Pat McAfee Says "There Is No Chance I Kick Again" 

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There have been some opportunities to go back to the NFL... but I don't think that is for me.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 sep. 2020




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Ratchet Jésús
Ratchet Jésús 16 dagen geleden
Man I keep forgetting pat retired so young lol dude is only 1 year older than me
Milsurp Mike Channel
Milsurp Mike Channel 16 dagen geleden
McAfee pulling a Joe Pesci here..
A Toxic Squeaker
A Toxic Squeaker 20 dagen geleden
Can we get a donation fund to get Pat DAHN IN TAMPA KICKING WITH TOMMY
Alec Hyre
Alec Hyre 21 dag geleden
Pat is an internet genius man... he’s said multiple times he’s not coming back but then always says wellll if a team needs one late in the year maybe... just so he can keep hope alive and periodically have convos like this whenever the show needs a spark
Nic Townsend
Nic Townsend 21 dag geleden
Come to Australia and play the AFL Legends game!!!
Julian Mirelez
Julian Mirelez 21 dag geleden
Pat and Cam on the same team!? So much life!! Definitely gonna buy a Mcafee Jersey
Regigigas Plays
Regigigas Plays 21 dag geleden
I agree with AJ
HOTSAUCE 22 dagen geleden
Before the season started tho he was like ehh. Bucs call and he’s kicking. Promise.
Jason Ledesma
Jason Ledesma 22 dagen geleden
Man do you bro. You’re your own boss and no one can tell you what to do as long as you get your money and pay your bills 🤷🏽‍♂️
Americo Maiz
Americo Maiz 22 dagen geleden
Get Peyton on for 1 Million subscribers!!!
Brighton Harris
Brighton Harris 22 dagen geleden
That TOMPA BAY special teams would be 🔥 just have u be punter and kicker
Christopher Hayes
Christopher Hayes 23 dagen geleden
How would KC not be the best place for him to go? He would rarely see the field and when he does he gonna be dropping dimes.
Frown Power
Frown Power 23 dagen geleden
If Josh McCown can coach high school football and come back and play Quarterback on Sunday like he did last year you can fly out to punt
nmarkert01 23 dagen geleden
As Pat talks about people retiring and living their best life Hawk takes a long drag on his cigar 😂
roller 23 dagen geleden
Pat the hall of fame punter is essential to informing who pat the excellent broadcaster is. Without pat the punter we don't get the great viral clips we've gotten over the years (polamalu in the c gap, etc). People wanna see Pat back in the game because they love him, simple as.
FuriousSkippy Gaming
FuriousSkippy Gaming 23 dagen geleden
Pat should have a punters and kickers kick ball game
Orion Foresee
Orion Foresee 23 dagen geleden
Pat's going to be the Broncos starting QB next week.
Bmonty 23 dagen geleden
You have one of the best sports shows period Pat. You don't have to prove anything.
John Maguire
John Maguire 23 dagen geleden
Did he say he will never kick or never punt?
T Raw
T Raw 23 dagen geleden
AJ is a real friend man
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 23 dagen geleden
1:27 is that what you think? The Rock: it doesn't matter what you think!
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 23 dagen geleden
Benjamin 23 dagen geleden
I would much rather see pat be stupid on this show than on the field or in his press conferences
Ivo Eenink
Ivo Eenink 23 dagen geleden
So wich team approached Pat for a comeback??? xD
Bierstadt54 23 dagen geleden
Punters waddle. I'll remember that.
Johncas416 23 dagen geleden
Pat we’ll take you in New England Nick Folk STINKS
PMS Store
PMS Store 23 dagen geleden
T Po1994
T Po1994 23 dagen geleden
I'm with the hawk on this one!
T Po1994
T Po1994 23 dagen geleden
Pat to the Pats would be legendary
Matthew Joseph The Common Sense American
Not even to coach college punters?
Jt Burton
Jt Burton 23 dagen geleden
Assumed Mac would be coaching around this time
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando 23 dagen geleden
Be honest with yourself too, Pat...I'm sure it would fun for a game, but you don't want to go through an entire season. I redshirted 1 yr in college and the traveling/commitment was enough for me lol. You're next career is blossoming right now too. You have nearly 1 mil subs and growing, you're only 33 (which is a baby for a broadcaster). Do what's in your heart...but from the outside looking in, you're made for media.
Sniperry 23 dagen geleden
JT B 23 dagen geleden
Pat, don't live life trying to prove nothing to nobody. You want to kick again, go for it. And then have cleats that say Yup, I kick it and I stick it. Suck it.
Mike Keller
Mike Keller 23 dagen geleden
AJ hawk is a big toe that learned to smoke
Mike Keller
Mike Keller 23 dagen geleden
I like how I can watch a video at regular volume and it's all good. Then I click on Pat and there's no volume high enough to hear him talk.
Thomas H
Thomas H 23 dagen geleden
McAfee is such a good heel...."In your house?" lol
Klouneworks 24 dagen geleden
Come to NE
cardboard87 24 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee and Marquette King were the two most entertaining punters to watch in the league. Would be cool to see Pat come back, but considering the success of this show, I'd say he's already won at life at life after football.
J Burton
J Burton 24 dagen geleden
Pat is just famous from being in the NFL now he just talks about the NFL on youtube, I wouldn't say he entirely found a new career its not like he's a lawyer now or something he still a dummy that can just kick a ball he just happens to be funny n gets clicks from teenagers lol
JB 24 dagen geleden
Week 14, 12-0 Kansas City chiefs sign Pat Mcafee to punt the ball
MrHashtag 24 dagen geleden
That struck a chord...
David Edwards
David Edwards 24 dagen geleden
Pat: I'll never kick again. Collingwood: We want you in AFL! Pat: Say no more.
Gage Madrid
Gage Madrid 24 dagen geleden
As much as it would be cool to see Pat back in the NFL, it is a lot cooler to listen to his show every day!
Johnny C
Johnny C 24 dagen geleden
BS.... Get your happy ass in NE & do you. You still have game in you & we need another fun dude that can still be a professional. Everything is negotiable. Have it all, Pat!! 🍻 Have.. it.. FN.. all.
Michael Chen
Michael Chen 24 dagen geleden
Pat talks about this every week lol. Just come back and give the people what they want
Mr. TheKidd
Mr. TheKidd 24 dagen geleden
Comeback Pat...For The Brand!!.
Gamer 24 dagen geleden
I want MMG and Deestroying in the league. I have spoken
Jahminski831 Michael Vienola
I smell a comeback!!!! :)))
Isaiah 24 dagen geleden
We should start a petition for him to come back
Do you ever plan on showing up in WWE again and being horrible? Not just as a wrestler but as a human being and entertainer... cuz man that was bad I know you got really excited to be back around men and their underwear but why don't you just stick to playing with balls the way you have for the last 20 years
Matthew Lannoye
Matthew Lannoye 24 dagen geleden
Is Pat the next Farve?
Tristen Molina
Tristen Molina 24 dagen geleden
If Pat doesn't come back as a kicker, he should come back as the commissioner
Aaron Clapp
Aaron Clapp 24 dagen geleden
Pat be the punter for the chiefs... you never have to kick anyways
brandon black
brandon black 24 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk.
Robert Keil
Robert Keil 24 dagen geleden
“I don’t think I will ever kick a ball again...for money.” Now if a charity stream asks Pat to launch a few for a donation for Fur The Brand...
Adam Gates
Adam Gates 24 dagen geleden
Pat is better as an ambassador for the sport than a player, everyone view of retirement is different. I rather Pat keep growing his youtube empire
Max Terry
Max Terry 24 dagen geleden
Seriously why do you look at going back to play football like it is a failure? You worked hard to get there, that just means you really care about what people say way too much
DrumKiller2 24 dagen geleden
Damn it Pat. You are still young and can clearly kick still. Just go sign a 1 year or mid season deal. Not only is that money in the bank, but its more content for your team, your channel, and the BRAND!!
Conner 24 dagen geleden
I understand this video so much more high
Jacobus Redacted
Jacobus Redacted 24 dagen geleden
You have no idea how badly I need a Detroit Lions Pat McAfee jersey... so when they give you a call here in a few weeks after putting together a 9-4 run and clinching a wild card game just say you’ll be there. Just say it pat. Pat please just say it
Marshall Esmay
Marshall Esmay 24 dagen geleden
Great show
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 24 dagen geleden
I thought you were going to try kicking it in the AFL like you buddy Mason Cox?!!!!!
Aidan Robinson
Aidan Robinson 24 dagen geleden
U could be a good special teams coach
Camo 24 dagen geleden
Just go to NE so u can tell us all the secrets and how bill belicheck really is like
Paul Landis
Paul Landis 24 dagen geleden
Nobody was asking
Mike McGirr
Mike McGirr 24 dagen geleden
Pat come back for 1 or 2 seasons. Thats nothing. The boys hold the show down till you get back. That would be awesome
Eh Trey
Eh Trey 24 dagen geleden
Pat come to Denver & be QB1 please! For the love of gahd!
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski 24 dagen geleden
People don’t get how hard it is for a former player to re adjust into society takes a good 3 years
yomama847 24 dagen geleden
Pat talked and posted about this to warn people he might give up the show to kick a ball.
Jamie Mills
Jamie Mills 24 dagen geleden
the difference is whether or not u do something else before coming back, definitely dont think Gronk cant make it outside football hes huge but then theres guys like Ochocinco who are always sayin theyre making comebacks after being out of the league like 5+ years doing nothing but interviews on other peoples shows like once every 3 years, so it can go both ways
AS J 24 dagen geleden
He's making more not kicking and getting pissed tested every day...why would he kick again?
Abundance Yeh
Abundance Yeh 24 dagen geleden
1:16 cc: Michael WIlbon
Gabe Soto
Gabe Soto 24 dagen geleden
There’s no reason to. He had a great NFL career and now he’s on his way to having a fantastic broadcasting career. Why risk his health too? Even if you’re a punter you can still injure your legs and have problems down the road. He also seems very happy with what he’s doing now. Love Pat in whatever he does
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 24 dagen geleden
Jordan came back though. I think it just depends how much passion you have for playing the game
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 24 dagen geleden
This is basically AJ telling teams that he still has some linebacker in him and will answer the call lol
a b
a b 24 dagen geleden
C'mon not even for the Stillers? You can do it for free if it's just about the money lol
buddymax46 23 dagen geleden
Exactly. C’mon Pat......if it was Tomlin and Rooney on the phone saying “we want you on a plane to Pittsburgh TONIGHT” the answer is still no???
Nate Scarpone
Nate Scarpone 24 dagen geleden
Aj is the perfect partner for Pat. I love them together 🔥
TheChickenPuke 24 dagen geleden
C'mon I want Pat in Madden
Marc Luft
Marc Luft 24 dagen geleden
I just want Pat to say he is fielding offers so I can sign him in madden lol
Paper Products
Paper Products 24 dagen geleden
I can't imagine a team would want a guy that hasn't kicked in 4 years. Love pat and he was a hell of a kicker. Just looking at it from a business perspective
Smith. E3
Smith. E3 24 dagen geleden
John Drake
John Drake 24 dagen geleden
Pat must make multiples of what he made in the NFL.
xuxon24 24 dagen geleden
Why would he do it? I doubt the show will survived without him. He already had a good career he is now focused on this. Maybe a steady job on a huge network broadcasting games is the next step for him
Zac Doggett
Zac Doggett 24 dagen geleden
Anyone else think he was gonna join Tampa bay and complete the super team :(
Luis Avila
Luis Avila 24 dagen geleden
Hawk's right.
Gav T
Gav T 24 dagen geleden
and then there’s jason witten
Root Note-Evan
Root Note-Evan 24 dagen geleden
I'd love to see Pat come back to the NFL and do crazy touchdown dances after every extra point and field goal.
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore 24 dagen geleden
Pat: Someone’s gonna clip this Also pat: hey clip that bit of me
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore 24 dagen geleden
The people want Pat but the NFL doesn’t deserve Pat
Jose Amieva
Jose Amieva 24 dagen geleden
Why would he come back? Best NFL show out there. The rest are all stooges and sellouts
Jaqen H'Ghar
Jaqen H'Ghar 24 dagen geleden
Actually definitely good for the people that retire and don't go back into the game. Can't enjoy those NFL checks with CTE.
Niko Jay
Niko Jay 24 dagen geleden
Go to the Bears! lol
lIVINOTAFRAID 24 dagen geleden
"I don't think ill be kicking a ball again...for money" 2 breaths later- "Now say week 10 and somebody's making a run...and the legs are feelin good..." In conclusion. Pat MAY kick again. Playoff time people...that'll be the time..if any
86250r 23 dagen geleden
@Gecko Xzu we have a great punter. Pat is a punter not a kicker...
Gecko Xzu
Gecko Xzu 24 dagen geleden
Radical Vlogs bengals kicker. Weight ain’t a problem for kickers
Radical Vlogs
Radical Vlogs 24 dagen geleden
Nah the truth is Pat has gotten too fat to be an NFL kicker again.
star wars
star wars 24 dagen geleden
How many times is he going to make this video?? No one asked Pat
CipherBytes 24 dagen geleden
I'd like to go back to being a professional woman chaser...
Joseph K
Joseph K 24 dagen geleden
Nobody cares
Cedric Walker
Cedric Walker 24 dagen geleden
How fvcking dare you have logical, measured, and practical takes on this podcast! Jesus, I thought this was a fvcking sports show? Guys on here are all pragmatic and reasonable... THAT'S AGAINST THE RULES!!!
mtorngren15 24 dagen geleden
...signs with the Pats by week 6 😂
Stop The cap
Stop The cap 24 dagen geleden
PR311 24 dagen geleden
I agree with AJ on that, just because someone comes back doesn't mean they can't make anything then sport, Pat proved he can be a succesful & good host/analyst and if he/someone still has the fire there's nothing wrong on coming back just to have fun ;)
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