Pat McAfee Reacts To Stephon Gilmore Testing Positive After Chiefs Game 

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This latest test has brought the future of the season in some's mind.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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7 okt. 2020




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2fast4death 11 dagen geleden
Honestly who cares. It’s not even that serious, especially for a healthy asss NFL star.
Miguel Ocasio
Miguel Ocasio 12 dagen geleden
He got destroyed by Dk Metcalf
Jonathan Minaker
Jonathan Minaker 12 dagen geleden
Some of the most physically fit, healthiest people in the country...most under the age of 30. So many people buying into one of the greatest scams this planet has ever seen. I used to think it was its hilarious 🤣
Joel Salazar
Joel Salazar 13 dagen geleden
Playoff bubble?
Brandon Hallam
Brandon Hallam 13 dagen geleden
When will we get payback on China for this virus
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 13 dagen geleden
Well not a shock hanging out with Bob Kraft at Asian massage parlor (brothel) 😲
- OctoFart -
- OctoFart - 13 dagen geleden
I hope he gets better. But talking about football, this is great for the broncos! But like I said, I hope he gets better.
Kevin Findley
Kevin Findley 13 dagen geleden
For what the flu ? Let me know when C19 has killed more
Rockapulco 13 dagen geleden
Call a spade a spade! covid-19 is just the flu
Rudy Robertson
Rudy Robertson 13 dagen geleden
They should postpone I think for a month. It’s going to be a lot worse if they don’t. It’s obviously spreading from one team to the next and who knows how many negative test they have today that will turn to positive test tomorrow. I’m manly saying this because I have Patrick as my fantasy QB and I have Hill for my WR. I can’t lose them
Tyler Nevill
Tyler Nevill 13 dagen geleden
Love the Hefty Lefty bobble....RIP BBQ 🙏🏼
Nick Jefferson
Nick Jefferson 13 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who waits to yell MILLIONS AND MILLIONS
Booty Messiah
Booty Messiah 13 dagen geleden
Smh let them play. These dudes fight through strains, sprains, broken bones, concussions and sickness EVERY DAMN YEAR. Just play! The covid fear is still based on the model from Cambridge pre-March that projected 2 million USA deaths. The same goobers have been vastly wrong about every single model they put out. Ffs
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 13 dagen geleden
this could be season ending hope we enjoyed our "preseason" boys see ya next year.
Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse 13 dagen geleden
Tone fauc is saying I told u so.... pat
Nhan Ha
Nhan Ha 13 dagen geleden
Just give every team two bye week . Help with injuries
John Bonh
John Bonh 13 dagen geleden
Did y'all see the picture of Mahomes and Gilmore from after the game? Definitely noot 6 feet away lmao. Belichick is making Gilmore EARN that raise. Chemical warfare that's new for Bill, at least the old dog is adapting.
Mike Ansley
Mike Ansley 13 dagen geleden
Should have put COVID in title. I watched to see if Gilmore popped for PEDs or COVID.
Nighthawk7x20 13 dagen geleden
I hope everyone knows the worry happening right now is just delaying the inevitable that the world will open again and just deal with this disease. Its not going away
IAmZebra 13 dagen geleden
We are fucked
J Phillz
J Phillz 13 dagen geleden
Why isnt every player required to wear a face shield?
codee comah
codee comah 13 dagen geleden
This seasons gunna be fucked.
brandon noel
brandon noel 13 dagen geleden
I am on suicide watch if the nfl shuts down.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 13 dagen geleden
sounds like the transport needs to be replaced with new covid free equipment. For a second their I thought you meant for drugs.
K Majik
K Majik 13 dagen geleden
Don't worry the democratic sponsored disease will be done in November.
Dan Neville
Dan Neville 13 dagen geleden
Cant imagine getting a test constantly like these guys. Just got one today and they literally go inside your brain. Think I might have brain damage
Mark S
Mark S 13 dagen geleden
So what people work everyday they deal with it
Relayer6a 13 dagen geleden
Imagine as being in the same "bubble" as Belichick? Maybe that's his plan for the playoffs. lol
BrianzMyth 13 dagen geleden
He shouldn't have been in the Prudential Center Mall on Sunday... irresponsible. Nobody needs sunglasses from sunglass hut that badly. Did I just break news? Yep
Jay 13 dagen geleden
If pat mahomes gets covid from gilly lock, Gilmore is should win dpoy by default
Mark Boardman
Mark Boardman 13 dagen geleden
Karma for the patriots, lmao.
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy 13 dagen geleden
They should have just put all the players up in a nice resort for two weeks and given them all Covid. Something like +77k college students have tested positive for Covid and only 3 have been hospitalized.
MortexLion 37
MortexLion 37 13 dagen geleden
buts its a negative
irohied 1
irohied 1 13 dagen geleden
Damn new England has gotten screwed over so hard
Jah 13 dagen geleden
Belichick is just slowly giving all his players COVID so they can play later in the season with no worries.
John Chedsey
John Chedsey 13 dagen geleden
Probably worth noting lots of people have gotten covid-19 despite being very careful. It's an asshole of a virus like that. Players might be doing everything right and get it at the store picking up groceries. It's a pandemic because it's contagious as hell. I'm genuinely unsure how the NFL will get through this season, but it will be a bumpy ride, especially going into the colder months where scientists fear the second wave will hit.
FxckingHell Satan
FxckingHell Satan 13 dagen geleden
Both the patriots, the chiefs, titans, and raiders shouldn’t have any games for 2 weeks. The tests won’t show covid sometimes until a week after exposure. The NFL is a joke if they’re going to fine coaches for not wearing masks but not disallow teams from playing if they have players sick.
173Tomcat 13 dagen geleden
"COVID-19 has done everything except cure COVID-19" the best call of 2020!
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 13 dagen geleden
Mahomes gets COVID that would be crazy
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 13 dagen geleden
We needed an NFL bubble
Noah Berch
Noah Berch 13 dagen geleden
Ight then Sammy Watkins 100% has it
Stealth Swim223
Stealth Swim223 13 dagen geleden
2:35 Pat goes straight auctioneer on us.
Fred Sanford
Fred Sanford 13 dagen geleden
Jarrett Hoogerhyde
Jarrett Hoogerhyde 14 dagen geleden
Orrrr teams would have to cut down on staff just like every other business in this country...
SuperJohn12354 14 dagen geleden
If you do a bubble you don't have it in the US, you go play the games in Australia, come to Australia Pat
Joe K.
Joe K. 14 dagen geleden
Belichick over on there on the sideline sipping tea. Smdh
jason knapp
jason knapp 14 dagen geleden
NBA is smarter than the NFL i like the NFL better but i feel like the nfl season is gonna get canceled from the unpreparedness
nick85able 14 dagen geleden
I don’t see the season lasting much longer
Penalty Yards
Penalty Yards 14 dagen geleden
Bubble it up
Kuerzdogg 14 dagen geleden
Is figure on the desk Jared Lorenzen? The Hefty Lefty? RIP. GO CATS!!!!!!
Ruben Arnold
Ruben Arnold 14 dagen geleden
I told you the Patriots are cheats!!
Iddo's Page
Iddo's Page 14 dagen geleden
Yup, logistics is insane for an *NFL Bubble*
Andrew Ehresman
Andrew Ehresman 14 dagen geleden
how can they do a bubble if the bengals don't even have an indoor practice facility.
Iddo's Page
Iddo's Page 14 dagen geleden
I need to be famous to get the Aggro Crag Trophy.
Ethan Niedorowski
Ethan Niedorowski 14 dagen geleden
Maybe a bubble for each team in there home town. An just cut down travel an people seen... have hotel visiting teams as well. An have staff stay on as well... lets hope i agree.... i hope this is a wake up call to everyone
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 14 dagen geleden
Just hope we get them back by week 6
John Shaw
John Shaw 14 dagen geleden
Guys a cornerback.. Hes not a "stud" pat... Studs are beasty linebackers and defensive lineman.... Just keepin it real bub
John Shaw
John Shaw 12 dagen geleden
@A Person loollllll yes i am.. anyone who makes it to the NFL is a beast no matter how skinny or what position
A Person
A Person 12 dagen geleden
John Shaw You’re trolling lmao
John Shaw
John Shaw 13 dagen geleden
@A Person any Loser on Earth can be an NFL kicker how hard can it be to kick a stupid little 12 oz bally ball
A Person
A Person 13 dagen geleden
John Shaw Could you be an NFL kicker? No? Exactly
John Shaw
John Shaw 13 dagen geleden
@A Person if u call a kicker a player.... Just sayin
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 14 dagen geleden
I say they should have a couple/multiple designated bubble cities that have multiple fields. Play a couple of games a day 1pm 4pm 8pm Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday . No fans
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 14 dagen geleden
dont they test all the players rigorously? this just shows that the covid testing system is a joke.... pandemic is over. democrats just want to keep dragging it on
Eric Meadows
Eric Meadows 14 dagen geleden
This is strategy get your two best players sick before the playoffs.
L. Sunshine
L. Sunshine 14 dagen geleden
Stefon "Overrated" Gilmore. He ain't top 5 in the league.
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks 14 dagen geleden
Damn I’m so sick of people whining about COVID! Everyone go get it then we can move on! I’m a nurse and had it and didn’t even notice anything change but a loss of smell for a day! Many of my coworkers have had it. And been fine! There’s a small percentage of people that get it actually pass away! Are we going to allow this to take EVERYTHING from us? Go live your life people and use common sense. If you’re scared and don’t want it wear a mask but shut up and allow us freedom not to if we don’t want to. Sheesh when will this be over?
Treon General
Treon General 14 dagen geleden
Dude your show is honestly more entertaining than first take and undisputed
Fragz4breakfast R6
Fragz4breakfast R6 14 dagen geleden
Mcourtys is our only hope
yohanon shine
yohanon shine 14 dagen geleden
In an early preseason interview Cam mentioned Gilly's locker was next to him
Oliver Burton
Oliver Burton 14 dagen geleden
Time to copy the NHL. NFC and AFC bubbles
sean farias
sean farias 14 dagen geleden
How about them brahns!
Sheldon Gray
Sheldon Gray 14 dagen geleden
Players health my butt!
Sheldon Gray
Sheldon Gray 14 dagen geleden
This the same league that DENIED the effects of CONCUSSIONS! You people are sheep.
Jayde David
Jayde David 13 dagen geleden
Grow up 🤦
penguin icedelta
penguin icedelta 14 dagen geleden
Sheep for what though?
Sheldon Gray
Sheldon Gray 14 dagen geleden
He was positive before the game. And they knew it! The Patriots just brushed it under the rug. They aint the only team doing this! Ya'll know how the league is. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!
Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious 14 dagen geleden
Best bubble spot is Dallas. They can use highschool fields and college fields.
Hannah L
Hannah L 14 dagen geleden
I think Disney can handle all the NFL teams and their staff. Also, you could do 2 or 3 games a day at Tampa and Jacksonville. Also, Disney has a lot of fields to practice and play on.
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson 14 dagen geleden
I hope he gave it to all KC Players so that Dynasty that has started can't run threw everybody
RuffBuff716 14 dagen geleden
Not a bubble but a training camp type of vibe
Censored 1
Censored 1 14 dagen geleden
I bet its yet another false positive cause the tests arent accurate just a few weeks back like 70ish players all had tested positive and then of course with ZERO coverage it came out every single test was a false positive!!! This is a Scamdemic they say 200K died all day long but CDC recently released that only 6% of those 200K dead died of COVID Only all the rest had serious pre existing health issues and almost all of them were over 72. The news is slick they started saying died "from" COVID but after a month or so they changed to Died "with" COVID. Then the medical system if they say you died with COVID they get paid like 20-40,000 bucks more. Anybody can look into car crash victims, gun shots, regular flu, heart attacks all been busted saying it was COVID that killed them. Everything I mentioned was reported by a news agency or family member of victim is it all true I dont know but something is sure fishy cause they said 2.2 million would die but then said closing the border to infected places was racist lol strange days we live in folks
ADO Sense
ADO Sense 14 dagen geleden
Naw Mahommes won't get it, the league need him for the face of the NFL he will get the super elite treatment and the secret drugs unlike Cam and Gilmore unless.... The league has shifted because they have seen the potential in their new and real great white hope (Josh Allen) instead of the sort of, kind of in Patrick biracial Mahommes. So they take Mahommes out and push Allen now.
what ever
what ever 14 dagen geleden
at this rate the lions will win the superbowl!!
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 14 dagen geleden
Players need to stop hugging after games. Idk why they're even doing that just personally but it needs to be mandated. Also, they should suspend the NFL season if a few more positives come back next week.
Cheerioss -
Cheerioss - 14 dagen geleden
lmfao the patriots can’t catch a break. lose brady, half your players plead out of playing this year, cam tests positive and Gilmore tests positive
chief_redcloud_ 14 dagen geleden
Irresponsible for the league to force pats to play Monday night without cam. This season will now have a huge asterisk as teams are clearly going to be forced to play without major starters.
A & N B
A & N B 14 dagen geleden
bro gilly is not better than cam lets just get that straight rn
jimmy calixto
jimmy calixto 14 dagen geleden
what about a bubble for each division
Dalton james
Dalton james 14 dagen geleden
NFL thinks it’s better ig
Daniel Lennon
Daniel Lennon 14 dagen geleden
Sony, Andrews, and all the other players bill said was hurt I garentee the got Covid cuz bill don’t want the leauge to shut down
Dalton james
Dalton james 14 dagen geleden
More than one bubble duh
Tony G
Tony G 14 dagen geleden
lol Did anyone actually expect Cam Newton to buy in and follow directions? No surprise he was the one to catch covid in New England and spread it.
IFM 14 dagen geleden
Small chance we make it through the half way point of season. That may be the end for me! Fingers crossed, toes, ass cheeks......ultra-tighten up NFL. Is a full season possible?
Gunner Parish
Gunner Parish 14 dagen geleden
Std or corona (Nvm it's corona lmao)
Raansu 14 dagen geleden
I'll be really surprised if the football season gets finished. How are all the other sports bubbles working but the NFL can't get it right?
Mr K
Mr K 14 dagen geleden
That's how your supposed to walk into a casino. You nailed it.
siberiamoscow 14 dagen geleden
Sfw? Hundreds of players had covid. Did even one go to hospital? Its a frigging hoax, IF YOU GET TREATED PROPERLY.
Allen 14 dagen geleden
I think if they can't find a feasible way to re-schedule games after they're already talking an extra week make up, teams all play up to 10-12 based on league situation, and start playoffs based on that. I would include a bye week before start of playoffs for each team to at least have a chance for everyone to be at their best roster. Inevitably someone will still test positive probably, but at least teams have a chance to pull it together for a several week playoff run. I would also say make it an 8 team playoff each conference just for this year, and do a classic playoff with what's likely to be a shorter season.
Eric Schmitz
Eric Schmitz 14 dagen geleden
Why isn't his nickname Gilligan's Island
Jimmy Walkup
Jimmy Walkup 14 dagen geleden
Smh 🤣
Chad Simpson
Chad Simpson 14 dagen geleden
wow, really scary, a group of the healthiest people on the entire planet getting a virus that will, unless they are seriously ill already, won't affect them in the least.
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 14 dagen geleden
only it could affect their personal friends, family, coaches who I can assure you are not the healthiest people, the hundreds of employees who work in the building, the people those employees know, etc.
Shia Labeouf ✔
Shia Labeouf ✔ 14 dagen geleden
And he hugged patrick mahomes
Paper Products
Paper Products 14 dagen geleden
Don't try telling me a bubble wont work. The NHL just did it.
Sphere723 14 dagen geleden
Not really the same thing. The NHL cancelled the rest of the regular season and went straight to the playoffs which made the logistics simpler. The started off with a thousand or so people in the bubble, and about half went home about every week as teams got eliminated. If we are talking all of the NFL, including staff, referees etc. that's a small towns worth of people. Not impossible, but a much bigger deal.
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 14 dagen geleden
The problem is it can't be a single bubble for football. It'd have to be several bubbles. Teams and personnel are much bigger than the other sports.
Anthony Goon
Anthony Goon 14 dagen geleden
Biden for president
Connie B
Connie B 14 dagen geleden
Covid killing league
Essie 14 dagen geleden
I thought if you come into contact with someone that had covid you have to go on the list?? Once you pass a series of tests then you can play? Whats the point of that rule if they aren’t gonna use it?
Jerry Chandler
Jerry Chandler 14 dagen geleden
On a global level, masks don't prevent infections forever, they delay it. Covid isn't done until we have herd imunity.
Dave Davenport
Dave Davenport 14 dagen geleden
You spelled vaccine wrong
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