Pat McAfee Reacts To The 2020 NFL Pro Bowl Game Cancelation 

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How do you feel about skill challenges replacing the game?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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14 okt. 2020




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Dominic Chambers
Dominic Chambers 5 dagen geleden
They should do an almost pro bowl. Each team gets to send a few practice squad guys.
Cod Kue
Cod Kue 6 dagen geleden
This year’s pro bowl need to be make up week for games that need to be postponed
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 8 dagen geleden
Thank the football gods. The Pro Bowl is a joke anyway.
Howard Greene
Howard Greene 8 dagen geleden
I care about the workers; vendors, grounds crew, security people etc. who are going to lose a paycheck.
Julien Hajenius
Julien Hajenius 6 dagen geleden
1 persons gain is another persons loss
Worldwide Railfan
Worldwide Railfan 8 dagen geleden
Best news of 2020
Logan Stimpson
Logan Stimpson 8 dagen geleden
I think what I liked the most in Madden 17 was you using you as my punter cause you were the best punter an yeah I agree with u 100% Pat Great video btw and keep making great content
Jake Kalisik
Jake Kalisik 8 dagen geleden
I’m thinking a wipeout style running back relay challenge
Lucas Darnley
Lucas Darnley 8 dagen geleden
I like watching the skills showdown but that’s it
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith 8 dagen geleden
"For first times" lol
Jeremy Feeley
Jeremy Feeley 8 dagen geleden
Lamar Jackson also got beat by two Wide Receivers who by that logic would not be taking the QB Circus seriously either. He’s bad at throwing Pat. Admit it
MAB 24
MAB 24 8 dagen geleden
The pro bowl sucks
Followingfist 9 dagen geleden
I never could stand the pro bowl...sorry
Norman Peters
Norman Peters 9 dagen geleden
Woody Harrelson smoking a cigar.
Dark Demonik
Dark Demonik 9 dagen geleden
They should get rid of it all together i agree with Pat make it a skills competition for money
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 9 dagen geleden
Let’s see you do the QB circus! That would be a cool video!
georgedrumz93 9 dagen geleden
Pro bowl cancelled, what a shame. I wonder what the 6 people watching are gonna do to pass the time now?
Black 007
Black 007 9 dagen geleden
They should have it at a different time of the year. They should have skills competition with rewards (for charities or fans in the crowd) and pass skelly instead of a actual game
C Q 9 dagen geleden
Jim Irsay sending the check is a big time move. Lot of respect for that honestly
lildaboss554 9 dagen geleden
Michael Saunders
Michael Saunders 9 dagen geleden
Damnit I wanted to see trace mcsorely throw dimes
DGMonkey 9 dagen geleden
We need to get trace mcsorely in the pro bowl
Canaan Herring
Canaan Herring 9 dagen geleden
AJ looks like the white Lebron James. Put them side by side and tell me I’m wrong!
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson 9 dagen geleden
Its the Titans fault
Josh Hoppe
Josh Hoppe 9 dagen geleden
Hey Pat, please talk about Rodrigo Blankenship being an absolute pin-missile panty dropper on your old squad. Please make the case for him in the 2021 pro bowl. Thank you.
Andrew Posselli
Andrew Posselli 9 dagen geleden
Skills challenges including a 3 v 3 basketball tourney
True Story
True Story 9 dagen geleden
Pro bowl should be like the all star game in the nba
Ryan Leary
Ryan Leary 9 dagen geleden
Gotta get Pat to the Pro Bowl doing commentary for the pro bowl activities so he can actually compete in the QB Circus competition
Shane Sommer
Shane Sommer 9 dagen geleden
Bring back the qb challenges
leGoKnightsGo99 9 dagen geleden
oh no how horrible, I am so sad (says with joy)
tamake 44
tamake 44 9 dagen geleden
Agreed Pat!
Javier Steffen
Javier Steffen 9 dagen geleden
Oh no!!! Not the Pro-Bowl!!!! -Nobody
Keith Blucher
Keith Blucher 9 dagen geleden
Just get rid of it
1k subs before 2025
1k subs before 2025 9 dagen geleden
This doesn’t even matter there’s no tackling it’s the skills challenge we all like
Noah Crawford
Noah Crawford 9 dagen geleden
the pro bowl sucks lol
Adr01t Art Label
Adr01t Art Label 9 dagen geleden
justin806806 9 dagen geleden
All professional sports are far left and pander to BS politics.
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy 9 dagen geleden
Just scrap the Pro Bowl entirely. It's a complete joke anymore.
Henry 9 dagen geleden
They should still have it so the players can saw they’re a pro bowler but just have each player play as themselves in madden from the comfort of their homes
Mike J
Mike J 9 dagen geleden
Cancellation* lol I wish I could just find a career in editing or spelling of some kind. It's like my only useful skill, and isn't even useful 😂
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 9 dagen geleden
Pro Bowl should be played in HI before the SB. Winner of the conference gets home field for the SB. If the AFC wins the Pro Bowl, and the Colts make the SB, the SB is in Indi. I get the rebuttal that its too much of a quick change, but 1, games during the season are very flexible, and 2, this year has shown us more than ever that the games can be changed around PLUS, WHEN the SB is rescheduled this year, it just proves that point.
TheFirBall 9 dagen geleden
Dang...I was going to watch it for the first time.
Jorge Jefferson
Jorge Jefferson 9 dagen geleden
The biggest who cares of all time.
The Great Sun
The Great Sun 9 dagen geleden
Kinda funny how all of a sudden nobody is competitive. Especially since many claim to be competitive. Oh well
V K 9 dagen geleden
Finally. Preseason games are more exciting than the probowl.
Zachary Bergman
Zachary Bergman 9 dagen geleden
Well why was it cancelled then?
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty
basically, a football olympics.
Boston Bandit
Boston Bandit 9 dagen geleden
Pro bowl sux!
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur 9 dagen geleden
Didn't even realize they still held the Pro Bowl.
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones 9 dagen geleden
That’s ok browns roster will be in SB anyway. Wouldn’t be a true pro bowl😏
Dre Day
Dre Day 9 dagen geleden
Noone cares about the probowl its garbage
Julio Reyes
Julio Reyes 9 dagen geleden
Good game is stupid!!
bringingtherukas 9 dagen geleden
Very few "All star" games are actually a contest. Check out Australian Rugby Leagues State of Origin for one that's taken seriously, Team mates actually smashing each other, the best game of the year.
Joe Turner
Joe Turner 9 dagen geleden
1949.... Such a great year for America.
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy 9 dagen geleden
They should permanently cancel the pro bowl.
silentwulffff 9 dagen geleden
Oh no. Anyway
ballislife TWolvesNation
ballislife TWolvesNation 9 dagen geleden
Non rich Peoples logic: "They have money they should give it to others! Its charity! Non Rich people on pay day: "Its mine! Noone can touch this!" Moral of the story, if its not your money then STFU
KAD10895 9 dagen geleden
They should have cancelled it the year they invented it.
Vinyl Fan
Vinyl Fan 10 dagen geleden
We know AJ doesn’t actually ever eat right? He just sucks on cigars and drinks those protein drinks. Once in a while some water.
Vinyl Fan
Vinyl Fan 10 dagen geleden
Love how much AJ touches his mic to adjust while he’s not even close to talking
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 10 dagen geleden
No raiders and cheifs video?
stupidmg 10 dagen geleden
3:53 AJ: 'How do you think you would fare against the best QB in the league in the skills challenge?' Pat: 'I would win' AJ: Press X to doubt
Kyle Myers
Kyle Myers 10 dagen geleden
Give Russ some respeck
DXShy 10 dagen geleden
You forgot about Russel Wilson in the pro bowl.
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz 10 dagen geleden
Good ... who even watched that
anelka3913 10 dagen geleden
It would be interesting if they all played a Basketball game at the pro bowl
aro 327
aro 327 10 dagen geleden
I want to see a flag football game between the oline and dline.
Rick Nguyen
Rick Nguyen 10 dagen geleden
Main event should be flag football. Winning teams get cash prizes and 1st place decides a charity where a prize pool get sent to.
David Hilliard
David Hilliard 10 dagen geleden
don't matter zed was snubbed last year it is just a meaningless game maybe unpopular opion but there it is
Big Dick Nick
Big Dick Nick 10 dagen geleden
When can aj have a stream when he’s shirtless
HydroElectricz 10 dagen geleden
another excuse for ea to take it out of madden smh
Brach Malek
Brach Malek 10 dagen geleden
Boston Connor is not messin around with those sunglasses
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 10 dagen geleden
If they go back to playing the pro bowl game after the super bowl it would be better guys would wanna come take it serious instead looking at as punishment for not making the super bowl
Seth Rich
Seth Rich 10 dagen geleden
No it wouldn’t. Nobody wants to go play a pro bowl after winning or losing the Super Bowl. After that game, they’re checking out till next season. lol
Johncas416 10 dagen geleden
Such a PR thing to have to say “I love to give back to the community” say what you want buuuut...
Random BS
Random BS 10 dagen geleden
Thank god.
joshua thompson
joshua thompson 10 dagen geleden
AG would be amazing!
xmypantsx 10 dagen geleden
Too bad we’re not gonna be able to see Wilson participate this year in the challenges, he gives his all every year at the pro bowl
Tyler Wheeler
Tyler Wheeler 10 dagen geleden
I would rather see him win another Super Bowl than at the Pro Bowl
rick hayden
rick hayden 10 dagen geleden
the nfl has gone from being the 500lb gorilla to being another game. the pro bowl has been a joke for years, decades and this year would be a joke.
A Rod
A Rod 10 dagen geleden
10 years overdue
VoidOfBeeswax 10 dagen geleden
Pat, if you can bring back American Gladiators I will be very happy.
Caleb Holliman
Caleb Holliman 10 dagen geleden
Longest punt competition would be cool
John Chedsey
John Chedsey 10 dagen geleden
Someday Pat will be president and no one will quite be sure how it happened. And he'd be a decent one because he actually likes other human beings.
Mr K
Mr K 10 dagen geleden
Bring back mxc
Robert Saul
Robert Saul 10 dagen geleden
It won't be missed.
jahnel simpson
jahnel simpson 10 dagen geleden
Instead of the pro bowl, how about we have the rookie bowl. It would be more Interesting definitely.
Chris Keel
Chris Keel 10 dagen geleden
well, since they all CONTRACT employees, contracted TO PLAY FOOTBALL. i say if they dont play, cancel their million dollar contracts. bring on the replacements......
Chris Keel
Chris Keel 9 dagen geleden
@Not Important at the same time, they should stop acting like the words "pro-bowl (insert position here)" like it means anything since its meaningless when it actually happens then
Not Important
Not Important 9 dagen geleden
Yeah dude let me play this game that doesn’t matter and I could get injured for nothing
Design Rhythm
Design Rhythm 10 dagen geleden
Yes, cancel everything - maybe we can all live in little nerf cotton ball wombs on clouds until this passes... FFS.
Jonathan Song
Jonathan Song 10 dagen geleden
I say 7 on 7 flag football where the qbs draft their teams
DillonDank 10 dagen geleden
I dig it. Would all players play both ways or would the QB draft any defensive help? Cuz sadly I doubt the NFL would let the QBs play defense, even if it's flag.
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 10 dagen geleden
2020 brought good news finally.
NXB 10 dagen geleden
I’ve never cared about the Pro Bowl, it’s a celebration of being a loser (last I checked the two teams in the Super Bowl don’t participate in the Pro Bowl)
Felix Cruz Jr
Felix Cruz Jr 9 dagen geleden
Stupid statement. Yeah the game is stupid but it honors the best players from the teams that didnt make the super bowl....long a team game doesn't make the individual a stupid af boy
Savon Bell
Savon Bell 10 dagen geleden
NFL sucks. They dont even rent out the hotel for the pro bowl😅the NBA would never
Jayde David
Jayde David 10 dagen geleden
Brees was ripping those challenges to shreds last year definitely proved he was at least the most accurate QB at the Pro Bowl
RANDYLAYHE 10 dagen geleden
sucks anyways
RANDYLAYHE 10 dagen geleden
devincognito 10 dagen geleden
The more I watch this show the more I'm sure that if I was in the position of a Make A Wish kid I'd choose pat mcafee
dzer3 10 dagen geleden
Oh no what shall we do
Eric 10 dagen geleden
I liked the pro bowl because since the players are more laid-back it's easier to go and get your jersey signed which I loved, and interact with the players, I liked it being in Orlando mainly.
TheLocals Only
TheLocals Only 10 dagen geleden
Pat Mcafee for Pro Bowl Coordinator
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins 10 dagen geleden
I've watched football my entire life and I dont give 2 shits about the probowl.
The Cool Guy
The Cool Guy 10 dagen geleden
Great news. Such a waste of time watching this game.
suckdogofficial 10 dagen geleden
The Pro Bowl players should play themselves in Madden, NFC vs AFC, if that is technically possible.
Not Important
Not Important 9 dagen geleden
Madden wonky though
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 10 dagen geleden
Its not our fault that the colts decided to get demolished by the pats