Pat McAfee Reacts To The Titans New Positive Tests 

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If new tests keep popping up what do you think the NFL's answer will be?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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8 okt. 2020




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Bear Down
Bear Down 13 dagen geleden
Hmmmm, its absolutely their fault. The titans dont abide to the protocol.
Joe W
Joe W 14 dagen geleden
Why is NO ONE treating a forfeit as a legitimate option? I understand: ticket sales, fantasy dead zones, money in general. But the rule exists for a reason. And considering that reason was not originally to prevent death, BUT IS NOW, maybe we go with that. WTF. SMH.
Jason Murray
Jason Murray 14 dagen geleden
move a game 1 or 2 days away. after that then the game is forfeit. its simple. The team will get things together quick. maybe you turn every private box/room at the home stadium into studio apartments and separatethe team under supervision until you get a clear 2 weeks.
Lost1 14 dagen geleden
I cant believe people are stupid enough to believe covid is real😷🔫
I PUNCH POLITICIANS 14 dagen geleden
Looking forward to July 4th. It will be a great Super Bowl
Connie B
Connie B 14 dagen geleden
Forfeit game?
B EZ 15 dagen geleden
Here’s to living positive and testing negative
BList 15 dagen geleden
I would really like to know what the NFL is going to do to the players who organized the practice
JJ Ruddell
JJ Ruddell 15 dagen geleden
Pat you are a true Plum Pittsburgh treasure your show is GREAT!
Tammie A
Tammie A 15 dagen geleden
I guess as a nurse I should call the commish and recommend he test players staff to see if anyone has the antibodies and give it to the players.
Tammie A
Tammie A 15 dagen geleden
Why doesn't anyone find out who has the antibodies and give it to them?? DER!! TO OBVIOUS I GUESS
datsweetsansabooty 15 dagen geleden
Have any of them died or been hospitalized? Had any symptoms other than “you tested positive”
kingofedsSRL 14 dagen geleden
Vrabel said that there were quite a few experiencing flu-like symptoms, but didn't elaborate further probably for privacy reasons and to make it seem like less of an issue.
ddt 15 dagen geleden
how is this going to effect the games that matter?
John Johnson
John Johnson 15 dagen geleden
2020: year of Wednesday night football
Jonathan Pitruzzello
Jonathan Pitruzzello 15 dagen geleden
The season is getting cancelled fight me if you think otherwise
FELiPES101 15 dagen geleden
i smell the 1st team to forfeit
TheSameThing 123
TheSameThing 123 15 dagen geleden
Titans should have to give up both the steelers and the bills games and take their L's. Then they should have to pick after both of them in the draft. What's fair is fair. It's not fair to the rest of the league that the titans have been gigantic shitbags
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 15 dagen geleden
Gonna need to start a bubble in each teams city . Or the same thing will keep happening . Start disciplining teams like you say. Don’t allow fans . The other major leagues didn’t .dont see what the nfl thought was gonna happen with players being able to freely go out and do whatever they want with a virus going on . If nothing at all shouldn’t of started the season if there is no really good plan
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker 15 dagen geleden
There’s no tickets to sell this year. Makes it much easier to move games.
Jason Derby
Jason Derby 15 dagen geleden
Teams should forfeit a win if they have a certain amount of players that get infected.
Russell Wise
Russell Wise 15 dagen geleden
Nick Swatson
Nick Swatson 15 dagen geleden
Pat, we need another interview with covid like you did in March. This thing has some explaining to do
IsoMoto 15 dagen geleden
Every cold is now covid. Cool story bro
Matt Lawler
Matt Lawler 15 dagen geleden
The playoffs are probably what those extra weeks of hotel are for
Jaipreet Singh
Jaipreet Singh 15 dagen geleden
If they add more weeks I wounder how fantasy football will work the rest of the year then
T Beck
T Beck 15 dagen geleden
They are all going to die, I will miss the Titans! Or should I say I will remember the Titans. I will be tapping my fingers waiting for this ridiculous over reaction to be over. The only people at risk are the coaching staff and Tom Brady due to his advanced age 😉
Konec Hry
Konec Hry 16 dagen geleden
Do all you can to find new spots for games and add 1-2 weeks at the end of the season and if a team has too many cases to even play all their games with those measures give them autolosses for games they can't play. In the end, if a team can't contain their players/isolate them enough while other teams manage to, its on them.
yesntry 16 dagen geleden
Can someone explain why the nfl dosent have Friday night and Saturday night games like every other sport and every other countries major sports league
Lorenzo Mcintosh
Lorenzo Mcintosh 16 dagen geleden
Pat " indigestion" Mcafee
LoneWolf 16 dagen geleden
I know this is unpopular but I think you kick the titans out this year and give everyone they face on their schedule a win then give them the last pick in the draft. It sounds harsh but when your hearing reports that the NFL has film of them not even being close to following the rules you need to set a clear line to other teams.
Doug Petty
Doug Petty 16 dagen geleden
Send them to Disney, the NBA is done
Me 16 dagen geleden
The problem is the incubation period. You can be exposed on like Tuesday and test negative for 4 or 5 days (or more) then test positive. I really don't see how they can continue working around it but god I hope they find a way.
DocDoge 16 dagen geleden
Let’s say a team has a huge outbreak like the Titans and doesn’t have the personnel to compete. Instead of punishing both teams it’d be interesting if the league decided to DQ them from the game and gave the win to the opponent instead of moving bye week’s around and extending the season indefinitely.
AngryLittleSpider _
AngryLittleSpider _ 16 dagen geleden
Dayum! Maybe it's time we all have to just suck it up if we want our NFL at all! Maybe shortening the season by a few games is the answer. Okay hear me out first: if the NFL were to shorten the season to say 12 games, there would hopefully be enough Open dates for all the postponements. I know deciding which games to cut would be a huge pain in the ass. The worst might be yet to come: there is no way we've seen the last of the sweet-and-sour sniffles in the NFL this season. At least this way we get a full season's worth of football games to b**** about. Just spread a little bit thinner that's all. What do y'all think? Go ahead call me an idiot, I'm a big boy I can take it. I just want there to BE an NFL season. This is just an idea I thought I'd float out there...
Sheldon C Edward Thibault
Sheldon C Edward Thibault 16 dagen geleden
Its already starting to look like a mess!
Jay 16 dagen geleden
Shut down the Titans for the rest of the season
M ø r e T e å * 5 o 4 *
M ø r e T e å * 5 o 4 * 16 dagen geleden
Id fuggin love Saturday nfl games.
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 16 dagen geleden
Thanks China
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 16 dagen geleden
Every day is Spring Break Weekend in Tennessee
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 16 dagen geleden
Ol dirty state lol
frick off
frick off 16 dagen geleden
Titans should be forced to hire Bill O'Brien as punishment
Dale 16 dagen geleden
Hot Take apparently: If you can't play football without dying to a virus that my fat ass who is a smoker got the virus and I'm completely fine, you shouldn't be playing football.
Chasm Rift
Chasm Rift 16 dagen geleden
Honestly if this keeps going they might have to cancel the season. Besides the possibility that covid could potentially ruin the playoffs, everytime we hear there is a confirmed case of covid, the players, staff and their families risk their heath which could be a PR nightmare for the NFL if (God forbid) someone ended up hospitalized or dead from these positive tests
Cam 16 dagen geleden
Lots of positive test and everyone is fine... 🤦‍♂️
Joseph G
Joseph G 16 dagen geleden
My take? Triple Test EVERY player going out on the field. Skip warm ups, just test for COVID.
Jubernack 16 dagen geleden
Put them in a bubble!
A Rod
A Rod 16 dagen geleden
Even with rules there are so many players in an NFL org that it is going to be impossible to not have an outbreak. The media for some reason hasn't stressed the high infection rate and why it is the single most important reason covid is spreading. They need to do a national TV special and show the comparison of infection rates between different viruses. The R0 for COVID-19 is a median of 5.7, according to a study published online in Emerging Infectious Diseases. That’s about double an earlier R0 estimate of 2.2 to 2.7 The 5.7 means that one person with COVID-19 can potentially transmit the coronavirus to 5 to 6 people, rather than the 2 to 3 researchers originally thought
Bradley Adames
Bradley Adames 15 dagen geleden
A Rod not only that but the staff members and trainers also get in contact with players which makes it even harder to not spread the virus
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 16 dagen geleden
NFL shouldn't let even 10% of fans inside
Ezra Hiller
Ezra Hiller 16 dagen geleden
Now I'm scared
sYmboloGy 16 dagen geleden
NFL season will be KO'd soon. Also, expect a hard lockdown too. All because of a BS scamdemic.
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 16 dagen geleden
We want to watch football and I'm assuming the players want to get paid. What do they propose since they're against a bubble.
SubzeroX0143 16 dagen geleden
Everyone on here is funny it's still not a guarantee that the test is 100% accurate
Rob 16 dagen geleden
NFL needs to bring the hammer down on the Titans and forfeit the game. Titan players deliberately broke protocol in having group workouts, even though the NFL told them NOT too. Because of this, the NFL needs to make an example out of them. By breaking protocol, they are really putting other teams at a competitive disadvantage. If the game is moved to week 18, it really kind of screws the Bills over.
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena 16 dagen geleden
Like I said. Titans are at risk of having their season cancelled.
Richard Greenwood
Richard Greenwood 16 dagen geleden
U.S. military are deployed for 6+ months with no family contact. What's the problem with a 3 month bubble for nfl players? Opt out if you don't like it.
Q Crew
Q Crew 16 dagen geleden
Titans need to be disqualified this week... 3-1
Zanta 22
Zanta 22 16 dagen geleden
Isaac Singleton
Isaac Singleton 16 dagen geleden
I just don't know how they add weeks to the season. Unless we are 100 percent sure every team will be affected. What happens if the 1 seeds have no games missed, they will have 2 weeks minimum off, possibly more. Its gonna be tougn
Because Y Not
Because Y Not 16 dagen geleden
I think if they wanted to choose one single location to make an NFL bubble, Dallas would be the best location. Using the Cowboys stadium would be easy considering how many practice facilities and fields they have.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 16 dagen geleden
They have their own city 😂
Brian Mathews
Brian Mathews 16 dagen geleden
Tennesee more like Nineteenessee am I right?
Bierstadt54 16 dagen geleden
Smart people would add a week to the end of the season. The NFL is not smart people.
Evester 16 dagen geleden
Pat's channeling his inner rock in this opening.
Garrett Slingerland
Garrett Slingerland 16 dagen geleden
How much longer til we get "that's 2020 baby" on a t-shirt?
Soda 16 dagen geleden
It is a highly infectious virus, the thought that there would be no covid at all is ludicrous. Goddell should of had a back up plan ready but clearly is just relying on pushing games back and using his dictator like powers to suspend anyone who didn’t follow his insanely strict guidelines
Lost1 14 dagen geleden
You are brainwashed😷🔫
Me 16 dagen geleden
Not only is it highly infectious but it has a long incubation as well. It can be 4-7 days after exposure before you actually test positive. I hate to say it because I really want the season to continue (especially as a bills fan haha) but it's going to be impossible at some point to keep scheduling games.
Cakepwn619 16 dagen geleden
Saturday Night football will be lit
EMAW1205 16 dagen geleden
Pat bringing up playing in a bubble. His old teammates: Not happenin Bub.
Jamesy NFG
Jamesy NFG 15 dagen geleden
Lucifer Russell bubbles just aren’t possible. Housing, professional-standards fields, players, staff, broadcasting/production/camera crew.... no place on earth has that space or fieldwork. And if you’re still gonna scatter everyone around USA then you defeat the point of a bubble (which is to NOT travel). The NFL is just too big of an operation to have in a bubble.
Lucifer Russell
Lucifer Russell 16 dagen geleden
Why not do team-specific bubbles in hotels near their facilities for each team, controlled travel to and from games. Have families/SOs there if they pass testing
Chad H
Chad H 16 dagen geleden
Ok I would say that all teams should practice in their indoor practice facilities in these times of crisis but someone doesn’t have one 😒 *Looking at u Bengals
Duker 16 dagen geleden
I say we just postpone the season 2 weeks and intentionally infect every player with covid.
Samuel Guertin
Samuel Guertin 16 dagen geleden
You want to talk about a sport with juice that’s worth talking about? How ‘bout Hockey, huh? The ol’ NHL. Yeah, think about it
Tony Gaertner
Tony Gaertner 16 dagen geleden
Imagine cancelling a season due to a virus with a 99.96% survival rate
chenzo mutumbo
chenzo mutumbo 15 dagen geleden
@Jesse LeBlanc so to get this straight, you think you're above the simpletons because you are conflating taking basic precautions like wearing masks to slow the spread would be "worrying" about it to much.....somehow, this makes you feel smug, and like a rational person amongst panicking sheep, but you just kinda look dumbass who essentially said "heh nerd" at really basic math and pretended as if someone wears a mask that "they should hide in their cellers" (wtf did you think you were responding to? How tf did you think that was a good response?) Hey, "tomorrows not guranteed" so let's ignore basic health precautions... no more washing our hands, (i don't wanna look to worried about getting sick) no more brushing my teeth (cmon, im not scared of cavities) no more cooking my meat thoroughly (salmonella actually has a lower death rate than covid, and what's a little ecoli to a big tough man) .... I know you're a snarky little fella, so I hope you're smart enough to feel stupid Oh and whats 2.6% of just 35 million?(just 10% of our population)...🤓MATH 🤓
Jesse LeBlanc
Jesse LeBlanc 15 dagen geleden
Not worried bout the math not worried bout a virus we were not promised tomorrow but good job with that whole math thing
chenzo mutumbo
chenzo mutumbo 15 dagen geleden
@Jesse LeBlanc was that supposed to refute math? Or are you pretending that understanding how very basic math works means that im "locking myself in a celler" You're really dumb
Jesse LeBlanc
Jesse LeBlanc 16 dagen geleden
Put ur mask on and get back in the cellar we dont want you to get sick
chenzo mutumbo
chenzo mutumbo 16 dagen geleden
200,000 deaths ÷ 7.5 million cases= 2.6% mortality rate 0.04% vs 2.6% You were off by over 6000%
Rodger Lodge
Rodger Lodge 16 dagen geleden
They need to just add a few weeks at the end of the season and give every team 2 or 3 bye weeks. More games on tv more money.
Saultie 16 dagen geleden
This might be the year my browns make it to the super bowl. Just gotta take everybody else out with COVID lmao.
NatarisX 16 dagen geleden
Browns would still find a reason to lose 😂
Mark W
Mark W 16 dagen geleden
The Titans players and staff proved that this decision can’t be left to the adults in the league.
IambecomeZ 16 dagen geleden
Bubble bubble bubble!!
perfect fitz
perfect fitz 16 dagen geleden
It's a global pandemic and we still have football. Stop crying people, almost every team is going to have cases by the end of the season.
bull moose
bull moose 16 dagen geleden
What the heck is going on?
Sosa Brito
Sosa Brito 16 dagen geleden
Troy Stenerson
Troy Stenerson 16 dagen geleden
Put them in a bubble to GET corona. Then you at least 3 months if not longer.
Chris Brazil
Chris Brazil 16 dagen geleden
CipherBytes 16 dagen geleden
QUESTION: Considering how chaotic this year is, do you think this Superbowl winner might not be considered as much of a true champion?
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs 16 dagen geleden
Are they banging each other? How else can you explain 23 or whatever cases they have as of today? Now the Bills talking about that Tenn should forfeit - what about f'in Steelers? So they just get screwed and NOW they are gonna do something? I HATE YOU TITANS. I hope the Steelers destroy them in week 7.
jjohnson218 16 dagen geleden
RIP Derrick Henry fantasy owners
Shooter 16 dagen geleden
lil smooch I’m praying
lil smooch
lil smooch 16 dagen geleden
We’ll be fine
Toufue Lo
Toufue Lo 16 dagen geleden
If this continues, it'll be a bubble and continue getting game checks. Or missed games and no paychecks. It'll be up to the players.
Ed Young
Ed Young 16 dagen geleden
I swear if the titans forfeit games starting NOW instead of last week
Metal Fan Dave
Metal Fan Dave 16 dagen geleden
Parker Reidy
Parker Reidy 16 dagen geleden
I’m ok with them delaying games for like a month or so, but I’m a broncos fan and I just want my players back😅
Musa Hakim
Musa Hakim 16 dagen geleden
I can't hear anymore
I'm The best nigga in the world
Football everyday..😁.. ....I love life..
TCS Prynce
TCS Prynce 16 dagen geleden
If you have a covid problem on your team then you should be forced to forfeit. If the coach is mad about it punish the man child on your team that couldn’t follow a simple rule
marek Wasilewski
marek Wasilewski 16 dagen geleden
Superbowl on July 4th 2021?
Randy 16 dagen geleden
Roger Goodell is gonna fine COVID
Bannequins 16 dagen geleden
Yes but still won’t suspend it
fuga21 16 dagen geleden
4 game suspension inbound
Rohan Lala
Rohan Lala 16 dagen geleden
"Conduct detrimental to the organization"
chenzo mutumbo
chenzo mutumbo 16 dagen geleden
COVID gets fine overturned in court, Roger gets embarrassed for over stepping his authority again.
Randy Ruprecht
Randy Ruprecht 16 dagen geleden
I’m a big Titan’s fan but this is causing me to reconsider. I’m thinking they snubbed Covid and the NFL and this is just not right.
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 16 dagen geleden
Ok just start the 24 team playoffs 😲
gt Gg
gt Gg 16 dagen geleden
U crazy?
Justin Keller
Justin Keller 16 dagen geleden
How do I lookup the full version of that song?
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 16 dagen geleden
Titans out Jets in go Jets
Jack M
Jack M 16 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan, I am super concerned about the upcoming game with the Titans. I think the NFL should make the Titans forfeit the game, because it appears that the Titans kind of did this to themselves, but if the NFL doesn’t take any action, I would rather just have the Bills refuse to play and take the loss for this week. The long term health and safety of our players is more important than winning a game, and a 4-1 record is still good regardless. If the NFL can’t get the COVID-19 situation under control in the next week or two, and a bubble league is off the table, I would rather them just stop all games and postpone the season until later. As much as I enjoy watching football (especially now that the Bills are playing well), there are more important things in the world, and I would rather the players stay healthy. Risking a player getting COVID-19 and dying just isn’t worth it. Hopefully the NFL will get stuff figured out soon so the football season can continue though.
Jack M
Jack M 16 dagen geleden
Rafi Broer True, I recognize that everything is about money, not player safety at the end of the day. All I was saying is that I don’t want that game to be played.
Rafi Broer
Rafi Broer 16 dagen geleden
If the Titans forfeit, nobody on the Bills gets paid for this game (never mind that I don't want a W this way). We should just add on extra weeks after Week 17 as make-up games.
Rodger Mendoza
Rodger Mendoza 16 dagen geleden
As a titans fan i just have to say, i am really enjoying all you steelers and bills fans crying on the internet.
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 16 dagen geleden
I’m gonna enjoy the titans losing the afc south to the colts
Jeremy Feeley
Jeremy Feeley 16 dagen geleden
Thanks Tennessee for ruining the entire NFL season.
aric 16 dagen geleden
I could see a bubble working with one bubble per division just make the rest of the season division games
Nathan Robar
Nathan Robar 16 dagen geleden
Throw in a mid-season bye week for everyone and hunker down. Also, fill those Saturdays as soon as college is done... in fact, throw in a few Friday nighters
Dalton james
Dalton james 16 dagen geleden
More than one bubble geez