Pat McAfee Says This Should Be The NEXT Ring Chasing Team For Veterans 

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What team do you think we will see NFL vets going to and setting up a "ring chasing" team?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 apr. 2021




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Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Aaron Clapp
Aaron Clapp 3 dagen geleden
kc doesn't get a lot of vets ring chasing
Zack Hooton
Zack Hooton 4 dagen geleden
For a QB a ring chasing team that would put you in the legendary convo would be for Chicago bears
Kevin Kilkenny
Kevin Kilkenny 4 dagen geleden
Bolt up ⚡ Justin is gonna BALL AHT!
Aydenn Dag geleden
Yessir ⚡️⚡️
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams 4 dagen geleden
I’ve never understood why guys don’t take slight pay cuts to go to Texas, Tennessee, or Florida teams with no state taxes. They could literally take a multimillion dollar cut, and still have more money. Teams in those 3 states could have hellacious rosters.......and great weather
Aaron Vasquez
Aaron Vasquez 4 dagen geleden
Thank you for the consistent chargers love pat
Drew Vernon
Drew Vernon 4 dagen geleden
the camera is slightly shaking and its giving me a headache hahah
Roy Wilson
Roy Wilson 4 dagen geleden
"I think we're going to need a bigger desk."
j Son
j Son 4 dagen geleden
Man. And the lebetard shows is horrible
Mike Orefice
Mike Orefice 4 dagen geleden
We’ve been trying to do that. Problem was our coaches were dog sh!t. Now players want to come but our staff is super picky.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 4 dagen geleden
Its really not many ring chasers in nfk they chase $ jobs that's about it. Its not like nba. Really not a thing only the near legends get into this
Chris R.
Chris R. 5 dagen geleden
AZ is building a MONSTER team and will be a force to be reckoned with
Trevor S
Trevor S Dag geleden
@Idropbrownbombz lmao my exact response. AZ has some talent no doubt. But they aren’t a monster of a team. They are a good team at best.
Idropbrownbombz 4 dagen geleden
Oh stop.
Hayden Sims
Hayden Sims 5 dagen geleden
All these bandwagon charger fans lolol
Spencer Monroe
Spencer Monroe 5 dagen geleden
Uhhhh when has the dolphins won a ring 🤣😂 or chargers 🤣😂
Drew Buresh
Drew Buresh 5 dagen geleden
Definitely add the cardinals to this list
Alex Albrecht
Alex Albrecht 5 dagen geleden
Broncos slept on here.
Dave Wade
Dave Wade 5 dagen geleden
Whoa, hey! Why does there have to be a "next" team. As a Bucs fan since 1979, can't we just let the Bucs be that team for a few years before we start talking about next???
NRG 5 dagen geleden
Steelers winning the super bowl next year it don’t matter what y’all say
zontwos 6 dagen geleden
What about the Bills? I know they arent warm but they are building something special. They are set to win for years
Devin Smith
Devin Smith 6 dagen geleden
If Tua doesn't workout (I still think he WILL) The Dolphins are a quarterback away from being super bowl contenders. Especially with all this new talent coming in, and the draft capitol they have over the next several years. They have talent at every spot, great guys coming in this year, plenty of money, and B-Flo running an amazing defensive scheme. Imagine a guy like Aaron Rodgers dropped into that roster in a year or two when he's officially done with GB. Top contender right there
D Dub
D Dub 6 dagen geleden
Jerry Jones ain't been to do that
Tom Tenak
Tom Tenak 6 dagen geleden
Daaaaa Bears
T Mills
T Mills 6 dagen geleden
I cant wait for Buffalo to just blow through my the entire league and shut everyone tf up. Put a little respect on a great team and at least bring them up in normal conversation.
Alex Wolcott
Alex Wolcott 4 dagen geleden
The Bills are getting their due respect after a quality season. The fact remains that they're a small market team with 0 SBs though. If/when the Bills finally bring home the Lombardi, the status of the franchise will be altered forever.
Robert Hart
Robert Hart 7 dagen geleden
Grier should have have been fired when he picked a severely hip injured Tua over the MVP of the Sr Bowl, who by the way Flores saw first hand as he was coaching the other team! FF to his trading away a sure thing at 3 for unknown draft picks. He certainly should have been fired then, so we could get KP. Will Waddle do for the fins what KP would have done? No way in hell. Grier is an embarrassment to himself. Ross what the heel are you thinking? Oh yeah, you hired Tannenbaum, so
FoeReaper 4000
FoeReaper 4000 7 dagen geleden
Charger fans are happy go luck until they realize they're stuck in the same division with the Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos
Tank McCoy
Tank McCoy 7 dagen geleden
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 8 dagen geleden
Everyone is playing for 2nd place. Tampa is going to dominate this season.
Ozzie Loki
Ozzie Loki 8 dagen geleden
Patriots. They'll be ring chasing again soon. Bill entering his final years. He need a SB without Brady. Not because of Brady but to cement his legacy as the #1 all time most SB wins in history by a single franchise. 2 would be dreaming. 69 now, maybe 5 years max. Gonna be chasing like mad soon. He loves the 1 year deal, perfect for vets. Do your time and cash in.
piscessaga 8 dagen geleden
The thing about ring chasing is that you gotta have a proven winner.... and Tom Brady is really the only proven winner in his class.... who’s another multiple Super Bowl winner playing at an elite level?
Sergio Rocha
Sergio Rocha 8 dagen geleden
Hunter Henry had like 6tds last season not a big deal if you ask me
Stephen Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan 8 dagen geleden
Love to hear my chargers talked about 😍⚡😎
BubbaJo 8 dagen geleden
Im sorry but why the chargers wont win a super bowl is strictly due to the football gods punishing my Ex who was a junior charger girl for breaking my heart savagely they can have good seasons but they wont win Sbs
jake cahill
jake cahill 8 dagen geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 you think the dolphins and charges will get a ring no chance not even in 20 years
cheapchainz 8 dagen geleden
let's go bolts
mik carvon
mik carvon 8 dagen geleden
#1: Bucs. 2.Rams
Chris H.
Chris H. 8 dagen geleden
If your Qb gets hurt you're F*cked. unless your back up Qb is Chad F*cking Henne. God Damnit
Andrews Charles Bloy
Andrews Charles Bloy 8 dagen geleden
Bolts will never be ring chasers with the Spunouts owning the team.
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 8 dagen geleden
Chargers suck ass too
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 8 dagen geleden
Dolphins have never been good why would anyone want to go there
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 8 dagen geleden
Neither of those teams you put up in the thumbnail are going to be ring chasing. Lol trash
john adams
john adams 8 dagen geleden
lol miami is a joke
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald 8 dagen geleden
Pat and the boys do an excellent job. I am very impressed. The only show i respect it makes my day 😊
MENACE 8 dagen geleden
Bolt up ⚡ good to hear us in this conversation
iurhviusdfavhi 8 dagen geleden
offended the Browns logo isnt on the thumbnail....
Jeeshine 999
Jeeshine 999 8 dagen geleden
“Yeah” is how the people in the background also say it’s mad annoying
Jared Nichols
Jared Nichols 8 dagen geleden
Pat hates Bflo
KomodoDojo 8 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers would love to retire in Miami is what Pat is suggesting
D Wally
D Wally 8 dagen geleden
Either they need to figure out a way for players to be exempt from paying state taxes or teams in places with state taxes should have a higher salary cap to offset the taxes. Having a team where there is no state tax is a HUGE competitive advantage
Adam LaTour
Adam LaTour 8 dagen geleden
So Brady will go to another team? Because for years all you herd people go to the patriots to chase a ring. Now the bucks are ring chasing lol. Reality check boy's it dont work unless you have the greatest team leader of all time.
Edward Wagemann
Edward Wagemann 8 dagen geleden
Packers would have beat Tampon Bay and gone to the SuperBowl if Bahktiari wouldn’t have gotten injured
DJ Wallace
DJ Wallace 8 dagen geleden
The Chargers have no shot of winning their own division as long as Mahomes is healthy.
All Things Sports
All Things Sports 8 dagen geleden
Josh Allen owns the dolphins. The dolphins won’t win the division for at least the next 3 year
Lora Geiger
Lora Geiger 8 dagen geleden
Chargers and Rams have it going on. Arizona and Miami and Tampa too. Zona got Watt and AJ Green etc bc they can win now and its a nice spot to live with a QB just getting better..
beine tun weh
beine tun weh 8 dagen geleden
i have to disagree with pat i dont think kansas city is a ring chasing team they dont have many high caliber player on low contracts bt i think they cant be a ring chasing team in the future
CaptainCat 15
CaptainCat 15 8 dagen geleden
Aayyye Pat’s drinkin liquid death. Nice
C Vandy
C Vandy 8 dagen geleden
As a Chargers fan there's no way in hell they become one of these teams that actually invests in their own roster until the Spanos family is long gone!
Dream Slayer
Dream Slayer 5 dagen geleden
Unlike Florida, California has the highest income tax, Texas and Florida has 0 income tax (state income tax nobody gets around the IRS).
MrPhantomShade 6 dagen geleden
@Boltbrett and there are reports the team might be heading towards bankruptcy
cheapchainz 8 dagen geleden
thats not reallt a thing we won't do anymore we pay our players now but the Spanos are still horrible people
Pascho 8 dagen geleden
Herbert bosa derwin James Keenan ekeler are more than solid
SirCharger 8 dagen geleden
He's still got AJ Smith PTSD I don't blame him
Censored 1
Censored 1 8 dagen geleden
Looking at the NBA ratings I think its a bad idea for the NFL to follow suit with the super team crap
Censored 1
Censored 1 8 dagen geleden
just a couple hours south of KC its actually nice weather. I live in NC and my folks in SW Mo (A couple hours south of KC) and our weather is not far off although it is a touch colder but not the real cold stuff like Chicago lol
ZillTheGOAT 8 dagen geleden
It's funny how people complain about the Bucs being stacked for "Ring Chasing" when the purpose is literally to build the best team and try to win it all?? If you could give yourself a huge chance to win why wouldn't you?? And I'm saying this as a Packers fan where we won't sign a big FA ever😂
Chris Demarco
Chris Demarco 8 dagen geleden
Long time ago we used to have to learn every position
Chris Demarco
Chris Demarco 8 dagen geleden
Great offences do it on purpose!!!!
Chris Demarco
Chris Demarco 8 dagen geleden
READ....its hard to make defense every two weeks not a coincidence
Peter Davis
Peter Davis 8 dagen geleden
San Francisco. Win now roster, great coaches and FO, and a QB on rookie contract. Vets should be lining up
MyworstEnemy 8 dagen geleden
Yeah, the KC Yankee/Tampa Bay Red Sox Fad might last a few more years. Players will go back to getting paid after a few of them get injured while being paid half of what they're worth on these faux all star teams. Players in the NFL have a very short window of time in which they need to make lifetime of Money. They are World Class Athletes who put it all on the line to entertain us, and they should be compensated accordingly.
LaBronco 75
LaBronco 75 8 dagen geleden
Bolt up ⚡️ the Chargers are coming!
Zero Nebula
Zero Nebula 4 dagen geleden
@Liam Thornton the number would quadruple if spanos sold the team.
Geoff L.
Geoff L. 8 dagen geleden
Good luck with thay defense 👎
Jay 8 dagen geleden
@Liam Thornton old joke
Liam Thornton
Liam Thornton 8 dagen geleden
Hey cool! I didn’t know there were chargers fans!
RATHER BE OUT FISHING 8 dagen geleden
Michael 8 dagen geleden
Being a Chargers fan is now a little bit easier
Asymmetrick 8 dagen geleden
I was today years old when I learned that Dan Orlovsky was a QB and not just an NFL analyst...
Zero Nebula
Zero Nebula 4 dagen geleden
@Jonathan Armstrong almost like a super bowl mvp but even more memorable.
kyle haas
kyle haas 6 dagen geleden
He wasn't good lol
Asymmetrick 8 dagen geleden
@Jonathan Armstrong what a legacy haha
Jonathan Armstrong
Jonathan Armstrong 8 dagen geleden
Remember the 0-16 Lions team? Do you know who the QB was? Yeah...
Liam Thornton
Liam Thornton 8 dagen geleden
He’s the guy who ran out of the back of the end zone without noticing on the lions for a safety
HeadshotJack 8 dagen geleden
Baker was looking to OBJ but when he was out Baker spread the ball way more and it was a better compliment to their run game and it worked better.
Kaleb Sterler
Kaleb Sterler 8 dagen geleden
I could see the Las Vegas Raiders being a ring chasing spot in a few years cause they are in LAS VEGAS with no state tax in Nevada.
YURMOM911 8 dagen geleden
also the only place in Vegas where the house always loses
PenguinREA008 8 dagen geleden
Lets go
radrcer 8 dagen geleden
Its always about the qb. If you dont have a declining veteran qb like brady or peyton than what ring chaser will come to your team? How many players went to Indy to chase a ring with phillip rivers?
GT500 8 dagen geleden
Fake news CNN
Mr Beef.
Mr Beef. 8 dagen geleden
I think the eagles are going to completely go into rebuild mode over the next 5 years or so, and it's going to be another team in the division; washington.
alan kidd
alan kidd 8 dagen geleden
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme 8 dagen geleden
Miami the only team to go 16-0 and win championship, a perfect season. Your precious Tom Brady couldn’t even do that. Fins up!
Boneless Fawn
Boneless Fawn 7 dagen geleden
Um they went 14-0 buddy
Chargers Stan Account
Chargers Stan Account 8 dagen geleden
Jonathan Riojas
Jonathan Riojas 8 dagen geleden
Why is ring chasing so frowned upon in the NBA but doesn’t get talked negatively in the NFL?
Paris Hilton is a Whore
Paris Hilton is a Whore 8 dagen geleden
Because it’s much easier to win in the nba and you don’t give any other teams a shot. In the nfl it just makes you one of several contenders.
Mikey Tebow
Mikey Tebow 8 dagen geleden
Browns aren’t getting any respect
Justin Carr
Justin Carr 8 dagen geleden
Translation: free agents like teams with talented rosters in rich cities with warm weathers
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams 4 dagen geleden
I’ve never understood why guys don’t take slight pay cuts to go to Texas, Tennessee, or Florida teams with no state taxes. They could literally take a multimillion dollar cut, and still have more money. Teams in those 3 states could have hellacious rosters.......and great weather
CatsFerDays 4 dagen geleden
They like kc because it’s cheap af. A 1 mil Cali house is like 300k in Missouri plus you’ll have a yard 😂
Youare Afool
Youare Afool 7 dagen geleden
@InTheWild * lived in New hampshire my whole life.. can relate 🤣 also, cutting and stacking 6 plus cords of wood blows just as much as shoveling🥸
InTheWild *
InTheWild * 7 dagen geleden
Yeah. The north sucks. I mean who wants to get up extra early to shovel snow out of the driveway?
Geoff Williams
Geoff Williams 7 dagen geleden
Trent Johnston
Trent Johnston 8 dagen geleden
Pretty much anywhere that's warm. Arizona, LA, and Miami.
flamesrawesome 8 dagen geleden
Herby taking the Chargers to the promise land!💪🏽🏆
Caleb Shover
Caleb Shover 8 dagen geleden
@C Vandy he could have to deal with the Jerry Jones hurdle...
C Vandy
C Vandy 8 dagen geleden
He's still got the leagues biggest hurdle in the Spanos family to get over.
That Boy
That Boy 8 dagen geleden
Don't sleep on the Rams
Merry Harry
Merry Harry 8 dagen geleden
Dear all good FA, come to buffalo The end
Philip Hahn
Philip Hahn 8 dagen geleden
Imagine if we land julio, like I dont think we will cause I don't think we have enough to pay him but having Diggs and julio plus Beasley and Davis pfft the league better watch out
Layne Inouye
Layne Inouye 8 dagen geleden
rope ropesman
rope ropesman 8 dagen geleden
Aimee Marie
Aimee Marie 8 dagen geleden
Well... its Pat. Shouldnt surprise anyone that he doesnt mention that.
Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson 8 dagen geleden
Come to Minnesota vets if you like resisting arrest!!
Brad R
Brad R 8 dagen geleden
Miami or Arizona
Rogue Cheddar
Rogue Cheddar 8 dagen geleden
I thought every team was supposed to be a ring chasing team? If not, then they're doing it wrong.
Toe Salad063
Toe Salad063 8 dagen geleden
Ring chasing as in people go their to win a easy Super Bowl ring Bc the teams so stacked
DC Lovejoy
DC Lovejoy 8 dagen geleden
I never comment..that being said I'm so impressed with the Pat's whole team. When I want info I go to Pat... F..ESPN Love u guys
Dr Fu Minshew
Dr Fu Minshew 8 dagen geleden
Miami won’t win a playoff game until they permanently change their logo and uniforms to their throwbacks.
Jake 8 dagen geleden
All i know is the dolphins need to get their old look back! The dolphin WITH the helmet on.
YURMOM911 8 dagen geleden
tua’s already ahead of the curve by playin with his helmet backwards
Freemoney1000 8 dagen geleden
The fact that CLE and KC can get dank squads gives me hope for my Lions
Joe GREEZY 8 dagen geleden
Hang in there but it's about your ownership and GM -> coach, drafting etc.... Browns fan since 99 i know your pain
Obi Juan Quenobi
Obi Juan Quenobi 8 dagen geleden
@Jeremy Cole No worries. There are bad role models but I wouldn’t say KC or CLE. They should follow guys like Cleveland and the Bills in terms of redemption but the Ford family is too pathetic to ever let that happen.
Joshua Durenda
Joshua Durenda 8 dagen geleden
Its all about tomorrow night. Get the right guy and it could all change. Let's go browns!!
Jeremy Cole
Jeremy Cole 8 dagen geleden
@Obi Juan Quenobi my apologies I didn't think of it like that. Your exactly right it's the liobs fault not theirs.
Obi Juan Quenobi
Obi Juan Quenobi 8 dagen geleden
@Jeremy Cole It’s not that they’re bad role models, it’s that the Lions will probably never learn from anyone
AWM 8 dagen geleden
Surprised the Broncos aren’t one of the teams given their blockbuster trade to get Bridgewater... Hahahahahaha Bolt up ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Robert 8 dagen geleden
I think the Chargers are gonna be dangerous this year
crunkosaur 8 dagen geleden
where have i heard this one before
Darren Parker
Darren Parker 8 dagen geleden
I don't Care what you think
I think Miami will be the next Tampa in the next 5 Years
Adrian Bravo
Adrian Bravo 8 dagen geleden
JDBass36 8 dagen geleden
It's amazing how in 1 year my Bucs are one of the attractive teams players and people talk about. Hearing the Bucs and Ring Chase in the same sentence is kinda crazy. Considering we been one of the bottom teams in the league for a while with incredible talent. But just didn't have the elite QB play to push us farther the last few years. Winston was terrible with us constantly throwing an insane amount of INTS smh. We were underachieving with a top 5 offense the last 4 years. I'm glad Brady came to Tampa and made us a instant championship team
Lance Baer
Lance Baer 8 dagen geleden
It's already the cardinals imo
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