Pat McAfee Talks If NFL Players Cheat Their Concussion Tests 

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We really have no clue what the tests grade you on, but can they be cheated?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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5 okt. 2020




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Michael Stagner Jr
Michael Stagner Jr 10 dagen geleden
Dude these ads. Wth lmao
Mark Martinez
Mark Martinez 11 dagen geleden
these grown people have trouble focusing to a test on a screen imagine students doing the zooms for 7 hours a day for classes
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 12 dagen geleden
Cognitive function, is one of the worst ways to screen for concussion. If you’re to the point, that you’re getting’ve blown way past concussion. The problem is that the best ways to screen are completely subjective, basically answering questions honestly about symptoms and how you feel. Hopefully within the next decade or two, we are going to have MRIs that are cheap and fast, that can detect damage in minutes. I fear then though, that they are just almost always going to show signs of damage.
Joseph Sheehan
Joseph Sheehan 12 dagen geleden
The athletic trainer from my high school actually helped to create the test. We used it and had to take the baseline every other year. I can tell you almost EVERYONE dumbed it down.
ScorinMcLaurin 13 dagen geleden
How can it be a concussion test if a person without a concussion can't pass it lmao
Softnumnums 13 dagen geleden
Iv seen two times a dude should have been out of the game and he comes strolling back onto the field a few plays later. Makes no sense. If someone loses consciousness from a hit... You're done.
Robin Bishop
Robin Bishop 14 dagen geleden
Well Herbert might have been hinting he's doesn't wanna go near the doctor out there and I don't blame him.
Darius Jones
Darius Jones 15 dagen geleden
damn hahah why they doing AJ like that hahaha
Will Armiger
Will Armiger 15 dagen geleden
Its the worst in high-school I took mine after a math and science test in back to back classes. And sitting in the library doing that was the worst ever.
Big Dino
Big Dino 15 dagen geleden
Pat is a kicker he never got hit like every other player
Big Meat
Big Meat 15 dagen geleden
I took one in hs and then proceeded to get a concusion, three weeks later i took the test again and proceeded to get much higher than my baseline lol
Jon Hart
Jon Hart 15 dagen geleden
College Basketball Concussion Story Time: I have never told anyone this before... When I was trying to play college basketball at a D2 school (Didn’t play high school b-ball grew 10 inches and was 7ft now) they had me do the concussion test I was a walk in trying to earn my stripes so me trying to be the best at everything decided it would be a good idea to cheat on the test. These tests consist of words flying across the screen and having to remember what words you saw. Well I wrote each word down and when it asked me I had all of them. I got a 100%!!! Now if I would have gotten a concussion I would have had a hard time being cleared due to the fact that you have to score the same score or better...
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 15 dagen geleden
We were cheating in high school and college I would assume they would in the nfl😂
EVM17 15 dagen geleden
National Felon League players CHEAT.... PERIOD !!!!!!
Jake Bernhardt
Jake Bernhardt 15 dagen geleden
Bro I failed the baseline and my coach goes “eh youre golden. Just let me know if you feel a little fuzzy after a hit.”
erbgorre 15 dagen geleden
"hey doc, i think we got a concussion here." "alright, bring him in boys, who is it?" "its hawk." "ah. well, nevermind then.."
Dano Bracaloni
Dano Bracaloni 15 dagen geleden
AJ is always aware of which sideline is which because he has to know who he's flipping off.
Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams 15 dagen geleden
I used to cheat on the concussion tests during college. Now that i look back it was stupid. I remember having concussion symptoms and i would bring a pen and napkin to write down the letters in order, shapes, etc.
Joey Hudson
Joey Hudson 15 dagen geleden
How does the punter get a concussion
Ryan H
Ryan H 15 dagen geleden
Kid on my high school team failed the baseline and had to retake it twice😂
quatha 15 dagen geleden
Seems like there have been way fewer clips on YT in the last couple weeks, is this the new norm? :(
TShep704 15 dagen geleden
Mannnnn I just got so pumped because this was my question but my question was cut out 🥺 I’m Tyler from Charlotte lol
E Hess
E Hess 15 dagen geleden
LMAO thats my first time seeing the Roman ad. lolol
Bubba Hyde
Bubba Hyde 15 dagen geleden
Thats smart taking foxy to the test with him. Foxy scored a million on the ACT.
Randy Grueneberg
Randy Grueneberg 15 dagen geleden
We would do a similar TBI test in the army and every tenth question or so was are you angry does this test annoy you lol well yea this test would make anyone angry
Carlos Luna
Carlos Luna 15 dagen geleden
who tf is air bear. i never get his reference
SpareBanana 14 dagen geleden
@Carlos Luna it's the French pronunciation of Herbert
Carlos Luna
Carlos Luna 15 dagen geleden
Eric B why?
Eric B
Eric B 15 dagen geleden
Justin Herbert
TheRubiksPilot 15 dagen geleden
Congratulations on one million subscribers!!🎉
William Woods
William Woods 15 dagen geleden
When AJ Hawk smiles, Angels get their free hit on the QB
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 15 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee & AJ Hawk should wear the Dumb & Dumber suits
Tipperary 15 dagen geleden
The NFL still has a really bad attitude towards head injuries
Giovanni Cappa
Giovanni Cappa 15 dagen geleden
After getting my first concussion at work a few years ago and not experiencing much of anything until several minutes after I realized that the concussion protocol is very much suspect.
Jack Clarke
Jack Clarke 15 dagen geleden
Had a concussion when I took the baseline test in high school smh.
Zah Hall
Zah Hall 15 dagen geleden
A big part of concussions is attention span....... Imagine if most pro football players had to actually study and take real people tests, yikers.
Ezeckel Reichert
Ezeckel Reichert 14 dagen geleden
I know movies and TV would have you believe that professional athletes are just dumb freaks of nature, but the average NFL player is significantly more intelligent than the average person.
Nathan L
Nathan L 15 dagen geleden
Pat is the person I hate the most that I like
steve ferguson
steve ferguson 15 dagen geleden
Every video AJ is always smoking a cigar lol
JVV Prod.
JVV Prod. 15 dagen geleden
Congrats on a mil pat!! To a mill more
real talk
real talk 15 dagen geleden
Pat i don't know if u read comments but you are the coolest and humblest person that I can releat to when I need a sports laugh need more ppl like you in this 🌎 an the hawk
JSansi 15 dagen geleden
such a tough topic.. players just want to play and you can't blame them, but at the same time we want them to be safe.
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 15 dagen geleden
1:10: I wonder how they would react to midterms
Oliver 15 dagen geleden
When I got concussions playing hockey, doctors always said minimum 2-3 weeks before you can play again. No way they guys get KO’ed and are good to suit up the next week
Skyler Chesser
Skyler Chesser 2 dagen geleden
I think about that every time I watch. I can’t imagine how they can do that over and over again.
Tony Gaertner
Tony Gaertner 15 dagen geleden
I aren’t good to suit up but they still do lol.
Alone 15 dagen geleden
Little bit to much on how dumb AJ hawk is there was just a second away from tension lol
Oaktree2000 Chase
Oaktree2000 Chase 15 dagen geleden
That preseason concussion thing was so dumb. We had to do it in high school and it’s a complete waste of time. After 10 minutes I just answered randomly
Dacarpe 2
Dacarpe 2 15 dagen geleden
4:05 I knew it was gonna make an appearance
jroaduri 15 dagen geleden
I remember Russell Wilson got a concussion test, he walked right back out 1 second later... pissed off he had to come off
James Law
James Law 16 dagen geleden
Shoot every level does.
I Hate Buzzfeed
I Hate Buzzfeed 16 dagen geleden
Who else thinks Pat should replace JK Scott on the Packers? He would be fun, he could probably get Aaron to tell him what he saw in 2010, and he wouldn’t even have to punt.
Jaxon Arnold
Jaxon Arnold 16 dagen geleden
Trace McSorley
I eat ass
I eat ass 16 dagen geleden
I memorized the words they have you remember for the high school tests(at least around here). If I get a head ouchie there's no way I'm forgetting Apple Bubble Carpet Grass Paper. They've been on lock for years
terryfeynman 16 dagen geleden
you really have to start worrying, if someone stands in the wrong huddle
Rogue Cheddar
Rogue Cheddar 16 dagen geleden
Does a bear wearing the Pope's funny hat while taking a dump in the woods make a sound?
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 16 dagen geleden
If players actively cheat the concussion test, then they can’t sue the nfl when they get CTE. You can’t flout the rules that are there for your safety then put your hand out when what they tried to prevent happens.
rob k
rob k 14 dagen geleden
just not how CTE works but okay
Dood Jenkins
Dood Jenkins 16 dagen geleden
Y’all need to ask Mr. Rogers if he asked Dante Fowler if he was okay after almost jumping off the hard count. Pretty sure he said “You ok Dante?” Lol
Michael Shumac
Michael Shumac 16 dagen geleden
Didn't Kiko Alonso walk to the wrong sideline after a play?
Marco Sandoval
Marco Sandoval 16 dagen geleden
Congrats on 1 million subs Pat! 🥳
Peyton Cappelle
Peyton Cappelle 16 dagen geleden
My friend took a concussion baseline test and failed it.
Dimetime35c 16 dagen geleden
I understand making fun of it but now that we know the effects of multiple concussion we need to make less fun of these things.
Peter Levy
Peter Levy 16 dagen geleden
I dumbed it down and I run high school cross country
RowMaverick 16 dagen geleden
I got a concussion playin in college and I had to take that test at least 100 times in a 6 week period
Ali Balaghi
Ali Balaghi 16 dagen geleden
Haha y’all complaining about that. In order for me to go to college for free I have to sit in a 4 hour test (SAT) and score in the 80th-85th percentile and I’m a senior in high school. That sucks.
Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts 16 dagen geleden
I cheated mine in HS so the chance a NFL player cheated it so they could... idk ... make MILLIONS of dollars pleaseeeeeee
raymond rodriguez
raymond rodriguez 16 dagen geleden
I wanted to get the hell outta the concussion tests after I had a bad brain injury, by the end I was just guessing and my dr thought there was a possible chance I had autisim or some type of mental problems cause of my inability to recognize facial experessions😂😂
Mr K
Mr K 16 dagen geleden
When in doubt pick b
Sam Dunne
Sam Dunne 16 dagen geleden
Got legitimately knocked out playing rugby and was asked what my coaches names were, where I was and what was the score. Ended up playing the whole game and scoring twice
HeyZeus096 15 dagen geleden
That's kinda like Teemu Selanne finishing the game and scoring the winning goal after being knocked out, but he's said he straight up doesn't remember the game lol
I Am Merciless
I Am Merciless 16 dagen geleden
You forgot to mention that everything you said in the last sentence happened in a concussed imbued dream.
jah bean
jah bean 16 dagen geleden
varsity football, brownsburg highschool 2016, half my team was forced to retake it after our coach had all the stars fail so if they get injured, they could still play because it looks like their brain is the size of a fcking m&m
Sharif Hassan
Sharif Hassan 16 dagen geleden
I failed my concussion test freshman year of high school. Never had a concussion up to that point
David Moss
David Moss 15 dagen geleden
Sharif Hassan probably do Wanna go out?
Sharif Hassan
Sharif Hassan 15 dagen geleden
David Moss well David idk. How could I fail in the first place? I might have the tism
David Moss
David Moss 15 dagen geleden
Why would u admit that?
Todd LeMasters
Todd LeMasters 16 dagen geleden
Literally had to retake one of those just for a baseline 😂😂😂
Russell Cron
Russell Cron 16 dagen geleden
If they don't they should!
David Layton
David Layton 16 dagen geleden
So as someone who suffered 8 concussions in hs I faked and lied myself back to the court (I played basketball) everytime. Idk how the testing is now but the sound test was easy to memorize or feel the rhythm and of course I lied about headaches and light/sound sensitivity. That being said 0/10 I would not recommend my brain is fucked
David Layton
David Layton 15 dagen geleden
@Nick k haha no I was just a fairly small, 5'11 140, who didn't care about protecting himself. So I took a ton of charges, plenty of elbows to the head,, dove out of bounds, into stands benches and walls, into other players. If the ball was loose nothing was going to stop me from getting to it.
Nick k
Nick k 16 dagen geleden
8 concussions in basketball????? I'm assuming you were in charge of the water and towels. Likely a few wet diapers?
Wael's Delta
Wael's Delta 16 dagen geleden
Ahahahahahah AJ the smartest "idiot" ever
Gus Farbman
Gus Farbman 16 dagen geleden
Pat is the funniest man in the whole world
Rhett Whitman
Rhett Whitman 16 dagen geleden
Lol yesterday it looked like cris Carson got knocked, dude wasn’t moving eyes closed and yet he came back on the field like the next drive
Jack Ohlemacher
Jack Ohlemacher 16 dagen geleden
I remember at first I thought AJ was gonna ruin the show but I love him now 😂
SamRibz 16 dagen geleden
Who were they referring to at the end?
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill 16 dagen geleden
Pretty sure they're talking about Justin Herbert, and Tyrod Taylor getting his lung punctured by the team doc
Jayson Mcleod
Jayson Mcleod 16 dagen geleden
Or just don’t play when you have a concussion so you don’t get CTE
Jayson Mcleod
Jayson Mcleod 7 dagen geleden
@David Layton you have no idea if you have CTE. Just saying
David Layton
David Layton 16 dagen geleden
Lol try telling that to HS me when I got all my teammates glaring at me while the are on the baseline for grinders and winds. I'm not saying you're wrong but I can tell you you'd never convince HS me of that. This coming from someone who has CTE
Joshua Clay
Joshua Clay 16 dagen geleden
In highschool kids will take the sway test and get a baseline before season and kids will fail it on purpose so when they take it when having a concussion it is a regular score
Mr Touchdown
Mr Touchdown 15 dagen geleden
Yup, I did/do that
Sam Schultz
Sam Schultz 15 dagen geleden
Yup worked like a charm
Jay M
Jay M 15 dagen geleden
So basically what the video said lol
Bud Cannabliss
Bud Cannabliss 16 dagen geleden
James P
James P 16 dagen geleden
Bill O'Brien ain't being part of no concussion test anymore.
Xcalibur 16 dagen geleden
I remember the baseline it took me 2 hours for rugby zones out thru half got bored
Addix37 16 dagen geleden
“By being that dumb, I’m that much smarter” what a quote Edit: lol thanks for the likes
Mike's Bikes
Mike's Bikes 15 dagen geleden
Mike's Bikes
Mike's Bikes 15 dagen geleden
crazyworld54321 hey hey hey im sure you’re a kicker or something like that
crazyworld54321 16 dagen geleden
Only a linebacker could come up with such brilliant stupidity!
Zach Eisenhour
Zach Eisenhour 16 dagen geleden
The test is ASS. it is the most dull, repetitive and mind-numbing test ever written.
Will Smith
Will Smith 16 dagen geleden
Had to take this stupid test in highschool and got to the end and the results got corrupted or something and they made me retake it.
Connor Hayes
Connor Hayes 15 dagen geleden
Lol I had to take it too
Jackman1st 16 dagen geleden
Absolutely, when you play this game you know the risks. When you’re in the zone you won’t let a concussion stop you getting on the field with your team mates.
Atî 15 dagen geleden
You literally go unconcious. What a dumb statement this is
Thicc Man Inc
Thicc Man Inc 16 dagen geleden
Only the smoothest of brains cheat on the test
Thomas Brady
Thomas Brady 15 dagen geleden
I did cheat on the test because I had no clue what it was
KEITH ROBERTSON 16 dagen geleden
The one test you actually WANT to leave your name off haha
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 15 dagen geleden
You don’t put your name? You enter a number into the program and it brings up your test. It’s on a computer and it’s mostly just space bar pressing or arrows
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 16 dagen geleden
Wrong, forgetting the STD test
Bilal Uddin
Bilal Uddin 16 dagen geleden
I don’t want to leave my name on any
DJ Dean
DJ Dean 16 dagen geleden
So...the books behind him are a green screen?
CadenLisa 15 dagen geleden
Everything I thought I knew was a lie.
Charles Foster
Charles Foster 15 dagen geleden
Lol, ya.
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong 15 dagen geleden
Coloring books.
HisHeavenlyHope 16 dagen geleden
Pat loves Lucifer 🔥🔥🔥
moronmonkey1 16 dagen geleden
Reminds me of that episode of Blue Mountain State where he gets a 2 out of 30 on his baseline test and then when he gets a concussion he thinks he can beat it but ends up getting a 1 out of 30 😂
Chakra Boss
Chakra Boss 11 dagen geleden
literally love that show
moronmonkey1 15 dagen geleden
Sam Fuchs Season 3
OulyG'z93 15 dagen geleden
The C Word episode
Jeremy Brouillard
Jeremy Brouillard 16 dagen geleden
That show was just amazing!
Sam Fuchs
Sam Fuchs 16 dagen geleden
Lmao what season
Alexis Santiago Torres
Alexis Santiago Torres 16 dagen geleden
No dislike so far 🐐
Mike Farnan
Mike Farnan 16 dagen geleden
the boys got 1 mill and the Cincinnati bangles still don’t have an indoor practice facility
Alex Michael
Alex Michael 16 dagen geleden
Yeah sure people cheat. But this doesn’t change the fact that the Bengals still don’t have a indoor practise facility
Schnell 15 dagen geleden
Random Comment Remember my friend, not everybody is as cultured as us
N Logan
N Logan 15 dagen geleden
@Random Comment how could I not know? It's posted a 100 times on every one of Pat's videos. I just don't care because they suck.
Random Comment
Random Comment 15 dagen geleden
N Logan You must not have heard the news that the Bengals still don’t have an indoor practice facility.
terryfeynman 16 dagen geleden
@N Logan that is what they said about the bucs for years
N Logan
N Logan 16 dagen geleden
@Random Comment that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
PMS Store
PMS Store 16 dagen geleden
Benjamin L
Benjamin L 16 dagen geleden
Aw man, looks like the sexist is in this one
TetrisTech 16 dagen geleden
Gabe Regelbrugge
Gabe Regelbrugge 16 dagen geleden
Sam Shepherd
Sam Shepherd 16 dagen geleden
Benjamin L who is that?
Olvin G
Olvin G 16 dagen geleden
Lockdown Podcast
Lockdown Podcast 16 dagen geleden
After the Burfict hit, Antonio Brown still can’t find the sign up sheet for the concussion test. *Edit* Thanks for the likes! If you have a sec please check out the podcast i do with my two friends!
Jogn Fong
Jogn Fong 15 dagen geleden
That explains all his recent shenanigans and how he can't stay on a team 😂
Lockdown Podcast
Lockdown Podcast 16 dagen geleden
@N Logan Comedy podcast based in LA that does mostly sports and current events! :)
N Logan
N Logan 16 dagen geleden
What is it about?
BList 16 dagen geleden
I know people that were cheating (the) concussion test in high school so they're definitely able to cheat the concussion test
LOCKNLOAD6996 15 dagen geleden
Never had em at my school
JP Mortenson
JP Mortenson 15 dagen geleden
My best friend did that. He went back into the game with a concussion, got hit again and got another one, then failed out of school (was an A student) and developed CTE/mental illness. Shits no joke.
Alexapexgod 15 dagen geleden
Yeah name one person
I Am Merciless
I Am Merciless 16 dagen geleden
@Smith. E3 Test was easy? Pfft youre on crack. They asked me what shape was on the paper. I had answered, "The bottom of a flying saucer" because it was round. APPARENTLY, thats the wrong answer. They wanted me to say some crap called a circle. Pffft what blasphemy.
Smith. E3
Smith. E3 16 dagen geleden
Couldn't cheat at our HS. I was a football player. 3 concussions but the test was easy to pass even with a bad concussion
MaddenGoCrazy On Xbox
MaddenGoCrazy On Xbox 16 dagen geleden
goldwarrior 5115
goldwarrior 5115 16 dagen geleden
I did 1nce
goldwarrior 5115
goldwarrior 5115 16 dagen geleden
@Anaya Rules i dont play in the nfl but i have kinda sorta lied on the concussion thing
Anaya Rules
Anaya Rules 16 dagen geleden
What NFL team u play for?
lambo 16 dagen geleden
they made us take these tests in high school and the trainer was like this is fuckin stupid just do it quick and get out. lmao
Tony Zheng
Tony Zheng 16 dagen geleden
Just let you guys know, Bill O'Brien just got fired
Tony Gaertner
Tony Gaertner 15 dagen geleden
Yo I like your name g
Gabe Regelbrugge
Gabe Regelbrugge 16 dagen geleden
goldwarrior 5115
goldwarrior 5115 16 dagen geleden
Dustin money
Dustin money 16 dagen geleden
K3 - Dans van de farao
K3 - Dans van de farao