Pat McAfee Talks When We Could See Justin Fields In A Starting Roll 

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When do you think we see the Red Rocket Andy Dalton out and see Justin Fields as the Bears starter?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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3 mei. 2021




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bloodsin28 3 uur geleden
Major Russell
Major Russell 3 uur geleden
Andy Dalton is way better than Jimmy G!
Sean mander
Sean mander 7 uur geleden
I’m starting to riff with the boys 😂
Clark Kunz
Clark Kunz 17 uur geleden
Right after he steals the easily stealable job from Mitch
God’s World
God’s World 19 uur geleden
I wanted to hear what you would say being an x professional football player, interesting 🧐 I still think Matt Nagy will make it difficult for Andy Dalton to succeed to bring in SHOW TIME, that’s just my gut feeling. 😎 I give Andy 3 weeks, with a 0-3 start.
Beverly Armour
Beverly Armour 19 uur geleden
The Bears were a playoff team last year and just got the best rookie QB in the draft. Life is good.
A.F.S. 20 uur geleden
Nagy very well may mess this up.....
The Yeti
The Yeti 22 uur geleden
As a bears fan, I’m honestly fine with an entire Andy dalton season while fields grows behind him
david penrow
david penrow 23 uur geleden
Can you imagine a 06-07 season replay???
Marc Allen
Marc Allen Dag geleden
The sit and learn concept assumes those QBs that didn't play right away wouldn't have been been good anyway. Something tells me Mahomes would have been just fine starting as a rookie on that team. Watson was electric when he first started. I doubt those first few games sitting meant much to his development. Russell Wilson was pretty good his rookie year. The problem is a lot of Rookie QBs that play right away are on bad teams. I think the Bears are good enough for Fields to start.
Dan Strikker
Dan Strikker Dag geleden
The bears are not the face of the North.
TheQueenSpider Dag geleden
Know your roll...
DingoAteMyBaby Dag geleden
I dont know the answer but I want to see Justin Fields start immediately.
Kyle Robatto
Kyle Robatto Dag geleden
Lmao. Big shot at Andy Dalton
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Dag geleden
I'm not a bears fan, but I am a Fields fan, so let's go bears!
zmbisniper Dag geleden
Chicago will ruin his career.
Aaron Sondag
Aaron Sondag Dag geleden
Imo he isn't going to be special. He is just going to be another Dwayne Haskins. The 2 of them played the same way at Ohio State. Remember what they said about Haskins when he was drafted.
Deadly Sensation
Deadly Sensation Dag geleden
Dalton will start 10 games go 4-6 fields will come in and take over and finish 3-4 for a season record of 7-10 Nagy Pace gone and new coach and GM
Dubrea Sanders
Dubrea Sanders Dag geleden
Not a shot at dalton. Fields is by far the best of the three you mentioned
ChicagoMadeShow71 Dag geleden
Our other major draft pick Teven Jenkins is starting at LT now that we cut Charles Leno. If our LT is a rookie then I want Dalton at starting QB through at least week 6.
ttd633 2 dagen geleden
They’re gonna put Justin Fields in a roll?
jayselva 2 dagen geleden
Pat “Situations are situational” McAfee
swiftslick 2 dagen geleden
Dalton will start and get injured. Foles will come in and show his so called "mastery" of Nagy's doofus offense. After a 4-6 start, Fields will come on & go 4-3. Bears finish 8-9, which is just enough to justify firing Matt Nagy.
Adam Baarman
Adam Baarman 2 dagen geleden
Every Pat Mcafee subscriber should chip in 2,000 dollars for a minority stake of the franchise. That ends up adding up to enough money to purchase a team.
Justin Ockun
Justin Ockun 2 dagen geleden
Joseph Pritchard
Joseph Pritchard 2 dagen geleden
Starting roll 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tj C
Tj C 3 dagen geleden
I really want Justin to succeed but my gut tells me he is going to have a rough start. I don’t think he dropped for no reason either. Teams were never sleeping on him, so it suggests perhaps zoom meetings exposed some problems processing the field quickly.
Jason Cafeo
Jason Cafeo 3 dagen geleden
He's a bum either way
Marwyn the Masterful
Marwyn the Masterful 3 dagen geleden
Week 1
PenguinREA008 3 dagen geleden
Lets go Justin fields
laxmannate07 3 dagen geleden
By week 6
theepoetrygod 3 dagen geleden
If anything, Fields should sit for a little bit and learn from Andy Dalton for at least until we play Detroit.
Sam Jump
Sam Jump 3 dagen geleden
The luck that Chicago has with QBs I wouldn't be surprised if Fields gets a career ending injury in his first preseason snap this year.
argentina april
argentina april 3 dagen geleden
He’s gonna start right away what you talking about
RyanR1278 3 dagen geleden
Since it's the Bears I would say week 4 he will start
loveable ministries
loveable ministries 3 dagen geleden
y'all really going to screw this up. He needs to be developed before we can throw him in with the lion's
Auti Notver
Auti Notver 3 dagen geleden
overrated and will flop
Gabe Etzel
Gabe Etzel 3 dagen geleden
Came to make fun of starting roll, stayed because apathy
The Hot Nickels
The Hot Nickels 3 dagen geleden
How many games does Chicago win with and without Fields on the field?
Boogie 3 dagen geleden
As a Lions fan I really wanted Justin Fields but I’m not mad about Penei Sewell. Just dislike that a great QB slipped up to someone in our division🤬.
Coco DaCoco
Coco DaCoco 3 dagen geleden
“starting roll” Sometimes I wonder if channels make obvious mistakes like that in the title on purpose, in order to capture engagement from all the people jumping on them with corrections.
Daniel Herd
Daniel Herd 3 dagen geleden
Not a shot at Andy Dalton. It's because Fields has experience and experience a against defenses that are faster and stronger and more complex than Lance. No one is saying Lance is ready to go, but people see Fields as a possible plug and play.
Jack Bronson
Jack Bronson 3 dagen geleden
Whoever made this video title... go back to school. It’s role. Not roll. Two different words.
myko freder
myko freder 3 dagen geleden
Like Dallas Dalton might be able to skate against bad teams but the first good team probably will show Dalton has no chance of doing much.
Conor Benham
Conor Benham 3 dagen geleden
Someone explain to Zito what a homophone is.
Bobby Burns
Bobby Burns 3 dagen geleden
AD is white the homies will drop his perfect passes so JF will be pushed into the play ready or not. The players decide who goes and who plays, AD is white he’s out. Just saying, he can ball but check out his numbers on drops and misses The homies half a step too slow out if the break the pass misses oops drop drop drop .
Phyzin 3 dagen geleden
Is a starting roll anything like a potato roll? Maybe a brioche?
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 3 dagen geleden
When Fields get's his first start , he'll be Like Forrest Gump, he's gonna take off and run clean out of Soldier Stadium and keep running .LOL
JustRayy _
JustRayy _ 3 dagen geleden
If they make him sit it’ll be the same thing as with tua and fitz
shinglesshingles 3 dagen geleden
Comment section: Roll Me: comment for algorithm Also: roll
Justin Piepenstock
Justin Piepenstock 3 dagen geleden
Andy dalton is gonna be the next Fitzmagic confirmed?
Christopher Baldwin
Christopher Baldwin 3 dagen geleden
I understand this guys a stud but he needs to be a good rookie and sit
Midas Touch
Midas Touch 3 dagen geleden
He gon be the next Dwayne Haskins
Goochie Thanos
Goochie Thanos 3 dagen geleden
I’m a Tcu fan so I want Andy Dalton to start.
Kashi Tumbapura
Kashi Tumbapura 3 dagen geleden
As packers fan, I want to succeed but then again, he plays for the bears so I’m not sure
Ben Jammin
Ben Jammin 3 dagen geleden
What is AJ's chosen smoke? Interested
Just Jack
Just Jack 3 dagen geleden
Week one
aXios 3 dagen geleden
BaconFootball 3 dagen geleden
At least we have the brains to tell our qb we are calling him before we draft a qb
Bribri5 3 dagen geleden
Daltons still got the ability to take this team 10-7 (or around that mark) so why not let a super talented athlete like fields just learn from him for a season. If fields is the main man moving forward then it would be huge to have the chance to gain some experience without the pressure to start
AAron 3 dagen geleden
He's basically a top 10 pick he'll play sooner than later
Trippy Commentaries
Trippy Commentaries 3 dagen geleden
Get your starting roll on!
Ryevin 3 dagen geleden
I love this show, big supporter of non-sport center stuff, keep up the good work pat-a.j. and crew
Trunks Gaming
Trunks Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Is it a Dwayne Haskins situation ?
Adrian Paredes
Adrian Paredes 3 dagen geleden
Week 1
Supur Man
Supur Man 3 dagen geleden
Straight Actor Ian McKellen
Like Mel said, Pace and Nagy are still getting shitcanned after this season 😂
RenaldoSeguin 3 dagen geleden
How you gonna start a guy like fields over Long Dong Dalton 😂
H H 2 dagen geleden
@Christopher House Dalton doesn't know the playbook either. That being said I'd start Dalton first just to let Fields see how an NFL offense is ran in game and not put a huge amount of pressure on him. After about 4 or 5 games and Dalton isnt doing well then I'd probably let Fields come in.
Christopher House
Christopher House 3 dagen geleden
Easy he doesn't even know the dam playbook yet but somehow alot of bears fans think he can win us the superbowl this year my god pump the breaks
Evan Monacelli
Evan Monacelli 3 dagen geleden
With Aaron Rodgers leaving it looks like the Vikings will be the new face of the NFC North SkOL!!!🤫
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 3 dagen geleden
U funny it’s the bears we beat lions and the Vikings 5-1 in the last 3 years
Neil B
Neil B 3 dagen geleden
Does this guy smoke 24/7?
Josh Pandola
Josh Pandola 3 dagen geleden
4th QB selected I hope he has a chip on his shoulder when he shows up to camp
David M
David M 3 dagen geleden
Two losses in a row or a sub 500 record by week 5 by Dalton and Fields takes over. Pat is right to let him watch the offense and defenses at live speed before going out. He can learn a lot also from Nick.
Mo Alkhatib
Mo Alkhatib 3 dagen geleden
Let him sit until Dalton starts to suck, then go to Foles for two games till he sucks, THEN let Fields go.
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 3 dagen geleden
Chris Lovett
Chris Lovett 3 dagen geleden
“Situations are Situational”
anhel219 3 dagen geleden
Aaron's seems happy outside of football lately, about to get married, he just hosted jeopardy and said he loved it n wants to do it again. I think he's fed up with the front office at GB. Just retire n go live your life bud, leave the NFC north open for DAAAAAAAAA BEAAAAARRRSS.... Respectfully....
Homedog Gaming
Homedog Gaming 3 dagen geleden
He’s gonna be asked to be the savior right away and when Nagy and Pace get fired and the next regime doesn’t like fields because he wasn’t their guy he’ll most likely get traded to another team
James Toops
James Toops 3 dagen geleden
JF will never start. The Red Rifle has found his home in Chicago and will bring da Bears to greatness.
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 3 dagen geleden
Justin Fields > Trey Lance
Ncaa Kae
Ncaa Kae 3 dagen geleden
Am I the only person who doesn’t see what everybody else sees in Justin. Not saying Justin will be a bust because I hope he succeeds, but I just don’t see the hype right now.
Electric 3 dagen geleden
There's a new sheriff in town and Da Bears are the team to beat in the NFC North. BTW Justin Fields is the generational talent that Bears GM Ryan Pace screwed up by not drafting Watson in 2017. Dude has been playing QB since being a kid and he'll be ready to go this season.
Dustin Gant
Dustin Gant 3 dagen geleden
Starting ROLE you stooges!
Zeke 3 dagen geleden
History says its better to sit? What history? Seriously, you played with P Manning, who threw what, 25,30 int's his rookie yr? How'd that turn out?
Defi Emanuel
Defi Emanuel 3 dagen geleden
Dalton might ball for September because he has zero pressure now and can delay the process and he will try for sure but Dalton will have that game... you know what I mean, the 3 pick maybe one for a pick six and then it will be the perfect time, teams will have film for a pocket locked Dalton and here comes Fields ready to make the first few teams that see him look dumb. Fields is a QB and not just the best athlete of the entire QB class... He worked to get big watch Elite 11... This dude works... His arm and decision making will blow your mind... Gamer!
John Diaz
John Diaz 3 dagen geleden
He’s a killer better than all the guys you just talk about like didn’t Sam d make the same throw the new kid did and he did it at USC !
John Diaz
John Diaz 3 dagen geleden
Bro Rosen
Kyle Runkle
Kyle Runkle 3 dagen geleden
I hope dalton starts like he was promised. I agree with pat that it’s better for fields to sit for a year. Even if we are sucking
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 3 dagen geleden
Terrible idea
My Dogs Best Fren
My Dogs Best Fren 3 dagen geleden
probably week 1, Pat
Nathan S
Nathan S 3 dagen geleden
Week 6
Ryan H
Ryan H 3 dagen geleden
I say start Dalton for first 3 games. If the bears start 3-0(unlikely) then keep starting Dalton. If they lost any of those first 3 games, then give Fields the keys for game 4. He’s proved he can play in big games and also showed he’s really sharp.
Ryan H
Ryan H Dag geleden
@Christopher House I respect your opinion and that is a reasonable assessment. Yes, I agree sitting fields for a full year will probably benefit him in the long run. I said 3 games because Nagy and Pace are on the hot seat. I don’t think the draft alone saved their jobs at this time. Because they are on the hot seat, I think fields will start sooner rather than later. If Dalton started every game and they went like 5-12, I don’t see Nagy and Pace keeping their jobs.
Christopher House
Christopher House Dag geleden
I disagree we have waited on a franchise quarterback for a 100 years bears need to be smart about fields development I would sit him down for his first year the great Aaron Rodgers sat for his first 3 years and turned out to benefit him this is just my opinion I'm not saying sitting him is the best thing to do I could be wrong we all have different opinions be all of us bears fans want him and the bears to succeed
EzioAuditore 3 dagen geleden
As a bears fan, its fun seeing the bears being relevant again
The Hot Nickels
The Hot Nickels 3 dagen geleden
Lmao y’all are hilarious......
Jack Bronson
Jack Bronson 3 dagen geleden
@Go Packers you’re
Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson 3 dagen geleden
Fields bust
TheFatStoner 3 dagen geleden
@Go Packers your only relevance is that your top guy is leaving 😂
Go Packers
Go Packers 3 dagen geleden
Your still irrelevant
Chilly Dawgg
Chilly Dawgg 3 dagen geleden
Nick Mason
Nick Mason 3 dagen geleden
Peso peso
Peso peso 3 dagen geleden
He wins one chip in Chicago this guy would be a legend with a statue on Lake shore drive in front of the Soldier Field no cap
HeavyHitter 3 dagen geleden
Can Nagy afford to sit Fields? As beneficial it is; If da Bears start losing, Nagy could lose his job and new hc might want a new QB as well.
Unbearable Podcast
Unbearable Podcast 3 dagen geleden
narski82 3 dagen geleden
The bears just said we'll pick a black qb mid round just like mahomes. It has to work this time.
Austin Swaney
Austin Swaney 3 dagen geleden
The panthers should’ve got Justine so I’m hoping he fails.
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 3 dagen geleden
VannTheDawn 3 dagen geleden
I think Mac Jones and Trey Lance have the easier time out of all 5 qb’s cuz they’re not expected to start. All eyes are on Newton and Garoppolo. The other three though, are being heralded as the savior for their franchise. Every mistake they make is gonna be scrutinized by the media and the bandwagon fans.
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 3 dagen geleden
Eyes on Andy dalton
CBPfilm 3 dagen geleden
@ChicagoBears call Fields old coach.
Ryan Oh
Ryan Oh 3 dagen geleden
The Bears o-line right now is awful and even though Fields is extremely mobile its still not good practice to throw him into a dumpster fire. He should definitely start this year, preferably his first game being against a team with a bad front.
Ryan Oh
Ryan Oh 3 dagen geleden
@Gamo The Legend They drafted a O-lineman in the second and fifth round. There isn't even a 10% the fifth round lineman ends up good I personally wasn't very high on Teven Jenkins.
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend 3 dagen geleden
Bears don’t have a terrible oline and they just draft two studs at OT
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