Pat McAfee Reacts To The Steelers Titans Game Being Suspended To Monday 

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It will be interesting to see how the teams handle this flex.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 sep. 2020




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Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 16 dagen geleden
The competitive fairness aspect is balogna. How are they going to allow the Pats-Chiefs game without Cam Newton, yet cancel this game, with the proper testing results.
David Olson
David Olson 17 dagen geleden
Steelers getting screwed on this one. Titans should have had too play healthy players. Now Steelers will play. 13 games in a row. NFL bad scenario you put Pittsburgh in but chiefs and Patriots still played! That’s fishy and BS. There we go helping Patriots and Ravens out by weakening Pittsburgh in the long run.
Richard_Zinger.noodle 18 dagen geleden
Covid19 in the C Gap
Heysus Christo
Heysus Christo 18 dagen geleden
So they are delaying 24 hrs because of covid? Is that supposed to make a difference? It just seems like a token gesture to appease government and the public.
Joseph Kross
Joseph Kross 18 dagen geleden
Looks like moved to week 7
Richard Giudice
Richard Giudice 18 dagen geleden
Vrabel was a beast on the field and seemed to soak up Bellicheks knowledge like a sponge🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
Jason Rybak
Jason Rybak 19 dagen geleden
"little desk" pat got this one
Tom Prichard Progressive commercial
That's a yapping ass dude.
SirLyonhart 19 dagen geleden
Now the game is delayed until later in the season. I just hope everybody is well.
Micah Lawrence
Micah Lawrence 19 dagen geleden
Of all the opponents the titans and steelers have faced so far, only the Jaguars have a single win. Two undefeated teams that have literally played no one yet.
Dan Seth
Dan Seth 19 dagen geleden
Titan up. I'm a New Orleans native and Saints fan but I'll always pull for Tennessee unless they play us. It's awesome to see an underdog like Tannehill get some respect as well.
N B 19 dagen geleden
Hate to say I told you so...I told you so. Cases are in the rise. The cold weather will exacerbate the situation, and more players will get sick. Tick tock...tick tock tick...
corey doyle
corey doyle 19 dagen geleden
I’m honestly not offended anymore about people saying the falcons choke anymore. I’ve learned to accept that the falcons might as well do hardcore porn after the 3rd quarter.🙄
Kyle Dickinson
Kyle Dickinson 19 dagen geleden
It was inevitable.
Kyle Dickinson
Kyle Dickinson 19 dagen geleden
It will happen again, mark my words.
WMDistraction 19 dagen geleden
“In lieu of” I’m impressed by how consistently and confidently Pat misuses words and phrases.
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney 19 dagen geleden
God Bless our President and the First Lady and for everyone who has this virus!
F'N'G FlowNGo
F'N'G FlowNGo 19 dagen geleden
This is my second day of watching your shows loving your comedic ways. Lechler and yourself should have a show y'all would have some histarical moments KeepTheShowGoinPat and sorry to be the one GoTexans
Dave Kunkle
Dave Kunkle 19 dagen geleden
Every single one of them will be fine
HEADLESSZOMB13 19 dagen geleden
Of course we start 3-0 and covid fucks us. No worries. Looking forward to the Bills game. TitanUp
Zach B
Zach B 19 dagen geleden
Why didn’t the nfl just schedule the season to be 19 weeks long with each team getting 3 byes that way you can make reschedules fair for all teams instead of the Steelers and titans losing a bye week? We knew this was inevitable, it could have been planned for better.
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 19 dagen geleden
How is it that all of a sudden these are the only two teams who failed covid tests and they both happen to be the teams who play eachother this weekend?. Sounds like this positive tests are a setup by the league for some odd reason. This doesn't add up.
T Beck
T Beck 19 dagen geleden
The fear here is for the older coaching staff. Good move to change to a Saturday night game!
Johncas416 19 dagen geleden
Doesn’t the nfl have hotels for a month after original SB date? So those are the buffer weeks Schefty was talking about
Kacee Cruson
Kacee Cruson 19 dagen geleden
Schefter high af...
EStuder32 Anthony Wayne
EStuder32 Anthony Wayne 19 dagen geleden
So if Ben gets hurt the week before the reschedule game r they going to reschedule it?
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
The Titans can always fit the Steelers in next season.
Mitch Qumstein
Mitch Qumstein 19 dagen geleden
What's gonna happen when cold and flu season arrives shortly? Can't wait until it [beer flu] magically disappears on 11/4.
J T 19 dagen geleden
Stop the hysteria! Herd immunity! Such ridiculousness for another strand of Influenza! Sickening! Literally
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 19 dagen geleden
Folks ive got bad news...were not finishing this season!!!
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 19 dagen geleden
Bangels front office created covid19 attempting to make every team practice outside!
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 19 dagen geleden
Eric Mourning
Eric Mourning 20 dagen geleden
Are we going to postpone games when players have a cold or the flu? When in history does a man made virus get dispersed on purpose, government has to shut down businesses on purpose, and job loss on purpose. Every american citizen knows the democratic party set america up for failure.
B-NUCI PRODUCTIONS 20 dagen geleden
Bye week now
Pishposh Magoo
Pishposh Magoo 20 dagen geleden
Just a public service announcement: Epstein did not commit suicide.
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy 20 dagen geleden
I hope the coronavirus kills the season so I don't have to watch the Giants anymore.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Wym you only a game or two from first
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos 20 dagen geleden
Pat a couple days ago: “why do coaches need to wear masks?” I mean. Sounded decent enough at the time. Not anymore 😂
Steve Gillotti
Steve Gillotti 20 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee is just a white Stephen A Smith with more people that love to hear him talk so much
CODY MARMON 20 dagen geleden
Fully expect the NFL postseason to have a bubble format in LA for the NFC and Florida in the AFC.
ripcity 1977
ripcity 1977 20 dagen geleden
Matthew Horabik
Matthew Horabik 20 dagen geleden
Screw team competitive fairness! We all need to take a step back and look at what’s truly fantasy team!
Jay1 Live
Jay1 Live 20 dagen geleden
Flu season is back like every year of our lives. I guess life stops because of all the fear mongering going on
Jay1 Live
Jay1 Live 18 dagen geleden
That was a lot worse
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
Check out Flu season from 1918. That’s what we’re currently repeating.
Edward Newman
Edward Newman 20 dagen geleden
Is it me, or is Schefter sounding more like Lou Holtz?
Daniel G
Daniel G 20 dagen geleden
Week 15 cancel Lions vs Titans... Bengals vs Steelers.... schedule Titans vs Steelers and Bengals vs Lions. Easy fix
Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 20 dagen geleden
Bengals vs Steelers is divisional. But I see your point.
DaRedEyeJedi808 Auwae-Ma'alea Ohana
DaRedEyeJedi808 Auwae-Ma'alea Ohana
@TNRailsandTales they should
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
Nope 😂😂😂😂
Danny Decker
Danny Decker 20 dagen geleden
Check it out Adams not a robot
Drew wilson
Drew wilson 20 dagen geleden
His Pittsburgh accent is thicker then usual today.
Jason Wright
Jason Wright 20 dagen geleden
Covid is overblown fake news
slibertas1996 20 dagen geleden
It’s the rona
sons of liberty
sons of liberty 20 dagen geleden
They should never start messing with bye weeks. Players are going to be positive, you can't try to redo the whole season. Just play. They'll be alright, it's not like they're 80 yrs old.
John Sirko
John Sirko 20 dagen geleden
The problem with moving by week is what if you had this outbreak after your bye week.... and now you've taken another teams by week season and moving crates a lot of timing issues the one great thing as without most fans in the stands you can play these games anytime of the week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday you have so much freedom
John Sirko
John Sirko 20 dagen geleden
Is in there also supposed to be a CDC quarantine for if you come into contact with someone who tested positive and that maybe just for schools like College High School grade school
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj 20 dagen geleden
Pat looks like a meathead
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj 20 dagen geleden
Wear some sleeves bruh
Steven Hornostaj
Steven Hornostaj 19 dagen geleden
@YouMake MeReal he looks delicious, bruh
YouMake MeReal
YouMake MeReal 20 dagen geleden
Who cares...BRUH
Justin Saleh
Justin Saleh 20 dagen geleden
Adam Schefter looks like a deep fake
saltine Cracker
saltine Cracker 20 dagen geleden
This is just the start we'll maybe get 6-7 games then boom season postpone, election elites watch the world die some more then start it up with how American they are whilst they kneel for our flag.
Beast 85
Beast 85 20 dagen geleden
Whelp this should just be deleted
Fausto CFS
Fausto CFS 20 dagen geleden
King Patrick is the best quarterback in the NFL right now nice try though
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales 20 dagen geleden
We’ll just get another game come Thanksgiving. 🤷🏻‍♂️
tomhernonjr 20 dagen geleden
So is anyone actually sick or did they just test postive?
Matt Glover
Matt Glover 20 dagen geleden
Vrabel said some players have flu like symptoms
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson 20 dagen geleden
Titans should have to play as if those players are just injured. Its their fault for being infected. Bs ruling.
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
If it was your team you’d be like “good decision from the NFL!”
Edward Stoner
Edward Stoner 20 dagen geleden
Man, you are The Breaking News GUY now! Wooo Hooo!
Arturo Balanzar-Perez
Arturo Balanzar-Perez 20 dagen geleden
whos here after they postponed the game
Pat Walen
Pat Walen 20 dagen geleden
McAfee last week: We can be in the breaking news game but we don't want to. McAfee today: WE HAVE BREAKING NEWSS!!!
Johnny Williamson
Johnny Williamson 20 dagen geleden
Andddd it’s over
Geldon Ahaha
Geldon Ahaha 20 dagen geleden
Its a pandemic Aj😂😂😂
Plx ThaGod
Plx ThaGod 20 dagen geleden
Adamn Schefter looks kinda like Paul Rudd lmaoo
Kyle 20 dagen geleden
Postponing the game sets a terrible precedent. Put the players on the covid19 list and play your backups. What is going to happen during the playoffs or the super bowl? Going to postpone?
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
Actually this video just said that the Super Bowl can be moved weeks even up to March or April.
Ben Cylka
Ben Cylka 20 dagen geleden
Tuesday night football... let’s gooo
atrot30001 20 dagen geleden
Did he FART a 1.19?
Noblity54 20 dagen geleden
Never thought I would tune in daily to a former NFL punter's radio show/podcast... Legend
Leonel Messi
Leonel Messi 20 dagen geleden
1:10 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Steel City
Steel City 20 dagen geleden
Steelers fan here quite happy if the game is played on Monday night the shorter week for week 5 won’t even be that troublesome I mean week 5 we play play the Eagles which will be an easy win for us.
Dovii Dan
Dovii Dan 20 dagen geleden
who watching this crap anyways? >>>>>garbage!
Eddie McFadden
Eddie McFadden 20 dagen geleden
So moving game 1 day solves nothing
Chase Richardson
Chase Richardson 20 dagen geleden
wait, did I just hear that dude say Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in Football?.. get yourself off the crack bro
CJ Rogers
CJ Rogers 20 dagen geleden
Schefter needs to learn to clean a lens. Come on, be professional.
Raemond Bozza
Raemond Bozza 20 dagen geleden
Paul Rudd sounds just like Adam Scheffner.
Sunny Rothmiller
Sunny Rothmiller 20 dagen geleden
Could you not play the game and it be called a Tie?
mmm mmm
mmm mmm 17 dagen geleden
@TNRailsandTales Not a bad idea at all.
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
mmm mmm What they honestly should have done is started the regular season around the time the preseason would have started. They could have used the extra 4 weeks to have more built in bye weeks.
mmm mmm
mmm mmm 18 dagen geleden
@TNRailsandTales ye but it was inevitable some were gon get it. they'll work it out.
TNRailsandTales 18 dagen geleden
mmm mmm it’s only a matter of time. Now it’s the Titans, Patriots, and the Cheifs.
mmm mmm
mmm mmm 18 dagen geleden
​@TNRailsandTales precisely. (especially the steelers since they aint the ones who got sick)
Fabrizio Moretti
Fabrizio Moretti 20 dagen geleden
9000 to go
42 Tribes
42 Tribes 20 dagen geleden
The NFL should have invaded pedophile island and played all the games there like the NBA did with Disneyworld.
The Roach Den
The Roach Den 20 dagen geleden
Post poning the game is stupid. Isolate those players and put them on the IR till they're cleared.
Nicholas Sharp
Nicholas Sharp 20 dagen geleden
Brinkley is a huge loss. That’s our long snapper I almost shed a tear when pat said the titans are a damn good football team. Finally the respect we deserve because you know the media won’t give us respect.
Bobby James
Bobby James 20 dagen geleden
I don’t respect them whatsoever they are heavily overrated they went 9-7 and barely got in them playoffs last year and they are being carried by they’re running back and they lost Logan Ryan yes they got jadeveon Clowney but he’s overrated
Seth Benson
Seth Benson 20 dagen geleden
I think Thursday night football should get abandoned, Have all games Sunday but 2 on Monday One at 4:15 One at 8:00. That way everyone can watch without it being super late. The NFL can have my idea for free
Timi Corcoran
Timi Corcoran 20 dagen geleden
Weird seeing schefter as a real person but it was really cool hearing his takes. Great interview
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz 20 dagen geleden
False positives, as the creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said the test wasn't designed to detect infectious diseases. And he died in Aug of 2019, so dead men tell no tales. And unless Kim Kardashian tells you pea-brained sheep, you'll go on believing anything that comes out of that propaganda box known as the television
Kush Boyardee
Kush Boyardee 20 dagen geleden
Either way we winning titan up mafuckas
Real Son
Real Son 20 dagen geleden
One day
Big Homie Thompson
Big Homie Thompson 20 dagen geleden
What yall 🔨 down on that steeler game
Rodolfo Escamilla
Rodolfo Escamilla 20 dagen geleden
I don't go to espn for football news anymore, Pats got a nice show w a lot of information that's unfiltered 👍🏼 much appreciated
Tony Hemetona
Tony Hemetona 20 dagen geleden
Just give every team a bye
A7xfan forever
A7xfan forever 20 dagen geleden
That's what I say
Josh N
Josh N 20 dagen geleden
Could schefty have a worse camera? Jesus
J Carl
J Carl 20 dagen geleden
Let’s hope for Monday night
JMJArkansas40 nature
JMJArkansas40 nature 20 dagen geleden
Hopefully its Monday night
Danny Mccune
Danny Mccune 20 dagen geleden
Still having the game Monday???
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 20 dagen geleden
Get rid of week 17 and use the normal playoff format
Ymstae Ssa
Ymstae Ssa 20 dagen geleden
Who else saw the drip from shef
Davina Watters
Davina Watters 20 dagen geleden
Weese Bowski
Weese Bowski 20 dagen geleden
No practice all week, I dont wanna hear any complaints Pittsburgh! 38 34 TITANS 4-0 AFC contenders
JMJArkansas40 nature
JMJArkansas40 nature 20 dagen geleden
Scores will not be that high for either team
A R 20 dagen geleden
i feel like pat needs to look into the camera when hes talking to these people not at the screen but idk
Bryan Kuhl
Bryan Kuhl 20 dagen geleden
They're worried about making it equally competitive because players have covid. Well they should do this every time players get hurt then!
zzz 20 dagen geleden
They should have just waited for sports to come back in 2021. The ratings haven't been doing too well either.