Pat McAfee Reacts To Xavier Woods Saying Players Cant Go Full Speed For A Whole Game 

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Do you think this needed to be said, or do you think this will be bad for Woods?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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8 okt. 2020




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M R Dag geleden
Devin White says hold my beer
Tommy Testosterone
Tommy Testosterone 4 dagen geleden
Love how Pat McAturd forgets he was only a punter hahahaha
Tommy Testosterone
Tommy Testosterone 2 dagen geleden
@DamperEmu Said the Pat McAturd Salami Smuggler hahaha...
DamperEmu 3 dagen geleden
Better then any other position
Kovu The Great
Kovu The Great 4 dagen geleden
Christian McCaffrey can
SpartanSun21 5 dagen geleden
This comment is so good I'll repeat it: Who is the guest??? (When making clips, might want to put a name tag on guest's side...)
Ryan 6 dagen geleden
LMAO i thought Xavier Woods from WWE said something 🤣🤣🤣
ACA 6 dagen geleden
No player goes full speed every play
DamperEmu 3 dagen geleden
NFL players go full speed every play, except woods
Robert Ernette
Robert Ernette 7 dagen geleden
Just a little aside, my personal feelings on this whole thing... I don’t expect 70 plays full speed from anyone, right? Fine. How bout 3? Give me 3 plays full speed, then we’ll talk about 70. Because our defense can’t even give us that.
Wolfie Wiggins
Wolfie Wiggins 7 dagen geleden
Yeah he’s just making the cowboys look bad😂😂😂
rillo guts
rillo guts 7 dagen geleden
Josh Norman can’t go full speed at all anymore
The White Recluse
The White Recluse 8 dagen geleden
The cowboys that give up 35 points and 600 yards a game don't give full effort all the time?? *IMPOSSIBLE*
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook 8 dagen geleden
It's impossible to go full blast every play, but you don't choose an important play with the game on the line to slack off like Xavier Woods did on that Odell Beckham run. As poorly as he's played this season, he should not be saying crap like that.
DamperEmu 3 dagen geleden
It’s not impossible to go full blast every play, you have loser mentality, they get their breaks when offense is on the the field, when it’s halftime, when the team uses a timeout, if it’s your job to go full speed and make a play or do your job weather it be contain or covering, you should be doing at full speed every play
Marvin Gamez
Marvin Gamez 8 dagen geleden
That’s NOT the power of positivity
Brian Swanson
Brian Swanson 8 dagen geleden
Look at Ice Hockey for example. Each player (other than the goalkeeper) has at least one if not two direct substitution partners. Granted, there aren't downs and breaks to the level of an NFL game, but hockey players are expected to go 100% for 90-120 seconds, then sub off quickly. It's just game management.
Adam 8 dagen geleden
That’s why bellichick is constantly rotating players throughout a game.
I do care
I do care 8 dagen geleden
It is definitely the time and place. STOP turning over the ball and keep your D healthy, you are making it hard to go full plain and simple.
DamperEmu 3 dagen geleden
No they are just short and lazy they players
Steve McQueen is King of Cool
Look up average time of actual play in NFL, 11 minutes to 15 for offense and defense for the entire 3 hours. Pathetic output for "elite" ath-a-letes.
stun2187 9 dagen geleden
Who’s the guest?
Derrick Wolfe
Derrick Wolfe 9 dagen geleden
Anyone that has ever played defensive back has wanted to say this , DB just put it perfectly. Simultaneously the hardest at times and funniest position to play in the sport . If you have an off game it's a guarantee people know , but about 80% percent of the great games don't even get noticed . A quiet day on the island is a good day .
Th3 Kool Aid Man
Th3 Kool Aid Man Dag geleden
Unsung heroes, and highly ridiculed for the smallest of failures.. because small failures = TD's.
Edward Brito
Edward Brito 9 dagen geleden
Jerry Rice shattered records with these facts.
Richard Giudice
Richard Giudice 9 dagen geleden
Dion Sanders 21(the goat)
Eric Chaboyer
Eric Chaboyer 9 dagen geleden
I played high school football. I went 110 % on every play always even during running to the huddle. Its defs possible to go hard all the time
Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan 9 dagen geleden
Man what a day.. nfl players, who make millions, are unhappy about having to bust their ass at their job... dude this is ridiculous, you absolutely can go hard for 70 plays, people have been doing this for decades.
Jason B
Jason B 9 dagen geleden
Wow.. good insight on defensive backs and how offenses can tire those guys out. Ty for the inside story.
DudeRO Macintosh
DudeRO Macintosh 9 dagen geleden
Ohh, so that’s the cowboys mentality on defense this year. It makes sense
DamperEmu 3 dagen geleden
Yep, also having over paid players *cough* (Demarcus Lawrence)
Trance IG
Trance IG 9 dagen geleden
I never thought of that, just tiring a player out. That's genius. I'm going to see if I can try and spot it in some games
joseph franklin
joseph franklin 9 dagen geleden
Serious Question: if you need a breather why dont db's just sub out like a RB or WR would?
Tony Schimmoeller
Tony Schimmoeller 9 dagen geleden
Because a bad RB gets you back to the line of scrimmage, a bad WR gets you to the next play, and a bad DB gives up a TD
Miracle Child
Miracle Child 9 dagen geleden
In Nam when we couldn’t run full speed, 70 mins in the bush, usually you got shot.
B Miles
B Miles 9 dagen geleden
The human body is not designed for 100% other than in life threatening, short burst situations.
Xari Evans
Xari Evans 9 dagen geleden
well its obvious, especially if you dont play on a winning team. also explains and shows why playoff football is a lot better
Safiyah Hamlet
Safiyah Hamlet 9 dagen geleden
Mindset is everything. It separates the Goats from the okay guys.
Beau Peterson
Beau Peterson 10 dagen geleden
The NFL should be all about truth. The truth can’t hurt you, or at least it shouldn’t. No athlete can go 100% all the time, regardless of the difficult task of defining what going 100% actually means.
Greg Squire
Greg Squire 10 dagen geleden
Pat is the joe rogan of sport talk shows he’s the truth
Corey Gilmore
Corey Gilmore 10 dagen geleden
Every single game I've watched I've seen every player not going 100% full speed at some point.
JTN47 10 dagen geleden
You can’t go 100 percent every single play man, everyone knows it, you just can’t say it out loud
IntangibleBlurr 10 dagen geleden
Im confused why ppl r typing "its true but you don't say it". Why not??
no body
no body 10 dagen geleden
My pooping entertainment 😂
cacaf 10 dagen geleden
he's not wrong. In every sport, stamina is kept track of and line changes is very common. Only in American football, they act like stamina is a myth. It's funny when subs are unlimited but they don't take advantage of it. Fans think that Bill Bilichick and Andy Reid have secrets to their success, but really they just know how to manage their players' stamina and have depth.
Understand With Me
Understand With Me 10 dagen geleden
Meanwhile you had Ed freakin Reed running around having fun on defense And special teams not complaining. Ed always go full speed, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AVERAGE AND GREATNESS SMH!
Tyrone Certified_negro
Tyrone Certified_negro 10 dagen geleden
Don’t let this distract u from the fact that polumala lined up in the c gap
Bananacut 9 dagen geleden
Huncho 8thHokage
Huncho 8thHokage 10 dagen geleden
Nobody on our secondary should talk about effort cuz they never showed any smh we need new dbs and a better secondary coach
6lack Alan Watts
6lack Alan Watts 10 dagen geleden
For anybody who thinks what Xavier Woods is saying some BS, try racing a friend full speed from one end of a block to another AND BACK. Then wait 90 seconds to race your next friend who is known to be the fastest person in ur neighborhood. Don’t sound so easy right?
Shawn Guinup
Shawn Guinup 10 dagen geleden
That must be why the Chiefs win a lot more games. They don't take plays off. Give your quarterback a Target when he's running out of the pocket.
Nicholas Frank
Nicholas Frank 10 dagen geleden
The Rock can go to hell Dewayne Johnson is dead to me now
gabriel rolon
gabriel rolon 10 dagen geleden
I disagree. I think its something that athletes should talk about out loud. They should be able to say "hey were going all out but sometimes it gets tiring." Personally I see nothing wrong in that
Henry Wimberly
Henry Wimberly 10 dagen geleden
Excellent !
just a thought
just a thought 10 dagen geleden
To be fair everyone on D can say they can’t go a full half. Mentally you can say you’re giving your all but your body won’t keep up
roodboy606 11 dagen geleden
Considering Pats connection to wrestling, I thought this was gonna be about a different Xavier Woods 😂
Derek Carter
Derek Carter 11 dagen geleden
I'm gonna disagree. In high school I would agree with him because you play 5 different positions. In college and the NFL you play maybe 2 positions so you will rest alot more.
jlk 11 dagen geleden
If they could play at the Bengals facility...... never mind.
Chris Is typing
Chris Is typing 11 dagen geleden
Why is this dude everywhere on NLblock? Who is he?
Larry Hoover
Larry Hoover 11 dagen geleden
A old colts kicker
Brian Gosvener
Brian Gosvener 11 dagen geleden
I always went full speed for a whole game
Dynamex 11 dagen geleden
If I was DB I would not have this thought, I’m built different idk 🤷‍♂️
Naruske2Kumaroko Games
Naruske2Kumaroko Games 11 dagen geleden
That moment where the Xavier Woods is not the Xavier Woods you were thinking of.
Bob Fast
Bob Fast 11 dagen geleden
70 plays ~6 seconds per play 420 seconds total time 7 minutes total time
tommyoshady 11 dagen geleden
In game load management. It's no secret or it shouldn't be. Everyone does it in every sport, in every walk of life. "oh they make all that money! They better give 100% all the time!" Morons. You want all the franchise players out on IR? Football, basketball, MMA, boxing. They all do it. In fact it's a strategy. You do anything you need to to have more energy than your opponents at the end of the contest so you can finish strong and win.
Tank Boss
Tank Boss 11 dagen geleden
Dallas lack motivation when I played basketball we lost by 17 points coach ran us 5 hours of suicide drills after that we ran teams to death full speed the whole game no lie motivation can drive this sorry ass defense it made us better
Sweet James Jones II
Sweet James Jones II 11 dagen geleden
Wouldn't b 70 plays if you can get some 3and outs
wndowpayne 10 dagen geleden
PHOENIXQ2024 11 dagen geleden
On God!! 😂🤣. I was the shutdown corner at my school and they really would have some guy run me out the play on a bs go route trying to tire me out. Then they’d have the real wideouts run real routes. Smfh
Pablo Castaneda
Pablo Castaneda 11 dagen geleden
Very cool perspectives and insight in this video.
Codey Snow
Codey Snow 11 dagen geleden
Um, so apparently being conditioned means you're athletic? C'mon Pat you can do better and you know that's simply not true lol
D G 11 dagen geleden
When it the ever the right time to be honest and tell the truth...
Riley Stokosa
Riley Stokosa 11 dagen geleden
Maybe my cowboys shouldn't spot the other team 21 in the first .
Chris Drake
Chris Drake 11 dagen geleden
Cowboys defense has been getting demolished this year... they might wanna go full speed for atleast 60 of those plays not 20
DSN - Degen Sports Network
I think that makes sense. There are plays that certain players know they aren’t involved in and can take a little breather. Bad timing to say that after getting smashed by the Browns!
TV Raise
TV Raise 12 dagen geleden
I'm 15 i play safety and RB and I can play 67 plays a game
Reginald Demar
Reginald Demar 12 dagen geleden
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 12 dagen geleden
I'm sorry if average Joe's can train 6 months and run a marathon pretty sure a supremely conditioned pro athlete with all the resources available to them can run for 60 to 70 plays over the course of a 4 hour football game.
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 12 dagen geleden
Awareness- 12 Speed- 89 Strength- 82 Agility- 87
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 12 dagen geleden
Lmao go cowboys 🤣
Emma Horton
Emma Horton 12 dagen geleden
I'm Single 😍😥
Mr J
Mr J 12 dagen geleden
Damm I never say it that way . Smart , smart , smart
Julius Torres
Julius Torres 12 dagen geleden
70 plays? Real ball players would kill to get one unsuccessful play on the league. He should be embarrassed.
C.S. Bailey
C.S. Bailey 12 dagen geleden
IMHO, if OBJ hadn't damn near run the entire length of the field on that TD run, no one would have paid this comment too much attention.
mhazzy155 12 dagen geleden
Budda Baker: *exists*
Thomas Sexton
Thomas Sexton 12 dagen geleden
Why do you think the Seahawks picked up Phillip Dorset? Run the corners till they puke and then let Lockett and Metcalf go to work
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 12 dagen geleden
If the Cowboys had any integrity they would have released him.
gabriel rolon
gabriel rolon 10 dagen geleden
For what? He did nothing wrong
ThirstyFajita 12 dagen geleden
Bro can darius like center his camera lmao
ThirstyFajita 12 dagen geleden
tired of looking at half his head
Kira concepcion
Kira concepcion 12 dagen geleden
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez 12 dagen geleden
Bear down
Ur Clapped
Ur Clapped 12 dagen geleden
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 12 dagen geleden
As a Cowboy fan, bro I'm not asking you to be on it for the whole game. But can you keep the other team from scoring three times in the first quarter or four times in the first half? Goddamn, you're like the only team that's incapable of doing that.
Logan Barnhill
Logan Barnhill 12 dagen geleden
Congrats on 1 million❤️
James Rogan
James Rogan 12 dagen geleden
THAT is why the Cowboys don’t win. That right there.
S W 10 dagen geleden
Emma Horton
Emma Horton 12 dagen geleden
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
I like food
I like food 12 dagen geleden
And his effort is why i just heard of woods and didnt know who he was
Carter Smith
Carter Smith 12 dagen geleden
Hey Pat, surely give collingwood a shout out? Massive finals win last week and another big game coming this weekend
Nick Custodi
Nick Custodi 12 dagen geleden
It’s physiologically impossible to be “full speed” every play of every game. I think people have this starry eyed version of what pro athletes are capable of without taking into account they live by the same principles as any human- fatigue exists at every stage of conditioning.
Black Algorithmist 000
Black Algorithmist 000 9 dagen geleden
@Understand With Me Major factor
Understand With Me
Understand With Me 10 dagen geleden
That’s why you watch the heck outa film so you don’t need to react to every play cluelessly.
Jamel Warren
Jamel Warren 11 dagen geleden
By full speed that means as fast as you can, which means if ur tired and you can only go 80% and u go 80% then you are going full speed
Taha 12 dagen geleden
Who is the DB on the show?
John M.
John M. 12 dagen geleden
My wife asked me why I cant go full speed 70 times also.
Rick Long
Rick Long 9 dagen geleden
That toy in her nightstand can, hide the batteries😂😂😂
Samantha Kovacs
Samantha Kovacs 12 dagen geleden
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Stephen Stork
Stephen Stork 12 dagen geleden
There was a play against the Browns where FOUR Cowboys defenders were on their back or stomachs, and not even because of blocks. I don't know if you call it effort or what, but it was bad and nothing to do with the Browns outplaying them.
Brian Doile
Brian Doile 12 dagen geleden
Part of the Chiefs strategy is just that, the receivers run 3x as far as some teams. It wears people out!
PMS Store
PMS Store 12 dagen geleden
Miguel Galvan
Miguel Galvan 12 dagen geleden
Low key got heated when he said my boy Scottie Miller, dudes on my franchise league putting up numbers
Will 12 dagen geleden
Atleast it's not as noticeable as it is when nba players take plays off.
mrahiotis 12 dagen geleden
I am trippin, i thought you were referring to Dr Xavier Woods, sports entertainer
JMan2015 12 dagen geleden
"Effort on par with the rest of the NFL...." WHAT? Did you see the 4 guys run into the sideline with the GAME ON THE LINE? Nah bruh... it's not.
One Buffalo
One Buffalo 12 dagen geleden
Its a valid argument except that dallas' DBs dont even go full speed for 10/70 plays given they get smoked for 40ppg lmfao
Alexandre Ducharme
Alexandre Ducharme 12 dagen geleden
that bit at the end. i love it when i learn something new about football. for a "fun sports show" there's definitely more moment like these on the .Pat McAfee show" than other shows
Vit Vacharakirin
Vit Vacharakirin 12 dagen geleden
Xavier Woods is exactly right that players can't go full speed for the whole game, but, firstly, he shouldn't have said it, and secondly, that particular play that everyone is talking about is definitely the bad play for him to choose "not to go full speed" on, and I think that was the problem.
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