Pat McAfee Talks If Patriots Can Win With Mac Jones 

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Do you think that Mac Jones can fill the QB spot in New England since Brady has left? What will Bill Belichick do with him?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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30 apr. 2021




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Based Monitored
Based Monitored 9 uur geleden
Belichick sucks at drafting. Great coach, terrible GM at the draft.
N.T.B RUGRXT Dag geleden
Mac attack 💯💯🔥🔥
Jdd Allan
Jdd Allan Dag geleden
Mac Jones deservedly got drafted where he did.. but let's be honest.. he had the best of every position as always Bama has ... He was the most profecient Bama qb ever.. but C'mon.. let's not even try and compare mac to Brady lol. Najee, Smith and waddle barely healthy... All American o line and 5 stars everywhere else either freshman or sophomore lol. I truly hope he is that next qb.. but let's pump the breaks a bit lol.
Matte Syl
Matte Syl 2 dagen geleden
Fully automatic Mac10!
Mister Hyde
Mister Hyde 2 dagen geleden
Who Mac Jones!?! it's time for some Maction!
dave hamner
dave hamner 2 dagen geleden
No I say jones is overrated
REEF X mr 2 dagen geleden
Well they sure ain’t winning with Cam. Mac is the future of that team though. People sleeping on him hard.
Ichika 2 dagen geleden
nope his name is DBJ 10 (Dad bod jones 10)
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Landen Weathers
Landen Weathers 3 dagen geleden
I cannot wait to see Mac in that Navy #10
Philly Mmm
Philly Mmm 3 dagen geleden
😂😂😂 yo even if this dude is decent how the hell do you expect them to do anything with the offensive weapons you have on your team same reason Tom Brady left New England because you have no weapons
Philly Mmm
Philly Mmm 3 dagen geleden
😂😂😂😂 people be smoking some drugs you better hope this dude can even be able to have 5% of Tom Brady NFL career I am a eagle fan why do people say like it normal to win that much and you can get anybody to do it football been around for like a hundred years even Joe Montana only have half the Super Bowl he have New England fans are delusional you better hope this dude can even win you one Super Bowl in like 12 years
Jim McNamee
Jim McNamee 3 dagen geleden
Mac Jones starts week 1, Cam is washed.
The Rouge
The Rouge 3 dagen geleden
ok lets be real now NO WAY trashCAM with go on to do great lmfao we've seen it al from him 10 years and hes still just alittle to above average Qb
Jordan Ridgeway
Jordan Ridgeway 3 dagen geleden
Now we have two Jarret stidhams
Ste 45
Ste 45 3 dagen geleden
Cam is a bum, give Mac Jones a shot regardless. Going with cam is guaranteed mediocrity, why not give Mac a chance??
Erik Russo
Erik Russo 3 dagen geleden
No talent on that team anymore!
Jason Grimes
Jason Grimes 4 dagen geleden
Mac will be the best QB in this year's draft! 49ers, y'all made a HUGE mistake taking Trey Lance! That kids got BUST written all over him.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 4 dagen geleden
Photographic memory is a key piece. Ernie Adams has the best one, but BB has one, as does Brady. How this guy didn't go 2 to the Jets is beyond me. The Jets stupidly passed on BB, BB drafted Brady, the Jets hired Goodell to slow the Pats down with stupid framejobs to steal their picks, and we may be looking at another multiple decade's worth of a botch job by the Jets.
Chase Høpkins
Chase Høpkins 4 dagen geleden
The mj10 method is fast food
DC 8091
DC 8091 4 dagen geleden
Another PAT MAC
lopezfam 4 dagen geleden
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lopezfam 4 dagen geleden
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James Kodi
James Kodi 4 dagen geleden
As a Bills fan I'm rooting for Cam!
ColtAction 4 dagen geleden
They would have won more games last year if they had a better qb than Cam.
redwall1521 4 dagen geleden
The thing about Brady wasn't that he was this skinny white dude from Michigan where he played decently. The fact was that he was drafted 199th and overlooked by so many people. That, along with his original drive, led him to win 7 times. Mac Jones simply does not have that underdog mentality, so he'll have to depend more on his skill to get out of tough 28-3 situations instead of pure sheer will.
Stevan Bardot
Stevan Bardot 4 dagen geleden
How funny that TB12 has become thanos and bill b is trying to assemble a team to go after TB12 and take does rings away 😂 but bill b doesn’t know that you cannot take down the Lord of the Rings.
Andrew Kwan
Andrew Kwan 4 dagen geleden
Patriots should of never let Brady walk out the door and extended TB12’s contract in 2017. Patriots should of got Aaron Rodgers for win now despite the cap!
fook yoo
fook yoo 4 dagen geleden
the patriots are a nobody now
Jordan Snow
Jordan Snow 4 dagen geleden
He looks like a super fan walking out to read the teams pick lmao
vencar x
vencar x 4 dagen geleden
brady had no expectations,... mac does..
Vincent Valenzuela
Vincent Valenzuela 4 dagen geleden
Cam spelled backwards... MAC
KLEINBURGER13 4 dagen geleden
Lets go Mac attack
happymdx 4 dagen geleden
Comparing Mac Jones to Tom Brady? These idiots are out of their mind,..the kid need to survive in the league for at least 15 or 16 years and have a fully decorated career to have that conversation,.. it's freaking hard..
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts 4 dagen geleden
Dallas cowboys won the draft you plebs.
House Reacts
House Reacts 4 dagen geleden
Alec Martens
Alec Martens 4 dagen geleden
Yes. Yes they will.
Zac Carlisle
Zac Carlisle 4 dagen geleden
He's gonna suck
Stephen White
Stephen White 4 dagen geleden
So now he’s good because the patriots drafted him but I’m a little confused when did the patriots become good a drafting???
Stephen White
Stephen White 4 dagen geleden
Can’t wait till he can’t even beat out Cam Newton. This guy is so hyped and even more hyped now that the patriots picked him
rianrosco 4 dagen geleden
should invite mac to the show and have a beer with em
Dj Diddles
Dj Diddles 4 dagen geleden
If they can't win with cam idk about Jones
Roger Mayes
Roger Mayes 4 dagen geleden
Whoever the black guy is is incorrect
G-off 74716
G-off 74716 4 dagen geleden
Not going to happen... Josh Allen is running that division for the next decade or more.
tedmich 4 dagen geleden
I hear they're already installing a statue of Mac Jones in I'm wrong that's the actual guy!
Reginald Boyd
Reginald Boyd 4 dagen geleden
The disrespect to Cam is ridiculous
Tim 4 dagen geleden
Mac Jones is the best quarterback of the draft. Mark my words-he will be better than Trevor Lawrence.
crizzonet 4 dagen geleden
He’s gonna be a bust. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Guss daBuss
Guss daBuss 5 dagen geleden
Mac backwards is Cam Jones backwards is Senoj Which means nothing
Neekey Zonked
Neekey Zonked 5 dagen geleden
Dudes wearing short shorts , legs crossed, sittin like a pretty girl. Probably shaves his legs too
Mick Hewitt
Mick Hewitt 5 dagen geleden
Who? Do people from Boston ever laugh What? How? When? Why is that dude killing air time 👍
Not Sure - 2020
Not Sure - 2020 5 dagen geleden
Seriously? Predicting 18 years without seeing him even practice against the pros? Take that patriots hat off, you need to be like a Jets fan or something.
Josh Muncy
Josh Muncy 5 dagen geleden
Patriots won't even make the playoffs
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 5 dagen geleden
Patroits wont be or win another playoff or SB ever again.
VISI0N F3AR 5 dagen geleden
Yeah we’ll just completely ignore the fact the Bills are also a dominant force in the afc east
Val 5 dagen geleden
The perfect Patriots QB. Beats you BEFORE the snap. Throws accurately to the right player. That's what McDaniels needs from his QB. He got it from Brady. He hasn't gotten it from Cam.
Frankie Davis
Frankie Davis 5 dagen geleden
Mac Jones looks like a racist 😂😂😂
Deskpop Risk
Deskpop Risk 5 dagen geleden
Noooope noooope yeh
Kevin Hennessey
Kevin Hennessey 5 dagen geleden
Brady was criticized for NOT having a Strong Arem coming out of college, I'm 68 and remember it well, these kids were too young to remember Brady coming out of college.
Harry Kuehb
Harry Kuehb 5 dagen geleden
People wondered how the Patriots won so many super bowls. Sound fundamental football, punishing run game, solid quarterback back play and they played the biggest when it counted the most. Number one rule TB12, perform under pressure; coal under extreme pressure makes diamonds. But for some it exposes the lack of desire and concentration. You practice how you play, and war you fight as you train.
Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan 5 dagen geleden
Pocket passers always do better than the run guys
Joseph Decesare
Joseph Decesare 5 dagen geleden
Load up the macs and lets go to war pats nation stand up
Nicholas Nucifora
Nicholas Nucifora 5 dagen geleden
He looked like he was going to snitch to the principal
Nicholas Goode
Nicholas Goode 5 dagen geleden
His walk is very suspicious 😂😂😂
Symphony Farm
Symphony Farm 5 dagen geleden
Does Mac Jones play better when he is insulted or some one talks trash?.......
Jacob Hutto
Jacob Hutto 3 dagen geleden
100% Stephen A’s daft ass went on a rant before the year saying he didn’t wanna see mac and he only went on to break the completion percentage record
Quaggz B
Quaggz B 5 dagen geleden
Always gotta have a black guy in frame...
Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn 5 dagen geleden
Dude has a beer gut, in picture. What's he gonna look like, five years from now? I heard he has a noodle arm, too. SMH.
Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn 3 dagen geleden
@Jacob Hutto I've got better things to do, plus I have to work forty hours a week. If he had the best deep ball, he probably would have been taken sooner, if not first. Maybe I'll check the highlights. Thanks
Jacob Hutto
Jacob Hutto 3 dagen geleden
How about go actually watch the film, had the best deep ball in the country last year
Ablock Abk
Ablock Abk 5 dagen geleden
Big “MAC 10”
Bobby Burns
Bobby Burns 5 dagen geleden
Nope lighting won’t strike twice look at Tom tall and lean and he got fire in the belly and a competitors heart. Now Mac got beer in the belly and don’t confuse arrogance for confident but he will test coach for sure 😂
Breyan 5 dagen geleden
Patriots had top five best drafts, Running back Stevenson is way underrated.
John Poprac
John Poprac 5 dagen geleden
Mac Jones has bust written all over him. The Tom Brady comparisons are completely undeserved because there is no other Tom Brady. People just see a white, unathletic QB for the Pats and immediately think of Tom. Brady has a better arm, football IQ, and competitive drive. Mac Jones just got his ass carried by one of the most stacked college offenses of all time while making easy layup passes to his NFL caliber skill players. Even with Belichick, Mac Jones will be nothing but an average QB at best.
Kazi 5 dagen geleden
So glad the Pats wasted their pick on the worst QB of all the 1st rounders 👌
MAYANK RAJ 5 dagen geleden
Bruuhh these media people lately seems to be on meth or something ........ they just start comparing anyone with Tom Brady
Chewie Meatball
Chewie Meatball 5 dagen geleden
It's Mckorkle Jones. 😂
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 5 dagen geleden
Patriots super fan once again miles off with his analysis
Joel Matthew
Joel Matthew 5 dagen geleden
The Dad Bod God!
Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza 5 dagen geleden
I don’t know who needs to hear this but Mac Jones isn’t Tom Brady and BB didn’t develop Tom lmao.
Loud Mouth Sports Talk with Adam Dickens
Can we trade Mac Jones for a 6th rd pick? Would be nice lol
Cjballin 5 dagen geleden
I don’t know man... I feel like ppl are really sleeping on Mac. It’s amazing how easy ppl downplay good accuracy and quick decision making. With Cam last year, those two things weren’t really a consistent thing. Do you understand how hard it is to win when your QB is insanely inaccurate and misses throws he should be making? And they still went 7-9. Added all those guys through FA, added a few through the draft, one being a dude that can actually pass the ball accurately and make quick reads. Watch out.
D News
D News 5 dagen geleden
Mac Walked In Like A Boss. He looked like Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.
ninjamaster802 5 dagen geleden
matthew davis
matthew davis 5 dagen geleden
You cannot compare every unathletic weak armed statue QB to Tom Brady the greatest QB to play the game , there are wayyyyyy more busts at the type of build than hits just saying
Alex Larsen
Alex Larsen 5 dagen geleden
Truf-fle Shuf-fle *clap clap clapclapclap* No, the fatbody is going to bomb just like every other white Alabama QB bombs in the NFL.
Ricky !!!!!
Ricky !!!!! 5 dagen geleden
Maybe only time will tell
Eld Cool
Eld Cool 5 dagen geleden
Footballll news over the top. Did either one hit the weights
Eld Cool
Eld Cool 5 dagen geleden
Ronnie 5 dagen geleden
Patriot nation still gonna get steamrolled 😂😂😂
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson 5 dagen geleden
Time will tell. There will never be another Brady but Super Bowls have been won before with lesser QB before.
Ekkers Lovarkia
Ekkers Lovarkia 5 dagen geleden
As a Dolphins fan i was scared sh!tless that Justin Fields was going to fall to them but Mac Jones doesn't scare me at all. Was way overrated in the draft imho because he hasn't got a rocket arm or any kind of athletic mobillity. He won't be tossing the ball to wide open track stars like he had at Alabama,he will be throwing to bums who can't get open and he is stuck there in the pocket like a big tree who can't move. Fields is a proper dual threat athlete and it was pure relief when the Bears jumped up and snached him from the Pats grasp.
Shinobi Drip
Shinobi Drip 5 dagen geleden
Brady NEVER had a rocket for an arm lol what?😂
Flash Point Blank
Flash Point Blank 5 dagen geleden
Cant wait for Buffalos defense to show Mac Jones into the NFL.... F*ck the Patriots This is Buffalos division!!!!!! LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!
lyle swavel
lyle swavel 6 dagen geleden
I thought the Sports Commentators said Belichick couldn't draft, bad gm, these guys say Belichick won the draft, yes 1 wide receiver and a tight end didn't work
Slut wagon
Slut wagon 6 dagen geleden
49ers fucked up they picked up a e.j Manuel mac jones throws 80 yard bombers and makes the same reads and plays as Brady
aaraf mehmood
aaraf mehmood 6 dagen geleden
He’s a ID 10 T player
Gameplay 101
Gameplay 101 6 dagen geleden
Probably, I mean, Belicheck turned a 6th round pock into the 🐐 soooo...
starguy2718 5 dagen geleden
Efren Gramajo
Efren Gramajo 6 dagen geleden
Pat, your voice sounds great-Not as raspy. You switch to edibles?
Steven Jenkins
Steven Jenkins 6 dagen geleden
Tilly Tessla
Tilly Tessla 6 dagen geleden
That guy makes me embarrassed to be a Patriots fan. We are not all that delusional! We are not winning SB with Jones! I can't believe they keep comparing Jones with Brady. There is only ONE Tom Brady. Jones is nowhere near Brady standard and it looks like he never will be. Brady took care of his body. Clearly Jones do not! Just stop being delusional.... I understand that Pat is bros with that Patriots "fan" but he always embarrass himself whenever he open his mouth - only BS comes out. Delusional as F... Just stop it!
Cameron Gore
Cameron Gore 6 dagen geleden
Boston hyped!!!! Lmfao
Skitzo Heavy
Skitzo Heavy 6 dagen geleden
Alright I just wanna know I’m from Carolina I love Cam watch almost every game of his career here.. do pats fan like cam? 🤔I just wanna know..