Pat McAfee Talks Sam Darnold's Future In The NFL 

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Do you think Sam Darnold stays in New York?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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13 okt. 2020




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Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 3 dagen geleden
Basically he's saying fire Adam gase
Ali 6 dagen geleden
I really like Sam darnold and the things that he can really do. But if I have the #1 pick this year, I can’t help but to take Trevor Lawrence. Because it’s all about starting fresh and with that being said, I would look to trade Sam
Russell Giangrosso
Russell Giangrosso 8 dagen geleden
What a great replacement for drew brees he would be
M PG 8 dagen geleden
He isn't bad. He's in a bad situation.
Brandon Bolt
Brandon Bolt 9 dagen geleden
How does Gase still have a job in the NFL? Jets organization is such a joke.
Redskins 4-Ever
Redskins 4-Ever 9 dagen geleden
Darnold Vick !!
Isles 13
Isles 13 9 dagen geleden
jets need to make this man his QB coach
Wellington Martinez
Wellington Martinez 9 dagen geleden
Another player the jets fucked up
Travis Rose
Travis Rose 9 dagen geleden
Get him to Minnesota
Eric T
Eric T 9 dagen geleden
No QB can overcome a very bad coach
Damen Ciesinski
Damen Ciesinski 9 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold is Jay Cutler 2.0 with a weaker arm.
JustSomeSalt Boi
JustSomeSalt Boi 9 dagen geleden
He has to deal with Adam Gase so cut him some slack
David Richter
David Richter 9 dagen geleden
Im rooting for Sam no matter what
Do It
Do It 10 dagen geleden
The jets will probably draft Lawrence just because a qb is the ONLY thing they don’t need
MrDanielcool 10 dagen geleden
If I'm the jets i hope i get the number 1 pick if i do i trade sam to bulid around the new guy. Sam can be good but not in the jets plus a new qb gives them a new rookie deal and time to bulid around him
Sgt Nooodle
Sgt Nooodle 10 dagen geleden
2 minutes and 10 seconds longer than "NO" should take.
mdduet 10 dagen geleden
I would like to see him with a good OC and Coach like Sean Payton. Think he would learn and thrive under that type of stable direction.
Dark Demonik
Dark Demonik 10 dagen geleden
Is Sam Darnold good? Lets ask guys that won't be BIAS like Josh McCown *respect him* but at least he is honest about Darnold's regression and not piling on the Jets which is the easy thing to do *rightfully so*
MicroSmokeSleet 10 dagen geleden
Yes darnold is good get him off that team
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira 10 dagen geleden
Josh for Sam's QB coach!
god 10 dagen geleden
i thought sam darnold was gonna ball out like josh allen, he is currently a disappointment
C McG 10 dagen geleden
Darnold as a Colt = $
PrettyBoy23 10 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold is a baller, Adam Gase is not. Simple as that
Bear 7453
Bear 7453 10 dagen geleden
Would LOVE to have josh mccown as our starter back again.
Michael Yrure
Michael Yrure 10 dagen geleden
Let’s put it like this, I don’t think anyone views Sam Darnold as the problem with the Jets
Dylan Vela
Dylan Vela 10 dagen geleden
9ers fans need this guy
Frank C
Frank C 10 dagen geleden
Who here after Bell got the boot
Zachary Morrison
Zachary Morrison 10 dagen geleden
I think Darnold to the bears for 1 third round pick, or one 4th round pick. Or for a fifth and 6th round pick
kade sabados
kade sabados 10 dagen geleden
For a 3rd or a 4th round ??🤣 you’re out of your mind
Ezrha Walraven
Ezrha Walraven 10 dagen geleden
Let’s talk about that beautiful cloud formations that are behind josh, great man and great player, but those clouds tho
Boothy Badazz
Boothy Badazz 10 dagen geleden
Who knows if darnold is good? Bad franchises like the jets will ruin a young QB. I feel bad for darnold.
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2 10 dagen geleden
Darnold needs a new coach thats it.
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 10 dagen geleden
Col cow still gets completely erect thinking about Sam darnold and Carson Wentz, both are looking horrific, gotta love it
Lande Butler jr
Lande Butler jr 10 dagen geleden
Please put a word in pat darnold to the colts!!
Lande Butler jr
Lande Butler jr 10 dagen geleden
I’m sick of Phil
DF SPORTS 10 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold sucks
Rahiem Hunt
Rahiem Hunt 10 dagen geleden
Hoping the Steelers get Darnold if the Jets draft Trevor
Albert Ferraro
Albert Ferraro 10 dagen geleden
McCown is definitely just being nice here. Darnold is utter trash and everyone knows it.
Chapin Wiscombe
Chapin Wiscombe 10 dagen geleden
Colts should try and trade for him
arewhyayean 10 dagen geleden
McCown looks like pat and aj hawk combined.
Juevos Rants Youtube
Juevos Rants Youtube 10 dagen geleden
i feel bad darnolds on the jets!
Dillan Carloss
Dillan Carloss 10 dagen geleden
LOL at josh rosen. Biggest bust since JaMarcus Russell at QB. Everyone said that man is good. As soon as he was pictured with a MAGA hat... I knew
JoshP0415 10 dagen geleden
Lol the same people standing for Sam Darnold, blasted Baker Mayfield. Baker has had more change than Darnold, and has consistently out preformed him.
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan 10 dagen geleden
It’s soo tough cause he’s playing in a dumpster fire
Brian Pecsi
Brian Pecsi 10 dagen geleden
I never saw the talent in this guy. He a journeyman QB. Dude misses big throws consistently. Stinks
Ramon LeClerc
Ramon LeClerc 10 dagen geleden
Darnold sucks just like you did McClown
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun 10 dagen geleden
The Jets could have the Chiefs roster and still be thinking they should rebuild.
Richard Dotchin
Richard Dotchin 10 dagen geleden
Last year the Patriots defense destroyed him, he was chose to wear a microphone and everyone heard he cannot process the game quick enough, too bad.
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun 10 dagen geleden
when you have a set of cups that are blocking for you, it's kind of understandable.
Sterling Mitts
Sterling Mitts 10 dagen geleden
Get him out of NY and he’ll be fine.
Rich James
Rich James 10 dagen geleden
You can't look more like a coach than Josh does.
KingHrb 10 dagen geleden
Even as a jets fan I wants Sam out of ny, we're gonna be first in the draft anyway, let him develop somewhere else and potentially pull an actual offensive genius to coach our team with Trevor lawrence
Ariel Gizersky
Ariel Gizersky 10 dagen geleden
Darnold would be a potentially good to great QB w a little time anywhere else, Adam gase turned the best running back in football into barelt a backup and had Darnold REGRESS since his rookie year
Ariel Gizersky
Ariel Gizersky 10 dagen geleden
The jets are awful awful, and I’m a giants fan lmao
Justin Bingham
Justin Bingham 10 dagen geleden
Darnold sucks.
nothapa 10 dagen geleden
Pat’s great behind the mic. I’m not even sure I like him as a person but he’s got inside stuff at a mile a minute which is widely entertaining.
Levi Bundy
Levi Bundy 10 dagen geleden
Ya lets ask a guy that was never successful in the NFL if someone is going to be good or not. Lets get Trent Richardson in here and ask him if one of these rookies HBs are going to become the best HB in the league.
Khalin Niemeyer
Khalin Niemeyer 11 dagen geleden
Darnold is a sellahhhh (sellout).
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun 10 dagen geleden
Do you expect him to do something with nothing!
John Burton
John Burton 11 dagen geleden
I wish Josh McCown never was traded... Sam was so much better when he was there.... But like always the Jets hav3 no clue what they are doing.....
sancoffsr 11 dagen geleden
If the organization sucks and it does he has no chance
ktm125guy1 11 dagen geleden
49ers should go for him, as it seems they’ve given up on Jimmy G
Mark Arren
Mark Arren 11 dagen geleden
And he has a special talent: he can see ghosts.
jake hughes
jake hughes 9 dagen geleden
Pdot 11 dagen geleden
Almost everyone will do well in a good system. The good ones make bad teams better
R Bowman
R Bowman 11 dagen geleden
Dawgs when I call in so I stay on the line after it says the line isn’t available or try again n call back?
IambecomeZ 11 dagen geleden
If you need that much help you don't need to be the starter
Will Bev
Will Bev 11 dagen geleden
Are we looking at the next falcons head coach ?👀👀
Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano 11 dagen geleden
Yes yes keep on giving the Giants Trevor Lawrence
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 11 dagen geleden
Oh yeah man
Back to Orthodoxy
Back to Orthodoxy 11 dagen geleden
As a Packer fan he’s super talented. He’s just in a horrid organization even A Rod couldn’t turn around presently
Matthew Stuver
Matthew Stuver 11 dagen geleden
Jets trying hord to take T-Law from my Falcons 👀
Ali 6 dagen geleden
You guys trading away Matt Ryan? 🤨
Caleb Roy
Caleb Roy 11 dagen geleden
Love me some Josh Mccown.
bhillis99 11 dagen geleden
I wonder how bad jets feel missing out on lamb. Glad my cowboys got him.
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun 10 dagen geleden
Needed Becton anyways. Can't have time to throw if you can't block.
Kemon Games
Kemon Games 11 dagen geleden
Sam is good but it's hard to shine when your coach & team aren't even good
BoviceSON! 11 dagen geleden
Darnold was a bust in waiting, at USC. How's no one see this?
Aidan C
Aidan C 11 dagen geleden
He’s not a bust it’s not his fault
BIGV AZ 11 dagen geleden
Dallas should go get him 👍🏼 he’s talented just doesn’t have any help
Simeon Jackson Davis
Simeon Jackson Davis 11 dagen geleden
Gase has to go!
Nick Ross
Nick Ross 11 dagen geleden
He’s good he’s just on the jets
Scott Faulk
Scott Faulk 11 dagen geleden
Josh was great when he was with the Browns- hardworking, team guy who everyone loved.
Joseph K
Joseph K 11 dagen geleden
LMAO Darnold is garbage! " he can make some good throws". Wtf kind of endorsement of his talent is that? TRASH...
JoJoKiwi 11 dagen geleden
I wish McCown was a coach on the Jets team he would be such a great asset.
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 11 dagen geleden
can we officially say the jets have overtaken the browns as the nfls biggest joke of a franchise?
Vava Vava
Vava Vava 11 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold will get it together a few years down the road.
Gabe Soto
Gabe Soto 11 dagen geleden
Please lord Colts go out and get Darnold if the Jets end up taking Lawrence. He’ll be able to have success in Indy
DellofAction 11 dagen geleden
Josh needs to go into hollywood
Cairo Ma'yieu
Cairo Ma'yieu 11 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold throws INTs directly to defenders with no pressure around him and/or red zone can’t blame that on not having talent around him or bad coaching.
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun 10 dagen geleden
Honestly you really can.
CaterpieTv 11 dagen geleden
No, he is not good
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 11 dagen geleden
Ajay Jaggernauth
Ajay Jaggernauth 11 dagen geleden
Sam darnold needs a better system rotating wr’s isn’t the way for him you can see when darnold and crowded are together stuff happen
OpticalRust 11 dagen geleden
Am I the only 16 year old here?
MunchenOnYou 11 dagen geleden
Trade him to Chicago
Keeg Geek
Keeg Geek 11 dagen geleden
Hahaha uh sure sure ...
James Watts
James Watts 11 dagen geleden
Darnold is a bust
Logan Arnold
Logan Arnold 11 dagen geleden
Colts need to pick him up
ReignRegime 11 dagen geleden
Sam Darnold is our guy...Gase has started 4 QBs in 20 games and they all have failed....Gase is not a HC and the Jets have done nothing but fail Sam Darnold by getting rid of their best WR in Robby Anderson(who's having a GREAT season in Carolina), not incorporate Lev Bell in the offense at all aside from running up the A gap on every 1st down, Give him 2 different offenses and coaches in his first two season and Giving him ADAM GASE!!! the guy that made us think Ryan Tannehill sucked smh Everyone that leaves Gase, does great things and there's a reason why!! Save Sam!
naked nerdo
naked nerdo 11 dagen geleden
Logan Par
Logan Par 11 dagen geleden
I think the kids pretty good, it’s just a terrible offense.
Steven Mccormick
Steven Mccormick 11 dagen geleden
Damn that dude called on the 5G
Carlos 11 dagen geleden
Carson Schuler
Carson Schuler 11 dagen geleden
pat you should talk some more about kicking and punting you dont talk special teams enough i think. jets are bums tho
omar perez
omar perez 11 dagen geleden
I really like Sam. I can’t wait till he leaves Adam Gase and pulls a Tannehill.
Drey Scorchin
Drey Scorchin 11 dagen geleden
Let’s go jets/giants nyc football 🏈
illcombustion93 11 dagen geleden
Short Answer: No Long Answer: No
Solvent Based
Solvent Based 11 dagen geleden
audition 11 dagen geleden
whoever gets him will be lucky
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