Pat McAfee Reacts To The Chicago Bears Trading Up For Justin Fields 

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29 apr. 2021




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Roger Gutierrez
Roger Gutierrez 15 uur geleden
Someone pointed out that A.J. said wow twice. One went wow, the second went woooow as if he knows the bears are going to run the north.
aaron breeds
aaron breeds Dag geleden
why did they freak out when they announced the pick like it was INCREDIBLY obvious who chi was trading up to get... fake
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Andrew Bashor
Andrew Bashor 3 dagen geleden
They traded two picks....they didnt trade the farm
BuddyLoveATL 3 dagen geleden
Pat is the dopest person ever lol
nickoutdoors 4 dagen geleden
So a team that has history of not developing quarterbacks and Jim McMahon even said is an organization where QBs go to die, takes a quarterback from a school that has history of turning out terrible NFL quarterbacks. No way this could end poorly.
herooftime Dag geleden
@nickoutdoors you lose the argument by thinking Fields and Haskins are the same. Change happens and you are blinded by one school cant ship certain talent to pro level. Its like saying why buy another lab if the last lab couldn't do the tricks you wanted, every living being works, processes information, executes things different from others and you wont even give the kid a chance because of a school he went to. Bet you'd feel really crappy if you couldn't get that big time job of a CEO at a company if all the college degrees you obtained never panned out like the ones before haven't. Think about logic before you have that BS of an answer next time.
nickoutdoors 2 dagen geleden
@herooftime doesn’t matter that he wasn’t recruited to OSU. He still went there and was developed by the coaches there. You might recall another record setting OSU quarterback named Dwayne Haskins who was also supposed to be a can’t miss dual threat NFL QB. That’s worked out well for him. I’m just think this pick feels like a make up for missing on Mahomes a couple years ago. They wanted a dual threat QB who can be an elite playmaker. But those kind of guys rarely pan out in the long term in the NFL (with the exception of Mahomes).
herooftime 2 dagen geleden
Fields wasn't recruited to OS, he transferred there and lost only 2 games. Highest grade of Passing yards, Attempts, TD's, in the Big 10 2 years in a row. High ceiling for this kid
Mitchell Gordon
Mitchell Gordon 4 dagen geleden
I don’t think he starts day 1 but by week 5 he’s in there
Dorian White
Dorian White 4 dagen geleden
Bruh that Mel kiper impersonation took me tf out 😂😂😂
House Reacts
House Reacts 4 dagen geleden
Price Tag For Trubisky, Mack and Fields: 7 1st round picks 3 3rd round picks 2 4th round picks 1 5th round pick 1 6th round pick Good luck, Chicago. Ryan Pace mortgaged your future to keep a job he's going to lose within a year anyway. 🤣
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane 4 dagen geleden
How many adderall does pat eat every day?
Matt Gange
Matt Gange 4 dagen geleden
How is a 1,4 and a 5 trading the farm? Also Nagy and Pace aren’t gonna be going anywhere I don’t think. This pick buys them time. Remember Nagy wasn’t in chi when they chose Trubisky. Fields is a way better prospect coming out and this is Nagy’s pick not necessarily just Pace’s like the Trubisky pick
Chris Rakow
Chris Rakow 4 dagen geleden
Ryan Pace gets a lot of grief (and deservedly so re: QBs and OTs), but he is a solid GM overall via his better traits (he goes for his targets in FA / the Draft full bore, and even finds solid depth-fillers in UDFA; i.e. Bryce Callahan, Roy Robertson-Harris, Alex Bars, Sam Mustipher, and etc et al)...
Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s Forehead
Always happy to see Rocky Dennis find some work!
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong 4 dagen geleden
Hilarious Mel kiper
Max Markham
Max Markham 4 dagen geleden
How did Chicago give up the whole farm??? It was a 1st, 4th and 5th. lol
Billy Madlener
Billy Madlener 4 dagen geleden
I don't think it was a huge haul for the giants. It wasn't as bad as that trade they did to get Tribusky
toobieeee 4 dagen geleden
The Mel Kiper impersonation was A1
King of Broncos and Sharks
Great analysis Mel!
anthony raymo
anthony raymo 4 dagen geleden
everyone talking about how the bears did good but they got Foles on the roster they signed dalton for way too much money this off season then they draft an Ohio state qb😂🤣😂 if I was a bears fan I'd be questioning my gms mental stability
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 4 dagen geleden
or just questioning yours..lmao
Alex Fromnic
Alex Fromnic 5 dagen geleden
Justin fields was not the #2 prospect in this draft. He for a while was the #2 qb prospect. By draft night he was #4 and many mocks had him going as 5th best. I like Fields a lot more than most. To me he's the #2 QB. There was only one elite true qb prospect and fields wasn't it But I think he has an outside chance.
L.M Liaina
L.M Liaina 5 dagen geleden
Who the hell is Mel Kiper?
Tom Bradyfan
Tom Bradyfan 5 dagen geleden
Traded the farm? Uh, they kept their 2nd and 3rd round picks. The Bears have been .500 or better with two playoff appearances past three years
Kingpookienation Alvarez
Kingpookienation Alvarez 5 dagen geleden
This guys a Andy Dalton fan !
Tony Berardi
Tony Berardi 5 dagen geleden
Guys, guys, ya got a qb, great. The question is does the Bears organization know what to do with him? Bears need to rebuild and what do they do? Piss away away more draft capital they're dearly going tp need. You guys have eyes, but you can't see.
Mike Ratkiewicz
Mike Ratkiewicz 5 dagen geleden
Aj Hawk has a twelve lane highway for a nose. I love the guy but that's think could pass 12 oil tankers easy
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks 5 dagen geleden
andy dalton will be a great mentor
mrFoxYou1 5 dagen geleden
Instant Classic
Jose 5 dagen geleden
The Bears finally making a move.
caper087 5 dagen geleden
Hhaha ahah that Mel kiper is amazing hahaha
t davis
t davis 6 dagen geleden
I was worried he would slip to the Steelers and they would take him.
Cipher 8
Cipher 8 6 dagen geleden
As a Viking's fan I hear they really wanted him to fall to 14. Now he'll haunt us for a decade in Chicago (maybe).
Trev 6 dagen geleden
The bears went from pure wtf to Heir Apparent to the NFC North all with in 2 days.
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Jackson 6 dagen geleden
That Mel Kiper Skit was Crazy favorite part was at 1:36 part Boom you sitting on the bench we drafted your replacement sorry Andy classic
William Perkins
William Perkins 6 dagen geleden
Bears suck lets go Lions eat those kneecaps
PrblyUrFather 6 dagen geleden
He actually beat Trevor Lawrence in the elite 11 competition
Supreme Octopus
Supreme Octopus 6 dagen geleden
Sorry Andy Dalton, here’s $10M to sit on the bench
Hooterville 1
Hooterville 1 6 dagen geleden
The price they paid was way too high.
Mitch Staff
Mitch Staff 6 dagen geleden
He slipped because he has bad tendencies. Ironically Fitzgerald from Northwestern exposed him.
Smarticus 6 dagen geleden
Why did Denver pass on Fields..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mitch Staff
Mitch Staff 6 dagen geleden
He's not that good.
Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor 6 dagen geleden
Don’t play this poor kid the first year. Let Dalton play. Fields can play preseason games and if we play the jets.
Joe 6 dagen geleden
It's real funny that they think the bears would fire anyone mid-season... Pfffft do these guys actually know anything??
Damien DiPaolo
Damien DiPaolo 6 dagen geleden
Man on fire!
demonweber666 6 dagen geleden
Soldier Fields! Superbowl in 3rd year!
B Miles
B Miles 6 dagen geleden
Bear down...for 4 more years of terrible QB play. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over...
VoltXxShot2 6 dagen geleden
B Rob
B Rob 6 dagen geleden
What usually happens to Ohio state QBs say yall
Timeless 6 dagen geleden
The broncos are so stupid.
JDB 6 dagen geleden
I look forward to the bears fans forcing the team to bench dalton and start this kid week 4. Then after a subpar season were he runs for his life. Half the fans with love him, half will hate him and in 4 years the bears will implode again. They will have one good season in that time and they will do that dumb dance.
JDB 4 dagen geleden
@Michael Moore reoccurring history
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 4 dagen geleden
someone sounds butt hurt
Koltan Wademan
Koltan Wademan 6 dagen geleden
The only reason why naggy and pace won’t get fired is cause their contract expires at the end of the season
Dave Fransen
Dave Fransen 6 dagen geleden
Fields is gonna be a bust
Savage South
Savage South 6 dagen geleden
Bears blew their first round pick. Fields is not good at all
Johnny C
Johnny C 6 dagen geleden
Dynamite pick!! 🧨 Strong work, Chicago. Now, protect the kid & progress him, ya bastahds. 🍻
B R 6 dagen geleden
Why is Nagy on the hot seat? Made playoffs 2/3 years
Hector Saucedo
Hector Saucedo 6 dagen geleden
A.J. Hawks looks like his contemplating leaving the set when they announce Justin Fields to the Bears...
Hector Saucedo
Hector Saucedo 6 dagen geleden
“Andy Fookin Dalton did!” Haha
Clayton Honaker
Clayton Honaker 6 dagen geleden
The Farm? It was a first rounder and 2 day three picks. C'mon now... the farm was offered for Russ
ChrisWorld21 6 dagen geleden
Great trade by the Giants!
Kai2277 6 dagen geleden
Damn!! I saw his prop bet at +1000 to Chicago. I knew Pace and Nagy had to trade up and make something big happen or get fired. I figured they would do anything even trade their next 5 firsts to have a chance to save their job. . I should have pulled the trigger! 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Hunter Mahan
Hunter Mahan 6 dagen geleden
Nagy gets to the playoffs with Mitch. He’s not the problem
Josh Stroupe
Josh Stroupe 6 dagen geleden
Where have I been this podcast is fuckin awesome
sammy O
sammy O 6 dagen geleden
You guys are completely out of whack if you think Pace & Nagy are getting fired mid season. Unless they go 6-10 or worse they will not be fired.
Scott Cooper
Scott Cooper 6 dagen geleden
Justin Fields. Soldier Field. Strawberry Fields Forever 6 dagen geleden
AJ reminds me of an annoyed, yet coy Dolph Lungren
wakawaka1976 6 dagen geleden
That was some BS not protecting your white QB at least try to have some pride as a Cowboy.
BEANS0NRICE 6 dagen geleden
Pat I love you, but I’ll be you $100 Nagy and Pace aren’t fired this year.
Drew Y
Drew Y 6 dagen geleden
Imagine how many pieces they can get after khalils contract is up
Ken Dusek
Ken Dusek 7 dagen geleden
So when is 3 draft picks the farm. Like that is nothing
BZ Ty 7 dagen geleden
He slipped because as soon as he said he has been dealing with epilepsy then a lot of teams said nope and passed on
John Taylor
John Taylor 7 dagen geleden
Better arrm than Ravens QB.
Andrew Bartucci
Andrew Bartucci 7 dagen geleden
alright so AJ Hawk's "bookshelf" has "books" without any titles? wtf
Joe L
Joe L 7 dagen geleden
Da doink bears waste more first rounders and will be bare of any talent - losers
Bronk0Nagurski 7 dagen geleden
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams 7 dagen geleden
His body language and attitude turned me off. I'd be surprised if he's any more than Hurts or Tua.
Betley Island36
Betley Island36 7 dagen geleden
Love this trade as a Giants fan. Getting a future 1st great. Plus my friend is a Pats fan and was really hoping Fields would fall to them and was PISSED when the Bears traded up, which made it even better
Donald Diamond
Donald Diamond 7 dagen geleden
Fields is 100% a bust. Another Dewy
Dramon Smith
Dramon Smith 7 dagen geleden
Please guys talk about the dumb azz panthers passing on Justin for...... Sam Darnold 🥴😔
SamFellButHesOK 7 dagen geleden
What are you talking about trading the farm? A swap and a 4th along with next years 1st and 5th for a quality player that could last 10 years?! Which next year there’s not a QB anywhere close to fields... y’all tripping. This ain’t moving one spot for a true reach.
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain 7 dagen geleden
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
Jiffykid 7 dagen geleden
As a packer fan i was worried they were going to draft mac jones 😂 this works out perfectly! Wether we lose rodgers or not Da bears still cant draft QBs right
Michael Hay
Michael Hay 7 dagen geleden
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL the Mel Kyper. I died. I think I died and came back to life. God damn that was funny.
BlackFlagOfDeath Gamester
Chicago about to ruin another QB's career.
Pepper Bacon
Pepper Bacon 7 dagen geleden
Only the Bears are dumb enough to give away 2 1st round picks for the 4th QB in the draft! They went up nine spots, when they only had to go up 6. The Jets went up 9 spots in the same draft without giving away next years first round.
Bark-aholic 7 dagen geleden
And when Justin Fields was asked if he was excited, "................(crickets)...."
J B 7 dagen geleden
I might actually watch the Bears again!
Tony Elsayed
Tony Elsayed 7 dagen geleden
Traded the whole farm? We traded 2 picks for him. Idk how you can say that before you even knew the details of the trade
Goated Man
Goated Man 7 dagen geleden
Jared Tetreault
Jared Tetreault 7 dagen geleden
Love Mad Mel Kiper
Bobby Bolan
Bobby Bolan 7 dagen geleden
Last year showed Nagy got a quick fuckin leash fields by week 5
Daniel 7 dagen geleden
Cowboys found another way to become a mediocre team! Who trades with their rivals!
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw 7 dagen geleden
We'll see what happens, but Fields didn't look all that excited to be drafted by the Bears last night
tommy krakora
tommy krakora 7 dagen geleden
the entire faarm baarn and hen hass
221B Baker Street
221B Baker Street 7 dagen geleden
Ty as Mel Kiper Jr. is internet gold!
Drew B
Drew B 7 dagen geleden
the tide is turning, The cheese is spoiling in green bay and midway just got a monster!!!
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 7 dagen geleden
That "man on fire" reference was on point. One of Denzel's best movies fr
zach rizzo
zach rizzo 7 dagen geleden
As soon as they heard the reports on Rodgers leaving GB, Chicago was then sold on getting one of the QBs
James Farmer
James Farmer 7 dagen geleden
MeS Details
MeS Details 7 dagen geleden
Bears wreck qbs. Fields will be trashed.
EnderYeah 7 dagen geleden
Man On Fire was a phenomenal movie
Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein 7 dagen geleden
Poor guy going to the bears
Tom Miller
Tom Miller 7 dagen geleden
Fields has the potential to shake it up on the field, if you know what i mean
Tony Ocho Tv
Tony Ocho Tv 7 dagen geleden
That will be Justin fields division for the next 15 years when Aaron Rogers leaves. On situation alone, he will have the best career out of all these QBs drafted.
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