Pat McAfee Reacts To The Chiefs DOMINATING The Ravens Week 3 

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The Chiefs looked AWESOME. Will they go 16-0?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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29 sep. 2020




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Chris Morris
Chris Morris 22 dagen geleden
And now they play the Patriots. Looking forward to seeing what Patrick (I daren’t call him Pat now), does. Cam has made the Pats a damn sight more exciting to watch too, so I hope it’s going to be a good game 🤞
FrancoWolfMurd 22 dagen geleden
Chiefs will be a constant problem in the NFL as long as this coaching staff and core group can stay together
straitpepperdiet 22 dagen geleden
Trevor 123
Trevor 123 22 dagen geleden
Easiest bet of my life. Chiefs moneyline
Jace Woods
Jace Woods 22 dagen geleden
Dude this was a week 3 game look back one year ago when they were 2-2 then what happened they've only played one team in AFC North that's what counts we'll see em again Manning lost his first 6 vs Brady before....🤔😠😡😈
Brian Lozano
Brian Lozano 22 dagen geleden
Ravens defense played like trash.
GrantSweatshirt 23 dagen geleden
I needed 180 points to win on Monday, lucky I drafted mahomes 🙏🏻🙏🏻💯
OverlandMD B
OverlandMD B 23 dagen geleden
Pat tearing up my Ravens dam
XTensionCORD 23 dagen geleden
Andy Reid absolutely dominated Harbaugh coming from a Ravens fan. They had the perfect lineups against our offense and absolutely destroyed and picked apart our defense. Although I am still salty, well played
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 23 dagen geleden
Chiefs Seahawks would be a savage superbowl
aj Fishburne
aj Fishburne 23 dagen geleden
The same thing happened last yr Lamar struggles week 3 vs the chiefs then he beats the patriots week 7 and skates by the rest of the season due to. A easy schedule
Campbell Investments
Campbell Investments 23 dagen geleden
Chiefs D is talented. Dont ever forget.
Ali Jordan
Ali Jordan 23 dagen geleden
How did mahomes get super bowl mvp with 2 picks? Lmao russ is better
James Mckee
James Mckee 23 dagen geleden
Bully ball as frank clark would say!!!
James Mckee
James Mckee 23 dagen geleden
Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said!!!
Sportsgod34 -_-
Sportsgod34 -_- 23 dagen geleden
The 2018 chiefs struggle on defense has made everyone get this false assumption that are defense is still like that we’ve improved massively 19-0 let’s make history
aaron spencer
aaron spencer 24 dagen geleden
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas 24 dagen geleden
Best way to beat mahomes is to get to him without blitzing
Tyson Reimer
Tyson Reimer 24 dagen geleden
Chargers play a good defensive system. Cover 3 saban man match. Mahomes will always struggle a bit against them. You can only play this system properly with 2 pass rushers, which they have. They still have a top 5 pressure rate with a bottom 5 blitz rate. When it comes to the Ravens it's a different scheme, so you know the Chiefs offense will go back to regular production.
Ramen-king1243 24 dagen geleden
This means the Steelers are 1st in the afc north
Bes haxhaj
Bes haxhaj 24 dagen geleden
Pat Mahomes is better, true MVPs take their team to the Super Bowl.
Avery Stroh
Avery Stroh 24 dagen geleden
Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez
Lamar should have never won MVP
Loafing 23 dagen geleden
@Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez I didnt say mahomes should of won it either. but when someone throws for 3500 yards and 1500 rushing yards thats something never done before in history. thats mvp worthy
Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez
@Loafing I dont necessarily think Mahomes should have won it, i just think a dude that did that bad in the playoffs shouldnt get MVP but ok
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
Oh well it can help him sleep at night as an 0-3 playoff pretender
Loafing 24 dagen geleden
as a chiefs fan i can say this was a horrible take lmao.
Erotic Joe 115
Erotic Joe 115 24 dagen geleden
And led a 14-2 team gtfo
lancelot wilson
lancelot wilson 24 dagen geleden
Losing a battle doesn't mean you lose the war. Ravens will rise again.
William McIver
William McIver 24 dagen geleden
Jesus died for us so we gotta live for him ✞❤️
Joseph Mode
Joseph Mode 24 dagen geleden
Still can’t believe people had the ravens for that game.
Ragkaja 24 dagen geleden
I think stopping the Ravens is a case of identifying what they will do and attacking it (I know that is massively oversimplifying it, since that is how you beat basically anyone at anything). Definitely not easy, but the Chiefs have managed it. The problem with stopping the Chiefs is that you know what they'll do, and you still cannot stop it. You know they will throw huge plays down field, but no-one has managed to consistently stop them from scoring when they feel like it.
E M 24 dagen geleden
I'll say this as a Ravens fan, Lamar and this current Ravens team has a (what is becoming a pattern) of choking in high pressure(or perceived as high pressure) games. Its happened a number of times. Its worrying. Not saying Ravens wouldn't still have lost, but they played sloppy for most of it and was barely competitive. And wink Martindale, is becoming predictable. Mahomes has exposed him everytime. This kinda of choking didn't happen in the Flacco era(previous to the superbowl, downhil after that).
Lake Ozark REI
Lake Ozark REI 23 dagen geleden
That's a great observation... when it happens once you can chalk it up to bad luck... when it happens twice it could be considered an anomaly... when you've lost every game that you've been behind at halftime well... that's a pattern.
omg incluso rufg
omg incluso rufg 25 dagen geleden
Dark Hawk
Dark Hawk 25 dagen geleden
The Ravens' blitz was killing opponents for two weeks. Last night, it killed the Ravens. Lesson to be learned: Do Not Blitz Patrick Mahomes. His numbers against the blitz were truly insane.
Ryan Davadi
Ryan Davadi 25 dagen geleden
every team needs to adapt and just understand that the chiefs are the best team in the NFL by far. They need to set there team to beat them, yes you want to win the division to get to the playoffs but to make it to the super bowl and beat them in the super bowl, you need to have your team set up to play the chiefs. Get a Shut down CB that runs a 4.2 40. a strong D line and a great run game and a franchise QB. It’s not easy at all but that will be the only way to beat them for sure
Eli Howard
Eli Howard 25 dagen geleden
Honey badger was spying Jackson like the elite safety he is all night and not one person has mentioned it
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 25 dagen geleden
Big shock 😲 not, it's the SUPER BOWL champs and ravens can't win the big games last year they had weak schedule 😨
Ipod Ipod
Ipod Ipod 25 dagen geleden
Never bet against Mahomeboy 💰
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 21 dag geleden
I learned that the hard way in Super Bowl LIV. I thought the 49ers defense would dominate the game, but the Chiefs came back in style thanks to a little something called the Jet Chip Wasp and a guy named Damien Williams.
Grant Scherer
Grant Scherer 25 dagen geleden
That was such a fun game to watch
D’Angelo _912
D’Angelo _912 25 dagen geleden
Chargers always play the chiefs great. Their players can have torn ACLs or something broken but for some reason when it’s time to play the chiefs all their players are ready. Then the chargers will play straight garbage against other teams and the players be out for weeks
IG LuckyFetus
IG LuckyFetus 25 dagen geleden
Of course the Chiefs were going to win. I won 20k and burrito. The entire comment section
Jesse Almaguer
Jesse Almaguer 25 dagen geleden
Easiest 260 dollars I ever won. Wtf had the chiefs as the underdogs🤣
Tasi Wilson
Tasi Wilson 25 dagen geleden
Ravens defense don’t have Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 25 dagen geleden
The Chargers Defense is one of the best in the league!
Gregory Enste
Gregory Enste 25 dagen geleden
Hey it’s pat
John Brown
John Brown 25 dagen geleden
It’s clear Ravens are not on Kansas City’s level . GO CHIEFS!!!!!
Bolio Contreras
Bolio Contreras 25 dagen geleden
I control the news
Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson 25 dagen geleden
"Do what the Chargers are doing" - Have a DL line that is elite and can put pressure on Mahomes while only rushing 4. If you blitz him with any additional personnel - he's going to kill you. But there are only 2-3 teams in the league that can do it (Chargers included).
Nerdsplay21 25 dagen geleden
the chiefs cost me losing now I'm 1-2 in fantasy but good job chiefs
Nerdsplay21 24 dagen geleden
That's why I keep cam newton in for my other fantasy
Chiefs-GOAT-Dynasty! 24 dagen geleden
Whatever the sports media and analysts say, do the exact opposite of that.
John Heine
John Heine 25 dagen geleden
As a ravens fan the chiefs are definitely the better team. I think their a really bad matchup for the ravens. But let’s not go back to saying Lamars a running back.
Brett Jones
Brett Jones 24 dagen geleden
Running QB’s never last. Never.
Chiefs-GOAT-Dynasty! 24 dagen geleden
He didn't even throw for 100 yards...
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 25 dagen geleden
Are we gonna ignore the fact the ravens had like 70 passing yards
Lake Ozark REI
Lake Ozark REI 23 dagen geleden
@Truth Bearer 😂🤣You seriously don't watch football do you... or at least don't understand how time and clock management work.. Besides with an all world MVP QB shouldn't he be able to THROW the ball occasionally lmao
Lake Ozark REI
Lake Ozark REI 23 dagen geleden
@Erotic Joe 115 What about the 6 passes Lamar threw 8 yds over the heads of his receivers..?😂
Steven Tannock
Steven Tannock 24 dagen geleden
Sure is salty in bmore
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
And they still could have won if they had 300 rushing yards which is what they could have had if they kept the ball on the ground
Erotic Joe 115
Erotic Joe 115 24 dagen geleden
Ignore the fact that his reviewers dropped 4+ 30 yard catches
Sompoat Prakobnun
Sompoat Prakobnun 25 dagen geleden
It's specifically the battle of both defense teams and Chiefs is better.
James Sutton
James Sutton 25 dagen geleden
I think what Lamar does is amazing but when can you remember a running QB that beats a QB that uses his arm and brain?
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
Really a lot of QBs can run well, Mahomes does it all the time when nothing is available. Its an overrated trait
Jeff Hunt
Jeff Hunt 24 dagen geleden
@James Sutton From what I've seen, you can leave off the better part. Lamar doesn't read. He runs the play, and when it's not there, he relies on his legs to get him out of trouble. The Chiefs d line was getting contained pressure on him. There was nowhere to go most of the time.
James Sutton
James Sutton 24 dagen geleden
What I meant is that he reads defenses better
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
So thinly veiled it’s hilarious. So Lamar doesn’t have to use his brain to play QB? Or let me guess you’re giving Mahomes credit for plays designed by Andy Reid that leaves players wide open
Pete Mag
Pete Mag 25 dagen geleden
Ravens r overrated
Ron Chaput
Ron Chaput 25 dagen geleden
Hill mvp what he does to defences
Tanka 25 dagen geleden
I’ve always thought the chiefs looked ahead during the chargers game and it looks like I was correct.
A3Xzombies 25 dagen geleden
Pat just bragging how much money he won... Like bruh just talk sports
BeRoyal37 25 dagen geleden
Patty mayonnaise the goat
Cash I
Cash I 25 dagen geleden
Stop the cap look at the chargers dline vs the ravens
Jor'Don Stephenson
Jor'Don Stephenson 25 dagen geleden
Judon, Bowser, Williams, Campbell is better than Bosa, Ingram, Tillery
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 25 dagen geleden
Rest in peace redskins and Giants this week.
PMS Store
PMS Store 25 dagen geleden
Taumr S
Taumr S 25 dagen geleden
The NFL is going Dawn
riley glynn
riley glynn 25 dagen geleden
You dont say the patriots suck because they lose to the dolphins sometimes. It's a divisional game. But nobody would say that when the chiefs beat the chargers in ot.
kc 3182x
kc 3182x 24 dagen geleden
Don't ever compare the Chargers to the Dolphins!
Excard0n 25 dagen geleden
Losing home field really effects the Ravens
WinterXL 25 dagen geleden
ravens are a one trick pony and gets panicked when a little pressure is applied.
Golden 185
Golden 185 24 dagen geleden
The thing is the only team that can put pressure that one trick pony is the chiefs
El Poundo
El Poundo 24 dagen geleden
Your moms a 1 trick pony
dc chilin
dc chilin 25 dagen geleden
Ravens are good against mediocre/ trash teams. We can never win the big games
King Raven
King Raven 22 dagen geleden
dc chilin 😂 Not mad at all. Just tired of you toxic band wagon fans that “LOVE” the team when theyre rolling to 14-2(apparently all by accident...since they only beat trash teams) but then you hate them when they struggle a you “fans” are a joke. Find another team. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out 😎👋✌️
dc chilin
dc chilin 22 dagen geleden
King Raven lol why are you so mad? I said one thing and you’re over here crying about a strangers opinion. Bye ✌🏼
King Raven
King Raven 22 dagen geleden
dc chilin Goes both ways. If youre not going to be mature enough to read the response, then dont bother replying bozo. Patriots, Seahawks, Texans, 49ers. All playoff teams beaten by the Ravens. All big games. Patriots were on monday night football, and had TB12 at qb. KNOW YOUR TEAM. Dont be lazy. Ive been watching them for over 20 years.
dc chilin
dc chilin 22 dagen geleden
King Raven I’m not reading that whole essay you replied with but I’ve been a fan for years. Calm down bozo it’s not that deep. I know who they played last year and I stand by what I said, if you can’t accept it then move on nothing you say will change my mind and deep down you know I’m right. Don’t be a toxic ravens fan who praises them 24/7. I’m a ravens fan but I’m also a fan of football and narratives based on team trends and performances, doesn’t mean the ravens suck or aren’t good they just can’t win big games. Simple.
King Raven
King Raven 22 dagen geleden
dc chilin If youre going to be a least know who they played. Are you new to this? Or just a band wagon fan? Last season the Ravens beat the Patriots, the Seahawks, the 49ers, the Texans, and the previous years superbowl participants the Rams. Those were all playoff teams when the Ravens beat them. With the exception of the Rams who had just been in the superbowl. So as I stated, the Ravens have proved they can blowout dominate teams when it matters. They beat the Patriots with Tom Brady on monday night football last season, and Lamar threw for 5 touchdowns. The Chiefs are the one team the Ravens have been struggling with. Theyre 21-1 against every other team in the league since LJ took over, and 0-3 against the Chiefs. The Ravens do just fine under the spot light. With the excruciating exception of the Chiefs, and of course Lamars two playoff loses. The playoffs will get better once Lamar has more experience. Many great qbs in the league(past and present) struggled their first few years in the playoffs. Lamar is no exception to that rule. Peyton Manning took 5 whole years before he won his first playoff. Drew Brees also struggled. Mahomes just so happens to be a once in a life time player. People need to quit thinking everyone has to be Patrick Mahomes in order to be a great player. Lamar will get there eventually. He just needs more experience. With a record of 21-1 against all the other teams, Im willing to bet most of those teams WISH they had Lamar Jackson, instead of the QB they have now.
Jake Horacek
Jake Horacek 25 dagen geleden
Lamar thought this was a playoff game
ConnorHFishing 21 dag geleden
MyMusicNoteBook KC
MyMusicNoteBook KC 24 dagen geleden
Need some aloe vera for that burn
Slavko Miljic
Slavko Miljic 24 dagen geleden
underrated comment
TXBHenleyFan 25 dagen geleden
Patrick’s mom was on fire on twitter.... don’t call him Pat! 🤣😂
Manting Xiong
Manting Xiong 25 dagen geleden
Ravens OLine was trash. Literally gave up on a play and just let Lamar get sack.
Lake Ozark REI
Lake Ozark REI 23 dagen geleden
Funny that stuff never happens against bad teams isnt it..😂
Trent Tilger
Trent Tilger 23 dagen geleden
And they had multiple drops that game
Samdaman747 25 dagen geleden
I have no idea why people would bet against the Chiefs. Was the Chargers game close? Sure, but they still won. That's what good teams do. There is a lot of parity in professional football, which is why teams that consistently get blown out are considered so awful a la the Jets and Giants.
jlk 25 dagen geleden
The Ravens need to practice in the Bengals indoor facility🤔🤔
hangtime 7190
hangtime 7190 25 dagen geleden
Stephen Mystery
Stephen Mystery 25 dagen geleden
Week 15 in 2012: The Broncos completely obliterated the Ravens. It was an embarrassing loss. Divisional Round 2012: The Ravens beat the same team that annihilated them a month earlier.
Stephen Mystery
Stephen Mystery 25 dagen geleden
@Mr Kings Worth it for the ring.
Mr Kings
Mr Kings 25 dagen geleden
Then got annihilated in week 1 of 2013.
Warm Crunch Productions
Warm Crunch Productions 25 dagen geleden
Pat’s desk is getting crowded
Michael Carter
Michael Carter 25 dagen geleden
Not a chiefs fan but they will repeat
Vox Populi
Vox Populi 25 dagen geleden
who TF would not bet on the chiefs? I really gotta get into this fanduel thing because I would have had the chiefs all day and night
Trevor 123
Trevor 123 22 dagen geleden
Bet on bovada. FanDuel only lets two states bet on it
Seth Smasal
Seth Smasal 25 dagen geleden
How bout those Chieeeeeeeeeeeeeeefs
Andrew Boudreau
Andrew Boudreau 25 dagen geleden
I hope this ends the “I’m not sure about the Chiefs yet” idiots. The Chiefs are flat out the best team in the league.
Dakota Rudow
Dakota Rudow 21 dag geleden
Lake Ozark REI yeah I don’t understand how we do it.. 9-7 annually beat up on Baltimore in the divisional but lose 16-0 to Denver, blows my mind, but it happens every year
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 22 dagen geleden
Andrew Boudreau So you think Chiefs going to 8 straight Super Bowls ? The NFL can be just like the NBA if you have best player?
Andrew Boudreau
Andrew Boudreau 23 dagen geleden
Truth Bearer Yeah ok. Just give me my apology in February.
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 23 dagen geleden
Andrew Boudreau You obviously just started watching football 2 years ago. Anyone with a clue knows how good Aaron Rodgers was when he won a Super Bowl and he was even better the next year when he won MVP and his team went 15-1. Well fast forward and Rodgers still only has one ring. Marino went to Super Bowl his 2nd year in league and never went back. Brees only one ring compare to Eli two. Y’all act like football is like basketball where best players are guaranteed to win multiple rings. That’s now how it works in a team sport with single elimination playoffs. It’s a reason why Patriots are only team to do it and they have benefit of a cupcake division and there were 2 bye weeks instead of one like there is now.
Lake Ozark REI
Lake Ozark REI 23 dagen geleden
@Truth Bearer Lol... still a little butt hurt about your Ravens getting slapped around??😂
Corey Alexander
Corey Alexander 25 dagen geleden
KC STAND UP!!!!!!!! Chiefs are THE REAL DEAL! Enjoy the show everyone!
John Due
John Due 25 dagen geleden
Enjoy the ride
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones 25 dagen geleden
The ravens defense couldn't do nothing to stop mahomes in the passing game
BmoreRavensGunney 25 dagen geleden
I'm not even gonna mention the long list of things that went wrong, the better team just won last night. *Go Ravens Regardless!*
Swords Dance Gaming
Swords Dance Gaming 25 dagen geleden
Bruh fire the guy who cuts these vids.
Jacob Crook
Jacob Crook 25 dagen geleden
I actually forgot just how good mahomes is in the last few weeks
Shane Sinclair
Shane Sinclair 25 dagen geleden
Me a Ravens fan turning in pats show to see what he thought of the game. “LAST NIGHT THE CHIEFS BEAT THE ASS OF THE BALTIMORE RAVENS IN BALTIMORE” ..... ima head out.
penguin icedelta
penguin icedelta 20 dagen geleden
@Randy Harrington it wouldn't have been as the defense forced a 3 and out after that iirc. Unfortunately the Ravens forgot to run after that gift, and THEN it started to become a problem.
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
Bruh Lamar literally said the Chiefs are kryptonite lol
Jordan Duncan
Jordan Duncan 24 dagen geleden
I live in Spain but the s is silent
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
Randy Harrington The problem was Greg Roman not running the ball to keep Chiefs offense on sidelines when they were gashing the Chiefs on the ground
Zeremy 92
Zeremy 92 24 dagen geleden
I mean it’s true. Lol you mad?
C. M.
C. M. 25 dagen geleden
Lamar at this point in time is somewhere in between Andy Dalton and Peyton Manning, where Mahomboy is just Brady
John Due
John Due 25 dagen geleden
When Brady sleeps he dreams he,s a 25 yo 500 million dollar MAHOMMES
Pat B
Pat B 25 dagen geleden
Patrick Mahomes proves once again he’s simply the best
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
Michael Mckee Fair point that’s the halfway of season and much larger sample size
Michael Mckee
Michael Mckee 24 dagen geleden
@Truth Bearer lets revisit the discussion in 5wks...3 games is just 3 games and mahomes is heating up fast
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
Michael Mckee This is the first year of Russ Wilson career with an above average cast and he’s well on pace for 50 TDs. If he’s as good as I think he is he’ll stay on that pace and show you
Michael Mckee
Michael Mckee 24 dagen geleden
@Truth Bearer mj was widely recognized as the best in his 2nd season by pretty much everyone that knew anything about basketball.its called recognizing greatness.russ threw the biggest choke interception in NFL history while mahomes was the MVP of the superbowl.russ has never even had a vote for MVP.refusing to acknowledge the greatness of mahomes is pure hating,like old people that said mj was just a ball hog and magic was one says that now.
Michael Mckee
Michael Mckee 24 dagen geleden
@Truth Bearer has he been anywhere near 50 or 5000 yds??since youre talking about pace you know mahomes is on a pace nobody has ever been on?
Jake Alexander
Jake Alexander 25 dagen geleden
Ravens fan here...still crying
Tommy Webster
Tommy Webster 25 dagen geleden
As a Falcons fan, welcome to the pit of despair. It's nice to have you
Eric G
Eric G 25 dagen geleden
As a Chargers fan, I'm just happy we almost beat the Chiefs with a rookie QB in his first game.
Darius A
Darius A 24 dagen geleden
Micah Hayes the chiefs spent all week scheming for Taylor to run, Herbert walked out on the field and tyrann, Chris Jones and them boys were like huh? Well there goes all preparation 🤣🤣
Michael mcskittles
Michael mcskittles 24 dagen geleden
@Jason Shipps I don't disagree I believe herbert should have went number 1overall out of all the qbs drafted this year he was the only one that really looked nfl ready as long as he don't choke like ryan leaf y'all will have a good team for the years to come remember tho week 17is at kc
Jason Shipps
Jason Shipps 24 dagen geleden
@Michael mcskittles Chargers are the only team besides the Chiefs in our division that I like. Herbert's gonna be a stud, and we're gonna have some BATTLES over the next few years, and I can't wait for it!
flinx1241 24 dagen geleden
Eric G my fellow Chiefs fans are being too harsh, IMO. Hebert surprised me with his heady play and helped make it a game. Chargers took KC to the limit. Lots to be excited about, as long as LA stays the hell away from that team doctor!
Micah Hayes
Micah Hayes 25 dagen geleden
@Eric G This is sad. Chargers fans setting "almost wins" and "excitement over a close division game" the standard of great football. Rookie or vet qb who cares. Been hearing this about Lamar since his rookie yr and he is now 0-3 vs Chiefs. Sorry to interrupt your jack off session of Herbert "excitement" highlights of 2 straight losses. # Chiefs Kingdom
Soul Extractor
Soul Extractor 25 dagen geleden
Robert Griffin IV goes missing in a big game once again
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
Greg Roman is the one who blows in big games. Lamar made 4 bad throws. While a Roman sucked for an entire game abandoning the run when it was working like he always does in big games dating back to Super Bowl for the 49ers on the goal line
Frank Anthony
Frank Anthony 25 dagen geleden
@Zucchini bread He sure did
Zucchini bread
Zucchini bread 25 dagen geleden
DarkKnightKNine damn man you missed the point
EvilEddy 25 dagen geleden
DarkKnightKNine 25 dagen geleden
Yes, my favorite Ravens quarterback RG4...
Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 25 dagen geleden
Not my comment but someone on another vid or poll said if you pay someone 500 million, they better win all the important games.
Brendan Lake
Brendan Lake 25 dagen geleden
Mahomes is the best QB in the league, this isnt even a debate anymore. Russell Wilson is incredible and he is on fire so far this season, but Mahomes is doing things that nobody else can do including Russell Wilson.
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
We'll probably get the answer in the super bowl anywho, could be wilson or rodgers against mahomes
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 24 dagen geleden
You’re a clown. Russell Wilson literally has better numbers despite having worst cast and worst coaching. The Chiefs had a top 5 offense with Alex Smith once. Without Russell the Seahawks would be winless
John Truxal
John Truxal 25 dagen geleden
Mahomes is next level but Russ has proven durability. I hope mahomes gets there but not enough evidence yet.
Zack Young
Zack Young 25 dagen geleden
Yeah Wilson's getting mvp but mahomes is like the lebron of the nfl. Dude can win mvp every year and hes always gonna be the best player.
Sotiri Drivas
Sotiri Drivas 25 dagen geleden
Harrison Butker’s missed extra point fucked over everyone
Tyrone Savage
Tyrone Savage 25 dagen geleden
I’m a ravens fan and I’m still pissed how the defense couldn’t get a sack
Tyrone Savage
Tyrone Savage 25 dagen geleden
Matthew Arnold ya we couldn’t get any pressure so we had to blitz which would lead wide open receivers. Bad game but should get our confidence back against washington
Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold 25 dagen geleden
Ravens fan here. This lose falls on harbough more that lamar. we were so unprepared.
Speaking Facts
Speaking Facts 25 dagen geleden
Seriously the ravens didn’t create any pressure even just a little would’ve helped the secondary and the secondary was getting burned by everyone, the ravens defense has to play better than that
billy tamez
billy tamez 25 dagen geleden
Lamar Jackson will never be on Patrick or Russell’s level ever
Hunter Morris
Hunter Morris 21 dag geleden
That made no sense my man. He's shown improvement every season he has ever played, including his years in college. Saying he isn't a good QB based on the fact he isn't as good at passing as a 9 year veteran and arguably the best passer of the football we've ever seen is naive and childish. Does he need to be better in high leverage games? Yes, but he has shown he can do it all and has the ability to hold a Lombardi one day no doubt.
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas 23 dagen geleden
@Joseph Palomo the ravens know what they have at quarterback. He's the reason they win so many games. The reason they choke in high pressure games is the coaching staff not him. They have trouble adjusting when their bread and butter gets shut down. I can recognize it because the chiefs had that problem for years and when they figured it out they won the superbowl. (Lifelong chiefs fan here) and russ won his superbowl (in his third year) being dragged along by a smothering def. He got better with experience and is 9 years in he's plays so well because he's seen everything. And fyi his athleticism is a big part of his success as a quarterback so you cant say russ's game is great but take athleticism away from Lamar to make your point. You have to take the whole quarterback. And the fact is that great quarterbacks gain a lot yards (check), score a lot of points(check), and win football games (he's 21-4 as a starter 3 of those losses were to the best team in football.) Hes also an mvp. Yet your advocating that the ravens give up on their mvp all pro quarterback because because hes not as good a pure passer (yet) as the LITERAL best in the game. Wow glad you aren't a head coach..
Joseph Palomo
Joseph Palomo 23 dagen geleden
How much more experience does he need in the NFL? He’s been here going on three years. It took Mahomes all of one season to take over the league. We’re gunna be watching Jackson after year seven saying, “he just needs more experience and he’ll step his game up.” No, my dude. Maybe it’s just time for ravens fans to admit that they don’t have a true Quarterback. The dude is an amazing athlete. He’s very average at playing quarterback. There is a difference. Lamar will literally NEVER be on Mahomes or Russ’ level.
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas 24 dagen geleden
Ah he will be. Russ is 9 years into his career and pat just an unworldly natural passer with a better support system. Not fair a comparison yet. Experience will do wonders for him that and the ravens getting a more balanced passing attack so he can get in rhythm.
Charles Broderick
Charles Broderick 25 dagen geleden
I thought it was a AFC championship game guess not !!! But I don’t see any other teams that can beat those two teams
16 25 dagen geleden
If you ignore the running part Lamar is mediocre qb at best
Jeff Hunt
Jeff Hunt 24 dagen geleden
@flinx1241 He's supposed to be a quarterback. The passing abilities should have been developed long before he got to the professional level. He should really only be working on reading defenses and such by now.
flinx1241 24 dagen geleden
I agree with Dudebug. Lamar is amazing, and it’s due to his running. If he can further develop his passing, he’ll be one of the top QBs in the league for years. And yes, taking away his best attribute would cripple him. So what? As long as he’s allowed to run that’s not an issue. Of course, it’s limiting, as we saw on Monday. But he can and likely will get better at the other stuff...
16 25 dagen geleden
Dudebug lmao the arm is what actually matters so I don’t get the comparison
Dudebug 25 dagen geleden
Same if you ignore Pat Mahomes arm. There's no point ignoring part of a player. Mahomes is better overall, but Lamar is not an average QB, since he has legs.
Betelgeuse 25 dagen geleden
The bengals still need that facility tho
Devonta Travis
Devonta Travis 25 dagen geleden
Yeah see Reid knows how to shut down Mobile QBs. He gave Mike Vick and Falcons legit problems. That D-Line was lethal and I hated facing the Eagles. Lamar can use this as experience though.
Truth Bearer
Truth Bearer 23 dagen geleden
Lake Ozark REI Not even a Ravens fan. Come back when Patrick Mahomes beats RW. rW owned him head to head despite Mahomes having better weapons and it being Mahomes MVP season
Lake Ozark REI
Lake Ozark REI 23 dagen geleden
@Truth Bearer Come back and post after your Ravens beat the Chiefs .. or win a playoff game with Lamar at QB.. lol
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
Ravens have played Chiefs 3 times, I don't really feel like theyve improved
Abboye Lawrence
Abboye Lawrence 23 dagen geleden
James Brown He actually was. You call yourself a football fan but you don’t even know Devonta Travis.
James Brown
James Brown 24 dagen geleden
Were you on the field?
Doin Sports DAHT CAHM
Doin Sports DAHT CAHM 25 dagen geleden
Uncompetewithable. 19-0
Orion Foresee
Orion Foresee 25 dagen geleden
There were two failed TD passes with Brown and Andrews that would've totally changed the story we're saying today.
Kirby Clark
Kirby Clark 25 dagen geleden
Chiefs left points on the table too, Hardman missed on one in the end zone plus Butler missed a FG and extra point. What if’s don’t equal wins!!
Traina Gaming
Traina Gaming 25 dagen geleden
chiefs defense is flat out underrated
J G 12 dagen geleden
Comment didn’t age well 😂
Skyplay S
Skyplay S 20 dagen geleden
Nick Joice They were bad the first half of the year, then they flipped a switch and became the best defense in the league over the last 6 games and the playoffs
YOgurto_o 22 dagen geleden
Trisket they were bad the first 10 games then spans being spans figured it out and they then looked like a whole new D
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 22 dagen geleden
@Ethan Johnson With CEH the Chiefs can run the clock
Southern Belle
Southern Belle 22 dagen geleden
@Spankin DaBagel bob sutton was terrible making the needed adjustments. Spagnuolo is so flexible and making the right adjustments and if that doesn't work he adjusts again
Connor Conway
Connor Conway 25 dagen geleden
Mahomes is better than Lamar. 3-0 against him. Now we need to see Russ vs Mahomes to determine the best.
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
Good chance mahomes will play wilson or rodgers in SB
Michael Mckee
Michael Mckee 23 dagen geleden
No we dont....russ has had 9 yrs and has shown he isnt on mahomes level.
Tony Perkis
Tony Perkis 24 dagen geleden
@buddymax46 haha just getting sick of it, man.
buddymax46 24 dagen geleden
Tony Perkis Got DAMN! Brutal, and correct take.
JerryBisMe 25 dagen geleden
I guess the rest of the team doesn’t matter?
Ryan Schroeder
Ryan Schroeder 25 dagen geleden
Love you Pat you’re an absolute stud
Troy Hung
Troy Hung 25 dagen geleden
Ravens overrated. They can't win from behind
MaXiMuS54 23 dagen geleden
And chiefs are exact opposite, they can overcome a good game plan and come back in a single quarter
Speaking Facts
Speaking Facts 25 dagen geleden
Mike Blick I don’t like the receivers much but I agree
Mike Blick
Mike Blick 25 dagen geleden
@crazyworld54321 The Chiefs had a weakness at corner. The Ravens should have been able to pass a lot better
crazyworld54321 25 dagen geleden
I don't believe that's necessarily true. They indeed have a history so far of not winning when trailing at halftime, but this was also the Kansas City Chiefs, a true juggernaut in all facets of the game with very few genuine weaknesses. The Ravens can come back against most other teams. Just not KC who can play from the front or behind without it mattering much.
-Z3us -
-Z3us - 25 dagen geleden
Yeah we know , its all how they work on it from now on , that will tell us where they really should be rated