Pat McAfee Talks If Its Time For A New NFL Team 

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Is it time for the NFL to expand?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 sep. 2020




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Tropical Nayr
Tropical Nayr 2 dagen geleden
saskatoon foxes and billings elk and vancouver salmon and Toronto sailors one divison make it happen
Tropical Nayr
Tropical Nayr 2 dagen geleden
saskatoon foxes and billings elk and vancouver salmon and Toronto sailors one divison make it happen
Tropical Nayr
Tropical Nayr 2 dagen geleden
saskatoon foxes and billings elk and vancouver salmon and Toronto sailors one divison make it happen
Tropical Nayr
Tropical Nayr 2 dagen geleden
saskatoon foxes and billings elk and vancouver salmon and Toronto sailors one divison make it happen
gabe briggs
gabe briggs 9 dagen geleden
Nfc east eagles win superbowl lol....
Coach 13 dagen geleden
It would be fun if we had a minor league football league, call it something xciting. Maybe the Xciting Football League (XFL)?
just a thought
just a thought 13 dagen geleden
Nfl should start a spring league in Europe or Australia and have that as a supplemental league while still having spring ball
WarriorAngel001 13 dagen geleden
Oklahoma Thunderbirds is my idea for an expansion team.
Josh Karnes
Josh Karnes 14 dagen geleden
Why not have a team in Hawaii? Or any other state without a team?
Alex G
Alex G 14 dagen geleden
Hawaii , San Juan, San Antonio, Austin, Okc and Salt Lake City deserve a team before Canada does. They have their own league and i don’t think we should just take over their country like that. It would eventually lead to their league ceasing operations probably
Solar Kennedy
Solar Kennedy 15 dagen geleden
Congrats on 1M bro 💯 🥳🎉🎊
NickyGuy 15 dagen geleden
Bama wanted one a few years back
DQuake 16 dagen geleden
Why haven’t they put a team in Toronto anyway? Logically it just doesn’t make sense to me. I really don’t even get the argument against it.
DapperBoy24 16 dagen geleden
Rip the cubs and the Sox in the first round of the playoffs
Daniel Lucas
Daniel Lucas 16 dagen geleden
St. Louis, San Diego, and San Antonio seem to be the hot spots for an NFL team in the US. Honestly, moving one of the LA teams to one of those locations would be a good idea.
MG Element
MG Element 16 dagen geleden
I think Dallas could use an nfl team😔
Benn K
Benn K 16 dagen geleden
that bears fan is delusional
owen daboss
owen daboss 16 dagen geleden
Toronto needs an NFL team
Kyle Boeken
Kyle Boeken 16 dagen geleden
They will add a whole new team with new facilities before they let the Bengals have an indoor practice facility
Steeler Cards
Steeler Cards 16 dagen geleden
New team needed. You can see it especially in the over saturated qb market. There’s plenty of talent to add one
Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab 16 dagen geleden
Ya but u cant just add 1 u would need to add 8... in order to keep divisions normal 1 team would have to be added to each division to make it work well. There is absolutely no need for expansion. Maybe move a few teams and tinker with divisions is the only thing that makes sense
Hunter Alexander
Hunter Alexander 17 dagen geleden
I’m currently majoring in Sport Management and I want to do an internship with you guys. Would there be any chance you guys could hmu if there’s an opening.
Johnson Trimble
Johnson Trimble 17 dagen geleden
There was a guy some time ago who mapped a new division idea based on location. That way, fans could see more games (not having to travel far) and players wouldn't have to have as many long travel games (better for players, cost, and the environment). I have been on the side of change the division for years
Happy 17 dagen geleden
Des moines iowa needs a NFL team
Bryce Tenney
Bryce Tenney 17 dagen geleden
Portland needs a team would sell out every game!!
C P 17 dagen geleden
Unpopular Opinion: there shouldn’t be two teams of one sport in the same city (ex: chargers and rams)
Honcho Luis
Honcho Luis 17 dagen geleden
New York doesn’t have enough team I think they could have another one
Zello Davis
Zello Davis 17 dagen geleden
Canada would be great, the CFL could organize US teams and essentially be a minor league. They could workout deals to move players back and forth.
Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab 16 dagen geleden
Never in a million years. We have our own league and its alot different than the nfl
Joshua Walsh
Joshua Walsh 17 dagen geleden
Move Jacksonville, they don't deserve a team.
T 4 Trash
T 4 Trash 17 dagen geleden
Or maybe send a team up to Maine, we have a lot of room lol, I mean a lot, like 90% of Maine is forests. Although the money......
Ren90270 17 dagen geleden
0:35 To shake the divisions in the NFL, I suggest the following 5 teams to move to different divisions: BAL Ravens -> AFC East; MIA Dolphins -> AFC South; IND Colts -> AFC North. DAL Cowboys -> NFC South; CAR Panthers -> NFC East.
Sean Gundstrom
Sean Gundstrom 17 dagen geleden
Add a new NFC and AFC Central division
alex joston
alex joston 17 dagen geleden
AyeItsKev 17 dagen geleden
They should add a Hawaii team since they are part of the USA
Jason Lindstrand
Jason Lindstrand 17 dagen geleden
ClearSpeed 17 dagen geleden
Make a team for Oklahoma City.
kaden Eck
kaden Eck 17 dagen geleden
Utah team?
Dion S
Dion S 17 dagen geleden
If they were to switch any teams , would make sense to move Dallas to the nfc south and could probably switch them with Carolina since Dallas is nowhere near East lol and Carolina is way closer
Noah Felts
Noah Felts 17 dagen geleden
Give it to Hawaii pls
Lots 0
Lots 0 17 dagen geleden
I would love to have a NFL team here in Oklahoma. Toronto would also be a smart move.
Three 60 Mafia
Three 60 Mafia 17 dagen geleden
There've been rumors of Bills being moved to Toronto for years... but a brand new team would be good.
MMA MMA 17 dagen geleden
Toronto indoor dome probably best case scenario
AJ ROY 18 dagen geleden
Columbus oh
Jared Ramirez
Jared Ramirez 18 dagen geleden
San Antonio in NFC South Austin in AFC South Orlando in NFC East Toronto in AFC East Winnipeg in NFC North Chicago 2nd team in AFC North St. Louis in NFC West San Diego in AFC West
C S 18 dagen geleden
Toronto would make a good NFL market.
WillToNihilism 18 dagen geleden
Salt lake could use one. They're far less mormon now. I can see them filling a while stadium every Sunday
Mark Britten
Mark Britten 18 dagen geleden
The problem is that 32 teams is such a good number that it's difficult to imagine them actually doing it any time soon. 40 is the next number that makes it easy division wise, but you can't exactly do that all at once.
Addison Z
Addison Z 18 dagen geleden
NATIONAL football league not US football league smh
McBuckets 18 dagen geleden
Anybody else want a Connecticut team??
Jaden Hagemann
Jaden Hagemann 18 dagen geleden
I think an Omaha Nebraska team would be cool
James B
James B 18 dagen geleden
The problem is the league is set up perfectly right now.. the most clear cut way to add teams but still keep it even would be to add TWO teams to each conference and reduce the divisions from four of four teams to three of six teams. I don't know about anyone else but I HATED when some divisions had more teams than others..
James B
James B 18 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk just casually smoking a fat cigar 😂
Swaggy Duck
Swaggy Duck 18 dagen geleden
Duck this Waterfowl
Duck this Waterfowl 18 dagen geleden
Iowa needs a team
bestaifan12 18 dagen geleden
as a canadian... NFL... please save us from the garbage that is the CFL can we please get real football
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 18 dagen geleden
Nah I think Oregon should get a team
Jason Pickersgill
Jason Pickersgill 18 dagen geleden
Is it really necessary to smoke a cigar whilst being interviewed? It’s just so arrogant.
Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab 16 dagen geleden
O stfu
Free Thinker
Free Thinker 18 dagen geleden
Why would you expand a league that is sharply contracting in fans? It’s going to get even worse when all the lockdowns end.
Corey Rees
Corey Rees 18 dagen geleden
How there isn’t a team up in Toronto yet is beyond me
Corey Rees
Corey Rees 16 dagen geleden
Mike Schwab because it’s cfl lol
Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab 16 dagen geleden
Theu cant even support a cfl team. Cmon now
Anony Moose
Anony Moose 18 dagen geleden
Not unless each division got a new team.
NE- JACKCHOP 18 dagen geleden
Push the Lions to Canada and change the name and uniforms.
Lebrin Jims
Lebrin Jims 18 dagen geleden
San Diego, St. Lois, San Antonio, and Oakland or something
Daniel brown
Daniel brown 18 dagen geleden
I love his Book shelf wallpaper
cygmas7 18 dagen geleden
How about some love for St. Louis after what they did to them with the Ram?
Steven Hunt
Steven Hunt 18 dagen geleden
Take it to 36
T T 18 dagen geleden
Well Cubs and sox are now out so that ain’t happening lol
Gas Face
Gas Face 18 dagen geleden
They don’t have Uber in Canada?
Dynamex 18 dagen geleden
A whole new division in Canada would be cool
Devin Hessler
Devin Hessler 18 dagen geleden
How about nebraska or Alabama. Both smaller markets but both would have loyal and prideful fans. Look at the two college yes there. The. Compare those to colleges' fan to that of the packers.
Oliver Girard
Oliver Girard 18 dagen geleden
Oregon NEEDS and NFL team
Cameron Gore
Cameron Gore 18 dagen geleden
You would have to do 8 teams at once for the math to work out now. You can't have one division with 5 teams and the rest with 4? 😆
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski 18 dagen geleden
kinda miss the seahawks in the afc west
Seth Sters
Seth Sters 18 dagen geleden
Jerry Jones will NEVER allow a team in San Antonio.
Phil Castillo
Phil Castillo 18 dagen geleden
How about Mexico City? There seems to be interest down south
BanditBlu 98
BanditBlu 98 18 dagen geleden
Move the jet, giant and brown to different states different names just saying
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 18 dagen geleden
Does this jackass ever not smoke Cigars? You don't look cool and it isn't good for you. Get a new addiction.
Roma Invicta
Roma Invicta 18 dagen geleden
I live in toronto. I’m telling you the best decision for the NFL to grow the game, is to expand to toronto.a Toronto nfl team would be one of the largest fan bases in all of the nfl.
Markey Mark
Markey Mark 18 dagen geleden
Alabama been needing a team for years
denverthugget1 18 dagen geleden
Oklahoma would prolly be good
Willie Parker
Willie Parker 18 dagen geleden
Austin Texas should have won
Ok 18 dagen geleden
The NFC East is the only division where every team has a ring! We’re the best division.
stuweezy 47
stuweezy 47 18 dagen geleden
They should give Utah a team
Nunuvya Business
Nunuvya Business 18 dagen geleden
I think the NFL should just move the teams out of LA and not go back. That city won’t support an NFL team so they should quit trying.
Troy Butcher
Troy Butcher 18 dagen geleden
The Bears can't win the SB this year.. Bc The Raiders are going to win. Plus I'd be pissed bc Khalil Mack is one of my favorite players.. And DC has to win before Mack.🤷‍♂️
howtocrazyfunfish 18 dagen geleden
Send a team to Hawaii and alaska
Yo Bro Ayy
Yo Bro Ayy 18 dagen geleden
The day San Antonio gets an NFL team is the day the Jones family disappears of the face of the earth. The Jones’ will never let that happen.
deuteriumjones 18 dagen geleden
Add a whole division’s worth Vancouver Toronto, London, and someplace in Germany that’s centrally located between all the military bases. Mascots, in order: Orca, Lumberjacks, Spitfire, and zweihanders.
Josh Davis
Josh Davis 18 dagen geleden
Canada won't get a team. They have the CFL already, and where would they be located? Montreal? I mean, there are Seahawks fans in Vancouver, and there are Bills fans in Toronto.
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez 18 dagen geleden
Austin TX
Scard’s Tard’s
Scard’s Tard’s 18 dagen geleden
I’ve been trying to get the Montana Manlets funding for years.
Gillster 37
Gillster 37 18 dagen geleden
Switch Colts with Dolphins
Israel Rodriguez
Israel Rodriguez 18 dagen geleden
Oh jeah a great time to invest in an industry thats losing money blah blah blah
Word Cripple
Word Cripple 18 dagen geleden
before the NFL expands internationally, they should put a team in all 50 states(I'm Canadian)
Paul Calvin
Paul Calvin 18 dagen geleden
Take the Browns
DarthVan 18 dagen geleden
“Shake it up” by making it just NFC and AFC. Still have your classic rivals that can play 2x, and change up the others. Then you just add one to both conferences, instead of deal with all this divisional crap.
KKC 18 dagen geleden
No. It is not. The NFL needs to eliminate about 4-6 teams
Ghost Of 1776
Ghost Of 1776 18 dagen geleden
I think the divisions need to be mixed up
Fausto CFS
Fausto CFS 18 dagen geleden
It's that assholes fault my White Sox got eliminated in the wild card round 😒😒😒
Evan Kagan
Evan Kagan 18 dagen geleden
Move the Jets to Brooklyn or Manhattan
Cowboy P
Cowboy P 18 dagen geleden
I think Portland needs a NFL Team. I want see a Pacific Northwest rivalry, between the Seahawks, and a Portland team.
Paul Acevedo
Paul Acevedo 18 dagen geleden
How about the Montana Broke Backers!!!!!!!!!
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