Pat McAfee Reacts To Tom Brady Saying Julian Edelman WILL Be A Buccaneer 

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Do you think we see Edelman in a Buccaneers uniform?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 apr. 2021




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BigBass13 13
BigBass13 13 3 uur geleden
Would be overload. They don’t need him.
tomhernonjr 6 uur geleden
U can only have so many players on one team
stephen wong
stephen wong 10 uur geleden
As a Pats fan, I wouldn't blame Edelman. Belichek has a lot to prove. Most fans are unhappy with the way Belichek handled Brady.
Lawrence Cano
Lawrence Cano Dag geleden
Retired because cam is a horrible QB.
dylan harris
dylan harris Dag geleden
I love jules! But be don’t need him. We got a Scotty Miller
David Tousignant
David Tousignant Dag geleden
As a pats fan, I’d like to see Julian play another year. My favorite player of all time
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas Dag geleden
Did you hire a new guy? Please don’t turn woke like every show and start having clueless women.
Jo Ho
Jo Ho 2 dagen geleden
Julian had the plays not the numbers in the regular season do yall remember all those 3rd down conversions etc....
Antonio 23
Antonio 23 2 dagen geleden
The Spygate sons Will join in tampa.
Bit 2 dagen geleden
We got Scotty Miller we do not need julian
Ray Paramio
Ray Paramio 2 dagen geleden
whos next amendola and hogan or what about josh mcdaniels plus the ball boy?
The Grand Wazoo Of Heliopolis
The Tampa Bay Patriots. Soon, they'll be no more New England fans.
DEATHxKING powerful black dragon
Will Pat McAfee return to the NFL to play for Tampa bay
Confide 2 dagen geleden
this is like a marvel movie mac jones prolly respects brady then brainwashed by bill and now is a villain to tom
Charles Andrews
Charles Andrews 2 dagen geleden
Maybe not as a player. But, if a player, automatic SB.
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Hal Mosher
Hal Mosher 2 dagen geleden
As a pats fan I wouldn’t mind like Tampa is pats 2.0 rn all NE are Bucs fans
You'll See My Name EveryWhere
Up next week, bill switches to the bucs
TheRoaming Savage
TheRoaming Savage 3 dagen geleden
NFL turning into the NBA...
phillyortho 3 dagen geleden
Somehow, I can see another T-mobile Superbowl commercial coming out of this.
Gnarshan 3 dagen geleden
so what im hearing is that Tom Grossi predicted the future
Chris Roulo
Chris Roulo 3 dagen geleden
"They said he isnt a hall of famer yet. SO I THINK HE NEEDS ANOTHER RING." - TB12
Joshua Braeden
Joshua Braeden 3 dagen geleden
This team is going to be legendary if they Win 1 more ring. Think of the stories of Brady bringing 4 different HOFs out of retirement to win 2 rings as a 45 year old QB
alex_de_tampa 3 dagen geleden
Somewhere in Boston Harbor... Tom and the pirate ship pull up, get in Jules.
the tf
the tf 3 dagen geleden
Finally someone says it “Wide receiver is a stats position” accomplishments like rings aren’t as important towards a hall of fame case at the wide receiver position compared to the qb position.
Dan Morrissette
Dan Morrissette 3 dagen geleden
Tampa Bay Patriots???? lmao~!
The Truth Is Real
The Truth Is Real 3 dagen geleden
Next will be Benjamin Watson, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, and Wes Welker.
pirate772009 3 dagen geleden
Lol sure, bring that 35 year old drop machine to Tampa and send Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, or Scotty Miller somewhere else. Let me know how that works out haha
Kieran Nunn
Kieran Nunn 3 dagen geleden
He has until Nov 30 right? So he can work on his knee, chill, and rock up fit as *#^% for the last quarter/postseason... now, just to get playoff ‘Dola down there 😆 😆 😆
Tru 602 2.0
Tru 602 2.0 3 dagen geleden
Gronk needs to hook him up with that magical CBD and reunite !!
roofnkeith 3 dagen geleden
As a lifelong patriot fan, I encourage JE11 to head to Tampa with Brady...I dont wanna see him ruin the last of his days here losing games with us just to prove his loyalty. We know he is loyal
Michael Lalli
Michael Lalli 4 dagen geleden
Julian’s football days are over. His knee is junk. What are you smoking ?
TactlessBeast 4 dagen geleden
Then it will be so.
Kari Lee
Kari Lee 4 dagen geleden
If he does that, I’ll lose all respect. If he wanted to go to Tampa Bay, then man up and go, but don’t lie to all of the people who supported him from the beginning.
Rogue TDF
Rogue TDF 4 dagen geleden
Hope Julian does become a buccaneer, be awesome 👍😁
MrSwimfinz123 4 dagen geleden
Breaking News.....Tom Brady bringing in Bill Belichek as ball boy for the Bucs!
STEELERS Pittsburgh
STEELERS Pittsburgh 4 dagen geleden
I thought that he failed the physical in New England. So does Tampa have a doctor that will let it slide?
Arthur Greenfield
Arthur Greenfield 4 dagen geleden
Julian Edelman to Tampa Bucs. Tom Brady says yes.
Joshua Mendez
Joshua Mendez 4 dagen geleden
I will always be a Patriots fan no matter what. With that said, I would love if Edelman went to the Buccaneers that would be so awesome!!
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall 4 dagen geleden
Bottom Line, don't be surprised if it happens, lol !?!?!?...
David thanks
David thanks 4 dagen geleden
I hope so 😄! He doesn't have to play every game! Sheesh 🙄. Play for another superbowl for the TB Bucs. 🥰👍
James Vanderpoel
James Vanderpoel 4 dagen geleden
I'm from Massachusetts and life long Patriots fan, I am happy for Tom Brady, Gronk and I'll be happy for Julian if he joins Tampa. Bill has been a total dick since trying to trade Tom to Sanfrancisco behind his back.
Adam Hamblin
Adam Hamblin 4 dagen geleden
If he pulled that stunt and went to Tampa as a pats fan I can definitely say he will be hated.
Johanna Echevarria
Johanna Echevarria 4 dagen geleden
You can tell in Julian’s play, that he always gives it his all. I really liked how Tom Brady spread the ball around last season, with the buccaneers, it is a good way to keep injures down to a minimum. It’s not just one guy getting all the beatings. Not just one guy that the other team is aiming for. I really do hope to see Julian and Tom playing together again. That would be so awesome 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😭😭😭😭let it be true. Shout out to Scotty 😆😆 Julian and Scotty😱😱😱😆😆😆🤩🤩🤩 I can’t stand it! Oh please let it be true!
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly 4 dagen geleden
Edelman has addressed that nonsense head on. To me this is simply Brady being a smart ass. I'm sure Edelman does not appreciate the attention as he is settling into retirement and his future endeavors.
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly 4 dagen geleden
@stéphane A like I said he " retired " because he was about to be traded to the Detroit Lions. As for the back injury......I guess running around playing WWE wrestler did wonders for his back.
stéphane A
stéphane A 4 dagen geleden
@Thomas Kelly Gronk had important back injuries and his last year in NE, he was running like he had a piano on his back. Come on, he looked like Frankenstein out there.
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly 4 dagen geleden
@stéphane A uhhhh lol no he didnt not sure where you got that from
stéphane A
stéphane A 4 dagen geleden
@Thomas Kelly He only had back debilitating injuries....
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly 4 dagen geleden
@stéphane A gronk didnt have a debilitating knee injury.... and Gronk was running away from being traded.
Mr Inconsistent Upload Schedule
He was also clearly joking about it
Art Pennesi
Art Pennesi 4 dagen geleden
If he could he would. With advancements in stem cell research and inflammation supression diets and legal medical marijuana who knows what the future could look like in retirement for Jules. At worst maybe he can enjoy an occasional game of golf pain free and be a consultant coach in the Bucs wide receiver room...... at best,...................................................... never say never 2022.
pepepepert 4 dagen geleden
If a player retires they should have to sit out 2 seasons.
Bradley Walker
Bradley Walker 4 dagen geleden
Say what you want, but Edelman is a Super Bowl MVP. Less than 50 individuals can say they've won that. Put him in the Hall.
The antisocial 1
The antisocial 1 4 dagen geleden
Honestly as a pats fan, I want him in Tampa
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson 4 dagen geleden
This is exactly why he shouldn’t ever be considered for HOF you shouldn’t have to rely on a QB for success in your career
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 4 dagen geleden
He made the GREATEST catch of all time in the 2016 super bowl
Double Doink
Double Doink 4 dagen geleden
Just need him in the playoffs.....
Cayden M
Cayden M 4 dagen geleden
Jack O’Neill
Jack O’Neill 4 dagen geleden
He would be a huge asset to the Bucs. He wouldn’t need to play every down every week. Just a few key downs every week and he already has that chemistry with Tom Brady and would have a great locker room presence
Richard Overvold
Richard Overvold 4 dagen geleden
Next he'll bring Belichick to Tampa too..
Brent Bare
Brent Bare 4 dagen geleden
If Julian becomes a Buc. TB will probably be in the SB again next year.
bob 4 dagen geleden
In '60s, didn't enough appreciate hockey's Bobby Orr. Luckily, have been on The Brady "bandwagon" from his first-ever game, since when, haven't missed a Play. Too those non- Brady types, I simply say: "Appreciate what 'n who's not bfore happened, and probably won't again, like Joltin' Joe's 56-game hitting streak. Some records defy breakin'. Here's a thought: Brady's face-to-face snatched two 'Rings' from Mahomes, who could've been 3-5 to Brady, instead of 1-7, against a Brady on two different Teams in opposite Leagues. But then, only Time'll tell.
Lane RAA
Lane RAA 4 dagen geleden
At this point the Bucs just do not need Edelman
Spencer Earp
Spencer Earp 4 dagen geleden
The squirrel is the GOAT OF SLOTS!!!
uzi978 4 dagen geleden
Too bad Julian @ Pat & Tom and told them NOPE, Foxboro forever!
Freaka Zoid
Freaka Zoid 4 dagen geleden
I think it's pretty obvious that Belichick though undeniably a great coach is not much fun to work for.
Tucker Stafford
Tucker Stafford 4 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers should sign to be the backup quarterback for Tampa
Jefferson Azevedo
Jefferson Azevedo 5 dagen geleden
It`s funny how people talk as if Julian Edelman was a bum during the regular season who magically morphed into a Hall of Fame player in the postseason. The difference between Julian Edelman and most of the other receivers who have "better" stats than him is, one hundred years from now, people will still remember him whereas most of these other players will be forgotten as soon as they retire. Let them have their stats, Jules will have history! A Hall of Fame career is not made only with stats.
Lane 5 dagen geleden
Kevin Durant signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bzhzj Bzhzj
Bzhzj Bzhzj 5 dagen geleden
Good thing Edelman is friends with Tom Brady , bc w/o him he'd be avg at best !
Bzhzj Bzhzj
Bzhzj Bzhzj 5 dagen geleden
Side Note : Philip Rivers is a HOF'er !
Nolan Colby
Nolan Colby 5 dagen geleden
He's literally got bone on bone in his knee and it's unrepairable. Hes not coming out of retiring and who would he literally push out of a spot at 35??
Wayne Kenoff
Wayne Kenoff 5 dagen geleden
Jim Thorpe to the bucs?
Wishing B
Wishing B 5 dagen geleden
I watched the clip and I think he wore the Foxboro Forever shirt because Gronk and Tom are telling people he is going to join the Bucs. I think he intends to be part of media and, heck, Tim Tebow is back. I think Tom and Gronk will work on Edelman. More than that, I think Edelman is going to be totally miserable being retired while Tom and Gronk are collecting Super Bowl rings.
Psalms 119:89 For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.
Anthony Gill
Anthony Gill 5 dagen geleden
If ochocinco ain’t in, neither should Edelman.
Hunter Waits
Hunter Waits 5 dagen geleden
Julian Edible and Julian Edmund. I read subtitles.
Y. W.
Y. W. 5 dagen geleden
Can’t imagine the reactions of pats/fans if ironman did the same thing as gronk
Alex Cetina
Alex Cetina 5 dagen geleden
Yeah well Brady Need Patriots to Win
Bruno Berardi
Bruno Berardi 5 dagen geleden
How great would it be if Tom Brady in his final year has gronke Edelman his boys for the least 10 years and to end his career in the Super Bowl against Bella check for all the marbles
Adam Lavigne
Adam Lavigne 5 dagen geleden
Oh wow who seen that coming lmao we all did
Flow_ Easy
Flow_ Easy 5 dagen geleden
Breaking news: The Buccaneers sign Wes Weller to a 1yr vet deal. Details coming soon
Jayy 5 dagen geleden
If Jules does this, he will completely taint his reputation in New England like Brady and Gronk did... Really sad to see it
Pete Lee
Pete Lee 5 dagen geleden
Can they snag Amendola too?
GageTheRage28 5 dagen geleden
I feel like the patriots might move to Tampa lol there entire 2017 roster headed to the bucs lmao
Reese sweet
Reese sweet 5 dagen geleden
Dude Brady just fuckin around at this point
BareBandito 5 dagen geleden
Pat saying he'd be an idiot if he doesn't go to TB sounds similar to how people were talking about Pat retiring.
Whyatt Tucker
Whyatt Tucker 5 dagen geleden
Everyone seems to fail to realize the pats WHOLE defense and some of the offense last year was on the covid list, we got our whole defense coming back, AND we just picked up Hunter Henry and Nelson agholor, I don’t think we’ll get blown out it’ll be close and it’ll come down to the final quarter, cam has more weapons and our defense is refreshed and ready to go. AND not to mention we are top prospects to pick up julio.....
Andrew Griffin
Andrew Griffin 5 dagen geleden a cheerleader.
Alek Althouse
Alek Althouse 5 dagen geleden
They talking about hating Jules but you can’t hate him brought home 3 Lombardi’s. And regardless will always be a Patriot
Poke the Bear
Poke the Bear 5 dagen geleden
God that would break my heart.
mac cheese
mac cheese 5 dagen geleden
That would be so cool if he came back to play with the GOAT
Todd Simpson
Todd Simpson 5 dagen geleden
Edelman going to track some peds
Ross Benners
Ross Benners 5 dagen geleden
Bring back the Fridge!
Yebbe Steentoft
Yebbe Steentoft 5 dagen geleden
Honestly rather see The big three together again (Pats fan), almost more then winning....😬😅
Jordan Hall
Jordan Hall 5 dagen geleden
Pats wouldn’t trade him down there after trading Gronk too.
LIMONE 24 5 dagen geleden
I mean it is easy to get everything when the nfl is just giving you SBs like candy 😂😂😂 THE SB WAS NOT RIGGED, RIGHT?!!😂😂😂😂
firefight77 5 dagen geleden
Randy Moss when?
Thomas Gongora
Thomas Gongora 5 dagen geleden
Tom Gravey
Dan H
Dan H 5 dagen geleden
As a lifelong Bucs fan this is so annoying. It’s just ring chasing at this point. No need for this guy on the team we already have mike, godwin, AB and Scotty. What was the point of drafting tyler johnson or that new Receiver??
Loud Mouth Sports Talk with Adam Dickens
Scotty Miller would become unstoppable. Miller lite!
Callie Mae Stone
Callie Mae Stone 5 dagen geleden
I think that JULIAN EDELMAN would fit in real good with GRONK and the BRADY BUCS.
ThePackShack 5 dagen geleden
I’m Lost! When did everyone become Buccaneers Fans?
Dude person
Dude person 5 dagen geleden
This is the most unintelligent sports show alive lmao. Id rather watch Mitchell Trubisky get drafted on a 10 hour repeat
Dude person
Dude person 5 dagen geleden
Hes an idiot for being loyal to the Patriots like he actually said. Being a man of your word makes you an idiot now days. That was probably the most idiotic comment ive ever heard
Why Tom Brady Is Great