Pat McAfee Reacts To Rumors Jets Trying To Trade Le'Veon Bell 

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Do you think in ANY WAY this is good for the Jets?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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13 okt. 2020




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Reese Center
Reese Center 6 dagen geleden
Im so glad gase went to the jets. He has no clue what he's doing. Let's grab ballage for a 7th round and cut bell. How does this guy have a headcoahing job lol
Badger 6 dagen geleden
Aged well
williams78128 7 dagen geleden
Manish Mehta is a clown. Listen to nothing he says. He is the worst beat reporter in the industry.
Jamesy NFG
Jamesy NFG 7 dagen geleden
Le’Veon will never be the same guy again unless he finds an o-line like the one we provided for him in Pittsburgh. That dynamic slow-start, sudden burst run style doesn’t work if the front line can’t hold defenders off long enough during his first-step decision making
secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch
If Le'von bell I'm going to major heart attack if he comes back as a Steelers this really crazy right now
Undercover Chicken
Undercover Chicken 7 dagen geleden
Bills could definitely use him.
Jacob Luto
Jacob Luto 7 dagen geleden
Bills should get him
315 Idiots
315 Idiots 7 dagen geleden
Zach J
Zach J 7 dagen geleden
Cmon Bears. One time!! Having him and Cohen next year would be amazing.
Ryan Cotto
Ryan Cotto 7 dagen geleden
Welcome to Tampa Bell!
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez 7 dagen geleden
Bell to the Rams would be fire
pythonbyte 7 dagen geleden
Bell and AB have really flourished since leaving Pittsburgh haven't they?
Nezahualcoyotl 7 dagen geleden
Thank goodness the Texans fires BOB before this. BOB would have traded JJ or Deshaun for Bell.
kevin perry
kevin perry 7 dagen geleden
Jets gonna jet...
UBQ TV 7 dagen geleden
“Baby come back” to the Steelers! Let’s win a ring my guy!
Deven Kingman
Deven Kingman 7 dagen geleden
There were ab 3 good things ab Jets, now there is 1 and its more of a meh than a good thing, and that is Sam Darnold, somebody get Gase out of NY
smashtoad 7 dagen geleden
We'll take him back if you'll give us Darnold too before you ruin him. I want Darnold in Pittsburgh.....bad. Sam under Ben for a year or two.....HAMMER DAHN!
Moniker 7 dagen geleden
Dude.... thanks to the boys for correcting the pronunciation of the name Manish. I have a lot of Indian friends who get their names pronounced wrong all the time. No fault on Pat but good on the boys for knowing how to pronounce Manish!
David Barnes
David Barnes 7 dagen geleden
Come back to Pitt!
Mad Willi
Mad Willi 7 dagen geleden
I wouldn't be surprised if Panthers picked him up. Their owner was a minority owner of the Steelers
stephen7072 7 dagen geleden
Two pro bowlers gone abd we are stuck with Crazy Eyes. WTF.
Alberto Saucedo
Alberto Saucedo 7 dagen geleden
Bill Belicheck licking his lips right now savoring it
Jets Fan In Hiding
Jets Fan In Hiding 7 dagen geleden
man idk i feel so good for Bell, hope he gets picked up by a competent organization, he's been a true professional and a leader. Just god hope it's not the Patriots
Dan Neville
Dan Neville 7 dagen geleden
Bell come to Chicago pleaseeeee
Lee Deplace
Lee Deplace 7 dagen geleden
He just got cut.
Meet Oobro
Meet Oobro 7 dagen geleden
Anyone here after he was cut?
Meet Oobro
Meet Oobro 7 dagen geleden
Frank Gore said it’s either him or me
matthew hall
matthew hall 7 dagen geleden
Aaaaaand Hes gone
David Ogle
David Ogle 7 dagen geleden
They probably tried to trade him and didn’t get good enough offers in their mind so they released him even tho he has the biggest cap hit if any runningback in the league
Mosaic Labrador
Mosaic Labrador 7 dagen geleden
On pace for a $100K per yard this season. Poor character players always get the boot from the Burgh and desperate GMs always overpay them. See Burress, Bryant, Brown, Bell etc...
Meghraj - Chargers Fanatic From India #BoltUp
I think Jets should just start from scratch next year take new coach ,QB , RB and Sewell (OL) and some nice moves on defence in free agency
laitis vi
laitis vi 7 dagen geleden
Luckily Texans got rid of O'brian when they did, otherwise he would have given Deshaun Watson and rest of the first round picks of this decade for Levion...
J T 7 dagen geleden
And he's been released smh
Tony Milo
Tony Milo 7 dagen geleden
Welp they dropped him now
R Smith
R Smith 7 dagen geleden
So he gets released, keeps the guaranteed money, signs with new team for more money. Would be surprised if new team signs him for longer than a year. Maybe Washington could sign Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, and Colin Kaepernick. Rename the team to the Washington Whiners.
Number 3 Stunner
Number 3 Stunner 7 dagen geleden
Man, Gase is like a horrible turn of events that happens to you on the Oregon Trail... "You have died of Gase."
Number 3 Stunner
Number 3 Stunner 7 dagen geleden
I think the Bears should go after him now that he's free.
Party on Darth
Party on Darth 7 dagen geleden
Y’all remember when we had Rex Ryan, an elite defense, and Mark Sanchez slinging it?! Kinda makes you think Sanchez wasn’t that bad lol
Emanuel Malik
Emanuel Malik 7 dagen geleden
Bears please get this man Bell
Uncle Elmer
Uncle Elmer 7 dagen geleden
Bell liked two dopey fans tweets and now the sports world is knocked on it’s ear. Late breaking news for sure. You do not have to be a punter in the NFL to see that Bell is not going anywhere right now with that fat contract that no one wants and the Jets are stuck with so if Bell has any commonsense he’ll stop complaining and collect his paycheck. He has been a major disappointment for the Jets and it’s not all the Head Coaches fault. Bell would be wise to play out the season and be a team player. That would set him up better for 2021 season.
TMeek94 7 dagen geleden
You realize hes not on the jets right
kaven gilbert
kaven gilbert 7 dagen geleden
Pittsburg Fan here, we dont miss the divas, AB and LB, were on with connor, juju and claypool
Dustin Muller
Dustin Muller 7 dagen geleden
It's not a rumor anymore lol
Ben Sutherland
Ben Sutherland 7 dagen geleden
Straight to the Pats
jlk 7 dagen geleden
Rumors Jerry and Steve are building Bengals indoor practice facility...... in Dallas 🤔🤔
Tha Reed
Tha Reed 7 dagen geleden
He was right!! Ig?
ty peck
ty peck 7 dagen geleden
How about mentioning that he is an absolute toxic player who smokes literally all the time and talkes sh*t on his own team
TMeek94 7 dagen geleden
@ty peck they don't test for that anymore so why even bring it up
ty peck
ty peck 7 dagen geleden
@Supercede Apparel co yes they do but not when they are being drug tested for it and caught multiple times like her has
Supercede Apparel co
Supercede Apparel co 7 dagen geleden
A lot of players smoke
fwdfdfsa111133 7 dagen geleden
They ended up cutting his ass..
BK Diddy
BK Diddy 7 dagen geleden
Wow! And hours later he's released.
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper 7 dagen geleden
Bell being trash is solely Gase's fault.
JustARandomStranger 7 dagen geleden
Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine 7 dagen geleden
you misspelled release
Cody Monroe
Cody Monroe 7 dagen geleden
Still don’t understand how Gase is still a coach. Running that program into the ground.
Colby Kuns
Colby Kuns 7 dagen geleden
Who's here after the release
Maumagasiva Sou
Maumagasiva Sou 7 dagen geleden
Chargers sign him up!!
Chizzie Lovell
Chizzie Lovell 7 dagen geleden
He was released today
Nathan Blizzard
Nathan Blizzard 7 dagen geleden
He got cut
Q Will
Q Will 7 dagen geleden
Gase is still employed cuz they are tanking for Lawrence. You don’t trade your best player (Adams) and keep a terrible coach if you are trying to win
Vava Vava
Vava Vava 8 dagen geleden
They let Bell, Adams, and Anderson go before Gase. Very nice.
Brendan O'Malley
Brendan O'Malley 8 dagen geleden
come on back my friend
C2l3TlA/\/ 8 dagen geleden
Seahawks will gladly take more players from the Jets. 👌
Yahir Rivera
Yahir Rivera 7 dagen geleden
No lol him And Adams hate each other
Dragonite Tube
Dragonite Tube 8 dagen geleden
Pov : you are here after he got released
SeemsLogical 8 dagen geleden
The Jets didn't trade him, they released him... if you weren't convinced that the Jets are tanking, you should be convinced now.
jace sally
jace sally 7 dagen geleden
Who they taking for qb ain’t fixing that situation it’s a team game and they need a new team
James Johnson
James Johnson 8 dagen geleden
BREAKING: Jets just released Leveon bell
Dalton james
Dalton james 8 dagen geleden
Well he gone
Bren Rathier
Bren Rathier 8 dagen geleden
This aged well...
Pablo The God Of Litness
Pablo The God Of Litness 8 dagen geleden
They released him LOL
J King
J King 8 dagen geleden
Jets realeased Bell and kept Gase what a joke of an organization!!!! Good luck Jets fans.
LuisTheSteel Gonzalez
LuisTheSteel Gonzalez 8 dagen geleden
Free at last, God Ol Mighty I’m free at last
Akkbar 8 dagen geleden
He’s already released
Dominic Cimorelli
Dominic Cimorelli 8 dagen geleden
Why trade if you can just release him?
Rocky Adams
Rocky Adams 8 dagen geleden
Who else is here after he got cut
itsddashrock 8 dagen geleden
He was just released.
cjr1881 8 dagen geleden
Nothing guaranteed after this year they said. Rent him for the rest of the year if you need a runningback.
Akkbar 8 dagen geleden
He’s prob toxic
Tim Morris
Tim Morris 8 dagen geleden
He gone!
Brian Erlenback
Brian Erlenback 8 dagen geleden
He was released today
FreshDigz 8 dagen geleden
Orrrr just release him
Joseph Favale
Joseph Favale 8 dagen geleden
Who’s here after they cut him
Number 3 Stunner
Number 3 Stunner 7 dagen geleden
@QuiK Scoping if you guys arr lucky, they'll fire him before he goes on a win streak of 6 or 7 - well not streak - but total on the season. If they drop him soon, maybe the team will get a high draft with a new coach. There should be some good coaches available (if they're willing to go to the Jets). Personally, I thought they moved from Bowles too quickly. Couldn't have been worse than this guy if he got another year.
QuiK Scoping
QuiK Scoping 7 dagen geleden
Bro as a jets fan this is so so hard to hear OMG...smh it’s looking like we’re listening to gases plan and still giving him a say 😤😤🤢
Number 3 Stunner
Number 3 Stunner 7 dagen geleden
Yep. Gase is almost magically bad at his job.
Brendan Hickey
Brendan Hickey 7 dagen geleden
Frank “I invented the running back position in 1902” Gore
CFlem 8 dagen geleden
Frank Gore and Perine. Jets are pretty much a non-factor with Adam Gase as the coach anyway.
Lufsixq 8 dagen geleden
Bell can join Brown in the unemployment line. Those who get drafted by Pittsburgh don't really understand how good they have it when in Pittsburgh. It was the Steelers OL that MADE Bell, he had no chance as a NY Jet.
Idk _999
Idk _999 8 dagen geleden
Who’s here after they released him?
Alan Jensen
Alan Jensen 8 dagen geleden
This just in the Jets have released Bell
my_name_is_desh! 8 dagen geleden
They released him
James Miller
James Miller 8 dagen geleden
Cut... should’ve never held out
GavinMaki24 8 dagen geleden
Who’s here after he got released!!
Darvin Valentine
Darvin Valentine 8 dagen geleden
Bears need sign him a sap to help are below average running game
okbassin 8 dagen geleden
pov: you’re here right after they released him
okbassin 7 dagen geleden
@Arturo Rangel, Jr. i guess
Arturo Rangel, Jr.
Arturo Rangel, Jr. 7 dagen geleden
Does this mean Jets may have actually tried to trade Bell, but no one would take him?
King Wilson
King Wilson 7 dagen geleden
@Super Natural replied*
Super Natural
Super Natural 8 dagen geleden
POV: I just liked and commented on ur comment
Aydo Mac
Aydo Mac 8 dagen geleden
GasBaby GOON
GasBaby GOON 8 dagen geleden
Who’s here after leveon got cut
T Bush
T Bush 8 dagen geleden
This aged well ...
Josh Maillet
Josh Maillet 8 dagen geleden
You son of a gun... How did you know.
Dean Martin
Dean Martin 8 dagen geleden
Come home bby
AMV Village
AMV Village 8 dagen geleden
I feel like levon would be a good fit with Washington they get that star player for Kyle and Alex since they plan to trade Haskins I feel like Levon would be an amazing front core
Shannon McKay
Shannon McKay 8 dagen geleden
Lol he just got released by the jets
Badhoplite comrade
Badhoplite comrade 8 dagen geleden
Chris Guastaferro
Chris Guastaferro 8 dagen geleden
ebeau 8 dagen geleden
Welp, he got released instead.
johnlo1966 8 dagen geleden
As a steeler fan I kind of love this. Karma bell and brown are cancers. Now if the owners would just leave guys like brown bell and Thomas alone the nfl can start to be a better place.
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez 8 dagen geleden
He just got released.
Brady Ramos
Brady Ramos 8 dagen geleden
And he’s gone
UH8meCuzIm RIGHT 8 dagen geleden
Havent heard his name since he left Probably shouldve stayed with the Stillers. Still annoyed you chose an extra guaranteed million over winning.
Zeebz 8 dagen geleden
Can we bring back Bell to the Steelers and not resign Conner
zkurtz21 8 dagen geleden
Hard pass
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