Pat McAfee Reacts To Tom Brady's 4th Down Confusion, Buccaneers Bears Game 

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What do you think happened? Has Tom lost his fastball?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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9 okt. 2020




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T P 5 uur geleden
Tom Brady is a baby. Couldn't run off the field fast enough
Roscoe Magnuson
Roscoe Magnuson 4 dagen geleden
Brady is used to getting 5 downs from his time with the Pats
Ryan Lankford
Ryan Lankford 4 dagen geleden
CTE is catching up with him.
sizzle -D-
sizzle -D- 5 dagen geleden
eric andre
Jim Dalton
Jim Dalton 6 dagen geleden
Signs of the apocalypse....Shount a left us Tommy
Malik Jenkins
Malik Jenkins 7 dagen geleden
Its like instead of Jr Smith thinking they were up in the finals against GSW it was lebron😂😂
Tim P
Tim P 7 dagen geleden
May be greatest quarterback of all time. But in no way greatest player in history.
cubicq1 7 dagen geleden
5th down😅🤣😅🤣
Rock Landers
Rock Landers 7 dagen geleden
Lmao this guy pat is a punter
Mista Tea
Mista Tea 7 dagen geleden
Democraps made 2020
WWG1 WGA 7 dagen geleden
Nfl is so rigged they don't even hide it anymore. Sports Entertainment.
world peace97
world peace97 8 dagen geleden
Jacob Hussey
Jacob Hussey 8 dagen geleden
I mean, to be fair his last two drives had like 8 downs for a single set of 4 downs each. 1st and 30 rip
etgohomie 8 dagen geleden
Bruhhh that sucks that buccaneers lost if we had our players we could have atleast had more of a chance
NBK Vamp
NBK Vamp 8 dagen geleden
Here’s the situation, the truth that nobody wants to admit, Tom has never and will never be the greatest of all time. He’s a known cheater, so how is he a great player, led alone greatest? Smh.
kris jones
kris jones 8 dagen geleden
Tom Brady is a product of Bill Belichick's genius.. Not the GOAT.
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda 8 dagen geleden
This just shows you have never played a down of football in your life lmfao. Dude has played with 4 different offensive coordinators (4 entirely different schemes) and has been the most successful player in nfl history. The vast majority of people who have actually been in the NFL say Brady’s the goat but go off.
ConfuseRay005 8 dagen geleden
Ok if the California fires is a surprise to you there is nothing I can do for you. It's been a problem for years
Frosty Films
Frosty Films 8 dagen geleden
I’ve said it for years and I’ll still stand by it. Tom Brady is NOT the GOAT. The Greatest to have ever played in the NFL. The NFL has been around for over 100 years now. Thousands of players have been in this league. Do you know the best player from year to year from the last 100 years? Theres a lot more that goes into making someone the goat than rings.
Curbs Enthused
Curbs Enthused 8 dagen geleden
I've yet to hear anyone mention that Brady got banged up pretty good. Makes your head a little fuzzy. That could easily be the cause of 5th down
GREGORY KLEIN 9 dagen geleden
How many fingers am I HOLDING UP....WINSTON !!!!! 5.
Luni the space dragon
Luni the space dragon 9 dagen geleden
Give a man a break
Ceez B
Ceez B 9 dagen geleden
I used to dislike this show... I think I just misunderstood host. Frankly, this show sometimes takes unpopular opinions or subjects and talks about them. 👍👍
Matthew Delgado
Matthew Delgado 9 dagen geleden
Brady’s a faker he knew it was 4th down, he just thought nobody was paying attention 🤨
Uncle Elmer
Uncle Elmer 9 dagen geleden
So I guess Pat is so perfect he is never confused. It must be nice. Brady made a mistake. So what?
Erichev 9 dagen geleden
Greatest QB? How dare you!! Peyton was better, Marino was better. I would put him in the top 10, but not in the top 2.
Sugam Tamrakar
Sugam Tamrakar 9 dagen geleden
Hey Pat aren't you the same guy in the Colt's team some years ago, who made it into the failed infamous special team lineup during the prime time game against Brady's Patriot team, and now that failed play is on "worst", "funny" and failed clip everywhere on internet. You made it to hall of shame and Brady will make to hall of fame someday.... stop it with your B.S. argument. Have some respect for the legend.
Luis Romero
Luis Romero 9 dagen geleden
This dude is such a tool
D Ryman
D Ryman 9 dagen geleden
I think it really answers the question of whether Brady needed the Belichick or not.. Brady needed Belichick and Belichick needed Brady.
Jordan Kihl
Jordan Kihl 9 dagen geleden
Foles >Wentz
kdot champdot
kdot champdot 9 dagen geleden
Talks about major issues which happened in 2020 and fails to even mention, whether he supports or oppose it, police brutality and its ensuing protests in America. 🤔
Rokk Krinn
Rokk Krinn 9 dagen geleden
11 penalties don't help.
The Murph!
The Murph! 9 dagen geleden
I think we've heard enough from a kicker!
trotter main
trotter main 9 dagen geleden
I wish this guy was not envious and jealous and cowardly as a host but that would require him to not have plastic belts in front of his table lol and his personage would have to have integrity lol oh well
Soulreclaimer65 9 dagen geleden
They could not win the game at that moment. The buccs beat themselves PENALTIES Bruh. Love the show though
Aaron Guinn
Aaron Guinn 9 dagen geleden
Khalil Mack hit him so hard he couldn't count...
TheReal AZ
TheReal AZ 9 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is the greatest player of all time no KWESTION
shane peterman
shane peterman 10 dagen geleden
Dak’s ankle today was 2020... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Prayers for a speedy recovery 💙🙏
G P 10 dagen geleden
Tom Biden
Joel Williams
Joel Williams 10 dagen geleden
Bear down, ya jagoffs!
Curtis Drue
Curtis Drue 10 dagen geleden
Terry Bradshaw. Roger Stabauch. Arron Rodgers are far more better quarterbacks then tom brady.
BruceReeee 10 dagen geleden
Foles and Eli are Brady's parents.
d cy
d cy 10 dagen geleden
Its not as bad as my highschool football team spiking the ball on 4th down to end the game after driving the field and setting our kicker up with a chance to win. The win would have made us eligible for the playoffs.. It crushed me, I was the center and my o-line never put so much heart and effort into a drive only for our dummy qb to spike the ball .. The drive was pure chaos and he just lost track of downs, I literally pulled a chair into the shower after the game and cried bc we had never tried so hard as a team for it to end like that
Aunchient Pistol
Aunchient Pistol 10 dagen geleden
where's science ? how about you blame anti-maskers for continuing to spread it eh ?
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts 10 dagen geleden
That’s because Brady got his hand held by belichick
Hayden Limberg
Hayden Limberg 10 dagen geleden
Plot twist: Brady knew it was 4th down but was trying to pull a quick one on the refs
2INFINITI&beyond 10 dagen geleden
Tom thought he still played for the Pats and could just ask the refs for another down
oberlin50 10 dagen geleden
Forgot about the hurricanes
toofast4me 10 dagen geleden
Chicago sports fans are used to having our teams ignored by mainstream media. It’s nice to see some respect given when it is owed.
BJ Alex
BJ Alex 10 dagen geleden
Oml a major market. Never getting major coverage
Jon L
Jon L 10 dagen geleden
Bruce Arians probably not a chronic cheater like Bill Belichick. So the Bucs are gonna have some losses.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
You don't sound very bright. I could be wrong.
Supra_Mickey 10 dagen geleden
Tampa bay O line I think lost the game. They had way too many offensive penalties and allowing Brady to be sack way too many times. Injuries also sucked Evans and Miller couldn’t actually get down field without limping. This should give a wake up call to the O line especially Cappa and Jensen. They have a full week hopefully to get injured players back
Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson 10 dagen geleden
Dude he knew just didn't want to accept the Mack attack. This was the bears d we yearn for in Illinois.
Marco Venezia
Marco Venezia 10 dagen geleden
CTE has entered the chat
Marcus Dandaneau
Marcus Dandaneau 10 dagen geleden
The refs are always perfect. You can't argue that. It's against the law.
Daniel W.
Daniel W. 10 dagen geleden
No one else makes this many excuses for any other elite quarterbacks
malik lyttle
malik lyttle 10 dagen geleden
pat mcafee show’s adlibs are the best i’ve ever heard
Pro Black
Pro Black 10 dagen geleden
Its 5th down now!!! LMFAOOOOO
V T 10 dagen geleden
Wow Brady is human. Get a life pudits. He still has 6more rings than most of you talking heads.
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 10 dagen geleden
"Oh no no no, now it's fifth down" lmfao
pmo civilian police
pmo civilian police 10 dagen geleden
so what he made a mistake still got 6 superbowl wins
MeatScepterMcGee 10 dagen geleden
Pat saying hes the greatest player of all time. Drew Brees holding all the records, "Am I a joke to you?"
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Brees has a lot of records playing playing most of your career in a dome and in a warm climate has greatly benefitted his stats. If you look at Brady's passer rating it is better than Brees both indoors AND outdoors.
MeatScepterMcGee 10 dagen geleden
@Michael Murphy he literally hold like all the all time records for passing
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Brees? Great player but not in the GOAT conversation.
Terrence Gibbons33
Terrence Gibbons33 10 dagen geleden
Brady needs bill
DEKUtheKID 10 dagen geleden
He is not the greatest qb of all tired of hearing this. He has 6 rings ....yes...but he would have 0 if it wasn't for his kickers/defense/weakest division in nfl history for 15+ years.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Brady wishes he could have traded divisions with the Packers. 14-1 v. the Bears, Lions and Vikings with the Pats with ridiculous stats.
DEKUtheKID 10 dagen geleden
Tom Brady: I'm gonna play til I can't anymore..... Ok tom...I think it's time if u can't rem what down it is.
WoA ITz Douglas
WoA ITz Douglas 10 dagen geleden
Peyton Manning is the greatest of all time and I believe burrow has potential to become one of the greats
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Manning was a great regular season QB but he choked way too many times in the playoffs to be considered the GOAT
Fozza 10 dagen geleden
He ain't the best player of all time imo
Soopergood 10 dagen geleden
Cmon Pat, dont make excuses. Godwin has been out and fournette isn't the starter . Ronald Jones balled out. None of those same issues seemed to matter when he had 5 tds last week. ( I think all 5 totaled 3 yds) stop making excuses. You can see Tom cussing out everybody on the sidelines for penalties (mental mistakes) but he cant count to 4.
Lance Welsh
Lance Welsh 10 dagen geleden
Tom, how many wins do the bears have? 1:00
Aaron Burnett
Aaron Burnett 10 dagen geleden
Do any of these yes men that Pat surrounds himself with ever have anything interesting to say besides repeating what Pat says? Talk about a bunch of duds. I hope he’s not paying these idiots.
codypsizzle 10 dagen geleden
Beirut explosion, Australia also on fire, Hurricane in the south. Floyd Mayweather of years lmao
Mile Stepper
Mile Stepper 10 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ I'm posting this comment wondering if he'll finally get to the point before I finish. We know it was crazy, we know how crazy things have been in 2020.
Richard Callahan
Richard Callahan 10 dagen geleden
To be fair, he called a mulligan on one of the downs
ivan shepherd
ivan shepherd 10 dagen geleden
Yo mike evens is a savage playing through an injury when he has already made his “bag” not a lot of players do that anymore
Luke neely
Luke neely 10 dagen geleden
honkyjesus eternal
honkyjesus eternal 10 dagen geleden
Tom Brady has a grandpa moment, by the way check his other kids age, they are well into their teens... and it is excused because he is Tom Brady, LOAT Luckiest Of All Time. This is hilarious how the media reacts to him making a dipshit rookie mistake and blaming everyone but him.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 10 dagen geleden
*WAITS* come on lifetime loser take me on
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 10 dagen geleden
*Hey lifetime loser* want to take me on about Brady's achievements?? I'll wait
TheWatchernator 10 dagen geleden
Brees > Brady
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Are you a comedian?
Deveron94 10 dagen geleden
Brady washed
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
He was the NFL Offensive Player of the Week 5 days ago genius.
Sam Artalona
Sam Artalona 10 dagen geleden
Pat shut up
William Graves
William Graves 10 dagen geleden
Just give the Jets the L and save us all some time.
CR 10 dagen geleden
That look on Bradys face is the saddest thing. It's s like grandpa wandered away from the old folks home, and that is the face he makes when someone asks him where he lives.
Frederick Schulze
Frederick Schulze 10 dagen geleden
Am I the only person that doesn't think it matters whether he knew it was 4th down or not? He still needed to make a throw to get the 1st down either way.
just a thought
just a thought 10 dagen geleden
Could be CTE and he was concussed
C Ama
C Ama 10 dagen geleden
Okay in our defense the patriots situational football situation was Brian Hoyer just being a idiot
Zane Webbow
Zane Webbow 10 dagen geleden
Reminds me of JR Smith in that finals game 1
Gregory Thomas
Gregory Thomas 10 dagen geleden
Another Brady loss, maybe 2020 will get better.
Geek Illustrator DAD
Geek Illustrator DAD 10 dagen geleden
Joe Montana is GOAT.. Didn’t have. Cheating Coach.
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Dude, get a life. You keep writing the same ignorant thing for 5 years. Do you really have children? Poor kids.
Vade 10 dagen geleden
Maybe, just maybe, Brady is not the best QB of all time
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Based on this? Get real dude
Ty E
Ty E 10 dagen geleden
The Goat needs a O line n Good Defense
John V
John V 10 dagen geleden
Shouldn't the OC or whoever was in bradys ear be telling him what down it was on the helmet speaker?
Ronnie Farnsworth
Ronnie Farnsworth 11 dagen geleden
t's funny hearing the haters come out on this as usual on ESPN, FS1, NFL Net. But the big issue for Brady is (Btw Pats fan since 1967' ! ) it's all the stupid penalties by the Off & Def !!!!! No blocking etc, until Tampa and the Coach "Gets" this Brady will never be what he can be for the Bucks !! The other big issue is injuries, TE Howard is now gone and might never be the same ? Even playing hurt, Godwin hurt so the Offense won't be healthy for weeks if ever because of this screwed up year with no camp !! They should have had on, who cares if the SB was played in March !! Well I follow Tampa Bay each game and all their shows, could be the Next City of Champions !! ? Lightning, Tays & Bucks !!! : )
miz 11 dagen geleden
“Where’s science?” 😂😂😭😭
kc 3182x
kc 3182x 11 dagen geleden
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
you're losing at life, kid
Johnathan Cano
Johnathan Cano 11 dagen geleden
Another what I am going to add for 2020 is now we are getting 2 Monday NFL games and a Tuesday NFL Game this coming week
Mr K
Mr K 11 dagen geleden
You know 2020 is fed when murder hornets are the best thing about 2020
Jason Goad
Jason Goad 11 dagen geleden
Tom still cant bit foles that’s just funny to me. But I don’t like either of them.
neetrab 10 dagen geleden
What don't you like about foles?
Austin Vasquez
Austin Vasquez 11 dagen geleden
Can you PLEASE make a “where’s science” pat mcaffee shirt
landon shea
landon shea 11 dagen geleden
brady is nolt the greatest , not even close
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Good comment. Maybe soccer is your sport.
Nice Profile
Nice Profile 11 dagen geleden
Let’s be real people, if coaches were considered players, the GOAT would be belichick
BANDIT188 11 dagen geleden
Tom Brady is not the greatest of all time
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 10 dagen geleden
Don't be sad.
Will Van
Will Van 11 dagen geleden
Tom Brady has simply never seen fourth down. He gets the first down by third down.
Vanilla shake Girl
Vanilla shake Girl 10 dagen geleden
TidalCliff 11 dagen geleden
Bucs were only missing Godwin, get over it they're not championship level.
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