Pat McAfee Talks When The Dolphins Should Start Tua 

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Do you think it's time to see Tua?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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6 okt. 2020




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A. Weaver
A. Weaver Dag geleden
annnnnnnd... tua will be starting week 7
Oneil 3 dagen geleden
I would sit him out this year. Let him heal some more and learn the system some more.
Peter Aleksander Bizjak
Peter Aleksander Bizjak 3 dagen geleden
I love how Pat's team singing in sync or screaming "AAAAAAAND THOUSANDS" has become such a mainstream thing, but I still laugh when that happens
Cowwzzz Vlogs
Cowwzzz Vlogs 4 dagen geleden
Now we have the broncos bye week and then jets
Dustin Swartz
Dustin Swartz 5 dagen geleden
After watching the tua documentary I can promise you that tua is chomping at the bit to get out there, I think flores knows that and I honestly think we see tua at some point this season.
Brenton Stewart
Brenton Stewart 6 dagen geleden
Brenton Stewart
Brenton Stewart 6 dagen geleden
I miss Office Olympics!!!!
Varun Nuthi
Varun Nuthi 7 dagen geleden
Tua looks like Nick Kyrgios in the thumbnail lmaoooo
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 8 dagen geleden
goat dd
goat dd 9 dagen geleden
start tua against the jets SUPER DOGSHJIT TEAM EASY WIN LOL
Alex Greene
Alex Greene 10 dagen geleden
This aged well...sometimes Pat just needs to stfu lol
Willam Tafaro
Willam Tafaro 11 dagen geleden
Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson 11 dagen geleden
Tank for another year and get another stud or a good lineman then start him
Tide16nc 11 dagen geleden
A smart coach would have already wet his feet. A smart coach knows that one hit and Tua is the new guy. But I guess other coaches like surprises and want the RC QB’s to feel pressured in their first appearance. 🤷🏻‍♂️ One hit away...
Darkstrides 11 dagen geleden
As a bronco fan. Were not a good team this year lol. Everyone's hurt, our coach doesn't know time management if it slapped him with a cereal box, and our defense is on the field 60% of the time.
Jeremy Pelfrey
Jeremy Pelfrey 12 dagen geleden
I'm not a dolphins fan but I won't lie when I say fitzmagic is one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch so even tho he probably wont start much longer for them and may retire after this season I hope he doesn't hang them up after the season
Higgsanity 12 dagen geleden
It’s a contact sport. Dudes gonna get hit. Say it’s about him learning the playbook rather than the hip. If a defender I’m going for that hip every time the first game with how glass the dolphins make it sound.
as a dolphin fan, i rather have another bad season to see him succeed for YEARS
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 13 dagen geleden
IMMEDIATELY learn to lose learn to win 😲
Terry O
Terry O 13 dagen geleden
Bench him against the Jets😂
KING K VLOGS 13 dagen geleden
Next year when they get allen robinson and a good o line
Jack Skrant
Jack Skrant 13 dagen geleden
I’d start him next week against the broncos
LVision17 13 dagen geleden
As a die hard dolphin fan, I completely agree with the dolphin fan in this video. I have to stop looking at Miami Dolphin posts cause the comments are so toxic. Nobody knows the correct answer. You can put Tua in and he gets injured like every other player this season and there goes our plans. Or they could put him in and he's amazing. Nobody knows and I can't pretend to know the right answer either.
scarlett michanco
scarlett michanco 13 dagen geleden
1st game against the Jets this year would be exactly 1 year since his injury, seems like a good time to put him in, even if just the second half of the game, use the bye to fix some things up on how he played there and then let him start the 2nd game against the Jets.
Showam 13 dagen geleden
The dude in the back is right. The broncos aren't a good team *spoilers* they won't be a good one in a bit
Michael Ivanov
Michael Ivanov 13 dagen geleden
I'd say next year is the perfect time. Mahomes had a full year, Lamar almos had a full year but was thrown into the battlefield because Flacco got hurt. Give this boy a year to watch and learn and let him start next year and put the other rookies to shame.
Kayden 14 dagen geleden
he’s not wrong at all , alotta phins fans wanna rush it
Capsfan123 4
Capsfan123 4 14 dagen geleden
They should start him last two or three games of the year
bigmikekujo2010 14 dagen geleden
People who are saying don't rush Tua because he is still recovering from a hip injury need to open their eyes. There are only two Quarterbacks on the roster. If Fitz gets hurt, Tua is his backup. Give that man some experience already.
Kayode Akinwumi
Kayode Akinwumi 14 dagen geleden
They could keep him till next year. Mahomes was kept for a year, Rodgers waited 3 years. The situations are different but you can keep him. The team should know if he's the future or at least has the potential
Schev *
Schev * 14 dagen geleden
no rush to play tua but play tua you win - you know hes your guy you lose - you go get trevor lawrence they have houstons 1st pick - starting to look like a top 10 draft pick worst comes to worse - we have 2 top 10 picks our other rookies are playing wouldnt be a bad draft if tua didnt work out
Steven Perry
Steven Perry 14 dagen geleden
Leave him out of this season, let him watch Fitz, he can see a pro work.
sYmboloGy 14 dagen geleden
It depends on the situation. If the current qb sucks ass, it would be stupid not to have him playing. But, Fitzmagic isn't really doing that bad.
Danyel Pugh
Danyel Pugh 14 dagen geleden
I'm the Dolphin the fan I still want to kill Joe Montana for beating my beloved dolphins in the Super Bowl in the year of Our Lorde Dan Marino 83..Now it's KING TUA
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 14 dagen geleden
I wouldnt start tua til the dolphins are eliminated from playoff contention or next year.. either or.
Supra_Mickey 14 dagen geleden
I think he should be given a chance so he can get those rookie nerves out
Xyrus Golaub
Xyrus Golaub 14 dagen geleden
Dolphins definitely could have beat the Seattle with tua
Redgle 14 dagen geleden
I was all for the camp of saying tua shouldn't play until very late, but after seeing HERBERT being able to have success, you gotta see what you have
John Leon
John Leon 14 dagen geleden
What qb nickname is air bear?
mcsub 14 dagen geleden
Fitzpatrick gets traded at the deadline to a contender wanting COVID cover, I know GB are short of an experienced back up
mcsub 14 dagen geleden
@WirelessJoeJackson think with all the COVID cases coming out & both Fitzpatrick & Flacco being on expiring deals, this year could be different with teams wanting that extra insurance at the deadline, even if it means giving up a 4th or 5th rd pick
WirelessJoeJackson 14 dagen geleden
GB is too stupid to get a quality backup- they haven't learned their lesson. Same with Steelers
I've spoken
I've spoken 14 dagen geleden
they are treating tua as if he is paper getting ready to drop into the middle of the ocean lol if he can't play due to getting injure again then that's it...this is football not chess smh. The doctors cleared him to play, if he is still on a a stretcher or back, knee braces then fiiiine but he is a healthy athlete who got paid millions already. If he stinks then we will know lol f I want him to start sooo bad lol
Roberto Contreras
Roberto Contreras 14 dagen geleden
Can you give me 5,000 out of those 100,000 lol Jk bro congrats !
Claudio Henrique Oliveira
Claudio Henrique Oliveira 14 dagen geleden
Its the social media era. We want things right now. Just remember the chiefs and mahomes.
. 14 dagen geleden
meh justin herbert is looking amazing rn
RuffBuff716 14 dagen geleden
Tua is gonna be a bust 😂 just watch
Zack Martinez
Zack Martinez 14 dagen geleden
I hope Tua balls when he gets the call
jahnel simpson
jahnel simpson 14 dagen geleden
Pat Is the goat
Adarvold 14 dagen geleden
best show in sports hands down
ConnorHFishing 14 dagen geleden
Tua is gonna get hurt when he gets in
Daniel Butrum
Daniel Butrum 14 dagen geleden
Probably don’t want him to be targeted against Greg Williams considering what we just watched thursday
Jack Mandel
Jack Mandel 14 dagen geleden
I say to put Tua in at that time, you are playing against the worst team in football and there is a bye right after so he can learn from his mistakes then right after they are playing the same team. It is such a good time to put him in, I would consider that a loss if they don't.
MORNING BREW 14 dagen geleden
Just me or pat lookin a bit chunky right now??
AlphaDog 0303
AlphaDog 0303 14 dagen geleden
I would say start him later in the season. But since everyone’s getting COVID, I would wait to start him until next season. Keep him safe
Will Gazlay
Will Gazlay 14 dagen geleden
Herbert >>>>>> Tua
TheRovingDread 14 dagen geleden
The OL has young rookies so there was no way they are gonna chuck him behind that line before making sure they can hold their own. There's no rush, he will see the field at some point this season
wampus cat
wampus cat 14 dagen geleden
There is NO reason for Tua to play this year! Build a running game next offseason, then roll him out there.
Aj Wenzel
Aj Wenzel 14 dagen geleden
“They do have the Broncos after the 49ers, he could play that game” shots fired 🤣🤣
22 Guns
22 Guns 14 dagen geleden
Chiefs did the same thing with Alex Smith and Patrick
turdmcgurd 14 dagen geleden
It’s cool to see Zac Brown in the studio. Show is really growing! Have him sing Chicken Fried next time.
Isaiah Montiel
Isaiah Montiel 14 dagen geleden
"Fitzmagic, u knowwwoohh" had me rollin
TANK SHERMAN 14 dagen geleden
This a lose-lose for Miami. If they keep him dressed on the sideline and keep losing it’s not good, and if they put him in there and his leg falls off again it’s also not good. If I’m Miami, keep him in the sideline to download the playbook, continue tanking, and draft high on OL next year.
Jard Plee
Jard Plee 14 dagen geleden
Never, just keep him paid and in tha roster
Ben K
Ben K 14 dagen geleden
That was some BAD singing
Be Sway
Be Sway 14 dagen geleden
We where happy to let tua sit because of the injury.. until the coaching staff was coming out saying he’s fine the injury isn’t an issue and as of right now Fitzpatrick has thrown 4TDs and 5INTs.. in 4 weeks..
Professor Wiesy
Professor Wiesy 14 dagen geleden
Fickle is the perfect way to describe our fanbase
Jacob lance
Jacob lance 14 dagen geleden
I hope the dolphins start Tua against my broncos and Tua gets sacked 8 times
WirelessJoeJackson 14 dagen geleden
haha.. the Broncos suck
Hi Rodders
Hi Rodders 14 dagen geleden
Lifelong Dolphin fan here. I love Fitz. I would make Tua watch him all year and only play him if/when Fitz gets hurt or injured. I trust coach Flo as well. The dolphins already scored over 90 points the first four games. Last year they where around 35. We not that bad honestly. Im insulted you don't think we have a chance for the AFC east... I bet we make east with fitz magic. So yeah not all of us are "fickle". We lost to two of the NFLs top 5 teams, and yall wanna hate. When we stay within close score for majority of both games. Yall killing me.
xXOOMYXx25 14 dagen geleden
Most of the Dolphin fan base are looking short term and don't get it. They all just hit the nail on the head and discussed it perfectly, why risk your future for a potential meaningless season? He's coming off an injury and you want him hurt immediately? Let Fitz run it out, get him in late season potentially against an easier team or just let or ride and give Fitz this season and call it a day. The kid will get his shot either way, the 'Put Tua in' fan base needs to relax and look at the long term grand scheme of things. They need to stop being negligent wreckless with their future and settle down.
Ethan R
Ethan R 14 dagen geleden
I love how the injury recovery narrative still sticks even though he was 100% healthy in April. It's obvious that Tua struggled at some point in camp and the coaching staff doesn't feel that he's ready yet. Starting him against an 'easier schedule' like the Jets is fine and all but Herbert was put into the game as the starter during the coin toss lol. Can't get much more in the fire than that. Tua will bust imo but I'll be more than happy to be wrong on that.
Ichika 14 dagen geleden
The only approach i would take with Tua is what the Ravens do with Lamar and RG 3. Have him come in here and there during garbage time, and get used to the speed of the NFL. Next year draft him some weapons and maybe o-line help and wooosh there go goes.
Kjv35 14 dagen geleden
Is this video purposely 4:20 long lmao
Matthew Hawkins
Matthew Hawkins 14 dagen geleden
Sorta off topic, but I would love the Colts to pick up Fitzmagic if the dolphins let him go after this season
Emal Cikos
Emal Cikos 14 dagen geleden
Do a vid on Collingwood
Oreo MoneyMan
Oreo MoneyMan 14 dagen geleden
as a Fitzmagic fantasy owner I give him2-3 more weeks
Earl Ross
Earl Ross 14 dagen geleden
Let him sit till y’all are out of playoff contention. Give him the Patty treatment so he is comfortable and confident in the system when the time comes.
Juicy Red Boat
Juicy Red Boat 14 dagen geleden
Next year the hip injury was a scary he might be ready but he’s the franchise
FELiPES101 14 dagen geleden
Woah woah woah my jets do not have great players
Meghraj - Chargers Fanatic From India #BoltUp
I think dolphins should just rest him full season or max start him last 3 games to see how he is bcoz it also depends on confidence of rookie qb we were lucky bcoz Herbert has a good head on his shoulders and very high iq which helped him with playbook but if Taylor wasn't injured I would have made him sit for 12 games and if we were not in playoff contention I would make him play last 4 games
Logan Wells
Logan Wells 14 dagen geleden
Thank you for just talking about the dolphins.
Derek Corsner
Derek Corsner 15 dagen geleden
As a dolphins fan I definitely could see him starting against the Broncos but personally I think you gotta wait until week 9 against the cardinals
SuperJohn12354 15 dagen geleden
If the dolphins came last and got the pick for Trevor imagine the shear number of players they could get for tua
Converged Sheaf
Converged Sheaf 15 dagen geleden
Week 9 or week 13
Booga KaHooga
Booga KaHooga 15 dagen geleden
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTLES!!! The Jacksonville Jaguars quaterback. . . . . .whats that, he got replaced????
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 15 dagen geleden
He man congrats on 1 mil and making it on Monday night football
Jordan Air
Jordan Air 15 dagen geleden
I really want Tua in against broncos
K Star
K Star 15 dagen geleden
Put him in what if he’s not the future only one way to find out while teams are still playing hard wait till they don’t an things don’t mean nothing doesn’t showcase anything
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 15 dagen geleden
"what are you saying about the Broncos" 🏈
KAEP 15 dagen geleden
Dolphins don’t want an Andrew Luck situation
Matthew Hairell
Matthew Hairell 15 dagen geleden
Dolphins have 8 winnable games in a row coming up. After those 8 games if we are 6-6 then we don’t start him.... of above then we don’t start him if anything he will start week 12 after the bye week
Johncas416 15 dagen geleden
Do we not know how fitzmagic works. He’s gonna STINK in a few weeks and give it to Tua. Then he’ll get signed by a team like the Bears and LIGHT IT UP. The man is magical
Eli Keckeisen
Eli Keckeisen 15 dagen geleden
Who else paused to think about what fickle meant
mark drangstveit
mark drangstveit 15 dagen geleden
When will they use Jakeem The Dream Grant more!!??
Mason Lauron
Mason Lauron 15 dagen geleden
“...exactly.” 😂😂😂
menyo Z
menyo Z 15 dagen geleden
What’s up with the energy boys, it’s Tuesday. Put a little more into that “it’s magic”
epi pi
epi pi 15 dagen geleden
Tua is gifted base in that thumbnail bulge.
Jake Fulton
Jake Fulton 15 dagen geleden
The dolphins need to be careful. If they send an unprepared Tua to play against Burrow, the guy who got picked over him, and he gets the crap knocked out of him that could possibly really hurt his confidence. He could just as easily win or overcome getting the crap knocked out of him but the first idea still stands. Something you have to think about
Gun Monkey
Gun Monkey 15 dagen geleden
Has anyone considered the possibility that Tua either hasn’t been impressive in practice or that he hasn’t fully recovered from his injury? The Chargers planned on sitting Herbert but they felt confident throwing him in after Tyrod got hurt. Burrow clearly impressed his coaches and they started him week one. I just think that if Tua was lighting it up in practice and was 100% healthy that they would put him in.
Gun Monkey
Gun Monkey 14 dagen geleden
Did you read my post? I mention that they put Herbert in after Tyrod couldn’t play and I never wrote that the Bengals didn’t intend to start Burrow. I am simply stating that the Dolphins may have very good reasons for not playing Tua.
Damon Dolezal
Damon Dolezal 14 dagen geleden
The bengals never had a plan to sit out burrow and when chargers had to play Herbert because Tyrod got hurt
Ethan G Money
Ethan G Money 15 dagen geleden
I'm a Phins fan and IMO until the ONLY mistakes are by Fitz, I'm fine with Tua sitting. Obvously Tua will become the man eventually but theres no harm in developing the pieces around him before he plays. I dont care about next week I want the Phins to be a winning franchise so I admire Flo playing the long game, building the culture etc etc. However, I think my opinion is a minority amongst Phins fans, I believe the most vocal fans want to see Tua ASAP, me I quite enjoy Fitzmagic he makes a lot of plays hes fun to watch
PMS Store
PMS Store 15 dagen geleden
Mikey Pickett
Mikey Pickett 15 dagen geleden
Sit Tua for this season and start him next year
cody roach
cody roach 15 dagen geleden
miami should tank, they own texans 1st and 2nd rounders, if they tank they can get 2 top 5 picks in the first 2 rounds, get tua some help before throwing him out there(unless you grab trevor lawrence and trade tua for more pics)