Pat McAfee Talks The Time He Almost Joined The Church Of Scientology 

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This was a wild moment to almost happen...
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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1 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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James Benke
James Benke 14 dagen geleden
Loved the Book of Mormon quote
Christopher Pooler
Christopher Pooler 16 dagen geleden
Hawk is younger than me but he went to Centervillle and I grew up in Lytle, Ohio next city over that nobody knows about. Haunted Lytle
Ty 17 dagen geleden
We’re u going to get audited? “Excuse me?” Lmfsoooo
The Writer
The Writer 19 dagen geleden
Hawk is a traitor. He was spreading the name of the Jesus in DR even though Jesus was telling Troy Polamalu to lineup in the C Gap
Earl Louie
Earl Louie 19 dagen geleden
You'd be Jez from Peep Show when he converts.
Tim Rand
Tim Rand 20 dagen geleden
Was so offended when he said did you get audited 😂😂😂. Like bro I skimped my taxes shut up haha
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory 21 dag geleden
Pats an atheist he’s going to hell LoL
Caleb P
Caleb P 21 dag geleden
The LDS missionaries would love to take your questions Pat.
E. Finch
E. Finch 21 dag geleden
My dude Pat an atheist. Big ups
c. Rob
c. Rob 21 dag geleden
Aj “Brady Popinga” Hawk
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 22 dagen geleden
Jesus is the only way not sciencetology
A A 22 dagen geleden
I feel like I’m pretty sure AJ Hawk would be kind of a prick if you met him in person.
James Tyler
James Tyler 22 dagen geleden
I still lose it everytime i see AJ with the books in the background lol. You know he went to a swap meet or good will and just filled up a box of random books, hes trying way to hard to look intelligent, we all know you're a meat head AJ, we all have ears & can hear you speak. Lmao
Matt P.
Matt P. 22 dagen geleden
That is a good friend
JB Jacobs
JB Jacobs 22 dagen geleden
Do you know how long it would take for him to confess all his sins? OMG It would exhaust them.
gudge3214 22 dagen geleden
Ty over there being a savior
Rome Herrera
Rome Herrera 22 dagen geleden
Scientologists are as crazy as the next guy in there. Misguided leadership.
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 22 dagen geleden
You almost joined a church that was created by a fictional book author😂
Joshua Caranci
Joshua Caranci 22 dagen geleden
Watch Going Clear, its crazy
Big Dan T
Big Dan T 22 dagen geleden
Those people are nuts. Tom Cruise is the perfect example of insanity.
HerrPull 22 dagen geleden
The right dude could be Woody Harrelson son. Woody Testeronson
Gary Bargh
Gary Bargh 22 dagen geleden
2:25 - Ty pulls you off? :O Far too much information Pat!!
Shane Frederick
Shane Frederick 22 dagen geleden
Just wanna tell you in advance congratulations on one million subscribers. As of writing this comment you are 6000 away but we all know it's gonna happen.
Jeff Byrd
Jeff Byrd 22 dagen geleden
Pat watch The Vow on HBO it's insane! It's about a mind control cult!
Trevor Stoll
Trevor Stoll 22 dagen geleden
The Scientologist typically set up at the Ohio State Fair, in Columbus. I was incredibly curious and let them hook me up to their machines. I couldn't keep a straight face, good stuff.
isaiah groce
isaiah groce 22 dagen geleden
The 22 dislike I bet we know who they are lol
Big BananaCongolese
Big BananaCongolese 22 dagen geleden
Blob fish
Kingsley Ayeni
Kingsley Ayeni 22 dagen geleden
Pat: Sooo AJ why did you go to Dominican Republic? Just to “hangout” AJ: umm ummm... we went their on a “missionary trip” (Greatest comeback ever)
Zee Dee
Zee Dee 22 dagen geleden
I like pat and aj more and more
gregory morgan
gregory morgan 22 dagen geleden
AJs voice is already off queue with the video
Hayreddin Barbarossa
Hayreddin Barbarossa 23 dagen geleden
Ty is 100% right. If you got a name and money they suck you in like a spider in a vacuum cleaner.
Papi Zone
Papi Zone 23 dagen geleden
All of my siblings and I were born and raised Mormon. All 6 of us left that bs
cale lively
cale lively 22 dagen geleden
Papi Zone under the banner of heaven is a good book about the LDS and FLDS
Papi Zone
Papi Zone 22 dagen geleden
The High Ground check out newnamenoah on NLblock. He exposes all the fucked up rituals and the lies upon lies the Mormon church has told these people. It’s pretty gnarly if you do some research.
The High Ground
The High Ground 22 dagen geleden
@Papi Zone what exactly goes down over there?
Papi Zone
Papi Zone 22 dagen geleden
JP Mortenson such a disgusting religion. truly wish everyone knew the things that go on in that cult
JP Mortenson
JP Mortenson 22 dagen geleden
TetrisTech 23 dagen geleden
Reading that title was a wild experience
Alfin Moke
Alfin Moke 23 dagen geleden
3:18 that Leo DeCaprio Django laugh meme tho..
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones Dag geleden
Kintsugi 23 dagen geleden
Ty is a good one 👍
Sanz Castle
Sanz Castle 23 dagen geleden
Look up 'dazed but not confuzed' channel, this guy is an actor who was raised in Scientology and has very informative vids on the cult.
Yung Moy
Yung Moy 23 dagen geleden
Jesus loves you. He died for our sins and resurrected on the third day. The pay of sin is death. We need to repent from our sins and accept him as our Lord and Savior. He is coming. We need to follow him.
JustARandomStranger 23 dagen geleden
As a Mormon, I'm only offended that AJ so quickly compared us to Scientology. Those guys are nuts. You leave us out of that discussion!
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Forrest 23 dagen geleden
I’ve seen the same Francisco place it looks like a posh bank they tried to get me and my dad to go in they had blue suit like uniforms on and when they started to talk to me I told them I’m an OT 9 and that I know their secrets as I’m the second coming of mr Hubbard they was not impressed
Frank A
Frank A 23 dagen geleden
Fueron a bailar bachata en la isla 😂
rckdude12345 23 dagen geleden
I love when AJ Hawk name drops old Packers teammates
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts 23 dagen geleden
I'd steer clear of any type of scientology subjects boys. That group ain't no joke.
Miles Wolfe
Miles Wolfe 23 dagen geleden
They should not have talked about this on air no less upload the clip
Matt Pack
Matt Pack 21 dag geleden
Why? They have the first amendment right of freedom of speech and it’s well within those rights for them to talk about this
josh 23 dagen geleden
Read the title and the first thing that came to mind was that make sense
Caleb Grant
Caleb Grant 23 dagen geleden
I only watch this for Ty
o o
o o 23 dagen geleden
I play competitive golf and one of the courses I played a few weeks ago was right next to the international headquarters of Scientology. The place looks creepy there is barbed wire facing inwards, all the outer houses are empty but have lights on and there are a ton of security guards.
Justin Houssami
Justin Houssami 23 dagen geleden
We have church very similar to scientology in Columbus also. Ironic we two cluts in one city
Jared Ross
Jared Ross 23 dagen geleden
Why'd I get the feeling A.J. might be in scientology
juan garcia
juan garcia 23 dagen geleden
They would haved kicked me out in a minute
Hayden Sims
Hayden Sims 23 dagen geleden
warrior for God
warrior for God 23 dagen geleden
God Love's pack McAfee and the boys
Tony Hidalgo
Tony Hidalgo 23 dagen geleden
Pat drinking liquid death mountain water
Zac Saleski
Zac Saleski 23 dagen geleden
lol i live in columbus didnt know scientology was that big here
Packno1 23 dagen geleden
The evil lord xenu is going to get you!
Leo_ gTm
Leo_ gTm 23 dagen geleden
They are going to contact Pat now
PMS Store
PMS Store 23 dagen geleden
Q Crew
Q Crew 23 dagen geleden
I think AJ might have a cigar problem...
Glen O
Glen O 7 dagen geleden
I don't know. It kind of adds to his dignity
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson 21 dag geleden
He can afford them, no problem
Trevor Allee
Trevor Allee 22 dagen geleden
He’s seems to have no problems getting cigars
Underestimated Giraffe
Underestimated Giraffe 23 dagen geleden
Fun fact: There’s a 100% Chance Scientologists have watched this video to see if there’s any potential for a lawsuit they can pursue. If Pat and Ty continue to speak negatively they’ll have a letter in the mail that’s nice and threatening.
falconater51 18 dagen geleden
Probably already got a file on him, AJ and everyone else on the show after seeing that.
Underestimated Giraffe
Underestimated Giraffe 22 dagen geleden
Elijah Roberts part of me would love to see a back and forth banter between Scientology and the show. But I also would hate for them to spend all that money for a funny bit.
Papi Zone
Papi Zone 23 dagen geleden
Jfc. That’s crazy
umop apIsdn
umop apIsdn 23 dagen geleden
You have to be careful around them. They don’t respect constitutional or human rights.
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts 23 dagen geleden
Literally. No joke. The fact that they have it in the header of the video and are talking about it means they've probably already been identified by the church.
DeadEnd Friends
DeadEnd Friends 23 dagen geleden
Sounds about right for this corn cob
HotakXvi 23 dagen geleden
We gonna get something crazy when you hit 1m subs?!😎🙏😎
ricky ricardo
ricky ricardo 23 dagen geleden
The Pat McAfee Show is the bomb! Commute an hour one way and always listening in on Pat and his boys talk logical nonsense!
The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 23 dagen geleden
We’re giving away $100,000. Let’s gooo
Coach Zach Gray
Coach Zach Gray 23 dagen geleden
Pat on Scientology 😳
Nick Winchester
Nick Winchester 23 dagen geleden
I’m saddened that pat mcafee doesn’t believe in Jesus
rick reynolds
rick reynolds 23 dagen geleden
i think he does definitly not saved though
rippletea 23 dagen geleden
it breaks my heart that John Travolta is in Scientology. He used to be Catholic, but converted like 20 years ago. Praise Leah.
rippletea 21 dag geleden
Gerardo Amaro yes! And did you know her documentary got canceled, bc someone in Scientology accused them of murder, or murdered someone. My sister told me this so I’m not really sure.
Herp Derpinson
Herp Derpinson 21 dag geleden
Greg Henson
Greg Henson 23 dagen geleden
Scientology will probably try to sue him for this
Joni 23 dagen geleden
"You were a Mormon for a couple days, congratulations" I loled.
Carter Garnon
Carter Garnon 23 dagen geleden
My office is right across the street from the Scientology compound in Columbus. If you haven’t seen the Rogan clip about the actual difference between a cult and a religion drop everything and go find it and watch it now.
Lawn Bear
Lawn Bear 21 dag geleden
Joe Rogan is a corporate puppet. Why would you trust him on anything?
Zee Dee
Zee Dee 22 dagen geleden
Nah. I can just rely on my elementary education years that taught me that.
Nilly Boomer
Nilly Boomer 23 dagen geleden
Check out the youtube series SCIENTOLOGY SUCKS these two kids did a great documentary series where they infiltrate the cult! Shows the cans thing A.J was talking about and all kinds of other stuff!!!
brock baker
brock baker 23 dagen geleden
Aj been to DR. 3 times for mission work with a Christian church never had to wash with a bucket
Albert Mendez
Albert Mendez 23 dagen geleden
I’m Dominican and if he was really hanging out in the mountains and countryside then he’s right about that. 😂
Neil Bowman
Neil Bowman 23 dagen geleden
I've got a nice Scientology story. I hate them.
Three Putt Mas
Three Putt Mas 23 dagen geleden
Let’s go boys there’s always room for improvement cmon mitt.
Anthony Guardado
Anthony Guardado 23 dagen geleden
“Just watch the documentary” you mean the South Park episode
Matt Pack
Matt Pack 21 dag geleden
Ryu Ken I think they took like the basis of what scientology is and then trolled with it but that was a funny ass episode either way
Evilhorst 22 dagen geleden
Its true..its not a joke
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken 22 dagen geleden
@421less1 is that actually true? Or was south park trolling
421less1 23 dagen geleden
"This is what scientologist actually believe* 😂😂
shuatreee 23 dagen geleden
Level 3 thetan in no time! Hahaha
Savoy 91
Savoy 91 23 dagen geleden
Thank God for Ty..
Erik the Fan
Erik the Fan 23 dagen geleden
Pat’s Sins: Troy in the C-Gap
Cody 23 dagen geleden
Ty is ride or die.
Skyler Green
Skyler Green 20 dagen geleden
unknown 23 dagen geleden
damn. mett sabotaging you with that typo lol.
Joe McKim
Joe McKim 23 dagen geleden
Pat didn't want to join Scientology but they lined up Tom Cruise in the C Gap and he had no choice.
Old Street Doc
Old Street Doc 23 dagen geleden
Just spewed beer all over my iPad...... 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 23 dagen geleden
@MCH not really
MCH 23 dagen geleden
Underrated comment.
Michael Stenberg
Michael Stenberg 23 dagen geleden
Kellie Mandarino
Kellie Mandarino 23 dagen geleden
Church of Pat
Kellie Mandarino
Kellie Mandarino 23 dagen geleden
Pat needs acting roles he's so much better than just talking sports put him in MOVIES
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones Dag geleden
Spring Heeled Jack
Spring Heeled Jack 22 dagen geleden
@Tom Brady You can get it too, silver fox Brady! Lmao
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 23 dagen geleden
You just want to jump his bones
James G
James G 23 dagen geleden
Ty has me dying almost every time he speaks 😂
Missed Flight Productions
Missed Flight Productions 22 dagen geleden
Ty the smartest man in the world
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 22 dagen geleden
@A Toxic Squeaker calling grown men boys is disturbing on too many levels
manny4mayor 22 dagen geleden
People like Connor?
manny4mayor 22 dagen geleden
His meltdown as Mel Kiper is one of my favorite things this year 😂
A Toxic Squeaker
A Toxic Squeaker 23 dagen geleden
Can we just agree every single one of the boys is just amazing to listen to because they are I wish they could just all speak at once
mark KAO
mark KAO 23 dagen geleden
Ty earned his pay that day
Connor Christian
Connor Christian 23 dagen geleden
So I'm a bengals fan right, and I just saw that we have NO recorded injuries in out indoor practice facility, y'all other teams should take notes
Deli Sandwich
Deli Sandwich 23 dagen geleden
What on earth is an “out indoor facility” ?
Nj So fresh
Nj So fresh 23 dagen geleden
Pats a legend for dis
Matt Pack
Matt Pack 21 dag geleden
Tom Brady ok Scientologist
Alex Michael
Alex Michael 23 dagen geleden
Yeah sure Pat, but let’s not forget the Bengals do not have an indoor practise facility
Joe McKim
Joe McKim 23 dagen geleden
I bet that Scientology has an indoor brain washing facility.
The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 23 dagen geleden
I will never.... EVER forget Alex
Zack Rubin
Zack Rubin 23 dagen geleden
SoldierofTHEFree 23 dagen geleden
I think this is supposed to say Almost. Not also. C’mon Mitt.
Hayreddin Barbarossa
Hayreddin Barbarossa 23 dagen geleden
Hey now, we heard what Mitt was like with spelling the other day. The guys basically a dyslexic special needs kid.
Rejry 23 dagen geleden
Don't let's this distract you from the fact that Troy Polamalu lined up in the C-gap
Greg 23 dagen geleden
Let’s not forget the bengals still don’t have a indoor practice facility
Flying V
Flying V 23 dagen geleden
And the bengals don’t have an indoor facility
SoldierofTHEFree 23 dagen geleden
Matt Groening foresaw Pat Mcafee getting approached by The Church of Scientology
Joe McKim
Joe McKim 23 dagen geleden
Scientology lines up Tom Cruise in the C Gap.
Brow Master
Brow Master 23 dagen geleden
Pat dodged a bullet. Scientology drains people of millions.
MCH 23 dagen geleden
Well done 👏
BlueFacondor 23 dagen geleden
Chris 23 dagen geleden
Tony Preston
Tony Preston 23 dagen geleden
This segment was awkward, not gonna lie. Everybody is going to give an account to God when they die.
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 23 dagen geleden
you hope
Lazarus Jones
Lazarus Jones 23 dagen geleden
Pat wasnt making fun of anything.. he always says “the”.. like “I don’t know much about the baseball” or that “the Chiefs are good at the football”.. he was asking if AJ was spreading “the Jesus”.. I’m Mormon and found this whole bit hilarious.. don’t take things so serious bro
Oaktree2000 Chase
Oaktree2000 Chase 23 dagen geleden
Don’t go to parties. You won’t be to much fun taking everything literally.
Javier Sanchez
Javier Sanchez 23 dagen geleden
@Tony Preston I understand your beliefs and see how this can potentially offend someone who holds strong Christian beliefs. But others have different beliefs, like Buddhism which implies that you're "it." You do whatever the universe does and the universe does whatever you do. So, in that belief, it would be the universe observing itself and making fun of its own christian beliefs. Again I am not saying Christianity or Buddhism is right or wrong. But we shouldn't live life scared, just treat others how you want to be treated. I do not mean to offend your beliefs in any way.
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself 23 dagen geleden
How do you know?
Packers Fan97
Packers Fan97 23 dagen geleden
A.J. Hawk on a mission trip?
Brian Felshaw
Brian Felshaw 21 dag geleden
Tony Preston Mormons are Christians
87 ZukiSami
87 ZukiSami 21 dag geleden
@Tony Preston The name for the "mormon" church is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints. Christ is the center of all its teachings. So how are they not Christians?
Dark_Winter 22 dagen geleden
@Jack well all secs of christianity have extra or less stuff. Especially when you consider how differently they interperate the bible. Granted mormons he do have lot more extra and far out stuff then most. Much more of high demand religion as well.
Jack 22 dagen geleden
Dark_Winter Kind of but not really. It’s Christian but with extra stuff, and that extra changes it a lot
Dark_Winter 22 dagen geleden
@Tony Preston well they are still Christians by definition
Dylan Donis
Dylan Donis 23 dagen geleden
How that shithole still doesn't pay taxes as it's classified a 'religion' is insane, such a known worldwide scam
Rooky 23 dagen geleden
it's the earliest i've ever been, Do i finally get to be the one to make the Bengals indoor practice facility comment?
Dave Anthony
Dave Anthony 10 dagen geleden
Hahaha. I’m a former Cincy fan. That’s hilarious
Jake Pophal
Jake Pophal 21 dag geleden
@Ken Adams maybe trade AJ for picks to start the rebuild of the O line and Defense
Rooky 22 dagen geleden
Colin McMasters bruh yes I realize that the pat mcafee SHOW is live 😂 that has nothing to do with making a NLblock comment g
Colin McMasters
Colin McMasters 22 dagen geleden
You realize this show is live right? There is a live chat with hundreds of people.
The Chopboard
The Chopboard 23 dagen geleden
@Rooky BARS
pokemon master7896
pokemon master7896 23 dagen geleden
Wait 1 like 1 dislike but I’m the first view?
Kent Bremner
Kent Bremner 23 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee Career Highlights
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