Pat McAfee Reacts To The Falcons Firing Head Coach And GM 

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What do you think the Falcons next big move will be?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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12 okt. 2020




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Parker B
Parker B 4 dagen geleden
I'd be sick and tired too if I was putting up 30 points a game and still losing. Hate that he gets heat when it's always been either our O line couldnt keep him safe or the defence cant stop a single down.
Quan Cuffie
Quan Cuffie 8 dagen geleden
Imagine being 8th all time in comeback victories just to have uneducated "What have you done for me lately" say you've choked your whole career LMFAOOOOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣 I LITERALLY feel so bad for Matt Ryan being drafted and held hostage by not only one of the worst franchises in NFL history (literally) but also one of the worst/dumbest fanbases as well LOL
GR8TRTHINGS 8 dagen geleden
Don't you think the San Francisco 49ers would have an interest in Matt Ryan?
Isaac Hutchison
Isaac Hutchison 9 dagen geleden
As a Falcon's fan I hate to see Dan Quinn go, but I still think it should have happened sooner. We need a good, defensive mind in there to fix our secondary and actually utilize the potential talent we have in out front 7.
ms t
ms t 9 dagen geleden
Matt is a sound functional quarterback and should not be blamed for the defense's woes. But the exceptional QBs who attain to greatness are strong leaders with dominant qualities and unwavering confidence. They consistently perform well and have winning attitudes. They really impact their teams giving them identity and credibility. (Wilson, Mahomes, Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Jackson). Although capable, Matt is not in this "A list" category so he's often debated.
Jarrod Wright
Jarrod Wright 10 dagen geleden
If u not a Falcon fan and don’t watch every game then stop sticking up for him. Matt Ryan is not the worst quarterback but he’s not good enough for us to win any games so why keep him. U either win or u lose. We want a quarterback that can win sometimes with a sorry defense like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers
T.j Masters
T.j Masters 10 dagen geleden
matt ryan definitely better them jimmy
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 11 dagen geleden
But they haven’t been good offensively in 3 weeks either.
Glenn Pugh
Glenn Pugh 11 dagen geleden
Matt's got 3 years left on the contract. Let him play it out while you groom the new guy behind him. Like Green Bay did with Aaron Rodgers. As far as a guy who has only been in 1 place his entire career goes he has had 4 offensive coordinators. He's had winning and loosing seasons. He's been in a Superbowl. He has a lot of experience. He'd be an awesome mentor. I will never understand the media hate for Matt Ryan. It dosent make sense. What's happening In Atlanta right now is not his fault. I'd love to see Matt Ryan in Dallas.
Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons 11 dagen geleden
I put the blame mostly on Thomas Dimitroff over anything. His job was to get the talent. Our roster is too top heavy. We have no depth at all.
AAron 11 dagen geleden
Time to cut ship and get Lawrence or fields...Defense must be priority
jeffrey pearce
jeffrey pearce 11 dagen geleden
Trade Julio to bills for Micah Hyde and tredavious white and maybe I pick. I would do it straight up. Unload his contract plus two top 10 d backs
iTz Gav-O
iTz Gav-O 11 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan ain’t the problem y’all wtf are you guys talkin’ bout here?? The amount of disrespect is incredible. Shame on all of you who put the blame on his shoulders.
mohamed kallon
mohamed kallon 11 dagen geleden
Give Bill a two 1st round picks for Josh and Cam, then pick up some offensive linemen in the draft
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 11 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan is not a top QB. But he is definitely proven to be a respectable NFL caliber QB
ThePrince66 11 dagen geleden
people act like matt ryan also plays db and lb too... the defense is the biggest issue
Ben Lowes
Ben Lowes 11 dagen geleden
Imagine blaming the qb who is putting 30 points up all the time, he’s the only reason we won anything the last 3 years
Mark BPH
Mark BPH 11 dagen geleden
how good is the atlanta offensive line...? they are chicken fodder...! matt ryan is a top ten quarter back still.... hes got the recievers.... but the offensive line just bleeds too often... and poor matt ryan gets smashed.
Mark BPH
Mark BPH 11 dagen geleden
and fix the defense...!
Auntgrandpa 11 dagen geleden
Usually have the upmost respect for pat, but if you are gonna slander on a person, do your research. This whole segment was pathetic to say the least.
Nate Olmstead
Nate Olmstead 12 dagen geleden
bruh yall gotta stop disrespecting matt ryan
Tyson Madding
Tyson Madding 12 dagen geleden
Don't ever say peyton manning name again ...until he calls dumbass johnson and tells him he needs to fire adam gase.bc apparently he can only coach a player that doesn't need coaching
AJ KUTTY 12 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan can't score in the second half which allows for all these comebacks so yes he is somewhat responsible and yes his time in Atlanta is done. he is the easiest quarterback to make second half adjustments to for defensive coordinators
Tschād Erdström
Tschād Erdström 12 dagen geleden
Their coach should've been canned right after the SB loss to the Pats.
Weak Sauce
Weak Sauce 12 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan always sucked
Andrea Reynolds
Andrea Reynolds 12 dagen geleden
Wow, I’d call this a rare “miss” by Pat and the Boys. Some really, really rough takes in this video...
demon 33
demon 33 12 dagen geleden
Lol whack ass opinion. Why does everyone hate matt ryan? If douchebag rodgers was in the same position, you'd never point the finger at him.
Elite E75
Elite E75 12 dagen geleden
They’re getting ready for BOB
RunsWithFeathers 12 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan getting the Tony Romo treatment lol This mediocre team with bad coaching is bad. Must be the QB's fault
Ronnie J Dio
Ronnie J Dio 12 dagen geleden
New coach new GM.
Joel Dykman
Joel Dykman 12 dagen geleden
As a seahawks fan, I would be interested to see if Quinn would be willing to come back as our DC. Our defense was scary when he was at the helm, it would be great if we could get that magic back again.
Vava Vava
Vava Vava 12 dagen geleden
HC wasn’t the only issue. That GM was garbage and falcons have no cap. I hate to say it, but trade Julio now and get value. It’s going to be a rebuild.
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera 12 dagen geleden
Lame duck qb???? I’m biased here but Matt Ryan wasn’t the problem.
Linda Vance
Linda Vance 12 dagen geleden
0:26 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
FrickinCherryPickin 12 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan's a killer, if that dude somehow gets released teams will be on it. If he went somewhere like indianapolis or the bears that'd be insane.
Robert Hall
Robert Hall 12 dagen geleden
This is a bad take guys...
theuser1045 12 dagen geleden
I disagree with fitzmagic being a good player for a a young guy to sit behind. Fitz seems like at this point his philosophy would be “just let it roll kemosabe”. Almost like the old drunk guy who’s been everywhere and anywhere. He’s not going to give you great advice but he’ll tell some great stories.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 13 dagen geleden
Learn how to throw pick
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 13 dagen geleden
Cam down, Pat. Manning played for 2 teams lol
Dalton Hegwood
Dalton Hegwood 13 dagen geleden
Terrible take on Matt Ryan
Collin Ciepiela
Collin Ciepiela 13 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan and offense isnt the issue, the DEFENSE was trash.
bigdog5922 13 dagen geleden
The Matt Ryan and Julio Jones era has run its course in Atlanta. Thank you for all the good times true Falcons fans appreciate everything that duo has done for Atlanta
damian shaffer
damian shaffer 13 dagen geleden
People say well Matt Ryan throws picks in these clutch situations. Matt Ryan wouldn’t have to be in those if the D could not give up 30+
Luke Park
Luke Park 13 dagen geleden
I love pat but I can't take this matt ryan slander don't talk about a player when you clearly know nothing about him their o line is horrible their defense is horrible, julio is hurt, calvin ridley is still developing. He's not in the best position right now yet he still puts up top 10 stats besides a couple games a season. The man is elite and its time for some of you to accept that
Luke Park
Luke Park 13 dagen geleden
Matt ryan is an elite qb and still is people have to face the facts. Look at his td and passing yards with s horrible o line. He literally has to make every play and he still gets the blame
chris xavier
chris xavier 13 dagen geleden
If you’re not a falcons fan Matt Ryan looks better from the outside than in, trust me . He isn’t horrible but he has definitely starting to fall off and seems as if he can’t deliver in key situations or jus make good throws anymore. He’s not the only problem, but he is a problem of many we have ...
Exray99 X
Exray99 X 13 dagen geleden
Y'all need to be throat punched with all this Matty Ryan dissing
C Ama
C Ama 13 dagen geleden
This is not Matt Ryans issue are all. Everyone is so fast to blame the qb. Julio wouldn’t be Julio without Matt
Austy 11 dagen geleden
I agree with the first part, but Julio is Julio with anyone at QB
p❷kקroduCŦ!on丂 100%
p❷kקroduCŦ!on丂 100% 13 dagen geleden
Matt cost $70 Million towards cap next year to underthrown every receiver last 2 years...just let that sink in.!! He needs to go SF asap!@
StupidRalph 13 dagen geleden
Getting rid of Thomas D. was prolly the biggest deal. I just hope we can fill it with a capable GM and not just fill a seat. Lets give Eric Bienemy a shot as our HC.
skull gs
skull gs 13 dagen geleden
Matty melted Ice 🧊 hahahaha
Jake 13 dagen geleden
Yet Adam Gase is still the head coach of my team
Trevor Lodge
Trevor Lodge 13 dagen geleden
Pat saying nobody will take on 40 million of Matt Ryan's cap meanwhile his colts have 55 million of cap on QBs to have Rivers as their starter...
Deven Kingman
Deven Kingman 13 dagen geleden
Who in there right mind would want to get rid of matt ryan? He is probably the only saving grace for the team rn and is imo still a top 10 qb, i would say build around him and at some point bring in a new to qb to groom for a few years and only THEN once they r good and ready to should that replacement to take over for Matt Ryan when he is near the end of his career but he is too good to give up rn imo
DeadpanFish 13 dagen geleden
When did Dennis Reynolds start doing sports reporting?
Tboneair 13 dagen geleden
- saints fan that watches lot of falcon games, i always thought he was underwhelming and just a weak qb even though he put up higher number than cam i still had more trust and respect for cam as a saints fan
deuteriumjones 13 dagen geleden
As much as I’d be excited to see trey lance in atl, Matt Ryan isn’t the problem. Hopefully they can find a coach and GM that wants him to be the guy.
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 13 dagen geleden
"global warming has effected Matty ice" lmaooo
tyler 13 dagen geleden
We'll keep Matt Ryan here in Atlanta. But we'd let him go to a winning team like the Patriots. Ryan and Julio deserves better.
Gįmmę Da ŁøøT x2
Gįmmę Da ŁøøT x2 13 dagen geleden
Matt “freeze up in the clutch” Ryan just pad stats..big facts
Greg Squire
Greg Squire 13 dagen geleden
Dan Quinn should of been fired after the super bowl
Cade Naks
Cade Naks 13 dagen geleden
They didn’t rly disrespect him that much y’all needa chill they were just saying rebuilding gonna take a while so since Matty Ice don’t seem to have toooo many more good seasons left in him so it might be a good idea to let him go.
Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell 13 dagen geleden
I feel for Matt Ryan. He has been there for sooo long and been so consistent for them.
Atl Anvil506
Atl Anvil506 13 dagen geleden
You are pretty ignorant to lay this at the feet of Matt Ryan. If you are a falcons fan, you know it's the defense that is abysmal. Matt is a good QB and has been really consistent over the years.
Moose 13 dagen geleden
Bears should pick him up 🤫
Sammy 13 dagen geleden
This just shows you that not even people who watch the NFL/sports for their job even watch or care about Falcons. No one gives 2 shits about the Falcons and media members always have half baked opinions about why the Falcons are bad. Matt Ryan is not the problem and never has been.
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett 13 dagen geleden
Unfortunately, the league has passed Matt Ryan by. The days of having a non-athletic quarterback are over. Nobody will build around him and nobody with average quarterback play and an otherwise decent roster should believe he can get them to a superbowl.
JBoogie 209
JBoogie 209 13 dagen geleden
Pat does not like Matt lol 😂
King J Leo
King J Leo 13 dagen geleden
I’m sure the colts or someone in the AFC will trade for Matt Ryan
Black Matter Lives
Black Matter Lives 13 dagen geleden
I can honestly say I can relate. Hope your next game is as enjoyable as ours. -Texan Fan.
Templesdarkest 13 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan has never not been a top 10 QB. He’s better than Dak by a long shot.
julian ramirez
julian ramirez 13 dagen geleden
Wtf is this matt ryan slander bro
just a thought
just a thought 13 dagen geleden
Watch the cowboys are going to trade for Matt
Somedude626 13 dagen geleden
28-3 still haunts them
Alexander Ritter
Alexander Ritter 13 dagen geleden
Trade matt ryan for jimmy g, 9ers increase their chances of going to the superbowl again
BoviceSON! 13 dagen geleden
Atl has been the worst defense in the NFL pushing 3 season's. Matt Ryan & Julio Jones deserve more.
Packysmuscle 23
Packysmuscle 23 13 dagen geleden
The NY Giants should fire their GM!!
Antibioticz 13 dagen geleden
Falcons are back to trash. It’s cyclical.
S. Diaz
S. Diaz 13 dagen geleden
Seattle come get Dan Quinn back NOW!!
Bruce Thornton
Bruce Thornton 13 dagen geleden
Matt R is tried of Atlanta. Lol we are tried of Matt R.
Tyson Deemter
Tyson Deemter 13 dagen geleden
As a lions fan could a team like Dallas call for a Matt Ryan or a Matt Stafford assuming the Lions get smart and fire Quinn and Patricia
Nathan Fuller
Nathan Fuller 13 dagen geleden
Okay the Matty ice disrespect is mad here but on another note, someone needs to fire adam gase, he is a disgrace to the game of football
Donavan Weaver
Donavan Weaver 13 dagen geleden
Lol, the disrespect for Matt Ryan is ridiculous. Still a top 10 QB at 35 years old
Aidan Brock
Aidan Brock 13 dagen geleden
go over the raiders beating the chiefs
Mike McNally
Mike McNally 13 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan n matt Stafford are in the same boat... playing great ball but there D is losing games for them.
Mike McNally
Mike McNally 13 dagen geleden
Matt ryan is a dogg it's not his fault they cant play defense 😂😂😂😂
jason cowan
jason cowan 13 dagen geleden
For everyone talking about the defense, when you lose a lead it is not just because the defense sucks, it’s because the offense quits scoring as well
Future Society Of Gentlemen
Matt Ryan is only due 5.5 million dollars in guaranteed money next year. Best case scenario is to keep him through at least 2021 even if you draft another quarterback or risk $15 million in dead cap space
RockedThe/CrapOut 13 dagen geleden
Excellent defensive coaches like Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards, Marvin Lewis, Steve Spagnuolo, Rex Ryan and now Dan Quinn could never build good defences as head coaches it's so weird.
Neil Flack
Neil Flack 13 dagen geleden
wow. i absolutely love pat but the pure ignorance from this video is palpable. barely touch on the fact that the falcons will be spending more if they get rid of matt ryan. skipping over the fact that the games with blown leads ended due to the defense. oh also he’s been top 10 in all major qb statistical categories for all 5 losses this season. the ice is not gone, the culture is what’s gone. he matched or beat his mvp statistics in spite of lets just say subpar offensive coordinators for two years after 2016. matt ryan is the equivalent of an mvp in the mlb going 50-50 every year but his pitchers throw 75 mph fastballs and have a 10.2 era with millennial coaches that just say “go out and have fun”.
Clinton Bowers
Clinton Bowers 13 dagen geleden
Meanwhile Bill Belichick is listening and offering 2 2nd round picks and gets Matt Ryan and wins 8 Super Bowls.
The One & Only
The One & Only 11 dagen geleden
@Clinton Bowers oh I’m a big fan of Matt Ryan and he’d prob excel on the Pats, but knowing the Pats and their reluctance to pay players, I seriously doubt they’d take on Ryan’s contract
Clinton Bowers
Clinton Bowers 11 dagen geleden
@The One & Only I was merely assuming the position of the patriots picking up ridiculous talent that other stupid teams can’t find a spot for and using it to win big time. Not diving deep into the conversation about Matt Ryan just playing the “devils advocate” if you will.
The One & Only
The One & Only 13 dagen geleden
Pats will not pay that contract bro
Kenyon Bolling
Kenyon Bolling 13 dagen geleden
Lions better be next
Clinton Bowers
Clinton Bowers 13 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan is a Super Bowl quality quarterback with a Wild Card Quality organization.
Cam Taylor
Cam Taylor 13 dagen geleden
i think they should move on from matt ryan as well. he’s a quality quarterback, but his contract is massive and he’s getting old. his arm strength isn’t really there anymore. if they’re able to take Justin Fields, take him. let him sit one year behind Matt, and then start him.
Roy Ayers 276
Roy Ayers 276 13 dagen geleden
Cowboys fire Mike nolan and hire quinn as dc
Anaya Rules
Anaya Rules 13 dagen geleden
Matty ice been in shadows for awhile since that last loss in super bowl. He's a great QB under tons of pressure at this point in his career.
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander 13 dagen geleden
Dan is a good coach
Abdul Aden
Abdul Aden 13 dagen geleden
As a Saints fan I’m kinda sad was looking forward to more leads being blown out 😂
Cole Hughes
Cole Hughes 13 dagen geleden
It was the blown 28-3 point lead in the SB for me
Corona Ernesto
Corona Ernesto 13 dagen geleden
😔 i hope dak gets better
Michael Russo
Michael Russo 13 dagen geleden
Matt Ryan isn’t the problem man cmon