do with all this?
Trent Shavitz
Trent Shavitz 4 dagen geleden
Definitely if they trade Aaron they should send Adam’s with him in a package deal
John Taylor
John Taylor 4 dagen geleden
Mile high Aaron !
C M Rinehart
C M Rinehart 4 dagen geleden
When you disrespect someone……………….
Jack Burton
Jack Burton 4 dagen geleden
New England Patriots - One Hall of Fame quarterback for 20 years, six Super Bowl titles. Green Bay Packers - Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks for 32 years (so far), two Super Bowl titles. One of these organizations knows how to build a team around their franchise player...
Mr Tony 19
Mr Tony 19 4 dagen geleden
Mark Shlereth leaks come up false so many times. Dude has no idea what he's talking about. They literally try to build the team to be as good as it can to help him win super bowls. Brady doesn't win 7 without a defense allowing less than 18 ppg in the playoffs. That's literally been the only problem in Green Bay and they constantly draft to address it. Offense has never been the issue and it's not like New England made a ton of 1st round picks to please Brady. Rodgers can't see the forest through the trees.
d hart
d hart 4 dagen geleden
Packer fan and I hope cry baby Rogers goes to Denver or anywhere'
Chris Rakow
Chris Rakow 4 dagen geleden
That'd make two NFCN QB's who went West, if this should happen .. Stafford (via trade to the LA Rams) being the other quarterback.
Your dad
Your dad 4 dagen geleden
That good dude hat is trash af. I'll never buy that brand.
Brent Socie
Brent Socie 4 dagen geleden
I love this so much. Aaron is playing a WWE game with 31 other teams and he's about to win a RING next year in Wisconsin. Love the Kayfabe, love the distractions, go get one A-A-RON!! WHO DEY
Rob L
Rob L 4 dagen geleden
Life long Bears fan, and even so I feel it sucks for the Pack fans to have to watch this play out. Dude is a stud, and a pretty good guy. But hey, whatever is best for him, he deserves it. Hope he gets a better situation for himself.
Hunter2one1 4 dagen geleden
He should head to Tampa and back up Tom. Finally get that other Super Bowl ring.
unclejohnthezef 4 dagen geleden
Clowns in GB should come out and say “Aaron is MUCH more important than mark Murphy or gutekunst or even Lafleur... liars and posers
Jason 4 dagen geleden
Green Bay would have been in the Super Bowl last year. They would have won too considering how poorly the Chiefs played. There was just one man in the way. Tom Brady.
tedmich 4 dagen geleden
Well that's the only QB strategy that has EVER worked for Elway and the Broncos; wait for a HOF to drop out of the sky!
AJ 4 dagen geleden
Broncos didn’t draft a qb.... cuz they had Rodgers deal in the works. It’s obvious
oh no
oh no 4 dagen geleden
Ow Wee....gotta go buy some jordan love rookie cards
Yes You Are Right But
Yes You Are Right But 4 dagen geleden
Packers GM should be he can play Jordan Love and lose his job!!! Rodgers deserves better!!
Andre Esters
Andre Esters 4 dagen geleden
Celebration of breaking wind without crapping yourself... that pretty much sums up this drama nicely.
Yes You Are Right But
Yes You Are Right But 4 dagen geleden
There is a reason the Broncos didnt pick Justin Fields at 9 in the draft!!
jimb 4 dagen geleden
t daddy
t daddy 4 dagen geleden
Can we just trade the diva and choker known as Aaron Rodgers. He has every reason to be pissed but his playoff performances are more Peyton manning than Tom Brady
Charles Oshea
Charles Oshea 5 dagen geleden
It will happen after June 1 for financial reasons.....
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese 5 dagen geleden
Rodgers will stay in Green Bay. They'll get it worked out; he wants to stay. If it comes down to fire Gutekunst or Rodgers leaves, then its goodbye Gute. Go Pack Go!!!
Russell Giangrosso
Russell Giangrosso 5 dagen geleden
Its not from anyone in Denver 😳🤪🤣🤣✊🏽😉😉😉
PrettyBoy23 5 dagen geleden
That would be a great situation with their defense and offensive weapons but I rather see him in Nee England
Ben Becker
Ben Becker 5 dagen geleden
Rodgers is a baby who wouldn't last two seasons in the NFL before 2000
L00Gi 5 dagen geleden
Why would he leave if we got to the NFC championship 2 years in a row?
Baby Daddy
Baby Daddy 5 dagen geleden
Bret Favre like know you how it feels
Mitra Arjoon Jr.
Mitra Arjoon Jr. 5 dagen geleden
AFC already stackedd bruh
That_boyphilly 5 dagen geleden
These ads are fuckin HIAYYYYYYY hilarious 😂
Knowah Hestetune
Knowah Hestetune 5 dagen geleden
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....Rodgers on Tuesday?
k'von walker
k'von walker 5 dagen geleden
Fake news
THE RAW FAME 5 dagen geleden
Playing for the packers at this point Is a waist of time there only power move was trading up for Jordan love in the last 5 yrs! What’s the point cmon man!
Bean Shmoban
Bean Shmoban 5 dagen geleden
I wish the best of luck to Aaron and the Denver Broncos. Now it’s revenge time for da bears😈🐻
Point Blank
Point Blank 5 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers a Bronco. Can anybody say DENVER BRONCOS SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS.
Just_Me 5 dagen geleden
Pls do commercials before or after the interview pls u guys are great but interrupting the interview sucks !!!
ElevatedTV 5 dagen geleden
Please come to Denver!
Clifford Smith
Clifford Smith 5 dagen geleden
Bet this never happens. Who are they going to give for rogers??? They would need a qb or a big time player of rogers caliber.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 5 dagen geleden
Imagine Rodgers with the browns roster. Not a browns fan was just thinking about all those weapons
Moses Hettinger
Moses Hettinger 5 dagen geleden
Sweet, Rodgers to the AFC this year, Brady to the NFC last year. All equates for a great super bowl this upcoming year or two
Brendan Semph
Brendan Semph 5 dagen geleden
This is complete garbage. There’s no way the Packers let him go for basically nothing which is what the Broncos can offer. Rodgers is a top tier guy and would need the highest ROI
Greg Ladner
Greg Ladner 5 dagen geleden
The colts be better then broncos even if broncos get Rodgers, maybe Pittsburg, for sure bills and kc.
Greg Ladner
Greg Ladner 5 dagen geleden
Denver lol poor Rodgers...retires with no more rings, is Rodgers to broncos atleast 4 teams in afc still better
Tom Huben
Tom Huben 5 dagen geleden
Gutey already talked publically that he's bringing in 2 more QBs. He said starting training camp with 4 QBs. Teddy, Drew and 3 first round picks for Rodgers to GB isn't far fetched!!! Plus they dump that enormous hit on the salary cap!
Tommy Harris
Tommy Harris 5 dagen geleden
He aint goin nowhere GB aint bouta let him go for ANYTHING! He'll be a Packer in 2021
Dr. Phill
Dr. Phill 5 dagen geleden
If only he ran the ball on 3rd down.
Loud Mouth Sports Talk with Adam Dickens
Jerry Judy is shaking with excitement
Nash’s Hockey Cards
Nash’s Hockey Cards 5 dagen geleden
We gotta get Aaron on the PMS to talk about this ASAP
Ken Hoang
Ken Hoang 5 dagen geleden
So Rodgers is pulling a Manning. John Elway should unretire and play. :)
Jadon Mercado
Jadon Mercado 5 dagen geleden
Ayo a black man on the actual show LETS GO we’re evolving
Opethian 5 dagen geleden
Caleb Spencer
Caleb Spencer 5 dagen geleden
I hope we get Rodgers!! That would be awesomeness
tony sobon
tony sobon 5 dagen geleden
This is what I don't understand , wtf kind of offer could Denver make? pretty sure the next couple draft classes are going to be week and Denver's picks would be on the low side of the first round and they don't have a legit QB to offer up (thats a must) Love is not ready to start. Either Rodgers pulls a Barry Sanders or he is a Packer next year. If I was The Packers the only team I would trade with is The 49ers since they can offer a solid prospect and Jimmy G till either Trey or Love is ready along with maybe a ready now defensive player. Even then 49ers win that trade.I still wonder if The 49ers based off the draft were not thinking about having the best offer to make. None of this matters till after June 1st though since everything will just be hear say till then. Packers roster right now is set up to be ok to great depending on who the QB is soo again , any trades start with getting some kind of legit QB to offer up along with other things thrown in the sweeten the deal. Also no way Rodgers just sits a year , like I said he pulls a Barry or he plays.
Johnny Chimpo
Johnny Chimpo 5 dagen geleden
Can Aaron Rodgers retire then come out of retirement as and go to any team he wants instead of forcing them to trade him? That would be the ultimate F U, because they wouldn’t get any value you for him. Honestly, he should demand a trade to the bears or go there somehow just so he can torch the 🧀 heads twice a year.
Melanie Walden
Melanie Walden 5 dagen geleden
Rodgers should go to the Bucs so he can get a Superbowl ring next season.
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 5 dagen geleden
Stop giving every Bears fan hope of winning the division.
Christopher Simon
Christopher Simon 5 dagen geleden
What a crazy offseason...
Kellen Ivanoff
Kellen Ivanoff 5 dagen geleden
If he goes to Denver, the Broncos are winning the Super Bowl.
d hart
d hart 4 dagen geleden
STFU Rogers can't win when the pressure is on
christopher fernandez
christopher fernandez 5 dagen geleden
Rogers playing for Elway .. That's a good fit ... It makes sense..
ColeReynolz 5 dagen geleden
Oh please, please PLEASE!!!!
Michael Turley
Michael Turley 5 dagen geleden
As a bronco fan that would be amazing
Adam 78
Adam 78 5 dagen geleden
They ain't willing to trade him, I don't see it happening unless they get 3 first rounders + more
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 5 dagen geleden
I dont care if the donkeys get Rodge. The Chiefs run the AFC. Period.
Marc 5 dagen geleden
The Broncos have a storied history of signing great quarterbacks who are also enormous crybabies.
Tom Mack
Tom Mack 5 dagen geleden
This would be consistent with what Denver did with Peyton Manning, Craig Morton, and probably a couple of other QBs in their history. Both Manning and Morton got Denver to Super Bowls and I think Aaron Rogers would do the same thing. Plus, he would have wonderful receivers to work with. Also, he has some running backs to take the pressure off. If Aaron wanted to go somewhere, I think Denver would be ideal, and I am not saying this because I am from Colorado.
ILPresenza 5 dagen geleden
Just took the Bears +500 to Win the NFC North. Need this to happen.
Nic Waldron
Nic Waldron 5 dagen geleden
I've been a Packers fan since I saw them play at County Stadium as a kid. But I'm not sure after this. Their front office hasn't known what they're doing since Ted Thompson went senile. They care about turning Lambeau into northwoods football Disneyland, not winning championships. Aaron deserves better and has for years.
J Warrior
J Warrior 5 dagen geleden
Rodgers please retire we have enough to deal with in our Division you jerk
Reeyad Ali
Reeyad Ali 5 dagen geleden
I think he’s jealous that Brady is old af an still getting all the glory he thinks he deserves. He wants to be a part of a team that can actually beat the Bucs or whoever. Think he just wants the attention
Cathy Norris
Cathy Norris 5 dagen geleden
It's clear Arod is happy with his life. Heck..he's been essentially single the whole time he's been with the Packers (16 seasons). His life has changed since he signed his contract...don't blame life choices on the don't need to. Just move on with grace. We appreciate all the great years, we love Shailene and are glad you're happy. Just don't try and blame it on the Packers organization. Of course they aren't perfect nor are you Arod. That's ok.
Cathy Norris
Cathy Norris 5 dagen geleden
Aaron wants to leave because his sweetie didn't fancy Green Bay...can't say I blame her. Arod shouldn't go scorched earth on the Packers. He could have won last year for sure. He had a great season. Let by gones be by gones and move on. It's ok because Love is a powerful drug!
Cathy Norris
Cathy Norris 5 dagen geleden
Don't be throwing shade on the Packers dude.
Sam Lowe
Sam Lowe 5 dagen geleden
Aaron should be the bigger man here. He knows damn well that the fans adore him and value him being there more than they value Murphy or Gutekunst. He KNOWS (or should) we were all pissed when Love when was drafted and that we are on his side, and so he would stick it to US just because of a bone-headed move that management made a year ago? Jesus this is like Brett Favre all over again. More ego-centric quarterback drama 🤦‍♂️
Dunkin Hines
Dunkin Hines 6 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers vs Brian Gutekunst WWE main event with special referee Pat McAfee
Noppe Not happening
Noppe Not happening 6 dagen geleden
Pat get Aaron on the show I gotta hear this from him it seems unreal
Mountain Fox
Mountain Fox 6 dagen geleden
As a Broncos fan, I support this move.
Hayden Cook
Hayden Cook 6 dagen geleden
The NFC West and AFC West divisions are about to be insane.