Pat McAfee Reacts To Tim Tebow Working Out As Tight End For The Jaguars 

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Do you think we will see Tim Tebow on an NFL field ever again?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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29 apr. 2021




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eric w
eric w 3 uur geleden
Going to be alot of amazing plays
eric w
eric w 3 uur geleden
Going to be alot of amazing plays
S h a r p
S h a r p 6 uur geleden
Jesus as a tight end lmao
TakeDeadAim 9 uur geleden
He'll be hired as a mentor to their new QB. Even IF he lands a back TE gig....he'll spend time in the QB room as well. I'm surprised he doesn't just go for a non playing coaching/assistant position and spare all the drama.
J Am
J Am 18 uur geleden
He had that chance with a fee teams before he realized he was a trash qb
George Dowden III
George Dowden III Dag geleden
Tebow would be a great addition if he could pull off a Terrell Pryor. This could also be a low-key mentor for Trevor. Besides who do jags have as weapons besides rbs?
Ryan T
Ryan T Dag geleden
I always thought Tebow should be either a full back or a tight end.. but if he can play inside WR.. why not give it a shot. that's what preseason is about anyway.. see if he cuts it. If so, great story and it helps the offense, the locker room etc. If he doesn't Tim can at least say he tried and had fun playing some football for a bit again.. No big deal this early on. Nothing to really lose. cause we all know once he gets the ball, he will get extra yards w/ most carries.
Jessy Fretz
Jessy Fretz Dag geleden
The Pat McAfee show is your Uncle'a dive bar that became a sports show.
Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross Dag geleden
He should have been playing that position 10 years ago.
john lester
john lester Dag geleden
less goooo!!! Praise jesus
Pats4Life125187 Dag geleden
This would've been great for him if he swallowed his pride 7 years ago. Would've been a phenomenal HBack. But at this point it's too late.
sigma life
sigma life Dag geleden
could be the'll see coverage of him 24 hrs,,around the world,in every's the real dilemna global phenom,more followers.which side he's really on, when time comes?🤣 witnessed the birth of the jags here in jax.,i cried when they didnt got tebow.imagine henderson and stroutnin the middle, tim,Taylor and (fullback,the deadly duo at that time,before mojo😁), McCardell, smith recievers,should i mention kicker too😆
Billy Aultman
Billy Aultman 2 dagen geleden
I hear Green Bay will need a quarterback pretty soon. And probably needs a TE too. But the number 15 would probably piss off everyone but Bart Starr. Jesus is now the head coach where he is and probably would have a talk with BS about the Christian works of Mr Tebow. In fact, I truly believe the Lord would probably miracle Timmy touchdown the ability to throw and recieve the same pass. Defensive Coordinators beware. Can't gameplan God......
Greg Edwards
Greg Edwards 2 dagen geleden
Pat just hyping this up is the best 😂
John Walker
John Walker 2 dagen geleden
I personally think that his presence in the locker room would be huge!!!
TEDAV 2 dagen geleden
Should’ve sucked it up and switched to TE 10 years ago but better late than never
Dr. Phill
Dr. Phill 2 dagen geleden
Won’t make the team. Maybe the strength coach or mascot.
Travis Battles
Travis Battles 2 dagen geleden
This is just to sell jerseys and make money. Couldn’t make it in the NFL, couldn’t make it in the MLB, couldn’t make it in the NHL, couldn’t make it in the PGA, couldn’t make it in the MLS, couldn’t make it in the NBA, Couldn’t make it in the WNBA……………….wait………….what……..
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
David Stone
David Stone 2 dagen geleden
I wish AJ didn’t smoke so much.
MrJtin69 3 dagen geleden
Should've been a tight end all his career
Mike Straley
Mike Straley 3 dagen geleden
This is how you know there was no God, because he would say tiny little man don't do it you will die
You Must Be This Tall
You Must Be This Tall 3 dagen geleden
I haven't been this excited about a prospect since Dre Fogue showed up at VC as a transfer...
ryan bessey
ryan bessey 3 dagen geleden
he'll never even sniff the line-up, pure publicity stunt because the guy cant accept he's failed SMH
Denzell Allen
Denzell Allen 3 dagen geleden
He could’ve been Taysom Hill BEFORE Taysom Hill SMH.
WILL FORBES 3 dagen geleden
make him chaplain of the team 😆🤣😂
Theopheus 3 dagen geleden
He's 33 years old. He's not having a HOF career at Tight End. He could be a Pro Bowler/All Pro for a few years at best. If he plays long enough to make the HOF that would be one of the most amazing things ever.
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez 3 dagen geleden
When is Johnny Manziel coming on this show?!
Melanated God
Melanated God 3 dagen geleden
I love his sarcasm. We all know Tebow is doing this for clout frfr. He needs to sit down somewhere. The dream is over Jack.
ChadE850 3 dagen geleden
Tebow time!!! I don’t even care if he plays I just want a Jaguar Tebow Jersey….
N. Mack
N. Mack 3 dagen geleden
T.E can wear 15??
G Pma
G Pma 3 dagen geleden
Just give it up Tebow...
Free Doobies
Free Doobies 3 dagen geleden
Tim gronkbow
Jeff Mudgett
Jeff Mudgett 3 dagen geleden
Tebow!!! Was offered TE in Denver.....! Good luck Tebow!
Adriane Riley
Adriane Riley 3 dagen geleden
It makes zero sense to even consider this, there are plenty of players that’s have worked they whole life for that spot he don’t deserve it, he already had his shot and it’s actually a slap in the face to everybody that actually deserves it
Redneck Hippie
Redneck Hippie 3 dagen geleden
I hear bret farve wants a comeback
Marc 3 dagen geleden
A little TnT maybe? BOOM!
JCErdman 3 dagen geleden
What if they switch Trevor to TE and run w Tebow at QB?
dannygitmo 3 dagen geleden
His invocation of Jesus shows his ignorant bias and his jealousy of Tebow success. He sounds like a drunk.
Jason Waz
Jason Waz 3 dagen geleden
Pats such a positive guy and so is Tebow, they r a lot alike actually. They would probably be best friends. Tebow will be great at anything he does
Increase 3 dagen geleden
Did dude say 15 touchdowns for tebow ,tim won't make the team, the NFL is not wake up, oh I'm a tight end
Deac The Freak
Deac The Freak 4 dagen geleden
I would actually love to see it. In no way should he automatically have a roster spot but work him in the preseason absolutely. He doesn’t have a lot of experience blocking and running routes? That’s what practice is for. If anything he would be a great utility backup player. (Tight end, running back, edge rusher). He is a gifted athlete. I think he’s got a shot.
Kristopher Woumnm
Kristopher Woumnm 4 dagen geleden
The FCA comment at the end got me crying!
Joe Bruce
Joe Bruce 4 dagen geleden
Tebow is a old ass man and beyond wash go back to hosting tv shows
Hassan Dahoud
Hassan Dahoud 4 dagen geleden
Pat you need a company to sponsor one of those desks that raise up. Your hunching over drives me nuts.
Gabe Gibilisco
Gabe Gibilisco 4 dagen geleden
Let’s go Tebow!!
Mathew DiStefano
Mathew DiStefano 4 dagen geleden
The jags are such a joke! They fire the gm and coach that got them to one blown call away from the Super Bowl. Benched minshew for glennon. They hired Urban Meyer as a PR move and not a football decision because he’s so popular in florida and Shad Khan is renowned for treating his players like dogs. Let’s not forget how urban had to resign from OSU and now fails upwards into the nfl. Then draft a rb in the 1st round even though they had a top 5 rb last season. Now Tebow, who was too injured to play baseball, is coming out of retirement? They’re going to be terrible!!!
Parvo Armakie
Parvo Armakie 4 dagen geleden
Rapoport is a greasy snake
John Adams
John Adams 4 dagen geleden
For fuck's sake, Tebow is 34 year old and been out of football for almost a decade. This is gimmicky garbage and way too late. If Timmy would've done this immediately after college or a year or 2 into his failed attempt to be an NFL quarterback, he could've been a legitimate player. But now it just reeks of desperately trying to cling to relevance. Is McAfee going to act the same way if Cam Newton decides to do the same and play the position he was better suited for to begin with after all the QB opportunities are exhausted?
MClayton 25
MClayton 25 4 dagen geleden
@John Adams Got it , no harm no foul
John Adams
John Adams 4 dagen geleden
@MClayton 25 The context of the original post was in relation to Pat acting like this was some giant, ground breaking event. My post is hardly disproportionately over the top in response.
MClayton 25
MClayton 25 4 dagen geleden
@John Adams lighten up Francis
John Adams
John Adams 4 dagen geleden
@MClayton 25 I am by no means pitying Tebow. I actually think people's pre-occupation with fame is ridiculous and vain. Personally I'd be much happier being a rich man married to miss universe where no one knows my name than a famous man with 10 times the wealth and 10 times women. I'm just saying that this attempt to become an NFL tight end at age 34 is much more a publicity stunt than a real attempt at being a legitimate NFL football player. And as such it is pathetic given he already has all the things you just mentioned that he could easily fade into obscurity with or use to engage in a legitimate, long term endeavor.
MClayton 25
MClayton 25 4 dagen geleden
Poor Tebow , he's only a multi millionaire married to Miss Universe. What have you done.. ijit
Cifer 4 dagen geleden
"Trevor Lawrence breaks leg in first game, Jaguars force some Tight End to play QB"
ACE 4 dagen geleden
How old is he?
Jay Mann
Jay Mann 4 dagen geleden
The world needs Tebow now more than ever!!!
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson 4 dagen geleden
I have found with tebow when a person for no reason puts tim down makes fun and wishes with all there heart that he fails its always good versus evil .God versus the evil one
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 4 dagen geleden
Don’t see why they can’t use him like the Saints use Hill. He can come in and run some wildcat/RPO. Would be a great red zone threat if he’s still in shape. Could be a Swiss Army knife...
Mexican Zeppelin
Mexican Zeppelin 4 dagen geleden
Can he run a route and create separation? Hands? Blocking technique?
avery465 4 dagen geleden
10 yrs to late lol. Who's gonna pick up a 30 something project TE
Andrew 4 dagen geleden
Tebow needs to let this go. He should have made this change 10 years ago and he would more than likely still be playing.
Gabe The dog
Gabe The dog 4 dagen geleden
Put Tebow and jack Easterby on the same team and they will never lose a Sunday night game
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson 4 dagen geleden
A receiver that can pass
Golden nugget of wisdom
Golden nugget of wisdom 4 dagen geleden
He's tough and had good instincts. I hope it happens so much.
randall floyd
randall floyd 4 dagen geleden
timmy waited too long.
Cecil Jenkins
Cecil Jenkins 4 dagen geleden
Lmfao ty "woooo oooo he wasn't murdering too many baseballs"
THE MOVIE_BUFFNESS 5 dagen geleden
Tebow bout to truck some DBs and get in that end zone 💪💪✔🤘 Brah, I'm bout to watch some Jag games.
Patrick Cunningham
Patrick Cunningham 5 dagen geleden
Jesus died at 33, Timmy Tebow return to the NFL at 33.
CommonHuman 5 dagen geleden
Dude bottom right.... at the beginning rolls his eyes and shakes his head at 0:03.... And then 4 seconds later is on board when everyone cheers haha..... Sheep
DREDD nought
DREDD nought 5 dagen geleden
Should have done this 8 years ago. But ironically his ego got the best of him.
nnjjee1 5 dagen geleden
Is this show anything more than bros vaguely emoting bro-ness about sports? In 6 months I have yet to hear Pat formulate an idea with a clear point of view… about anything. But it’s somehow engaging.
MClayton 25
MClayton 25 4 dagen geleden
These two guys are complete idiots
Ethan G.
Ethan G. 5 dagen geleden
The Second Coming of our Lord and Savior, Timmy Tebow
Miketookit 5 dagen geleden
LOLO 5 dagen geleden
Wishing Tebow the best! 🙏🏼
Michael Batista
Michael Batista 5 dagen geleden
Tim Tebow should have been in the league long ago. He has the winning mentality.
Will Sweat
Will Sweat 5 dagen geleden
If the dude can play, good on him! Tebow seems like a good guy and he is obviously in great physical health.
Kelly Conroy
Kelly Conroy 5 dagen geleden
Tebow waited too long. He should have done this as soon as it was obvious that no one wanted him as a QB.
Alexander Vasquez
Alexander Vasquez 5 dagen geleden
Bro Pat energy towards Tebow is infectious hahaah. Dude let’s go they need to sign him man !! Tebow’s a physical specimen and can adapt to a new position. Good 2 years and mentoring Lawrence and being a huge leader in the locker room. Urban lives 4 houses down too lol that’s one of his fathers figured
Andrew Hoffman
Andrew Hoffman 5 dagen geleden
Lawrence, Etienne, and Tebow...good god that’s going to be a beast of an offense.
Lazuardi Firdaus
Lazuardi Firdaus 5 dagen geleden
Rebirth of Tebow Mania??
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 5 dagen geleden
Which is the position he should have played in the first place.
Hardline 5 dagen geleden
What a waste of a potential career!!! If his stubborn ass would have listened back when he was in the league and just transitioned TE. He could have been great at TE.
Savage Truth
Savage Truth 5 dagen geleden
So we going to ignore below the tweet, " Baker Mayfield simp account"....???
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks 5 dagen geleden
HFR83 5 dagen geleden
Tebow is such a goober
iLove BIGTDsn3s
iLove BIGTDsn3s 5 dagen geleden
The man loves football almost as much as he loves Jesus.
Daniel Meanor
Daniel Meanor 5 dagen geleden
The best part is he can be a backup QB as well.
Brendan Hickey
Brendan Hickey 5 dagen geleden
lets take up a spot on the Mets farm for my own ego - let me now leave so I can go back and give 1 last desperate attempt here to be relvative somehow in this 6lb 8Oz baby Jesus world. -
MClayton 25
MClayton 25 4 dagen geleden
Poor Tebow, he's just a multi millionaire married to Miss Universe. What have you accomplished .? Genius
Nonya Beezniz
Nonya Beezniz 5 dagen geleden
damn took em that long to swallow that pride
Caleb Ash
Caleb Ash 5 dagen geleden
Bruh literally moved Tim to TE in like madden 16
Rya J
Rya J 6 dagen geleden
The right head coach is in place to revive timmy
plalazlo_ -
plalazlo_ - 6 dagen geleden
Ty is my favorite idc ❤🤣
Baby Daddy
Baby Daddy 6 dagen geleden
White privilege at its finest
Thomas Gitlin
Thomas Gitlin 6 dagen geleden
Tebow time is back!!
Two Dogs
Two Dogs 6 dagen geleden
Urban Meyer called him up and said "Timmy we need to help these boys find Jesus."
crizzonet 6 dagen geleden
Will Tebow be allowed to kneel tho?
jon landry
jon landry 6 dagen geleden
He will do just fine if they don't let him toss the rock!
Captain Fereday
Captain Fereday 6 dagen geleden
I hope he gets on a team!
Kyle Reader
Kyle Reader 6 dagen geleden
I hope Tebow gets signed, he’s an incredible human being.
WorldFlex 6 dagen geleden
Tebow is to small, to weak, and not fast enough to be a starting TE in NFL
Brendan Little
Brendan Little 6 dagen geleden
Ty slipping in the “FCA” at the end hilarious
Dougie Barnard
Dougie Barnard 6 dagen geleden
Tim Tibow is a MAN-imal
KauzteK Gaming
KauzteK Gaming 6 dagen geleden
*NFL player wears Jean shorts Pat: *stands up. Moves his chair. "LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!"
Bronks smirnoff
Bronks smirnoff 6 dagen geleden
This good guys because if there is plays that involve a wr throwing tb is gonna be bomb or if Trevor gets hurt tebow