Pat McAfee Talks If Adam Gase Will Be Fired Soon 

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Do you think Gase will be out of New York soon?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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1 okt. 2020




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Nick Blake
Nick Blake 8 dagen geleden
You have to really suck to lose to your old teams constantly. Broncos and dolhpins are better now that gase isnt there. Not a coincidence.
William Plantenga
William Plantenga 15 dagen geleden
I think Gase has developed a drug problem....gotta be common knowledge in the organization
Norven Aux
Norven Aux 16 dagen geleden
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 17 dagen geleden
Maybe he could work on your show 😨
Zach Wells
Zach Wells 17 dagen geleden
It’s called the tank bowl
john bush
john bush 18 dagen geleden
Lol, QB with no name is Mark rypien's nephew
Crayvd 19 dagen geleden
“Gangrene Nation” 😂😂😂
IMightBeBiased 19 dagen geleden
The Broncs were +1.5? I would have bet multiple farms on that if my state allowed... :(
Scott Tomjack
Scott Tomjack 19 dagen geleden
Steven A. on Adam Gase's introductory NY JETS head coach press conference..."The Man Looked HIGH!!!"
Benjamin Gonzales
Benjamin Gonzales 19 dagen geleden
The schedule does not get any easier coming up. Poor guy. He looked like a broken man on the sideline.
Vixerzz 19 dagen geleden
0:50 Gase looks like Rodgers without eyebrows
Landen Weathers
Landen Weathers 19 dagen geleden
I was rooting slightly for the Jets to win last night (which is odd since I'm a Pats fan), but man they just suck. The only good part of their offense is Darnold being able to run. He has no accuracy at any level, makes horrible decisions throwing the ball, and has bad pocket awareness. Not sure why Gase hasn't given Flacco the chance to suit up
Shark Man
Shark Man 19 dagen geleden
Fangio should’ve never left Chicago would’ve been champs with him as defensive coordinator
nick rodriguez
nick rodriguez 19 dagen geleden
Last week game suck and this week suck
Malcolm Mack
Malcolm Mack 19 dagen geleden
The terribowl 😭😭😭😂
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando 19 dagen geleden
I'm from Long Island, so the Jets were my team growing up (although I'm moreso just an NFL fan)...this team is impossible to root for. Our coach obviously abuses adderall, players hate him, play calling is god awful. Darnold looks like a shell of the QB he was coming out of USC. Fans deserve better than this. To be this comically bad in the NY market is disgraceful
Nash Potter
Nash Potter 19 dagen geleden
And now they say they will keep him for the rest of the season.
Tre Tre
Tre Tre 19 dagen geleden
it was actually a good game
Phoenix85006 19 dagen geleden
Shouldn't Elway be on the chopping block? He's been picking these horrible head coaches and draft picks. It's time for his sorry ass to go
Moetown 19 dagen geleden
I knew the second they introduced him in that press conference he wouldn’t last. Dude looked like he was on drugs
Rh Hr
Rh Hr 19 dagen geleden
Who's here after Gase got fired?
G P 19 dagen geleden
The Super Bowel was a pretty good game
Spencer Weiss
Spencer Weiss 19 dagen geleden
Reports say Jets aren’t going to fire him even though they just lost the Suck Bowl. Tough times to be a New York football fan rn lol
Jaryd Jackson
Jaryd Jackson 19 dagen geleden
Joe Buck just gave the most bland reaction to a crazy game winning TD run where the backup qb blocks gets out in front of Melvin Gordon and blocks for him so he can throw the guy to the ground and run in for the game. Absolutely no emotion lmao! He’s just like “wow he got in”
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
It's cuz it was a meaningless game and people don't really care for the outcome. And honestly it's the most jets thing to happen for them to give a rushing touchdown on the first handoff coming off the 2 minute warning 🤣
Giustino Scalise
Giustino Scalise 19 dagen geleden
He lost. A piss poor offense put up 37 on his team...
Prime time
Prime time 19 dagen geleden
Gase absolutely had me drinking the kool aid, as a phins fan to the point I rationalized trading Jarvis Landry and other elites... idk if he needs 5 years for his system to take place, or if his ceiling is just being an OC
Prime time
Prime time 19 dagen geleden
@TheLocalLt damn I'll take your word for it brotha nice homework
TheLocalLt 19 dagen geleden
His playcalling doesn’t work if you don’t have a great qb and great receivers, he is from the martz Branch of the wco. Mike martz offense with jay cutler (and also Adam gase’s offense with jay cutler) sucked for the same reason gase’s offense on the jets is even worse. He just throws short passes to the outside repeatedly and with a few angle routes and a seam or post. The 99 Rams and 13 Broncos could pull this off because they were tremendously talented, and more importantly fast, groups.
Marc Luu
Marc Luu 19 dagen geleden
Devin Carter
Devin Carter 20 dagen geleden
How many fumbles you think there will be?? 🤣🤣🤣 Sam not gonna take for Trev...but doesn't mean his teammates can't play hot potato to tank.
Yeahsure 20 dagen geleden
If I'm the Jets I keep Gase all season so they can guarantee to get the no. 1 draft pick. Without Gase they might win on accident.
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
Bro this team has no talent. Whoever becomes interim coach let's assume it was greg williams what do you think would change? The players on their roster are still trash for the most part and they have the toughest schedule in the nfl. They can win a couple games for pride's sake and so they don't have to face the embarassment of being winless and still get the no 1 pick.
Stone Temple
Stone Temple 20 dagen geleden
This game will cement the narrative that in 2020, one of these two teams was really bad...
ShockzTP 20 dagen geleden
“The Who’s gonna win a game and potentially never win again bowl”-Pat Mcafee
Ligmenarxis 20 dagen geleden
the "who gets to pick trevor lawrence bowl"
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 20 dagen geleden
"The Suck Bowl" 🏈
Omnipresent One
Omnipresent One 20 dagen geleden
Amazon doesn't start NFL until the 8th of this month... come on you're a football program. Lol
Nerdy Geek
Nerdy Geek 20 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold isnt as bad as people think. the whole team around em blows. Darnold could do well if he had even 1 weapon lol
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
@jeff Sanders yeah bro like what does that signify lol. He's mobile and can scramble and? Not good enough to keep him around as a franchise qb. Mitch trubisky is mobile and can run look at him
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox 19 dagen geleden
@jeff Sanders that doesn't mean anything.
jeff Sanders
jeff Sanders 19 dagen geleden
@Benjamin forgot the part about how he has the longest running td by a qb in the nfl currently .
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
He's not a franchise qb. He's too erratic and isn't accurate on intermediate to deep throws
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox 20 dagen geleden
He wasn't even good in college
Philip Hahn
Philip Hahn 20 dagen geleden
People need to stop with the "new York" media for the jets and the giants, they are both new jersy teams, the only team that plays in NY is da bills
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
Just cuz their team facilities are in new jersey don't make them a new jersey team. They are licensed as the new york teams
big country
big country 20 dagen geleden
Listen in .25x speed hilarious.
Michael Citarella
Michael Citarella 20 dagen geleden
Fire Adam Gase
Kyle899 20 dagen geleden
Gangrene nation is right.
Jets Fan In Hiding
Jets Fan In Hiding 20 dagen geleden
I hope the Broncos flip us upside down and clap our cheeks like bongo drums so Gase is fired
Brendan Gav
Brendan Gav 20 dagen geleden
As a Jets fan, I’m praying that they lose so that gase can get fired
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 14 dagen geleden
Gase’s press conference when he was hired showed that he has an eye for the game. He’s quite the offensive pupil & his methods have opened eyes.
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 19 dagen geleden
Benjamin Definitely, I hope that’s not the case, but that’s the worst case scenario I see. The other two points you made would be idea tho
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
@Henry Jimenez will that's an extreme oversight lol. There's no way gase will last another year and for the jets to extend sam after barely seeing anything from him
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 19 dagen geleden
Benjamin The negative outcome is that they stay mediocre, have a mid-round draft pick, Gase keeps his job, and Darnold signs a 5-year extension
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
Honestly there's no way jets get a negative outcome. Either they win and sam makes some progress as a qb and some other positions showcase their talent or we lose and gase's chances of getting fired increases
Scott Lemiere
Scott Lemiere 20 dagen geleden
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 20 dagen geleden
Why they covered AJ's painting?
Craig Garfield
Craig Garfield 20 dagen geleden
This game shouldn't be on AM radio, much less national t v.
Jokester 954
Jokester 954 20 dagen geleden
420th like
Trey Knott
Trey Knott 20 dagen geleden
watch them tie lmao
BP Lup
BP Lup 20 dagen geleden
The boys need to bring the RV out of retirement, go on down to Met Life and finish the job.
ginnym72 20 dagen geleden
Start Joe flacco 😎💪🗽
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox 20 dagen geleden
He's trash also
g4tviscool 20 dagen geleden
He will have jet lag on his way home and to unemployment lol
K 20 dagen geleden
Legit looked at the Thursday Night Football schedule before the season and was like "all these games are trash until November"
Janny890 20 dagen geleden
Gase really put "I met Peyton Manning once" on his resume and Jets have him a HC job lmao
Teal Wolverine
Teal Wolverine 19 dagen geleden
I mean to be fair it doesn’t help when you don’t have a single player on your team who would make another NFL roster
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 19 dagen geleden
Peyton said Gase was what Sam Darnold needed 😂
Jack Adragna
Jack Adragna 19 dagen geleden
Douche bag
Schnell 20 dagen geleden
Gase: I once layed my eyes upon Peyton Manning Jets: Good enough for me, YOURE HIRED
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 20 dagen geleden
The Jets are so bad, they're going to go on a hot streak late in the season and get a mid-round draft pick instead of the #1
jeff Sanders
jeff Sanders 19 dagen geleden
seem likely
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
Oh god I hope not
Steven Fitzgerald
Steven Fitzgerald 20 dagen geleden
True Saiyan Power
True Saiyan Power 20 dagen geleden
ride him out to the first overall pic then let him go at end of season
eddy garcia
eddy garcia 20 dagen geleden
If Adam Gase can’t beat my team, DAMN 😂
Green Bricks & Cam
Green Bricks & Cam 19 dagen geleden
Looks like he couldn’t
Noah Locker
Noah Locker 20 dagen geleden
Ladys and gentlemen it is time for TANKBOWL
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 20 dagen geleden
Gase to the Lions Patricia to the Jets
My Teams Suck
My Teams Suck 20 dagen geleden
Gase and the jets are stooges
steven guevara
steven guevara 20 dagen geleden
His hiring was a miracle.
Nick 20 dagen geleden
As a 9er fan I feel bad for vic I was hoping he would do well as HC. He should cone back as our DC.
GundamGoku 20 dagen geleden
He needs to be christ. That man has ruined enough careers.
Z- Bird
Z- Bird 20 dagen geleden
He better be fired! I’m a jets fan and I’m rooting for the Broncos to win by 50 cuz i want him gone that bad
MTGElite33 20 dagen geleden
Good bye B-hole!
RUSSBOSKI88 20 dagen geleden
He only got a head coaching job because of Peyton Manning
Mr K
Mr K 20 dagen geleden
Who scheduled this garbage. He needs to get canonized
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 20 dagen geleden
I’d rather the bad matchups get out of the way early
Lawrence Amurao
Lawrence Amurao 20 dagen geleden
or maybe theyll keep gase to insure the top pick 🤔
S A 20 dagen geleden
His career record is 30-38. There you go.
BosSox 20 dagen geleden
This is the battle for Trevor Lawrence.
Yeahsure 17 dagen geleden
@Alvar Wall looked it up out of curiosity. Literally, every coach except for Andy Reid and Brian Flores have been coordinators at some point in their career. Brian Flores was only a special teams coordinator. So, 3 out of 32. Andy Reid and Brian Flores are the only ones that jumped past being a coordinator to head coach.
Alvar Wall
Alvar Wall 17 dagen geleden
M N I agree completely. But Eric is RUNNING that amazing offense, he is a key part to the success of that amazing creative offense, and he’s been given no credit at all, and he deserves some credit.
Alvar Wall
Alvar Wall 17 dagen geleden
Yeahsure true but few become head coaches after having served as special teams coaches or something. More and more head coaches are becoming head coaches after legit never even having been coordinators
Yeahsure 18 dagen geleden
@Alvar Wall Haven't all head coaches been coordinators at some point before becoming head coach?
M N 18 dagen geleden
@Alvar Wall The Chiefs had an average offense at best until they got Mahomes. Mahomes is a generational talent. Darnold, very good I believe, not a generational talent. Pederson has been pretty trash after that SB win also. I see what you're saying about coaching trees. But Bienemys job is so much easier with Mahomes as his QB....
Mark York
Mark York 20 dagen geleden
Jets fan here, hope just to watch my team play a whole sound game of football. I know that is a long shot. A win for me would just be a plus. I'm just happy football is on and that both teams get out without injuries. Stay sexy you fuckers
S scope
S scope 20 dagen geleden
As a NY Giants fan I want Adam to stay.
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
Bro giants are bad themselves and got their own problems worry about yours we deal with ours 🤣
Russell Wise
Russell Wise 20 dagen geleden
Fire Him!
Earthrocker 20 dagen geleden
Gase is getting fired, it's only a matter of when
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper 20 dagen geleden
The kind of organization that would hire Gase after his terrible outing in Miami isn't the kind of organization that would be smart enough to cut ties with him early. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get the full 3 years.
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
That would be so stupid and such a colossal waste of time to retain a coach that doesn't even have the respect of the team just so you don't feel stupid for paying the coach his salary after he gets fired
Ryan Volkert
Ryan Volkert 20 dagen geleden
how about mike "ive never had a bad defense" zimmer?
Do It
Do It 20 dagen geleden
So is it safe to call this game the... TerriBowl?
K 20 dagen geleden
the TrevorBowl
Peter Kelemen
Peter Kelemen 20 dagen geleden
You. I like you.
Sheriff of Rock Ridge
Sheriff of Rock Ridge 20 dagen geleden
If they don’t win tonight he gone
Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher 20 dagen geleden
“They have a lot of injuries over there”. He says about the broncos as the jets are basically playing with their practice squad and third stringers
Benjamin 19 dagen geleden
The jets have injuries too,but even our starters weren't that great to begin with. Breshad perriman,denzel mimms,blake cashman? These guys are not gonna change the dynamic of our team they're not pro bowlers. The jets healthy barely have talent. I knew after we traded jamal and cj opted out the jets wouldn't have any marquee names on their team. Them being injured doesn't change much except the fact that it's even more difficult. But the jets are just not a well coached team so it really wouldn't matter whether their starters were there or their backups
Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher 20 dagen geleden
Ironn1bbler huh, okayyy buddy
Ironn1bbler 20 dagen geleden
Jets starters are basically ps and 3rd stringers on legit teams
PMS Store
PMS Store 20 dagen geleden
Toshiki Kai The Vanguard
Toshiki Kai The Vanguard 20 dagen geleden
Nah, he needs to stay. I need someone to laugh at
Tim Porter
Tim Porter 20 dagen geleden
At least they both have indoor practice facilities
OG Bean
OG Bean 20 dagen geleden
Spongebob 2020
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins 20 dagen geleden
What's the over/under on Denver players going on IR tonight??
Matthew Northern
Matthew Northern 20 dagen geleden
half our starters already are
DillonDank 20 dagen geleden
Jets only win of the season?
Roas Runna
Roas Runna 20 dagen geleden
Retirement match, let's go
Roas Runna
Roas Runna 20 dagen geleden
Bye Adam
DillonDank 20 dagen geleden
Bye Felicia
TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan 20 dagen geleden
Adderal Gase the AFC East GOAT 🐐
TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan 20 dagen geleden
@hazeofthegreensmoke bro stop hating he accidentally drank caffeinated coffee instead of decaf
hazeofthegreensmoke 20 dagen geleden
TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan he was completely coked out in his hiring press conference
Jplaya slaya
Jplaya slaya 20 dagen geleden
whats the odds on 0-0 final score 😂
Jplaya slaya
Jplaya slaya 19 dagen geleden
@Carter Reimann this aged well 😉
The Knight of Awesomeness
The Knight of Awesomeness 20 dagen geleden
@Schnell or the offense plays that bad lol
Schnell 20 dagen geleden
that would mean the defense played superb... 🥴
Carter Reimann
Carter Reimann 20 dagen geleden
You need to account for pick 6's
Thicc Man Inc
Thicc Man Inc 20 dagen geleden
Only thing worse than Metlife’s field are the teams that play there
leonelp51 19 dagen geleden
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 19 dagen geleden
That's pretty funny
K 20 dagen geleden
:::another ACL tears:::
F B 20 dagen geleden
As a 9ers fan, *PAIN*
Thicc Man Inc
Thicc Man Inc 20 dagen geleden
Adam “greatest offensive mind ever” Gase
Henry Jimenez
Henry Jimenez 19 dagen geleden
Peyton’s recommendation
Thicc Man Inc
Thicc Man Inc 19 dagen geleden
Burt Macklin I had 2 things to say lol
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 20 dagen geleden
Thicc Man Inc When you make 2 comments hoping one of them blows up
benjamin bral
benjamin bral 20 dagen geleden
I genuinely laughed aloud there
T C 20 dagen geleden
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 20 dagen geleden
Ah yes... a prime time game featuring two of the worst teams in the league.. that’ll help ratings
YaBoyVoltage 20 dagen geleden
Those are the best games tho
Haik Mazmanyan
Haik Mazmanyan 20 dagen geleden
First like
Imdafish !
Imdafish ! 20 dagen geleden
Cole Jones
Cole Jones 20 dagen geleden
M 20 dagen geleden
You beat me to it.