Pat McAfee & Steelers Chase Claypool Talk 4 TD Performance, Being A Rookie In 2020, & Big Ben 

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Chase is fantastic, and had an AMAZING performance vs the Eagles week 5.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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12 okt. 2020




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Gabriel Garrett
Gabriel Garrett 3 uur geleden
Duda 6 uur geleden
We're blessed to have you in Pitt, Chase. Keep doing your thing and hope you get to experience Pittsburgh in full soon!
Charles Huffman
Charles Huffman 9 uur geleden
Pat, I Love this kid. This is a superstar coming out party. I'm a huge Pat McAfee fan as well. New subscriber. Keep up the great work.
M Mac
M Mac 11 uur geleden
just speaks to how a good organization is more than a star player.....scouting in terms of players, advanced team scouting....culture in the building....Steelers had a down year and they’re loaded for bear, Pats will be down a year or 2 and will be loaded again
M Mac
M Mac 11 uur geleden
you wanna black out hahahahaha.....good Canadian boy
Steel Highlights
Steel Highlights 18 uur geleden
Josh Bly
Josh Bly Dag geleden
Man, as a Ravens fan, I hate that I like Claypool. Just a good dude and great player. Also, Pat and AJ kill interviews man. They're so good at doing them and keeping them entertaining.
KingDyllo Dag geleden
Random, but I like how he wears his eye paint. Like Viking war paint. Also he’s a beast. Hate that I have to watch my Browns get shredded by him twice a year. Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, AB, Martavis, and now JuJu/Mapletron & co. The struggle continues. 😂
Rest Assured
Rest Assured Dag geleden
Well I thought we hit the bank when we got juju, and when we drafted this guy I thought it was a bust. Oh how the turntables.
Ryan Braunstein
Ryan Braunstein Dag geleden
That One Guy
That One Guy Dag geleden
How in the hell Chase didn't go in the first round is beyond me. Though as a Steelers fan, I'm ecstatic he fell to us. He is the next Megatron.
Mountain Fox
Mountain Fox 2 dagen geleden
Steelers are so good at drafting receivers.
George Coull
George Coull 2 dagen geleden
Pat said "WE NEED YOU OUT THERE" Still a Steeler fan 💯 you can take the boy out of Pittsburgh but you can't ever take Pittsburgh out of the man.
Edgar Rios
Edgar Rios 3 dagen geleden
Dude said canadia 😂😂
Occams OX
Occams OX 3 dagen geleden
This guy is a class act. He’s got the smarts and talent to become one of the greats. I’m stoked he’s in Pittsburgh. The Steelers have assembled a very focused and exciting group of young players and Claypool might be the cream of the crop. He’s going to be a mismatch for every team in the league. I like Minkah plenty, but Claypool looks like game breaker as a rookie. Steelers didn’t even have a first round pick in the draft and yet two of their rookies look like pro bowlers. Dotson has been superb.
The BA FG 3 dagen geleden
Damn i thought he was gonna say Hinez Ward lmao
Coolken 4 dagen geleden
Mr Playcool
Ella Hymons
Ella Hymons 4 dagen geleden
Steelers have an incredible WR”s and TE’s! What an awesome team: Juju, Ebron, Chase and McDonald
Bignitsuj 5 dagen geleden
He was the TOP WR on my draft list infront of only Ruggs III. Does anybody watch college football anymore? Didnt anybody see his combine? DK Metcalf was my top WR last year, I had him going to the Niners but they took Bosa instead.
Gamer 5 dagen geleden
Chase and Juju are so damn likable, such a culture shift from AB and Bell
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 5 dagen geleden
Can you imagine this clear headed young man in 2 years of getting that body right. He's gonna be a superstar as long as Mason Rudolph is on the bench
Johnny Loose
Johnny Loose 5 dagen geleden
AWESOME interview guys Go Steelers
salomon lemus
salomon lemus 5 dagen geleden
Hopefully juju doesn’t pull a AB
Beach bum
Beach bum 6 dagen geleden
I went to highschool with him he graduated my grade 9 year I remember watching him Friday night blow up on the other team like Baitman Terry Fox schools like that
Jose G
Jose G 6 dagen geleden
Mapletron 🤣 good one
Darth DewIt!
Darth DewIt! 6 dagen geleden
I love that you guys get Pittsburgh being from the area. I was dying at the end listening to you talk about south side takin care of him. 😂 I’ve run clubs/bars in station square the strip and south side and you’re spot on.
Strawberry Haze
Strawberry Haze 6 dagen geleden
Scott Fransko loved this! Great guy!
Oh he’s a baaad Man
Oh he’s a baaad Man 7 dagen geleden
Hope he can stay humble
akram osman
akram osman 7 dagen geleden
As a goalie I know the knee pain
It's Jackaboy
It's Jackaboy 7 dagen geleden
Hey another rookie wr that your never getting on your fantasy team lol
Boomerx21 6 dagen geleden
@HUMPME i got him on waiver but im 9th so im not getting him 😒
It's Jackaboy
It's Jackaboy 7 dagen geleden
HUMPME 7 dagen geleden
I got him though🤔🤔🤔🤔
Potential XP
Potential XP 8 dagen geleden
I like what u doing claypool
Kaleb Sterler
Kaleb Sterler 8 dagen geleden
Steeler always producing ballers
Andy Denzien
Andy Denzien 8 dagen geleden
7/11 always open. Classic
Daniel Paul
Daniel Paul 8 dagen geleden
What a chill dude
Rick Lawler
Rick Lawler 8 dagen geleden
Notre Dame BABY!!!!
redflyman 8 dagen geleden
I just hope he didn’t say anything that’ll get him in trouble with the team
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 9 dagen geleden
Great people in this video!!
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 9 dagen geleden
These questions are so incredible!!!!
tamas dencs
tamas dencs 9 dagen geleden
I'm happy because chase has a great character, great guy!!! But.. I had diontae in football fantasy😂
Luke 9 dagen geleden
Claypool that dude
canaan kawakami
canaan kawakami 9 dagen geleden
Everybody Chase Claypool to the damn end zone. LOL. STEELER FAN 4 LIFE.
Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy 9 dagen geleden
"looked good to me"
Not Calon
Not Calon 9 dagen geleden
2 goats on my screen
Arene Armstead
Arene Armstead 9 dagen geleden
It's obvious what the Steelers do at wide receiver! Speed guy that can take the top off the defense has been there identity! 1st Mike Wallace, and than Antonio Brown; he leaves, and finally they find Claypool! The Browns should be ready for it!!! I seen him come across the middle in their offense too, and we have some dogs in there that fly around and will be ready for that ball! We beat them last yr getting to the QB. Myles Garrett and them boys will be special Sunday!
Owen Merrow
Owen Merrow 9 dagen geleden
Love him on dk plus my ole lady is a steelers fan . Go Buff !
teh mightyblah
teh mightyblah 9 dagen geleden
The Steelers can just trade their first round pick every year unless they're drafting Devin bush again
YAHUAH YAHUSHA 9 dagen geleden
Chase Claypool went AL BUNDY on ’em
Nia Roach
Nia Roach 9 dagen geleden
lol "Canadia".
Christopher Higgins
Christopher Higgins 9 dagen geleden
Here We Go Stillers!!!!
Devon 9 dagen geleden
Tom Mason
Tom Mason 9 dagen geleden
Had a great week, but let's pump the breaks and see a few more games before we start lionizing this guy.
Clark Henkel
Clark Henkel 9 dagen geleden
Even as a ravens fan, I’ll admit , I like the kid. Keep up the production and maybe look to grab that bag in a few years 😏😂
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 9 dagen geleden
If my this mans is not in my fantasy team for week six I'm going to cry
Justin 13899
Justin 13899 10 dagen geleden
SteelCity22 10 dagen geleden
Very well done 👏👏👏
Aaron Levy
Aaron Levy 10 dagen geleden
I love this kids confidence, he did not sound like a rookie at all
Curtis Dimes
Curtis Dimes 10 dagen geleden
4Tds in a game is nuts, congrats to the the rook
Josiah Brady
Josiah Brady 10 dagen geleden
AJ be in there cracking up on the low at all Pat’s jokes lol
Charlie 0507
Charlie 0507 10 dagen geleden
Love Claypool. He was great for ND and I just hate that he plays for the Steelers
Marcell Burton
Marcell Burton 10 dagen geleden
Aj be drinking liquor
Greg F
Greg F 10 dagen geleden
Sub to Chase’s NLblock channel
Welcome to yhe desert 2.0
Welcome to yhe desert 2.0 10 dagen geleden
Yo he said canadddia not canada
Adam Popky
Adam Popky 10 dagen geleden
Chase, plug your NLblock channel my guy!
Cody Wieber
Cody Wieber 10 dagen geleden
The quads are the star of this interview
Caleb Wies
Caleb Wies 10 dagen geleden
dan nelson
dan nelson 10 dagen geleden
DSN - Degen Sports Network
Man, the Steelers sure know how to for draft receivers!!
tito ebersole
tito ebersole 10 dagen geleden
i would pay good money to see pat reenact the da bears skit from snl
Boe Ky
Boe Ky 10 dagen geleden
A D 10 dagen geleden
🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦
Tim D
Tim D 10 dagen geleden
That Mapletron kid is strong
AlcoholicDysonSphere 10 dagen geleden
Seems like such a nice kid. I have a feeing he’s gonna kill it in the nfl
Mjc412 10 dagen geleden
Get juju on the show
pog4life 10 dagen geleden
I can't believe he's a rookie.
Shark's Breath
Shark's Breath 10 dagen geleden
Linebackers and WRs, the Steelers hardly ever miss when drafting them. I can't credit any one individual because they've been doing it for 50 years now.
Ricardo Vera
Ricardo Vera 10 dagen geleden
So respectfully jealous of the Steelers in that regard. Watching GB all my life drives me crazy because they could easily be the same way but choose not to
Schramer Hammer
Schramer Hammer 10 dagen geleden
The Pirates got the first pick in the MLB draft again...unfortunately they don’t draft like the Steelers
Christopher Okicki
Christopher Okicki 10 dagen geleden
Chase is a rowdy Canadian.
M. Denz
M. Denz 10 dagen geleden
AJ hawk looks like the quintessential Russian villain
Dric Jackson
Dric Jackson 10 dagen geleden
711 always open
snoopy Mcqueen
snoopy Mcqueen 10 dagen geleden
ClayPool is the Canadian MegaTron.
Nando G
Nando G 10 dagen geleden
This was awesome!
Micheal Hornets
Micheal Hornets 10 dagen geleden
Anyone watch this video and just think the packers skipped on this guy, shenault, Higgins, mims and Edwards for Jordan Love.(Dont get me wrong, I like love a lot and I’m high on his potential to be a franchise QB if groomed right but the packers are looking for a SB this year)
NRG 10 dagen geleden
Steelers make receivers baby
NRG 10 dagen geleden
Big Ben the goat.
NRG 10 dagen geleden
Claypool the best receiver in the draft.
NRG 10 dagen geleden
Being from Canada makes me feel great ab him repping us!
NRG 10 dagen geleden
Steelers draft the best receivers and linebackers.
NRG 10 dagen geleden
Steelers nation baby. We the best! We going to the super bowl! 7-11 always open baby.
Steel Patriot
Steel Patriot 10 dagen geleden
How does a 6'5'" 240 pound WR who runs a 4.4 fall to the late mid 2nd round?
ThatGuyIsEli 10 dagen geleden
AB punching the air right now
Abraham Froman
Abraham Froman 10 dagen geleden
Good pull for your show and a great interview. Steelers have always drafted great receivers, but the team is successful when the O line performs and they currently have one of the best lines in the league
mike pais
mike pais 10 dagen geleden
I remember playing chase in high school basketball thinking man this is the guy who will make it. Little did I know it would be in a different sport. Happy to be a Steelers fan and a BC boy.
justin stuyck
justin stuyck 10 dagen geleden
The Steelers really know how to draft WR man. They just don’t miss. They have a knack for wide outs.
Malachi Scripko
Malachi Scripko 11 dagen geleden
Man said canadia😂
Sluggy 11 dagen geleden
Maple tron unstoppable
William Graves
William Graves 11 dagen geleden
Long live Mapletron
VRFOREVER95 _ 11 dagen geleden
philadelphia had the steelers. missed field goal, & covered claypool with a linebacker on his last touchdown. respect either way though👏👏👏
Realistic Ross
Realistic Ross 11 dagen geleden
Steal of the draft, I love ceedee lamb here in dallas but this kid is going crazy too
Nicolas Briere
Nicolas Briere 11 dagen geleden
As a fellow Canadian/Pittsburgh fan, I am so f***ing excited for this kid to blow up
Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler 11 dagen geleden
claypool is a great player, steelers need to keep him on the field, give him the ball,