Pat McAfee's One Tip To Young Kickers 

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This is my advice to all athletes, but especially kickers
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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15 okt. 2020




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ChumblesMumbles 2 dagen geleden
Especially as a developing athlete, multiple sports helps round out multiple facets of ability. You can have a center back who wins every header in the box because he got hops from basketball. Wrestler with great stamina (and low body fat) from cross country. Lineman with great lower body strength from skiing in the winter. It provides physical and mental recovery from sport A and also adds different dimensions of development from sport B.
Zach charleston
Zach charleston 3 dagen geleden
Marlon Esquivel
Marlon Esquivel 4 dagen geleden
One tip for young kickers is that you should watch out for a man named Troy looking at the C gap because you will see your life flash before your eyes
Benjamin Schlukebier
Benjamin Schlukebier 4 dagen geleden
i play hockey and football but i am still a punter so soccer was not a part of my life but hockey has made my legs beefy amd helped me kick
Gintoki The Troll God
Gintoki The Troll God 4 dagen geleden
My football coach said go run track I was okay at and actually liked track more especially indoor track where I had to compete with almost 1000 people it’s a fun environment
Austin Kreps
Austin Kreps 4 dagen geleden
Hey, I’m a kicker for my high school and I’m already pretty good, but I do think I have loads of room for improvement. What are some technique tips to build range since I’ve already got the leg strength? I’ve never had an actual kicking coach help me and everything I do is self taught
Eric Stroupe
Eric Stroupe 4 dagen geleden
The world record holder for men's pole vault (Mondo Duplantis) never specialized in the event until his senior year of high school. His dad was a professional pole vaulter and all of his older brother did the event as well. His parents have talked about the fact that they never saw him as becoming an elite pole vaulter because he didn't have the body build that his older brothers had. He was a scrawny little kid so he played soccer, baseball, and basketball because he thought he would become really good at a sport like baseball. Fast forward about 8 years, and his older brother who was expected to be a really good pole vaulter is now playing in the MLB, and the scrawny Mondo who wasn't expected to do much, now holds the world record. The whole point of this whole post is......just have fun with sports and try a bunch of stuff out, because you never know when you might stumble upon being great at something nobody ever pushed you towards.
Daniel Abramson
Daniel Abramson 4 dagen geleden
Pat got the menorah in the background love it 🕎
Casey B
Casey B 4 dagen geleden
Everyone who's reasonably athletic has had that moment where they're playing one sport and something happens, and inside they give their skills in another sport a little too of the cap
Casey B
Casey B 4 dagen geleden
I played table tennis at a club. Playing a game where I ball can fly at your face at 60-70 miles per hour from 15 ft away has my my reaction time insane. I'll catch things falling off the counter or that some drops and think to myself "thanks baseball, thanks ping pong!"
Greg G
Greg G 4 dagen geleden
My son was at the same camp over the winter with Vinatieri's son. The ball made a different sound leaving that kids foot than everyone else's at the camp. Think he finished second in punt, but he clearly is on his way to being a special punter.
2nd_place 5 dagen geleden
Is Vinatieri’s kid going to be kicking in the NFL at the same time as his old man?
Greg G
Greg G 4 dagen geleden
His kid is a junior in high school right now, so 2 years of high school 4 or 5 years of college and Vinatieri is not kicking now. I am pretty sure that answer is no.
Luke Butkis
Luke Butkis 5 dagen geleden
I never played soccer and started in 7th grade punting and have stayed basically a kicker and would say uplifting teammate helps in situations when things going wrong
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 5 dagen geleden
Pat get rid of Aj Hawk. He is painfully boring
Sam Sam Oxendine
Sam Sam Oxendine 5 dagen geleden
My son will 100% be only a kicker
Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge 5 dagen geleden
Why would I listen to this random guy about kicking. What has he done involving kicking?
Joshua Tayloe
Joshua Tayloe 5 dagen geleden
Sports specialization has it's pros and cons. The biggest con would be position specialization because a position you start out at when you're young you could end up growing out of by pubirity. The biggest pro is building skills and knowledge for the specific sport you're playing. In the case of football you'd build your football IQ which would translate to you being able breakdown and read what the opposition is doing. Just like with ant choice you have to do a cost benefit analysis to determine if that's something you want to do with your child or not. Obviously the more sports you play translates to more opportunities to play beyond on high school, but if you focus on a single sport you can move from good to great in that sport making it easier to play that specific sport past high school. I think specialization became a big thing because of contract prices now. If you're an owner and are shelling out millions for a player you'd likely be more willing to take that risk on someone who has been playing your sport their whole life than someone who only plays it during school.
Sheer ASMR
Sheer ASMR 5 dagen geleden
I hate this because I went to speed camp in high school and ran a 4.58 on the first day and a 4.57 on the last day
Team AHGG 5 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what mic he uses?
Ev 828
Ev 828 5 dagen geleden
Going into senior year over summer I played rugby and we had summer training for football and my coach hated that me and my two teammates did that. He told us we need to pick one sport or the other. I picked rugby cuz that was my true love lol and I never got to play football again 😳
cesar reyes
cesar reyes 4 dagen geleden
Your coach sucked
Olly Webb
Olly Webb 5 dagen geleden
It’s called football not soccer btw
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea 5 dagen geleden
In America it’s called soccer
Nicholas M
Nicholas M 5 dagen geleden
Pat hit nail on the head here. So many people in my generation are starting to do one sport. It’s so lame
Pop Clutch Co.
Pop Clutch Co. 5 dagen geleden
i’d be scared to face cigars like that i cant help but feel like im getting mouth cancer as im smoking
ANTMASTER 15 5 dagen geleden
Dude I’m from Australia I’m twelve and I can kick a footy 40m which is about 45 yards
Jacob Kauwe
Jacob Kauwe 3 dagen geleden
I'm 14 and I can hit a 60 yard field goal (:
Chase King
Chase King 3 dagen geleden
You suck
ANTMASTER 15 4 dagen geleden
I know but in Australia if you are taking a set shot then there is someone tall who can jump really high in front of you and there are about five people in front of the goal line ready to hit the ball away if they can reach it most of them being very tall but all I was saying is that Aussie rules football is a good sport to play for young kickers in America
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas 4 dagen geleden
You must not know American football well which is okay, but you have to hit an area that's about 3 meters off the ground and people are rushing them
Connie B
Connie B 5 dagen geleden
It’s money that caused specialization. You could earn the price of a college education or a lucrative pro sports contract by focusing on becoming great at a particular sport.
Connie B
Connie B 5 dagen geleden
Tag is a great kids play game for general athletic development that can help you in football.
Kian Darvish
Kian Darvish 5 dagen geleden
I played club soccer for many years and just recently I started kicking fields goals on my own time. IMO the transition is not the hardest but kicking a soccer ball on a set piece is much different than kicking a football through the uprights, but after some practice you get the hang of it.
Trey Huslig
Trey Huslig 5 dagen geleden
Whose going to tell AJ his cam is put of focus
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy 5 dagen geleden
Part of what makes Mahomes and Wilson so special throwing the football is their baseball backgrounds. They throw on the run just like high level middle infielders
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan 5 dagen geleden
plus Mahomes has a 90 mph fastball in HS
Rowan 5 dagen geleden
Pat should get Kyle whittingham to talk about getting Aussie kickers and his special teams philosophies. The utes have gotten many K/P To the league.
Fun With Memes
Fun With Memes 5 dagen geleden
I also have a tip for young kickers Instead of missing kicks, make them instead
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea 5 dagen geleden
I think he cracked the Code
Jacob Veil
Jacob Veil 5 dagen geleden
It’s not that easy 😂
Joey ********
Joey ******** 5 dagen geleden
Being a kicker and Punter is honestly the hardest position to make on a team in the NFL honestly. Only 32 spots in the league for a kicker.
Swaggy Pea
Swaggy Pea 5 dagen geleden
And it’s pretty easy to get leg injuries
Dynamic Solution
Dynamic Solution 5 dagen geleden
And they linger around for 20 years
Foul Breeze
Foul Breeze 5 dagen geleden
You can tell Hawk is athletic enough to be a hooper..
Yung Moy
Yung Moy 5 dagen geleden
Jesus loves you. He died for our sins and resurrected on the third dayin glory.The pay of sin is death. We need to repent from our sins and accept him as our Lord and Savior to be saved. He is coming soon, we need to follow him!
notdarrell 5 dagen geleden
I can't believe no one Kicks AND Punts to get paid >2x the typical K pay bc they save their team a roster spot.
Aaron Dela Cruz
Aaron Dela Cruz 5 dagen geleden
Specializing too early also creates a huge risk for developing an overuse injury. Think prevalence of Tommy John surgeries in high school pitchers
Tim Weihrauch
Tim Weihrauch 6 dagen geleden
The book - Range- by David Epstein has statistical data behind being a generalist to pick up a lot of skills before you might specialize in something later in life. Loved the book. Great thoughts by A.J. and Pat.
W P 6 dagen geleden
This slick fast talker is a Punter, maybe he made millions on the Golf Circuit, and placed some Michael Jordan type Bets on the Putting Greens!
gary jandereski
gary jandereski 6 dagen geleden
My hs wrestling coach would not allow someone to wrestle year round, he always said play soccer or get a job in the fall lol
awolke4 6 dagen geleden
When I was in high school it was the prime time for the specialty. It’s so stupid. I’m glad coaches are starting to figure out how dumb that was. I still wouldn’t have gone pro if they weren’t there, but I wouldn’t of hated playing football so much
Jason Webber
Jason Webber 6 dagen geleden
Thank for the Dart player shout out! It definitely helps to have an athletic background! 🎯🎯
Hondo 66
Hondo 66 6 dagen geleden
My advice is put down the ball and go to trade school. The NFL isn't going to be around much longer.
Animal Science TV
Animal Science TV 6 dagen geleden
Punters and kickers don't have enough playtime for like a 5 -12 year old kid, do they?
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 5 dagen geleden
Pretty much
Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards 6 dagen geleden
As an Aussie who played footy (AFL) from 8 till I was 17 as a full back, which for those who are unaware I played against either the best kicker or second best kicker for goal on the other team. I found those players who focused mainly on goal kicking forgot the rest of the game, what I mean by that is; If the full forward miss his kick he'd just stand there having a sook (crybaby) and while that's happening other players would contest the ball and the game would move on vs. he should back himself that even if he F..stuffs up, still go after the ball to fix your own mistake and help the team. AKA you can't just learn one thing, you need to understand everything about what your doing/playing (A boxer doesn't learn to just jab). Also love ya Pat and the Boys and by love I mean in a way of have some beers and sh*t talk way.....not a inside you way lol.
Chief Psycho
Chief Psycho 6 dagen geleden
Aj pretends he's smoking a cigar but in actuality it's just a fat blunt with the dankest maryjane
Earl Heath
Earl Heath 6 dagen geleden
My son never played soccer. He is kicking consistent 40 yrd fieldgoals at 15. He spent 3 years in a kicking program. He also plays quarterback and is a solid leader. I believe he will play college ball but we need to get high school ball going again.
Supercars of Portland
Supercars of Portland 6 dagen geleden
Haha I didn’t play soccer but I just did kicking
RK 6 dagen geleden
Lowkey ima become the best kicker of all time
Jeff Gest
Jeff Gest 6 dagen geleden
A generation of Marinovich Punters...
sYmboloGy 6 dagen geleden
Here's my tip for all kickers, make all of your extra points and field goals.
Derek Rosecrans
Derek Rosecrans 6 dagen geleden
Amen. Specialization concept is rampant in sports. I used to get so much crap from coaches for not being at summer workouts. I was working construction labor all day long and other hard labor jobs. That work made me strong, more heat tolerant, and was where I would draw strength from when I had to dig deep in practice, games, and injuries. Too many dumb coaches.
Aeis 300
Aeis 300 6 dagen geleden
So I used to do kickoffs in high school, but only for one season. I could only kick it out of the endzone and I would do so by about 30 yards. After a summer away and coming back I could never kick a kickoff correctly again. WTF happened? I also could punt consistently high for 50 yards and accurately, but every once in a while it would go 80 for some reason. I never understood this.
DrRazzleDazzle 6 dagen geleden
whats with that haircut? (serious question)
Tyler McDuffie
Tyler McDuffie 6 dagen geleden
Rams Sam Sloman needs to see this
Jeff Casselman
Jeff Casselman 6 dagen geleden
Where's the Bell joining the Chiefs??? I need this right meow
Ethan Poe
Ethan Poe 6 dagen geleden
Kicking grind never stops for me. Trying to walk on at USF
The Goat
The Goat 6 dagen geleden
Good skills bro my dream was to play college ball
Oran Wilson
Oran Wilson 6 dagen geleden
Pat you need to research Gaelic football it’s in Irish sport similar to the AFL Australian rules with a round ball and one of the kids that plays hit a scholarship as a punter to college it’s a great story I think it would be a great segment on the show for the brand
Jackson Dietzenbach
Jackson Dietzenbach 6 dagen geleden
Did we just hear that Pat used to play volleyball?
FatmanJonesTV 6 dagen geleden
I was wondering if anyone was going to mention that 😂
Hoe Hogan
Hoe Hogan 6 dagen geleden
Who’s the guy on the the right?
umop apIsdn
umop apIsdn 5 dagen geleden
Aj hawk
Josh Edmonds
Josh Edmonds 6 dagen geleden
Worship the C Gap
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 6 dagen geleden
AFL and rugby league would be better for going to nfl. As you have to tackle in both those sports and have proper athletic ability do a fake punt or a last ditch tackle on a return suddenly becomes a lot more viable.
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 6 dagen geleden
Really enjoyed this take from people that have been there. People give my brother crap because my nephew is always doing something. Baseball is the kids passion and he's good at it too, but he doesn't only just play baseball. He plays football (did until he just recently broke his arm), he wrestles, he shoots bow, etc. Everyone says, "You're gonna wear him out" And the thing is, he's not made to do anything. He's asked if he wants to do it, its his decision, and if he burns out then so be it.
Oziel 6 dagen geleden
My kicking career was over in my junior year after football season was over I played my second sport hockey and my ankle snapped and ever since my kicks aren’t the best 😭
Bruce Simmons
Bruce Simmons 6 dagen geleden
Being an athlete comes from participating in athletic activities. Therefore being athletic helps you in any activity that requires you to move your body.
uncle b
uncle b 6 dagen geleden
We need that volleyball film on pat 😂💀
tubeat32 3 dagen geleden
I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything on NLblock before...but this deserves it. I absolutely remember watching Norwin 3 Plum 1 at Penn Hill HS in 2005. I absolutely remember leaving questioning who the blonde curly haired kid was and how I hadn’t seen him in previous years. He was an absolute natural athlete and very, very good at volleyball. Makes more sense now that he only played this year, but you could tell he would have been very good if that’s the sport he had decided to focus on.
thomas brett
thomas brett 6 dagen geleden
Did anyone else notice Pat said "build up more explosivity" instead of explosiveness 😂 0:16
GP2626 5 dagen geleden
@Oliver McCall it is not lol
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall 5 dagen geleden
Is that even a word?
Schnell 6 dagen geleden
Did you notice some people say potato instead of potato
sYmboloGy 6 dagen geleden
It's a morning grumpy reference, obviously.
GP2626 6 dagen geleden
All Pro Punter doesnt know "explosiveness "
Mo Chick3n
Mo Chick3n 6 dagen geleden
I love the smirk from AJ when Pat said he played volleyball his senior year
Mo Chick3n
Mo Chick3n 6 dagen geleden
@sYmboloGy lmao ya us men play football and after practice go watch the hot babes🤫nothing we don’t already know
sYmboloGy 6 dagen geleden
Volleyball is fun. And chicks play it too. Smoking hot babes. Think about it.
FatmanJonesTV 6 dagen geleden
I actually had the same kicking coach as Adam vinatieri and Justin tucker. Doug blevins - great guy. And I will say he did teach me a lot. It wasn’t just total bs he was a smart dude. So some specialist coaches can help you out if you have a good foundation already, but it’s not all that necessary
Kingston Jones
Kingston Jones 6 dagen geleden
Can you tell some of his secrets 👀
sYmboloGy 6 dagen geleden
What team are you playing on?
Holyoake Ent.
Holyoake Ent. 6 dagen geleden
nfl should try to get Rugby Fullbacks and Flyhalfs(10) to try out for kickers. Idk how their legs would do but you wouldn’t lose a tackler on the field that’s for sure.
Gary Farrell
Gary Farrell 6 dagen geleden
You need to look up GAA it’s Irish sport, there was one lad from Ireland that got college scholarship to head to states to be a punter/place kicker
mccarthyp64 6 dagen geleden
they should look up hurling while they're at it
Jayson Mcleod
Jayson Mcleod 6 dagen geleden
So true. I live in a canadian hockey town and I coach peewee football. Top tier hockey coach is finally letting their kids play other sports and it’s been so good for sports in our city. Had a kid play a hockey tourney, Finish drive an hour and a half and play the second half of our playoff kid. That’s some heart.
Herr Kules
Herr Kules 6 dagen geleden
Actually most strenghth during a kick is contributed by the abs..
Herr Kules
Herr Kules 5 dagen geleden
@JeffDK yes my bad, language gap
Herr Kules
Herr Kules 5 dagen geleden
Haha thanks for trolling guys. Good stuff. Its Just a little known fact and makes sense doesn't it? A golf Swing isnt all arms either. But as a european I will say far more important is the muscle memory that you will never learn quite the same when older. Also maybe remember that Pat is a Bro.. Just a quote from a quick Google search "you must understand that your core is the base, the center of EVERY physical movement, hence the name CORE. When you develop your core, every move becomes so much easier"
renegonzalez1991 6 dagen geleden
Thanks. I truly appreciate your input vs the professional punter of the decade. You really opened my eyes to punting. What does this guy mcafee know
Garrett Durham
Garrett Durham 6 dagen geleden
What team did you kick for?
Yo how tf do you change your profile pic on mobile
No, it’s obviously the left tricep for right footed kickers, and right tricep for left footed
Jacob Collin Mullet
Jacob Collin Mullet 6 dagen geleden
AJ is so out of focus lmao
Amar Zukancic
Amar Zukancic 6 dagen geleden
Yeah my schools coaches tell us every week basically “make sure you play multiple sports” and basically force all of us to do track and the lineman to do wrestling, but it’s definitely better for us so I’m not mad
owen towery
owen towery 3 dagen geleden
@Alan Z quenton nelson does martial arts
Eric Stroupe
Eric Stroupe 4 dagen geleden
I coach track, and I went to a coaching clinic where they had a former Olympic high jumper from Germany. He talked about how kids shouldn't even be specializing until they are about 16 or 17 years old. Before those ages, their brains can't handle the specialization, and you're setting them up for injuries and burnout. From 1st grade through about 6th grade they should focus having fun and being healthy. They shouldn't be doing any type of weight lifting during this time. From 7th grade until about 9th you should start to do beginner weight lifting, putting more of a focus on proper technique, but still keeping things fun. Then from 10th and 11th grade you can start to narrow things down and start to specialize a little bit. If you specialize too early, then the kids who could be beneficial to your program, will ultimately end up quitting.
AJ 5 dagen geleden
Yeah, totally off topic, but rn im doing Hockey, Football and Baseball. I live in Maine, so that explains the hockey
Amar Zukancic
Amar Zukancic 6 dagen geleden
@Alan Z and it’s good for keeping us in shape along with off season lifts and colleges will always take the multi sport athlete I’ve the single sport one
Alan Z
Alan Z 6 dagen geleden
Yea I heard wrestling is good for learning how to use leverage which is perfect for lineman
PMS Store
PMS Store 6 dagen geleden
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett 6 dagen geleden
Pat, any workout tips for kickers?
Drewdreds 6 dagen geleden
Tbh high school track us better than the so called “speed camps”
DK Racing
DK Racing 3 dagen geleden
@Brian Sager id have to throw wrestling over track personally, especially when it comes to the bigger players who aren’t going to running the races but rather do more field events. But that’s just me
DeadpanFish 5 dagen geleden
Used to run track before baseball season cuz we had summer ball. Oh boy. Do that kids. Obvi play foosball in the fall.
Brian Sager
Brian Sager 6 dagen geleden
Track is the best football training. Its basically strength and conditioning training thats functional and competitive.
Jeff A. Taylor
Jeff A. Taylor 6 dagen geleden
Sorry, but baseball and soccer coaches ABSOLUTELY freak if guys play other sports.
Jeff A. Taylor
Jeff A. Taylor 6 dagen geleden
@Tim Coulthurst I am happy for that. But I spent years watching HS baseball coaches talk talented WRs, RBs etc out of playing football. The possible exception was QB; the perception was that in a passing offense the player would improve their arm talent while not taking that many hits. Playing football also increased the intimidation factor; he's a big strong armed kid who also plays QB.
Tim Coulthurst
Tim Coulthurst 6 dagen geleden
Every baseball coach that I have ever had has encouraged me, and the other guys that I have played with, to play other sports.
Jerome Miville
Jerome Miville 6 dagen geleden
Those coach are idiot. Look at guy like mahome. Jackson. Wilson. Those crazy play they can make look a lot more like baseball throw than football. And i don't know it this stat is still accurate but i see a stat that said like: 25/30 first rounder play at least another sport in high school and even college. You can also look at player like lockett and his foot work is mostly basketball foot work
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett 6 dagen geleden
I love this! We need more kicking tips!
Eric Russell
Eric Russell 6 dagen geleden
This is so interesting. Tell me more about kickers please 🤢🤮
Marc Perciful
Marc Perciful 6 dagen geleden
just leave please
Chris Suppers
Chris Suppers 6 dagen geleden
what is a good way to be able to kick farther and make your leg stronger besides soccer
LSU Tigers24
LSU Tigers24 19 uur geleden
Sammy Dog
Sammy Dog 6 dagen geleden
Gabe Zukosky
Gabe Zukosky 6 dagen geleden
Myke 6 dagen geleden
I think soccer is the best way to build up your footwork.
Jackson Lanzafame
Jackson Lanzafame 6 dagen geleden
Chances of making it in the NFL as a punter or kicker without playing in college?
Dru Andrews
Dru Andrews 5 dagen geleden
@FROSTXBITEZ Deestroying has got to get back to UCF if he wants to play in the NFL
lwidude 00
lwidude 00 6 dagen geleden
@FROSTXBITEZ MMG is a good high school kicker but he himself said that he is nowhere near the level of even a college kicker. there is a 0% chance that MMG gets into the NFL
DreamPOV 6 dagen geleden
@FROSTXBITEZ mmg is no where close
FROSTXBITEZ 6 dagen geleden
If you're a BIIIG YT'er like Deestroying or MMG then you probably have a small chance but damn near nothing if you're a regular everyday person.
Dru Andrews
Dru Andrews 6 dagen geleden
Like 0 unless you can kick from your own 30 yard line
Anna P.
Anna P. 6 dagen geleden
Do players actually do ballet like in "The Game Plan"? LOL
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 4 dagen geleden
Only the good players
PaPa POVEY 4 dagen geleden
Some do as well as other activities that involve forms of stretching and what not.
Rob W
Rob W 4 dagen geleden
I believe Ricky Williams did ballet as well, likely on a shitload of vitamins.
Sam Sam Oxendine
Sam Sam Oxendine 5 dagen geleden
Yah it helps with flexibility and it looses u up and teaches u to be light on ur feet
a a aron
a a aron 6 dagen geleden
all the comments "Not first"
A Becerra
A Becerra 6 dagen geleden
Not first
Ray R
Ray R 6 dagen geleden
How do I call in ?!?!
sYmboloGy 6 dagen geleden
Just phone it in, you can't handle it.
AKA_SassyUndead Clips
AKA_SassyUndead Clips 6 dagen geleden
If you watch live he says the number
Leandro Costa
Leandro Costa 6 dagen geleden
Pointblank03 03
Pointblank03 03 6 dagen geleden
Does kicking children help?
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 6 dagen geleden
Kick the baby.
Pointblank03 03
Pointblank03 03 6 dagen geleden
@HIGH GROUND I feel like I deserve credit for setting you up that punch line. XD
Scotty Haines
Scotty Haines 6 dagen geleden
@HIGH GROUND Kareem Hunt didn't kick a child. He tapped a girl with his foot. Wasn't even a hard tap.
A Becerra
A Becerra 6 dagen geleden
HIGH GROUND 6 dagen geleden
I mean, Kareem Hunt is one of the best in the NFL and it worked for him.
TomIscoolTV 6 dagen geleden
rhys pratt
rhys pratt 6 dagen geleden
Fantasy Football Tips
Fantasy Football Tips 6 dagen geleden
@Pointblank03 03 u hate to see it
Pointblank03 03
Pointblank03 03 6 dagen geleden
@Fantasy Football Tips you just crushed this mans dreams
Fantasy Football Tips
Fantasy Football Tips 6 dagen geleden
Nope. Just checked the records and it says here you weren't first. Sorry about that!
Zale Smordin
Zale Smordin 6 dagen geleden
MrTopCookie 6 dagen geleden
Top 10 Pat McAfee Moments
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