Pat McAfee Talks Where Le'Veon Bell Will Land 

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Do you think the Chiefs, Bills, or Dolphins get Bell or someone else?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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15 okt. 2020




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Nightwishmaster 8 dagen geleden
I think it would have been a lot cooler to see him go to the Bills, as an up and coming team that he could help them rise even faster. Signing with KC just kind of seems like taking the easy way out, just grabbing on to their coattails. I'm not hating him, it makes sense, I just think it would have made him a much bigger star potentially. If he wins with the Chiefs, well they're the Chiefs, but if he joined the Bills and they won, everybody would know that he was a huge part of that and, I believe anyways, have a lot more respect for the man.
A- DUB 8 dagen geleden
I don’t understand why only good teams can sign good free agents . But decent teams can’t . Nfl really annoys me like that
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney 8 dagen geleden
He signed with the Chiefs! Game, Set, Match!
NukLeaR 8 dagen geleden
Bell would be a huge weapon on the ground for the bills, with Diggs fleshing out the air game a bit I like the idea of some new legs to throw in the run rotation. Especially with our shaky defense, we need to get every opportunity we can to bring the ball to the house, it puts a lot more pressure on our top rb’s to produce and I love that. Allen’s got a great arm, I’m proud of him for stepping up, now give him some more weapons to shake down those defenses
Mark Sieber
Mark Sieber 8 dagen geleden
Why is everyone so high (no pun intended) on a guy that’s forced his way out of two places, hasn’t done anything on a field in three years, been suspended, had injuries, and isn’t exactly young. People are talking about him like he’s the 2016 version of himself. Damn risky venture for anyone to sign him
Team AHGG 8 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what mic he uses?
Ted Milonski
Ted Milonski 8 dagen geleden
Le'Veon Bell to Detroit? AP and Lev Bell in the backfield??
Anurag Borkar
Anurag Borkar 8 dagen geleden
Chiefs will Bell the Cats now,😝
The Mafia
The Mafia 8 dagen geleden
It’s weird I know the exact anchor bar he was talking about
Toko Raider
Toko Raider 8 dagen geleden
This some boooshid
David Prevost
David Prevost 8 dagen geleden
I'm a dolphin fan and wanted nothing to do with this bum.. He's done. He'll put up some.stats with the chiefs because everyone puts up stats with them but he's over the hill as a rb and can't be and doesn't want to be an every down back. He'll get a ring this year so good for him. I don't want my team to be the next team to waste money on him. I'll take gaskin everyday of the week. He's not the most talented but he's a hell of worker.
lorine smith
lorine smith 8 dagen geleden
0:37 I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Jacob Sims
Jacob Sims 8 dagen geleden
Hes like most NFL players. He fits in a specific system. How many players stink in on system but are superstars in another. The Chiefs are gonna repeat. FML
zachary paris
zachary paris 9 dagen geleden
$28m for 18 games with the Jets. Poor fella.
Dan Kole
Dan Kole 9 dagen geleden
Bell back in the steel city? Not in a zillion years. A malcontent in the locker room. A twice suspended for drugs bum. The guy is poison.
Eli Howard
Eli Howard 9 dagen geleden
Welcome to the red kingdom LB
poonacorn 9 dagen geleden
Lol he’s going to NE
Jack Packwood
Jack Packwood 9 dagen geleden
It was the fact that he held out back to back years for more money. It’s annoying and hurts the team
Ruaark 9 dagen geleden
I know he’s signing with KC, I just want to say that as a Steelers fan, I still love Bell and I really hope he succeeds and gets back to his old self with his new team
Loxyion 9 dagen geleden
Welp he’s a chief now
TetrisTech 9 dagen geleden
"Is it the yachts and the thots or is it the big cash, that is the question that we'll ask" Pat coming thru w the BARS
Lembardi 9 dagen geleden
Le'veon pulled an AB move with getting himself cut to go to a Superbowl team. New meta 🤣🤣🤣
Dawson J
Dawson J 9 dagen geleden
Tom Levy
Tom Levy 9 dagen geleden
Chiefs lmfao
T J 9 dagen geleden
He’s on the Chiefs
bensodas 9 dagen geleden
Is the man really going to the chiefs
Pi Y
Pi Y 9 dagen geleden
crazy to think he has fallen from best back in the league to “can he still play” without playing much ball, earning 30 million in the process If he balls out again.......does he get another massive deal
Nick H
Nick H 9 dagen geleden
I called it on your pot yesterday lol he is going to the Chiefs..
Justin 9 dagen geleden
Why is gumpy in a closet?
Mike M
Mike M 9 dagen geleden
Damien Williams: I'm opting out. Chiefs: Thats cool we have Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Oh and we just picked up Lev Bell
ChinoCarson 9 dagen geleden
Williams got robbed for mvp in the super bowl
Rj Partee
Rj Partee 9 dagen geleden
Yep Damien Williams May have made a mistake.
Yeahsure 9 dagen geleden
Bahahaha in 3 weeks the Jets will be paying Bell millions to play against them!
Josh Turley
Josh Turley 9 dagen geleden
Now we got a dude name Taco and a dude name Bell, both on the roster, Andy will not be happy
J Bowling
J Bowling 9 dagen geleden
We are doomed
KO 123
KO 123 9 dagen geleden
Happy 1 mill love watching ya Patty
Greg King
Greg King 9 dagen geleden
Jaee Thom
Jaee Thom 9 dagen geleden
"Is it the yachts and the thots or is the big cash thats a question we all have to ask" BARS McAfee straight BARS. off the dome too. Cold
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 9 dagen geleden
I don’t see the fins. They traded away star players to rebuild. I have a hard time believing they’d ever pay him a bunch.
Chase E120
Chase E120 9 dagen geleden
He already got signed for the cheifs
Big Spice
Big Spice 9 dagen geleden
Smoking a Blunt with Legarrette Blount is now on my bucket list.
Dominick Todd
Dominick Todd 9 dagen geleden
It is LAYYYYYY VEON Bell. LEV EON and Le’Veon are a bit different. It hurts my ears hearing it said wrong
Just Saying
Just Saying 9 dagen geleden
Remember when the Jets did their uniform unveil fashion show last year and all the hype around Bell? What an awful organization lmao
John Nuetzmann
John Nuetzmann 9 dagen geleden
Me here after Bell signed with the Chiefs
UGotNerdNeck 9 dagen geleden
Chiefs are going to be using Bell in the red zone. Clyde has been GREAT in between the 20 but not a lot of red zone production. This addition means a lot more to the chiefs than people may think
Bruno 9 dagen geleden
Adam Overman
Adam Overman 9 dagen geleden
He went to the chiefs. That is just sick
Diamond Back
Diamond Back 9 dagen geleden
Just hand the chiefs the trophy now
EFFINPEELED 9 dagen geleden
Cobra 427
Cobra 427 9 dagen geleden
Chiefs just signed Bell
Jemal Rankin
Jemal Rankin 9 dagen geleden
Sigh !! Does anyone want to come to Broncos ?!! Plz ! Will take all your weed smoking DUI cases !!
anthony Madden
anthony Madden 9 dagen geleden
Bell signs with the CHIEFS 👀
Robert Kane
Robert Kane 9 dagen geleden
Annnnd K.C. just picked him up.
taylor vannattan
taylor vannattan 9 dagen geleden
He went to the chiefs😁
Ric L
Ric L 9 dagen geleden
Just a wild guess, but I think that the Kansas City Chiefs will sign leveon bell. 🤷‍♂️
Hoogla Boogla
Hoogla Boogla 9 dagen geleden
Not sure when it came.out but he's with chiefs
Bruce Simmons
Bruce Simmons 9 dagen geleden
I doubt he will land on a team above . 500. He's character is suspect & any decent GM that's apart of a decent organization knows the risk isn't worth reward. Bringing in a free agent mid season is tricky as opposed to off season.
DyLi -
DyLi - 9 dagen geleden
chiefs took him
George Massey
George Massey 9 dagen geleden
I feel like with chubb out for a while the browns may be like we could have potentially the greatest running back core ever, none of them are on big contracts. When chubb comes back of course. This way they minimise bakers mistakes and Le'veon is a receiving threat as well as hunt. If the browns build up their defence sign bell they could be making deep runs next year.
George Massey
George Massey 9 dagen geleden
Crissaegrim 9 dagen geleden
Chiefs snagged him it looks like
Mason No Thumbs
Mason No Thumbs 9 dagen geleden
Patriots probably
George Feldman
George Feldman 9 dagen geleden
Same day and this video is already out of date
Instinctive 9 dagen geleden
it's all over
sYmboloGy 9 dagen geleden
Hopefully he keeps sucking ass for the Chefs as he did for the Jete...
sYmboloGy 9 dagen geleden
@Benjamin Because I'm not a fan of either team. That's why...
Benjamin 9 dagen geleden
Why hopefully? The jets made him look like trash cuz of their trash ass O line.
macadelic mike
macadelic mike 9 dagen geleden
Not so much bells character but bills is so high that can he match it
Red official
Red official 9 dagen geleden
Bell's ultimatum according to pat, " is it the yachts and the thots or the cash, the question we gotta ask." 😂😂😂
A Guy
A Guy 9 dagen geleden
The Dolphins aren't doing dick why would he go there?
Dripping Shadow
Dripping Shadow 9 dagen geleden
Why is no one talking about the bears? Our running have has not been good at all imagine a running game with us we have one of the top defenses in the NFL 1# in the red zone #2 On third down and list goes on
Kameron Fadden
Kameron Fadden 9 dagen geleden
He just signed with the Chiefs!!!!!
ginnym72 9 dagen geleden
KC chiefs welcomes le veon bell😎💪.
AFC Is Ours #BombsAway
AFC Is Ours #BombsAway 9 dagen geleden
Lets gooo 🔥🔥😈😈
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 9 dagen geleden
Honestly Mahomes has been the most blessed Qb in history I think it’s insane dude has more weapons than I’ve ever seen he’s got it made
shawnws1641 9 dagen geleden
Annnnnd he's a Chief!!! LOL
shawnws1641 9 dagen geleden
Annnnnd he's a Chief!!! LOL
cracka fantastic
cracka fantastic 9 dagen geleden
Chiefs no doubt
Owen Baker
Owen Baker 9 dagen geleden
Who’s here after he’s in KC?
Logan Depaoli
Logan Depaoli 9 dagen geleden
Who’s here after he went to KC
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas 9 dagen geleden
Nope, Chiefs.
Francisco Davis
Francisco Davis 9 dagen geleden
God damn not the chiefs lol i was happy enough they didnt have hunt anymore
Zachary Bergman
Zachary Bergman 9 dagen geleden
Dolphins. They're one rb away from being an actual team
austin hopkins
austin hopkins 9 dagen geleden
They have gaskin who is good
god 9 dagen geleden
bell should go to buffalo
Live And Inspired
Live And Inspired 9 dagen geleden
Why does anyone want to add cancer to their locker room? The guy is all about himself.
Jack man
Jack man 9 dagen geleden
How’s it gonna work in KC? That’s where he’s going! Does he split snaps with Edwards-Helaire? Does he just become the main guy and they bench their first round pick?
Null Channel_
Null Channel_ 9 dagen geleden
With the chiefs!!!!!
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper 9 dagen geleden
Leveon bells agent is playing chess. Dude gets the big jets payday and gets to go to a superbowl favorite.
Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing 9 dagen geleden
That's what I was thinking
Bryson McComb
Bryson McComb 9 dagen geleden
When the chiefs sign him 5 mins before watching 😩
Duke Aguirre
Duke Aguirre 9 dagen geleden
He going to the chiefs
Dozjah Doz
Dozjah Doz 9 dagen geleden
The ravens a be a better fit
eric siggins
eric siggins 9 dagen geleden
Hes a chief
The Burns
The Burns 9 dagen geleden
It’s official he’s a chief
American on the server
American on the server 9 dagen geleden
He has been signed by KC Superbowl boys!!!!!
Lord Finesse
Lord Finesse 9 dagen geleden
I think he just signed with chiefs
Te Lamb
Te Lamb 9 dagen geleden
Shout out to all my fantasy boys and girls that have Mahomes as their qb and hope they make it work also could back fire because we’d start bell every game.
Jrtankkify 9 dagen geleden
He needs to go to the bears period he will compliment our offense I’m a way that our whole team overall will be much better period the bears for sure
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 9 dagen geleden
Bell + Singletary 🔥
villen 9 dagen geleden
Bet he goes to the Chiefs
Dodsy 9 dagen geleden
I bet your right :)
FillHerGuts 9 dagen geleden
Is it the yachts and the thots? lmao pat
Mikey P
Mikey P 9 dagen geleden
Jono Healey
Jono Healey 9 dagen geleden
Bell has been seen in KC and Buffalo...signs for Patriots...
Cole Morgan
Cole Morgan 9 dagen geleden
Lemon Juce
Lemon Juce 9 dagen geleden
Guess we got him, cheifs fans r dying rn, i wud now
James Schneck
James Schneck 9 dagen geleden
Bills are out now do to Miami an Kc
Elijah 9 dagen geleden
Watching this as the news breaks that he signed with the chiefs lol
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