Pat McAfee's Week 4 NFL Bets 

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What are your LOCKS for this weekend?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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2 okt. 2020




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Greg King
Greg King 18 dagen geleden
Did super boost pay? I'm to lazy to check.....
Yo Cool
Yo Cool 19 dagen geleden
Imagine taking the Patriots early
Andrew Coyne
Andrew Coyne 20 dagen geleden
you cost me MILLIONS and MILLIONS
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 20 dagen geleden
When everyone else zigs, WE ZAG!
River Valley University
River Valley University 20 dagen geleden
COVID killed the super boost.
James 20 dagen geleden
Can someone explain the teaser for me? What does he mean all those need to hit because no way in hell Pats are losing by 14.5
Nicholas Sharp
Nicholas Sharp 20 dagen geleden
I hope the season doesn’t get cancelled. 😔
H 21 dag geleden
AFL Aussie Rules needs some Pat MacAfee commentary
Trent Carper
Trent Carper 21 dag geleden
Covid Cam tho.
Jplaya slaya
Jplaya slaya 21 dag geleden
well this aged ! whats the new bet now?
Mr K
Mr K 21 dag geleden
Get this man to one mill already
Sayso 21 dag geleden
Covid Cam may tank ur tease
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 21 dag geleden
How bout nahw without Cam for New England???
Big Spice
Big Spice 21 dag geleden
Did Pat know about Cam having covid? Possibly. I call insider trading.
Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse 21 dag geleden
Hey douche bags pat n the boys. Looks like dr tone fauc knew wtf he was talking about nay? Lmao nfl doctors knowing what they are doing lmao 🤦
mudshark9z 21 dag geleden
Up the Pies!
Aaron Sadowski
Aaron Sadowski 21 dag geleden
Cams got covid 👀
alfredoSAUCE 21 dag geleden
uh oh Cam Newton caught corona. That +14.5 isn't looking as nice anymore.
Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney 21 dag geleden
Collingwood b y 1 friggin' point over West Coast in the Elimination final. Fan bloody tastic! GO PIES! and Mason Cox....3 "sausage rolls"
Jacob 52
Jacob 52 21 dag geleden
Idk why but imagine pat playing among us 😂😂
zap branigan
zap branigan 21 dag geleden
@SNN and yet... i cant, not imagine it.
SNN 21 dag geleden
Jacob 52 what a random and psychotic thing to say
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 21 dag geleden
So down Lazard but up Adams, Clark and the new TE. Funny enough, if Lazard was out week one, no one says a word as far as betting. He plays exactly how he always plays and now it’s noteworthy. The pass offense against NO was Lazard Tonyan and the backs. That same group but upgrade to Davante is not a worry to me. The defense will be playing off the moment of causing a game winning turnover against a stingy offense and following it up with a late three n out. Throw in Kenny on limited snaps and Matt Ryan’s immobilized style, I think the defense has its best showing of the year so far. We got four stops against NO, I think three wins it against Atlanta.
Matt 21 dag geleden
Am I the only one that likes the saints at less than a touchdown over the lions?
Wouldnya Liktano
Wouldnya Liktano 21 dag geleden
I thought most def the rams... a teaser come on pat
Slayerrrx 22 dagen geleden
Yooo pat we almost at 1 mil baby
Rick Long
Rick Long 22 dagen geleden
Redskins about to get curb stomped.
Congo 21 dag geleden
Rick Long who?
George Barrett
George Barrett 22 dagen geleden
For the win Seahawks over Miami Rams over giants San Francisco over Eagles Ravens over redskins Tampa bay over chargers 300 for 579 4 team 13 point teaser Denver +14 over jets Arizona +10 over panthers Vikings +16.5 over Texans Baltimore -1 over redskins 390 for 300 3 team parlay Seahawks -6 over Miami Ravens -14 redskins Rams -13 over giants 100 for 600 3 team 6 point teaser Seahawks -0.5 over Miami Kansas City -0.5 patriots Green Bay -1 Falcons 210 for 326 Follow this madness gonna be a clean sweep !
George Barrett
George Barrett 20 dagen geleden
Oh trust me I know. I was watching in horror cost me 879 those blown plays. It’s sick. You bet on teams to show up and they flop. It was a rough day all around.
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 20 dagen geleden
@George Barrett If wasn't for those 2 dumb interceptions Mullens threw this game could be a easy win. Kittle was carrying that offense and McGlinchey couldn't protect Mullens/Beathard agains't a not-so-great Eagles pass rush.
George Barrett
George Barrett 20 dagen geleden
I mean good call but it wasn’t impressive on either end of the ball. The cards are overrated too. I bought into the hype and now I’m tapped. That’s two weeks in a row instead of being up like 4,500 I’m down 1,000
George Barrett
George Barrett 20 dagen geleden
Without all the mistakes sf easily wins. Sf beat themselves
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 20 dagen geleden
@George Barrett I told you, didn't i?
Mitchell Rogers
Mitchell Rogers 22 dagen geleden
Whatever FanDuel paid pat was worth it he is making me pick up sports gambling
K3BANG 22 dagen geleden
What is Pat's picking history? Isn't it absoloutely horrible? haha
Nick Barbosa
Nick Barbosa 22 dagen geleden
Pat you are so close to 1 million, been here since 200k and just wanted to say Congrats!
Patrick C
Patrick C 22 dagen geleden
Its awesome and crazy to see the show's growth
Rangecontrol 22 dagen geleden
Ravens will be in a hangover game from the Chiefs. That game is gonna be a dog fight.
Norven Aux
Norven Aux 22 dagen geleden
Man Washington is about to get SHREDDED 😬
PMS Store
PMS Store 22 dagen geleden
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 22 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers vs. the worst secondary in the NFL on Monday Night Football. Watch as ESPN hypes this matchup as a rematch from the NFC Championship Game played in 2017... even though the game is at Lambeau and both teams are completely different now.
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 19 dagen geleden
@- Kdunski - What are you talking abaht? I know Green Bay's goin to win via blowaht
- Kdunski -
- Kdunski - 19 dagen geleden
Bro what are you talking about its Aaron Rodgers dude. Aaron. Rodgers. And its being played ona field that Aaron Rodgers will also be playing on.
Brian Keegan
Brian Keegan 22 dagen geleden
Packers was what he was thinking by far 😂
James Rauch
James Rauch 22 dagen geleden
Oh yeah. Patriots he was all "no no" quick and concise. Ty accuses him or doubting the Pack "I didnt think that" sounds like someone caught red handed to me
Peyton Burnette
Peyton Burnette 22 dagen geleden
Can anyone tell me where I can do sports betting I can’t on FanDuel where I live
thelegend233 22 dagen geleden
You’re gonna have to find a local bookie
Xile TS
Xile TS 22 dagen geleden
Burnz not sure it would work because you have to put your social in when you sign up but I wouldn’t know for sure
Peyton Burnette
Peyton Burnette 22 dagen geleden
What if I have a vpn
Xile TS
Xile TS 22 dagen geleden
Sports betting has to be legal in your state for you to do it
Kenyan Troup
Kenyan Troup 22 dagen geleden
I feel like pat doesn’t like Baltimore
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 22 dagen geleden
Well, he did grow up in Pittsburgh
AllDay28 22 dagen geleden
Why are the 0-3 falcons favored over the 3-0 Packers? This is coming from a Vikings fan
AllDay28 22 dagen geleden
@TheHolySC oh ok
TheHolySC 22 dagen geleden
@AllDay28 They aren't. He moved the line by 7 points. Packers opened -7.5 favorites, down to -6.5 right now. Since he moved the line by 7 points, it means Packers are +0.5, but he isn't getting straight odds either. He has to get all 3 games right to do slightly better than betting the spread on a single game.
AllDay28 22 dagen geleden
@Breezy 14 I still don't see why the Falcons would be favored tho
Breezy 14
Breezy 14 22 dagen geleden
Lazard the wr second to Davante Adams is out on core muscle surgery so no Adams (hamstring) and no Lazard for our Packers offense this week :(
Ju Allen
Ju Allen 22 dagen geleden
First time will be going make a bet Saturday I’m planning going just going with 100. Should i make different parlays & split the money or go hard on the few picks i really like on the parlay? Any help??
NJLev 22 dagen geleden
Kyle Griffith I’ll preface this by saying I typically bet on fights way more than team sports. That being said, I’ve learned to do my research and make my picks before even glancing at the odds. Just knowing whether Vegas has someone as a fav or dog can influence the research, in my experience. The odds and implied probability that hard core gamblers talk about never resonated with me, probably due to me trusting these so called “experts” picks and being upset with myself afterwards. I literally make my picks based on who my research tells me is going to win, which I find remarkably easier in 1 on 1 sports.
Kyle Griffith
Kyle Griffith 22 dagen geleden
NJLev I want to get into betting and I keep seeing it’s more than just picking who wins a game. Can you point me in the right direction?
José Cantero
José Cantero 22 dagen geleden
Try to stay away from big parlays
NJLev 22 dagen geleden
If you’re just starting, it doesn’t matter. You’ll find what works for you. My biggest wins have been on huge, 10 leg parlays but at that point it’s literally just a lottery ticket. Hitting on those are few and far between. My highest success rate is on 3-5 leg parlays and single betting on live underdogs. Once you understand parlays, look into round Robbins.
Jose Aceves
Jose Aceves 22 dagen geleden
I do a mix of both. A couple of softer 2 or 3 pick parlays and I go hard on games that I feel are locks.
Kevin Lachance
Kevin Lachance 22 dagen geleden
Ok so let me make sure I understand this correctly. You have to get all three bets right and gamble 50 away just to make 35? So if you don't like one of the games being a complete toss up, your screwed. I don't like it. Good on Fan Duel for coming up with a way to have people go all in on a bet that is rarely going to actually hit.
Kevin Lachance
Kevin Lachance 22 dagen geleden
@Brad Van Wagenen oh gawd ok. I was about to say lol well now thats not as bad. Still is too much of a gamble for me
Brad Van Wagenen
Brad Van Wagenen 22 dagen geleden
The amount you win does not include your original bet. So you win $85 and get your $50 bet back.
Devon Aronson
Devon Aronson 22 dagen geleden
No you make 85 profit. You get your 50 back that you wagered and 85 on top of that.
Toshiki Kai The Vanguard
Toshiki Kai The Vanguard 22 dagen geleden
All bets Ravens and Packers are going to run over Washington no name and the Falcons
I like to watch NFL
I like to watch NFL 22 dagen geleden
@G BS more like ravens 42 football team 7
G BS 22 dagen geleden
Ravens 37 Washington 14 Packers 31 Falcons 20
Josh Jacobson
Josh Jacobson 22 dagen geleden
Lazard is out indefinitely for the Packers, and Davante Adams is most likely out too. Packers are playing with a decimated receiver core
Superiorlion 718
Superiorlion 718 22 dagen geleden
I pooped
J B384
J B384 22 dagen geleden
Almost at 1 mil subs well deserved
chris coleman
chris coleman 22 dagen geleden
I'm going to bed that the NFL keeps getting smashed in the ratings because they put the names of a R apist on their helmets....
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters 22 dagen geleden
Gus Farbman
Gus Farbman 22 dagen geleden
Cool I agree also 11 th
Joseph Assiryani
Joseph Assiryani 22 dagen geleden
Caid Thackeray
Caid Thackeray 22 dagen geleden
I'd bet on the Bengals if they had an indoor practice facility.
Hunt2022 19 dagen geleden
Bruh the outdoors builds toughness
Redditghettofilipino Mod
Redditghettofilipino Mod 22 dagen geleden
I bet that Pat is still angry at Polumalu for lining up in the C-Gap
Brendan Burke
Brendan Burke 22 dagen geleden
cant wait to get clapped and still be leading the division
Ian Wilmoth
Ian Wilmoth 19 dagen geleden
@cowboyz 89 hey
Cole Wix
Cole Wix 20 dagen geleden
cowboyz 89 nope lmaoooo
Brendan Burke
Brendan Burke 21 dag geleden
@OnlyOneBuffalo yeah when we had RG3 it was a competitive division now. well we are leading the division at 1-2
OnlyOneBuffalo 22 dagen geleden
If the Re- I mean...Washington football team....somehow squeek themselves by and come out the regular season leading the division, it's confirmed that the NFC East has overtaken the AFC east as the worst division in football this decade.
Allgaming network
Allgaming network 22 dagen geleden
@cowboyz 89 ol shake and bake gonna fire it all over the cowboys d 38-31
Tyler Morris
Tyler Morris 22 dagen geleden
Teasers are definitely dope, sucks how bad the odds get hit but I’ve gotta throw on this boost now, right? Best of both worlds
Jalen Gilbert
Jalen Gilbert 22 dagen geleden
Big Sam
Big Sam 22 dagen geleden
talk SEC games!
Brady Ramos
Brady Ramos 22 dagen geleden
CougarZONE 22 dagen geleden
Event 1 & 2 - 2020 CrossFit Games
Event 1 & 2 - 2020 CrossFit Games