Pat McAfee Reacts To The Titans DOMINATING The Bills 

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The Titans looked AWESOME last night...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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14 okt. 2020




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Zachary Dill
Zachary Dill 2 dagen geleden
Sure Josh Allen had a bad game but just because it happened on a Tuesday doesn't negate that. The day doesn't matter
Jerry Lynch
Jerry Lynch 4 dagen geleden
Unless he breaks a big one, Henry is held to less than 80 yards against the Steelers this weekend.
Justin Angelbeck
Justin Angelbeck 4 dagen geleden
You just punted for the colts so stop your negativity towards the Titans. They are real. Obviously, AFC Championship dummy.
DillonDank 5 dagen geleden
No offense Pat but King Henry needs to be the official spokesperson for Roman Swipes. I mean with all the Vicious Stiffies he hands out, I feel it's only fitting.
DillonDank 6 dagen geleden
King Henry acting like he used Roman Swipes on that Stiffy!
Hydra X 10
Hydra X 10 6 dagen geleden
Stop hating on the bills..
Joe DeWild
Joe DeWild 7 dagen geleden
Put some respect on the titans man. They’ve earned it after the second half of last season and the start of this season.
TheWilder30 7 dagen geleden
I would almost Bet Malcom Butler has the 2nd most turnovers for us In the last three Years behind Byard
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 7 dagen geleden
Next time do a reaction on how the nfl has destroyed the bills time in and time out
Jesse LeBlanc
Jesse LeBlanc 7 dagen geleden
Looked like the Bill's defense was practicing social distancing can't be to carefull lol from what I saw of the game they should be safe
Jack OConnell
Jack OConnell 7 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan I'm embarrassed for their play , Tennessee looked like a Top NFL team playing some joes.
Akeem Sudds
Akeem Sudds 7 dagen geleden
Josh Norman just takles ways to high and gets stiff armed quiet often. Not to take anything away from the all mighty Henry
Pierre-Philippe R.-Gauthier
a team that had 16 days of illegal pratices to prepare against a team that had a 2 days notice to prepare and didn't knew if they were playing the Chiefs or the Titans... yeah sure.
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
Matthew D'Antonio
Matthew D'Antonio 8 dagen geleden
That covid strength. I guess what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.
King Henry
King Henry 8 dagen geleden
Sorry did someone say Derrick henry
dominic mikula
dominic mikula 8 dagen geleden
They had basically 2 weeks to prepare vs the bills had one. Once they moved the Steelers game they were focus on the bills
Dustin Woolley
Dustin Woolley 8 dagen geleden
Hey Pat. REALLY disappointed you haven't acknowledged my question yet. So I'll post again. As a vikings fan I'm impressed with Justin Jefferson, and I have been watching sideline body language. I have yet to see him and Adam high five, talk to each other or anything. And it seemed like Adam mocked his griddy dance last week. Do you think there is a low key beef between Justin and adam??? Please reply i wanna know other football fans thoughts on the sitch
Jacob Nickens
Jacob Nickens 8 dagen geleden
Malcolm Butler has had three interceptions almost every year since he had three by week seven last year when he broke his wrist and didn't play again until this season I know your eternal hatred for the Titans lives in your blood because of your colts past but if you're going to be a news outlet do research
Caleb Mayo
Caleb Mayo 8 dagen geleden
I'm a titans fan
Matt Marlowe
Matt Marlowe 8 dagen geleden
Why is Pat so high on Josh Allen?
derek morton
derek morton 8 dagen geleden
Kirk Peterman
Kirk Peterman 8 dagen geleden
I'm not surprised when the Bills have become a one dimensional offense, Their most legit threat as a runner is Josh Allen.
joe lepertine
joe lepertine 8 dagen geleden
Yes but to your point they’re the fresh team, the bills were beaten and bruised. But the bills also had NO IDEA WHO TF THEY WERE PLAYING! They had to try and gameplan for 2 teams that week while although Tennessee may not have had a physical practice they sure had their meetings for the game for their gameplan just on a zoom call. No excuse for how poorly they did play but it put the bills in a really bad position.
Conner Lanman
Conner Lanman 8 dagen geleden
I think that this was the worst possible game for the bills they got killed by by turnovers and penalties. If this is there worst possible game they are one of the best teams in the league.
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson 8 dagen geleden
Word has it that Josh norman was singing I believe I can fly in the locker room!
coreyandy5 8 dagen geleden
Same thing with the bills in 2008 2011 2017
Batman's Parents
Batman's Parents 8 dagen geleden
Everybody was rooting against the Titans? Didn’t realize that. Oh well, 4-0 Titan Up!
Joe Rulo
Joe Rulo 8 dagen geleden
And to think...the NFL almost made the Titans forfeit
jordan buckner
jordan buckner 8 dagen geleden
James Dunn
James Dunn 8 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is so over-hyped it is astonishing. He has one of the best rosters around him, and still is only a so-so QB.
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 8 dagen geleden
Not to be the excuse guy but Bills were missing 4 starters on defense, and the titans went directly at the replacements. And missing WR2 on offense. Titans still practiced, whether their facility was “closed” or not. They also had a 3 week break to rest up. Bills offense didn’t save their QB, too many drops. Running game is non-existent. Play calling didn’t do us any favors, we won for 4 weeks by driving down the field in the air. Not by running up the middle when down 18 points Every team needs a good asskicking to get their humble attitude back, just hate that it was on prime time.
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 7 dagen geleden
@King Henry right, just saying the bills didn’t do anything to help themselves. Titans are a good team, we can’t walk into games like that with backups and not execute. Idk why more people don’t mention titans in the top 5 convo
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
You know titans had like 11 players out too right?
bronxbombers 2211
bronxbombers 2211 8 dagen geleden
As a titans fan I have been saying for YEARS.. that all they need is a decent quarterback that doesn't lose the game. I tried to back mariota but he just flat out couldn't play. People said they don't have weapons around him, false they always did he just sucked ass and made stupid plays. Along with trying to design run plays for him which never, ever worked. Tannehill just does what he needs to do and it feels incredible to see them get some credit.
Alfredo Alcantar
Alfredo Alcantar 9 dagen geleden
Practice practice we talking about practice
HESISPAM 9 dagen geleden
Malcom butler hasn't had a pick since the super bowl? Huh.
HESISPAM 7 dagen geleden
@King Henry ik lmao I was just surprised he said that
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
Lol he had like 6 int before that.
Austin Ste,
Austin Ste, 9 dagen geleden
Pat looks fried in this clip 😂
DeathGrinder B
DeathGrinder B 9 dagen geleden
lets not forget the titans had 8 i repeat 8 starters OUT. u should be very afraid.
DeathGrinder B
DeathGrinder B 9 dagen geleden
@ZaneAsbjorn thank you. no one but colin cowherd has mentioned this. someone after this game had the titans at #7 he is going to feel stupid soon. and making excuses saying they didnt know who they were playing is just absurd. the titans prolly didnt know if they were even playing.
ZaneAsbjorn 9 dagen geleden
For real lmao, but so many bills fans in here whinning, making excuses saying the bills had injured players and crap
Owen Merrow
Owen Merrow 9 dagen geleden
Complete BS ! 2 weeks off while buff prepared for 2 teams because they didn't know of they had to play 2 games in 6 days !
its cp1
its cp1 9 dagen geleden
Buffaloes Defense didnt even know they had Josh Norman
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 9 dagen geleden
Josh Allen shouldn't get dinged too much for the loss. The Bills DEFENSE deserves the ding. They gave up 6 for 6 (100%) in the redzone. That's insane.
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
Well to be fair mike vrabel, the titans head coach, said they practice like 2 hours a day exclusively for the red zone.
38kal 9 dagen geleden
Tony Romo is HOF booth guy..
Eric Del Monte
Eric Del Monte 9 dagen geleden
Come on! The Bills were all banged up... Titans might not of had full practices, but definitely looked fresh.
dborules716 9 dagen geleden
Josh Norman was in because our best corner was out
dborules716 9 dagen geleden
Hellooooooooooo we had our best linebacker out, our best corner back out, our 2nd best wide receiver out and more but that means nothing lol
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
Titans had 2 receivers and our #1 corner out stop crying
dborules716 9 dagen geleden
A hello talk about how the bills were missing 7 of our best guys ??????? Oh no that would make sense and the titans have had a 2 week break
TiltingT Pinball
TiltingT Pinball 9 dagen geleden
so proud of the Titans and their turn around.. ive watched allot of bad football the past several years to get here.. and it makes it all worth it
Eric Easter
Eric Easter 9 dagen geleden
That is Malcom's 7th interception with the Titans, Pat. LOL
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 9 dagen geleden
And I think the Bills took this game too lightly. That and they haven’t quite figured out the “winning culture” required to take the next step. I thought that the Rams game had been a huge step for them, but maybe they need a bit more.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 9 dagen geleden
Do NOT say that about Josh Allen because Arod is about to travel to Tampa to play an angry and embarrassed Tom Brady in a HUGE showdown!
Dodger Greg
Dodger Greg 9 dagen geleden
titans shouldn't of even been allowed to play that game...
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 9 dagen geleden
2 weeks without working out after two solid months of working out isn't going to hurt anyone. The Tennessee Titans were ready to go because of the workouts prior to the 2 weeks off. Practice matters because Teams need to build chemistry. The Titans have chemistry, and that's why they continued to look great after 2 weeks off.
Jompson 9 dagen geleden
that epic moment when tannehil throws it a yard infront of the line of scrimmage with no illegal forward pass
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 9 dagen geleden
Pat give the bills punter Cody bojorquez some love, some monster punts and a nice hit, would love to hear your comments on this
Amesome Man 33
Amesome Man 33 9 dagen geleden
Malcolm Butler definitely had an interception or 2 last year. I remember him running it back, I think vs the texans
Joseph Corbitt
Joseph Corbitt 9 dagen geleden
The only reason the Titans were able to play that great with no practices is because they are practically that same team from last year that has great chemistry, has great coaching, and only needed to study film. A team that has only been together in its first year with many moving parts and a new coach can’t do what the Titans did.
Fenoix Flyte
Fenoix Flyte 9 dagen geleden
Here you see the difference between a banged up team and a team who had 2 weeks off.
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
@Fenoix Flyte 2 practices
Fenoix Flyte
Fenoix Flyte 7 dagen geleden
@King Henry Yea but its not week 1. They already played enough that it wouldn't really matter if they had 2 weeks off or not..
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
Only 2 practices
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis 9 dagen geleden
Pat is the only former player doing media that openly admits to how little he actually did on the field.
Roman T
Roman T 9 dagen geleden
Good to see Henry still taking the 6ft rule seriously
Assuntay Cleaver
Assuntay Cleaver 9 dagen geleden
Had a pick last week
Will Voyles
Will Voyles 9 dagen geleden
malcom butler has definitely had a pic. he had one against the jets about two years ago
Chase Nicholson
Chase Nicholson 9 dagen geleden
The Titans did what the Ravens should’ve done going into the playoffs
Friksjon36 9 dagen geleden
When did Norman get dreads?
Chris Schwartz
Chris Schwartz 9 dagen geleden
I think Falcons are about to test out whether or not COVID will make you better at football. 😂
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang 9 dagen geleden
He’s a workhorse
Anthony Sadler
Anthony Sadler 9 dagen geleden
Pat, your takes are some of the freshest, honest and spot on in all of sports. Love the show man, love what you’re doing brother! Keep it up
Jeffrey Bolander
Jeffrey Bolander 9 dagen geleden
Honestly we in TN know exactly who we are. We run the ball( hard), and we play defense. And have a play action qb. There's who the Titans are, and they've known that since week 5 of last year. Tannehill has the same record as Mahomes in the last 15 games and his stats are better. Check it
Marty Frazier
Marty Frazier 9 dagen geleden
Yea people forget we beat the pats, ravens, and were up big in the afc championship game. We were just shy of being superbowl contenders. The only reason we lost was bcuz we fail to take advantage of the chiefs softening up their pass defense as they went all out to stop king henry. I couldnt believe coach vrabel refused to change it up. But this year people will soon realize we are the team to beat!
Chris M
Chris M 9 dagen geleden
Definitely wasn’t a “bad” game by Allen. The worst of this season but if that’s his floor, sign me up! All around team loss. Penalties and turnovers killed them.
Carter Rogers
Carter Rogers 9 dagen geleden
I just can't believe the Titans are being talked about this positively. Its refreshing.
Hikergy 16
Hikergy 16 8 dagen geleden
I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Titans in the final four playoffs
MORNING BREW 9 dagen geleden
Bills just aren’t the team everyone thought they were maybe??
How To Canna Review
How To Canna Review 9 dagen geleden
Bills suck
Max McFerrin
Max McFerrin 9 dagen geleden
Pat shaves his armpits to fight faster
David Clayton
David Clayton 9 dagen geleden
Go tits, the Tannehill era is going to make the Titans perennial championship contenders
Original Super Chicken
Original Super Chicken 9 dagen geleden
You mean the team that caught the deadly, scary, horrible virus just fuckin throttled a team of professional, healthy athletes? Weird....the news said they should all be dead, not dropping 40+ on division leader.
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory 9 dagen geleden
That’s right they didn’t practiced .
I’m Bigmam
I’m Bigmam 9 dagen geleden
Honestly it wasn’t even that Bad of a Game for Allen. His two INT hit the receivers hands
Eric Leonard
Eric Leonard 9 dagen geleden
The second one was awful, didn't even see Butler. But he still played good considering all the penalties that had them in neutral.
Tom Atkinson
Tom Atkinson 9 dagen geleden
A 16 day break to prepare for one team that’s missing 6 of its key players offensive and defensively isn’t that impressive. The Bills played like crap but kind of getting tired of the Titans getting all this credit for “overcoming” all those advantages handed to them. And no practice? They all have private gyms and I guess we all forgot about zoom calls and cell phones like the team couldn’t communicate. Broncos, Jags, Vikings, and a crippled Bills team isn’t that impressive.
King Henry
King Henry 7 dagen geleden
Toonz 9 dagen geleden
Fly high 29, will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.🕊❤️
HeyZeus096 9 dagen geleden
Legend has it he's still soaring after being thrown by Henry
Tony Surratt
Tony Surratt 9 dagen geleden
I think the Titans know who they are, everybody else don’t want to except it
Marty Frazier
Marty Frazier 9 dagen geleden
One2 Skadoo
One2 Skadoo 9 dagen geleden
Last time we saw a guy get victimized like that was Chris Conte...haven’t seen him since.😂😂😂
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 9 dagen geleden
I wanna see what Henry would do to Vontaze Burfict
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 9 dagen geleden
Poor Josh Norman is going to get remembered more for this than his whole career
Adam Wolsey
Adam Wolsey 9 dagen geleden
A TEAM, that had 2 weeks to prepare for an opponent. Reminds me a lot of the Ravens getting beat down in the playoffs when teams have time to prepare for only them, people are funny.
just a thought
just a thought 9 dagen geleden
Fun fact Derrick Henry is the descendent of John Henry the dude can move mountains
Jay Asavunat
Jay Asavunat 9 dagen geleden
He's should be now known as Josh Norbit
JuicyJoey 10 dagen geleden
A top 100 running back run of all time for just a 3 yard gain. Well played Henry
GamerKahuma 10 dagen geleden
Redskins, WFT fan here. Norman was average. But he did his job. Knocked Henry short of the 1st down. Really as good as you expect a CORNER 1v1 to do to Henry. Respect for Norman to go in there. Hes always had the attitude.
CJ LEX 10 dagen geleden
That's as much proof as anyone needs that the Titans franchise cares about succeeding the right way this year. Negligence doesn't win like that.
John Beck
John Beck 10 dagen geleden
Down vote for AJ smoking. "Not a good look!"
David McCullough
David McCullough 10 dagen geleden
Josh Allen was the only Bill who looked good. Not sure why anyone would back off of him. The int was bad but he was great beyond that.
DillonDank 10 dagen geleden
*Steven Schapiro movie trailer voice* It was on this day, that OBJ threw the BIGGest celebration party in honor of King Henry, that it made that Miami yacht incident look like... a tiny pastry.
Mike Greensmith
Mike Greensmith 10 dagen geleden
They might not have been able to be at the facility as a team but every player has a laptop or tablet to study film on and they definitely had zoom team meetings
David Andrews
David Andrews 10 dagen geleden
8:31 what is this dude’s sunglasses????
Carlos S
Carlos S 10 dagen geleden
CBS should get the Tuesday Night slot if the NFL makes it a regular
Jake Marez
Jake Marez 10 dagen geleden
sta1ics 10 dagen geleden
Titans are the most balanced team in the league with offense and defense. Best team in the league rn no doubt
KG3 24
KG3 24 10 dagen geleden
Yo Pat let’s put some RESPECK ON THE SHERIFF name and invite him on the show it would be AMAZING.. let me get a clap boys 👏 SEND IT
xXOOMYXx25 10 dagen geleden
Allen can't throw accurately beyond 5 yards, otherwise it's into double coverage and picked off.
Dan Iglesias
Dan Iglesias 10 dagen geleden
Josh Norman was sent back to Washington football team
Speedy J
Speedy J 10 dagen geleden
Malcolm butler has had 13 INT sinces that Super Bowl and I believe two pro bowls Aswell, come on pat
Adrian McDonagh
Adrian McDonagh 10 dagen geleden
And still couldn’t win go pats
Robin Of Ohara
Robin Of Ohara 10 dagen geleden
That Jonnu touchdown won me two fantasy matchups 😂😂