Pat McAfee Reacts To The 49ers Drafting Trey Lance 

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This was something that really popped up today, but this just shook up a TON of things over at the draft...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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29 apr. 2021




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Matt Blank
Matt Blank Dag geleden
Will be meh at best.
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 3 dagen geleden
Made me like $20, I bet on Lance being drafted 3rd.
765 lb squat
765 lb squat 3 dagen geleden
Trey not even the best Trey on his own team haha
tomhernonjr 4 dagen geleden
49s sure waisted a lot of first round pics for a?guy that would have been there at till the second round... A machine gun for a sparrow..
K1980 Pray for the world
K1980 Pray for the world 4 dagen geleden
Why did Pat change up his Set. And why is he in the dark. This set sucks ass. Go back to you’re old desk Pat
Hakeem Allen
Hakeem Allen 4 dagen geleden
The more they talk about Trey, and the more highlights I see of him the more he reminds me of another 49er QB in Colin Kaepernick. I think Trey could become very similar to something like Kap was at his best, and if so whatch out the 9er's are going win superbowl's!!!
Nick Pohl
Nick Pohl 4 dagen geleden
I wish we can fast forward 3 years and see if this dude is gonna pan out. He’s definitely an athlete but so are a lot of QB that’s don’t make it in the NFL. Just a lot to bank on and he has had no competition and has not played hard let any games compared to Mac Jones. Just don’t see it. Glad he’s a Patriot!
JAMES LAYCO 4 dagen geleden
Mac Jones who? Mac Jones who?
Over Due Productions
Over Due Productions 4 dagen geleden
2:46 lol 😂
MCH 4 dagen geleden
Mad Mel is a national treasure. 😂😂
John Taylor
John Taylor 4 dagen geleden
Good move, stellar stud
Kevin Darian jr.
Kevin Darian jr. 5 dagen geleden
Why is aj even on this show
Jack Montano
Jack Montano 5 dagen geleden
The niners knew who they wanted way before any rumors happened
Schnell 5 dagen geleden
You can tell Pat has asked about sources before and got hit with the “ I’m not naming my sources for the protection of my sources” That’s why he was so quick with it 💀💀💀
Lon Blair
Lon Blair 5 dagen geleden
They should have taken Fields.
Gary Christison
Gary Christison 5 dagen geleden
There is a strong correlation between QB NFL success and number of college starts. Trey has the lowest number of passes and most of those passes were against 2nd tier schools. I wouldn't bet money on him being successful but best of luck to him.
Jacob Diaz
Jacob Diaz 6 dagen geleden
Have mad Mel on very show!!
Oliver Hardin
Oliver Hardin 6 dagen geleden
I told my friends ab the 49er and Trey lance and they laughed. Once he was drafted I couldn’t help but yell, PAT MCAFEE HAS HIS SOURCES
Lamar Smith
Lamar Smith 6 dagen geleden
Trey Lance is a 20 year old sophmore with 17 games played under his belt. He played for a small school in a weak division. His lack of experience at the position and never having faced elite competition make this draft choice a very risky gamble.
Big Mo
Big Mo 6 dagen geleden
Stop with the terrible skits! Wtf all good things get ruined. I guess there appealing to the simps....
White Ninja
White Ninja 6 dagen geleden
The guy on the left needs to change his medication.
United Extra Time
United Extra Time 6 dagen geleden
Look at Pat standing their drinking like the stud athlete he is
The Galactic Time Traveler
JJ so hard to read sometimes, he almost looks pissed or confused at some points then laughing his ass off immediately after
kevin perry
kevin perry 6 dagen geleden
They gave up so much for an unknown quantity.
Israel Davis
Israel Davis 6 dagen geleden
Who Mac Jones Who ? Mac Jones Who ? Mac Jones Jones
Brice Phillips
Brice Phillips 6 dagen geleden
Looking back, they both had pretty bad mock drafts. Pat got the first 4 and AJ got 3 of the first 4 and they both went cold after that.
Ømar Rivera
Ømar Rivera 6 dagen geleden
Chiefs football Highlights
Does Mel kipper really talk like that
Jerry Zayas
Jerry Zayas 7 dagen geleden
I'm a 9ers fan in New England and I couldn't be happier with the results of last night.
Geek Infinity Media
Geek Infinity Media 7 dagen geleden
Why didnt anyone tell AJ that his hair was messed up? LOL
Nancy Selland
Nancy Selland 7 dagen geleden
All the Lance haters in this thread are SO annoying. Can't wait for Trey to prove y'all wrong.
James Eveland
James Eveland 7 dagen geleden
Mac stfu aj was talking
Bryan McHugh
Bryan McHugh 7 dagen geleden
Pat stop calling it San Fran...only a STOOGE would call it that
Chan Deniro
Chan Deniro 7 dagen geleden
Love Pat no homo
Brian 7 dagen geleden
I feel so bad for Aj lmao
Ty Jans
Ty Jans 7 dagen geleden
The Washington Faithful
The Washington Faithful 7 dagen geleden
Aj got mad as hell about y'all singing 😂
Octane 7 dagen geleden
Pat"I have sources"McAfee lol
Nick Stork
Nick Stork 7 dagen geleden
Trey Lance is the GOAT, wom me 3 superbowls against my friend in Franchise 😂
Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes 7 dagen geleden
AJ was SALTY lmao
AttilatheThrilla 7 dagen geleden
Boston John on Mac Jones... WHO? WHO?... 🤣
chris ladow
chris ladow 7 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee was just as excited as every 49er fan was when Trey Lance was picked
No Cap
No Cap 7 dagen geleden
I love ya Pat, but your source was just making a guess like everyone else. Nobody knew the pick besides Kyle, John, and Jed.
Bodollaa TheGameIsReal
Bodollaa TheGameIsReal 7 dagen geleden
Trey lance finna be a beast
Bodollaa TheGameIsReal
Bodollaa TheGameIsReal 7 dagen geleden
They turnt up
Eduardo Alcorta
Eduardo Alcorta 7 dagen geleden
I was doing something so I just let the video play and I really thought that was Mel kiper 😂
Keith Weyerts
Keith Weyerts 7 dagen geleden
Such an ass is pat sometimes
Racing with a Gypsy
Racing with a Gypsy 7 dagen geleden
Best QB of the draft imo. I think the kid is going to be a spectacular show in the NFL.
Adrian Kikes
Adrian Kikes 7 dagen geleden
Fake Mel is better than real Mel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “not going to be playing the school for the deaf and blind” 💀 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Slimm Pickens
Slimm Pickens 7 dagen geleden
Homeboy with the Kiper impression is quite good.
lil Cyber
lil Cyber 7 dagen geleden
Is anyone even gonna talk about the mel kiper impression
FxckingHell Satan
FxckingHell Satan 7 dagen geleden
The fact people still don’t realize mac Jones has terrible passes all season long but was never noticed because of how good his receivers are is insane. Guess NFL teams started to realize lol
The Funko Bro’s
The Funko Bro’s 7 dagen geleden
Trust me this kid isn’t gonna survive the west overhyped 🤣
Only Fye
Only Fye 7 dagen geleden
I wanted mac i dont care what anybody say you dont gotta be a great athlete to be a great quarterback but i believe in the niners choice hopefully everything works out for both quarterbacks
johnnyboltzzz 7 dagen geleden
AJ is a wonderful soul
Shawn Erickstad
Shawn Erickstad 7 dagen geleden
North Dakota State is a powerhouse FCS team and beat last 7 FBS teams in top 10 Iowa, top 15 Kansas State, top 20 Iowa State and Minnesota, Colorado State and Kansas. NDSU has plenty good players in NFL
adrastos123 7 dagen geleden
Shoulda been mac
Shawn Erickstad
Shawn Erickstad 7 dagen geleden
Great pic for San Fran 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ryan Durda
Ryan Durda 7 dagen geleden
Seems like A.J is treated like an outsider ... I would get so annoyed with how much pat talks over him, if u were AJ
Barbara Lovenvirth
Barbara Lovenvirth 7 dagen geleden
Lance can't start this year...guess the starter will be Jimmy G.
Raymond Fagan
Raymond Fagan 7 dagen geleden
I'm so glad I'm on the west coast rn and able to watch the whole livestream. By pick 30 these guys were roached and Mad Mel was getting hangry. Like SUPER hangry lol.
Cole Cottingham
Cole Cottingham 7 dagen geleden
This show never gets old 🔥
Tommy Hilfucker
Tommy Hilfucker 7 dagen geleden
He'll be successful for 3 or 4 years then they'll be in the market for another one. These mobile qbs are a dime a dozen. Very poor long-term investment
Tommy Hilfucker
Tommy Hilfucker 7 dagen geleden
Okay nancy well that all depends on how his coaches handle him and how well he takes care of himself. But to last in this game, he and every other mobile qb will eventually have to become more of a pure passer
Nancy Selland
Nancy Selland 7 dagen geleden
Wrong. He will be the type of "mobile" qb Mahomes is. You'll see.
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman 7 dagen geleden
What's the likelihood he's another Giovanni Carmazzi?
Chris Schwartz
Chris Schwartz 7 dagen geleden
Ain’t worried
Kim Farrison
Kim Farrison 7 dagen geleden
Never was Mac Jones never
WyMi TV 7 dagen geleden
Mad mel said you won't be playing the school of the deaf and blind every week 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Dylan Wolfram
Dylan Wolfram 7 dagen geleden
The Mel Kiper impression 😂 😂 😂
Michael Darr
Michael Darr 7 dagen geleden
I just love what the niners did for the draft. All the experts were given something to talk about and couldn't stop stabing each other with their...I know what is going to happen....chest thumping talk. Go niners
JAMES LAYCO 7 dagen geleden
The Mel kiper impersonation 😂
Joe Mendez
Joe Mendez 7 dagen geleden
ESPN who ESPN who
ToHigh Up
ToHigh Up 7 dagen geleden
Trey lance and Zach Wilson are gonna be busts they look like it
SeeNote Music
SeeNote Music 7 dagen geleden
ok couch GM, let's believe you because you can obviously predict the future.
tepatrilee 7 dagen geleden
Now is not the time to pat teams on the back for their draft picks. Next year at this time is the only appropriate way to evaluate these picks. And then another year after that. Let's see who plays and who stays.
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell 7 dagen geleden
That keiper impression lol
Something Random
Something Random 7 dagen geleden
His source was Kittle right?
Jake Lundgren
Jake Lundgren 7 dagen geleden
"oh, so now it's a circumstantial situations are situanal type situation here?"
Brian Harris
Brian Harris 7 dagen geleden
Ninergang treytothebay
Mohamed Koroma
Mohamed Koroma 7 dagen geleden
Ben Grismer
Ben Grismer 7 dagen geleden
Ty Schmidt is hysterical
Derek Wright
Derek Wright 7 dagen geleden
Ty is the man--plain & simple.
Ben 7 dagen geleden
Jimmy G is now the new Alex Smith
coole29 7 dagen geleden
I feel them trading up to pick Tray Lance is a bit odd. I feel they 100% would have been there later
Nickoli Stef
Nickoli Stef 7 dagen geleden
Told all you idiots that Mac Jones wasn't going to the 49ers, how stupid you all must feel lol
Willz Cama
Willz Cama 7 dagen geleden
Love pat
Anthony Kyles
Anthony Kyles 7 dagen geleden
Lmaooo at the fake MKJ
Nate Clermont
Nate Clermont 7 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee is a just an amazing personality. He’s a natural when a camera is rolling. No wonder why he was a sensation in WWE.
Marcus Sr Elliott
Marcus Sr Elliott 7 dagen geleden
No way lance should have went before fields
Kewa Fox
Kewa Fox 7 dagen geleden
I called this as soon as they traded for that 3rd overall pick. But I gotta ask....why is McAfee not on CBS sports radio anymore? I miss it.
Manny Flores
Manny Flores 7 dagen geleden
Cocaine much?
Denrick burrows
Denrick burrows 7 dagen geleden
Bargain Mel Kiper is everything 🤣
Samuel Wu
Samuel Wu 7 dagen geleden
We gave up way too much for Trey Lance a player that only started 17 games and played against FCS teams
Mason Moberly
Mason Moberly 7 dagen geleden
In stoked over trey lance
Joshua Jacobs
Joshua Jacobs 7 dagen geleden
Mac Jones and Trey Lance have the biggest chance to succeed mainly cause who is coaching them
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 7 dagen geleden
AJ is such a good friend to Pat. First reaction he has is smiling with Pat gloating tf outta that pick.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 7 dagen geleden
The 49ers really traded up to 3 to get a guy they could have gotten at 18.
SeeNote Music
SeeNote Music 7 dagen geleden
@Alex Smith nope. Teams fell in love with him. First of all it’s 318 passes and regardless he still has more games played than Mac Jones. Not all the star QBs play in the SEC
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 7 dagen geleden
@SeeNote Music Trey Lance played 19 games and threw 208 passes in 3 years with 1 game last year. He could have easily been picked up even in the 2nd round.
SeeNote Music
SeeNote Music 7 dagen geleden
Trey Lance was going in the top 10, no way he drops that far.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 7 dagen geleden
@Mason Moberly *a wild man of culture appeared*
Mason Moberly
Mason Moberly 7 dagen geleden
You were better than kap. Killed me when you was traded.
John Mausen
John Mausen 7 dagen geleden
Mitch Trubisky? What?
Jeff Warren Anderson
Jeff Warren Anderson 7 dagen geleden
Ty... FN Hilarious... Damn!🤣
Besus 7 dagen geleden
"The school for the deaf and blind every week".. RIP to me: 1984-that moment
OJ G 7 dagen geleden
49ers fan since 1980 I am very excited about getting Lance, , but then again Mac Jones WILL have a decent career ONLY because he's been paired up with Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, there's a reason why the Panthers and Bears didn't take Jones and he dropped down to 15.