Pat McAfee's Video Guy DISRESPECTS HIM On The Podcast 

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This is just BLATANT Disrespect
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17 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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TheDickster13 Dag geleden
foxy is 2017 yankees
sterling bowers
sterling bowers 2 dagen geleden
Foxy all the way. Takes a lot to be the odd man out in the whole room
Dan Clancy
Dan Clancy 3 dagen geleden
Can these U ball games be posted lol😂
cwag07 3 dagen geleden
The fact that I have no idea what they are talking about makes it funnier
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 3 dagen geleden
The boys Uball committee is as effective as the NCAA
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 4 dagen geleden
Best podcast out lol I am crying
Dregs 4 dagen geleden
this is why i love this podcast and show. never seen so much happiness and fun in my life.
Bryan Prevatte
Bryan Prevatte 5 dagen geleden
Foxy has some tiny legs man
Joey Merc
Joey Merc 6 dagen geleden
Free foxxy
Christopher Lucas
Christopher Lucas 6 dagen geleden
Did TY just go Ditka?!
Jordan Haggard
Jordan Haggard 6 dagen geleden
He is the Vontaze Burfict of U-ball....
Trent 6 dagen geleden
“Video guy” lmaoooo poor Foxy Billy you did him dirty
Chief Q
Chief Q 6 dagen geleden
Wife is Uball
Luke Sherwood
Luke Sherwood 6 dagen geleden
Fairly similar to barstool😂😂😂
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 6 dagen geleden
Greetings Mr. McAfee and the Cuckholds. I think we should see these U Ball games on NLblock. I am interested in seeing this not only for entertainment, but for a business opportunity. I would like to set a meeting to discuss taking this game to throughout the Midwest during the winter months. I can foresee franchise teams in the first year in cities like. Des Moines, Omaha, Topeka, Sioux Falls, and possibly more in a Western Division. I would leave an Eastern Division to an owners committee to be created in am upcoming meeting.
Luis Zavala
Luis Zavala 6 dagen geleden
Accelerated his diabetes by 3 weeks😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Matt Lopez
Matt Lopez 6 dagen geleden
I swear to God I would quit my job and pay them to work here lol
JHarb 6 dagen geleden
this video deserves MILLIONS of views
BayHarbor Butcher
BayHarbor Butcher 6 dagen geleden
Pat was never hood in the nfl
Trevor Sensat
Trevor Sensat 7 dagen geleden
Ty yelling like he drafted Foxxy in Fantasy.
Allen Riley
Allen Riley 7 dagen geleden
Foxxy just dropped the CM Punk pipe bomb of 2020
Jared Drake
Jared Drake 7 dagen geleden
Can we have Ty Schmidt give the Packers a reprimanding pep talk to the Packers after their game against the Bucs? -- I'd pay like --- $1.99 for that audio clip
Logan Green
Logan Green 7 dagen geleden
We need videos of UBall right now
Truman Suh
Truman Suh 7 dagen geleden
Hopefully Pats not like Adam Gase
Gavin McCraw
Gavin McCraw 7 dagen geleden
If you need a new video guy I got you
Jonny Taboggin
Jonny Taboggin 7 dagen geleden
The truth shall not only set you free. It shall make you millions of dollars. Be the first.
T-dog27 7 dagen geleden
I don’t even know what’s going on or what they’re on about but this is great.
Arthur Ray
Arthur Ray 7 dagen geleden
Anybody else trying to map out this studio in their head? What is where and where is what 😭
Cristian Dorantes
Cristian Dorantes 7 dagen geleden
Do they record uball?
tim roelofsen
tim roelofsen 7 dagen geleden
I’m just here because I thought Foxy was Andrew Schultz in the thumb nail
Josiah Pate
Josiah Pate 7 dagen geleden
Is this on NLblock yet
Luhemm 7 dagen geleden
Actually have ZERO clue what these guys are talking ab, but the social interactions and vibes are so damn interesting
voteZDLR 7 dagen geleden
In about 10 years I think this guy is gonna be considered the Howard Stern of sports. Even the way he has his studio set up where it's like a living room almost and every time you listen you're getting to know the people in the room. It's like this almost conversational style. What really sets Howard Stern apart from most other radio type personalities besides like being edgy and, well, brutally honest to comic effect almost, is his EXPANSIVE list of celebrity interviews. And he asks them the kinds of questions that you yourself might ask if you had access to them, and some of the questions you can tell make the people getting interviewed uncomfortable and occasionally they fight/"storm out of the interview". But it makes for better interviews. And all of these same things I can see being attributed to Pat McAfee one day if he stays on this course and starts getting bigger and bigger and hosting more and more interviews. He doesn't even have to only interview sports people, he can literally do whatever he wants and that's why he left Barstool -- he's going to be bigger than them one day.
Thomas Gerken
Thomas Gerken 7 dagen geleden
Good, Pat needs a little humility these days
Alex Hetrick
Alex Hetrick 7 dagen geleden
Why don’t they film those
Ty Rabenstein
Ty Rabenstein 7 dagen geleden
Love videos like this. I wanna see more
Ryan Fryhling
Ryan Fryhling 7 dagen geleden
Hey boys long time packer fan and first listen to you guys live for the first time on draft night when my brother in-law text me and told me Rodgers was on. Instantly tuned in and also saw aj on. So I was hooked right away. Then as the draft moved along and I witnessed angry Mel live I was hooked. You boys are awesome and I know over reaction Monday is coming and the turd we laid today isn’t what this teams about. Can’t wait to see all the stupid that will come about it when the fact is we are 4-1 and in a good spot and just laid a turd. Good time to get that dump out of there. Ps just realized I was subscribed. My now!
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 7 dagen geleden
Ask RBT to make a team of Mr Bubbles
EliJax Peraza
EliJax Peraza 7 dagen geleden
Bryce Knowles
Bryce Knowles 7 dagen geleden
Have you guys talked about the best representative for the brand Jason Sanders? Hmmmm
Austin mcClenahan
Austin mcClenahan 7 dagen geleden
Why are these not on the channel?
Andrew Crucetti
Andrew Crucetti 8 dagen geleden
Ty is the 🐐
Shane Stewart
Shane Stewart 8 dagen geleden
Pat I get the feeling you guys are a bunch of dorks trying to be the cool kids lmao
BarDownSnizzzzy19 8 dagen geleden
This dollar store version of PFT is absolutely awful
I’m all out of bubble gum
I used to be a big PFT guy. I’ve changed to this though. And it’s also definitely not awful. For some reason, if you’re being a fanboy for an internet podcast and trashing a different one, you seem like a tool. Just watch the one you like lmao
DJ Pfarner
DJ Pfarner 8 dagen geleden
Uball is like that tiny hoop/tiny basketball game like at an arcade or that one rich kid’s house
jimbob90p 8 dagen geleden
I confused what they're talking bout
john smith
john smith 8 dagen geleden
this satisfies my desire for conflict on a basic animal level
John Johnson
John Johnson 8 dagen geleden
I'm on fox and mitt.. Let em play. They can be our ozzie team, by the way WTF is uball?
David Destefani
David Destefani 8 dagen geleden
Evan 'Altuve' Fox
PMS Store
PMS Store 8 dagen geleden
Cedric Walker
Cedric Walker 8 dagen geleden
What is this suspension BS, PM? It's fines or kicks to the groin. Period.
Hurley65 8 dagen geleden
Ty Schmidt is the fuckin’ GOAT
Jackson Gardiner
Jackson Gardiner 8 dagen geleden
I would love this job lol
Andy K
Andy K 8 dagen geleden
Yeah I was dying at work listening to this
Himel Khan
Himel Khan 8 dagen geleden
1:16 I do not owe anybody anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
John Picone
John Picone 8 dagen geleden
That’s the way the cookie 🍪 crumbs
Casey Pierson
Casey Pierson 8 dagen geleden
This is THE MOST Yinzer thing I’ve ever seen.
Sloppy 1 Hundred
Sloppy 1 Hundred 8 dagen geleden
I want to party with these dudes
Chuck W
Chuck W 8 dagen geleden
U ball needs a camera
Joxer333 8 dagen geleden
Can someone explain the difference between the NLblock show and the podcast?
Bully Blood
Bully Blood 8 dagen geleden
This Foookin guy!
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 8 dagen geleden
We NEED official rules and maybe some footage of youball
Michael Epp
Michael Epp 8 dagen geleden
We need more U ball content
Colton Smith
Colton Smith 8 dagen geleden
Can we get a video series on uball now that foxy has 24 games of free time?
K 8 dagen geleden
you're all drunk
Isaac Sosa
Isaac Sosa 8 dagen geleden
Foxy should appeal the 24 games suspension to 12. With good behavior
T Po1994
T Po1994 8 dagen geleden
Youball is a gentleman's sport act like it!
Ian Pyle
Ian Pyle 8 dagen geleden
Wtf is uball
RemohONE 8 dagen geleden
Pats legs
alex Belletti
alex Belletti 8 dagen geleden
bro i love this show because it just reminds me a of me and my boys sitting around bullshiting xD
Thomas Crisafulli
Thomas Crisafulli 8 dagen geleden
Think I may drop everything and train full time to be a professional Uball player.
Derrick Reese
Derrick Reese 8 dagen geleden
I'm with foxxy
Nicky The Dabber
Nicky The Dabber 8 dagen geleden
When ty started yelling I was dead 💀💀💀
Hunter Lahdenpera
Hunter Lahdenpera 8 dagen geleden
FREE FOXY 😤 Don’t be a stooge !
Invayduhh Zym
Invayduhh Zym 8 dagen geleden
Yall need name badges on the screen fam. Its too many of yall and ion know who is who besides Pat
TruthTella2 8 dagen geleden
It was always going to be a 2020 NBA Championship. Happening in October instead of June is the same year...
Mysaruh Massoud
Mysaruh Massoud 8 dagen geleden
This is like among us but in real life. Hahahahahaha omg
Clampgodbilly 8 dagen geleden
I just joined mid stream for this, lol I was dying
Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell 8 dagen geleden
When are we going to get to see some of these U-ball games?
RiddleMcGriddle 365PST_GRID64
Omg 😳 heel turn?
Andrew Schley
Andrew Schley 8 dagen geleden
“You’re my favorite player”👏🏼👏🏼 love the vibe boys!!
raging racer
raging racer 8 dagen geleden
Free foxxy
Josh Deez
Josh Deez 8 dagen geleden
Connor is a twat. End of story.
Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz 8 dagen geleden
Give Foxy a 10 game suspension and he can’t act up or else it’s back to 24
Hammer 6058
Hammer 6058 8 dagen geleden
Foxy said "down" and not "DAHN" he deserves the full punishment.
Aaron aegerter
Aaron aegerter 8 dagen geleden
Wtf is U ball lol
Alissa Sackville
Alissa Sackville 8 dagen geleden
Hey can you say rrrrreeeeeeddddd rocket for us cowboys fans please Patrick!!!!!!
Daniel Overdorf
Daniel Overdorf 8 dagen geleden
We need u guys to play one game of among us thats all we ask
Scott Wiens
Scott Wiens 8 dagen geleden
Mencius Moldbug
Mencius Moldbug 8 dagen geleden
Rob b
Rob b 8 dagen geleden
free sergeant foxxxy free sergeant foxxxy
Death Wing
Death Wing 8 dagen geleden
Irony is Pat actually is cheating by basically making new rules and mot doing a proper vote
Joe K.
Joe K. 8 dagen geleden
Shoutaht to the legend in the back who’s just working away on a Hammer Dahn logo
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 8 dagen geleden
Foxxy and Ty are my favs with Pat of course
Schnell 8 dagen geleden
That’s fine, last time we saw Pat “disrespected” Pats studio equipment got broke and then Pat lost a wrestling match. Everybody besides Foxxy is Pats “yes man”
Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris 8 dagen geleden
This reminds me of the time I went to the wrong house party.. didn’t know a single person there but decided to stick it because it seemed like a pretty happening party
The Funkadelic
The Funkadelic 8 dagen geleden
What is U Ball?
Papa Meags 69
Papa Meags 69 8 dagen geleden
Pat u need to react to the AFL grand final next week for ‘Aussie rules’
sugar tits
sugar tits 8 dagen geleden
Yes men end up in the 🗑 when it's all said and done not a good situation going on here pat
David Diaz
David Diaz 8 dagen geleden
Why don’t ya put this on the tube... I mean to say the whole show ..