Pat McAfee Talks Why Earl Thomas Hasn't Been Signed Yet 

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Do you think Earl could find a team soon?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 sep. 2020




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Therock James23
Therock James23 Dag geleden
I think thank God this is America and everything will fall into place if they like it or not. And earl will be fine retired I think many people hang it up too.
Isaiah Austin
Isaiah Austin 3 dagen geleden
Earl Thomas should be in the NFL and that is obvious to anyone who knows football
Best Ever !!
Best Ever !! 4 dagen geleden
Bro if Baltimore let em go then that's a tough sign but Dallas needs defensive players
Norman Peters
Norman Peters 7 dagen geleden
I don't like this ''show''. He talks about the subject matter for 2 seconds and then it's boring crap for the rest of the video.
Pio Pius
Pio Pius 8 dagen geleden
Houston texans Need him
rachel bissonette
rachel bissonette 11 dagen geleden
tracy walker is ass for my lions we need him
Adrian Wolf
Adrian Wolf 13 dagen geleden
norway678 13 dagen geleden
Chicago Bears would be a good landing spot for him
Paul Baker
Paul Baker 15 dagen geleden
Absolutely, the Cowboys need another headcase in their locker room.
j j
j j 16 dagen geleden
I think AJ stuffs that cigar with some A1 on the low.
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 16 dagen geleden
Troubled past present n future 😲
Chris Snape
Chris Snape 17 dagen geleden
Pete Carroll said Earl was not a distraction and was very quiet
tommyt 37
tommyt 37 17 dagen geleden
Have smoke cigars at work like it's a requirement
iceup 17
iceup 17 18 dagen geleden
My lungs hurt every time aj hawk is on this show
Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone 18 dagen geleden
Yea idk if you want a player who’s gonna be fighting his own teammates
Sam 19 dagen geleden
This dude loves flexing his cigar
OnlyHisPresence OHP
OnlyHisPresence OHP 19 dagen geleden
Hmmmm....ET needs to grow up!! He must learn Character and Integrity must be a prioritize in his life period!!
Aaron Burnett
Aaron Burnett 20 dagen geleden
He pissed off the nfl owners. He did something behind the scenes. So now he’s been blackballed.
Robert Denton
Robert Denton 20 dagen geleden
So I am an idiot and want to clarify this before I continue. I think Earl is suffering from early CTE. I have observed him for years being a fan of the hawks and it seems as if he is showing symptoms of this disease. He has never been one to make anything about him. Always respected as far as I knew with his team in Seattle. I am assuming probably wasnt having orgies with his brother and getting caught by his wife as well. Kinda sporadic swings of personality and temperament. Maybe these teams no more then whats been revealed. I hope he is ok. Truly would be hard to watch this happen if this is indeed the case. Again I am a complete moron and no nothing.
Jadore 20 dagen geleden
Seattle????? bwahahaha, he gave Pete the finger his last game. Dallas is a loser team, they should sign him. Immediately.
Jared Ross
Jared Ross 20 dagen geleden
You two (AJ, Pat) are so bought off it's not even funny
L 20 dagen geleden
Would love to see ET back on the Seahawks' D. He shot himself in the proverbial foot with that middle finger he flew to Pete Carroll (Carroll probably deserved it). That said, like the rest of the LOB, he was all-in and 100% scary to any offensive line. The LOB and the morale of the entire team was torn apart at the one-yard line. They knew. The fans knew.
Anthony Evans
Anthony Evans 21 dag geleden
Raiders need him in a bad way
Oh No
Oh No 21 dag geleden
Naw the whole problem is teams don't want to pay. They want him for the league minimum. I don't blame ET. But the NFL is still killing players with CTE.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller 21 dag geleden
He’ll go to the Packers.
M Shep
M Shep 21 dag geleden
Greg Hardy-cowboys, Aldon Smith-cowboys, Colin Kaepernick-distraction, Earl Thomas-distraction
Ric H
Ric H 21 dag geleden
He's not signed because he is a Distraction and Locker Room Cancer. Just like AB.
Rando Woolf
Rando Woolf 21 dag geleden
Pete and earl need to put there differences aside and sign him to the hawks
Terrence Gibbons33
Terrence Gibbons33 21 dag geleden
Locker room cancer
revenant 33
revenant 33 21 dag geleden
Safeties lose a step after 30 glover quin was better than him then he hit 30 and was burnt by a fat Marshawn lynch
snaky jones
snaky jones 22 dagen geleden
Seahawks should sign. Him for league veteran minimum 😂 with incentive heavy contract 😂
L C 22 dagen geleden
Hawk looking like a BOSS hitting that Cigar lol
Moninn Yem
Moninn Yem 22 dagen geleden
His leadership on the field alone is worth signing. Cowboys missed out.
Bobby Tatum
Bobby Tatum 13 dagen geleden
@Moninn Yem Texans are 0-4 and the players told Bill O'Brian not to sign him.
Moninn Yem
Moninn Yem 18 dagen geleden
@Lunzatis Palemoon mmkay 2020 1-3 cowboys
Lunzatis Palemoon
Lunzatis Palemoon 18 dagen geleden
No, the Cowboys didn't miss out. The Cowboys, and the smart Cowboys' fanbase, don't want him ANYWHERE near the team until he has taken care of whatever personal, and/or mental, issues he has been dealing with lately.
C B 22 dagen geleden
Earl Thomas HAS to be related to Antonio Brown...
john Ettell
john Ettell 22 dagen geleden
Cool cigar bro.
jkm29 22 dagen geleden
Tbh as a Seahawks fan I want him back and move quandre diggs to CB
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 22 dagen geleden
cant wait till sjw start crying BJM= black jobs matter fml lol NFL = NOT FAIR LEAGUE FOR A REASON
BPrimeTimeL 22 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk: "his play hasn't really dropped off" Derrick Henry's stiff arm: "Hi"
Josh Kodep
Josh Kodep 22 dagen geleden
Seattle should sign Thomas again. Him and Adams would be a Tandem.
Siliziwe Ncanywa
Siliziwe Ncanywa 19 dagen geleden
As a Hawks fan, we are more than happy with Quandre Diggs, thanks...
L 20 dagen geleden
I agree. He and Pete would have to make kissy-kissy make-up sex, though.
mhesen2009 22 dagen geleden
Derrick Henry turned him into his son.
Charlie Day
Charlie Day 23 dagen geleden
Some teams could actually use the distraction to take attention away from bigger issues 😂
Anthony Lockridge
Anthony Lockridge 23 dagen geleden
We need earl
John Flores
John Flores 23 dagen geleden
LV can use him and wish they would pick him up. Their D was sorry against NE.
Kevin Hudson
Kevin Hudson 23 dagen geleden
The jags neeeeed him lol
Penny Romine-Oliver
Penny Romine-Oliver 23 dagen geleden
Gotta figure out the why...
mazing32able 23 dagen geleden
Hank gonna have lung disease smoking all them cigars
KinggTae 23 dagen geleden
Falcons could really use a vet on defense
Kevin Findley
Kevin Findley 23 dagen geleden
Covid is a myth.... the common flu has still killed more
Kevin Findley
Kevin Findley 23 dagen geleden
Maybe its because he's not coachable and he dont listen...
Kevin Findley
Kevin Findley 23 dagen geleden
Maybe there is an underlying attitude issue he has that the Seahawks and Ratbirds wont talk about so their not held liable for slander or being called racist....
Loot Fam
Loot Fam 23 dagen geleden
That’s not crazy? Regular people get fire from their jobs for being a PROBLEM AND DISTRACTION. Your a professional football player who gets paid why is it so hard to stand on a straight line?
H2W 23 dagen geleden
Earl Thomas and Eric Berry out of the league...didn't see that happening.
Thomas c
Thomas c 23 dagen geleden
Who has seen the movie, Highlander.
moonglow630 23 dagen geleden
While on Seattle he BEGGED to be traded to Dallas. No teams want him for his off field life. His woman put a gun to his for cheating. Not to mention he was showing up late to meetings.
Jim Brewskie - Mediocre Gamer
Is that a green screen of fake books behind AJ?
thunderstruck73190 24 dagen geleden
Green Bay needs him. Earl the squirrel alongside Aaron "Droppin' Doimes" Rodgers and we're talking Lombahhhdi trophy BABAYYYYY.
Scatter_ #63
Scatter_ #63 21 dag geleden
thunderstruck73190 gross
Josh Reed
Josh Reed 24 dagen geleden
bet he ends up on the pats
Connor Ruest
Connor Ruest 24 dagen geleden
It's clearly because hes black. First kapernick and now him.. BLM
Peter Ohrmund
Peter Ohrmund 24 dagen geleden
So how many formal NFL players are being blackballed? 3
Peter Ohrmund
Peter Ohrmund 24 dagen geleden
Dallas Sucks .
yohanon shine
yohanon shine 24 dagen geleden
I just remember he started to look slow then had a killer game after that
LazyBunnyz 24 dagen geleden
This isnt that hard to understand. He flipped off the Seahawks. He got into a fight with the ravens and was late to meetings because he was washing his car. Hes a cancer simple as that dont care how good of a player you are if you're a cancer to the team you are not worth it simple as that.
Michael Caz
Michael Caz 24 dagen geleden
Guy is a Distraction and a Headcase. If you read the history, Earl was kept-under-control by: Kam Chancellor, who also covered for Earl not following the Defensive scheme and just freelancing. You can still be a Nice-guy and also a "Phenomenal Player" = #43 Troy Polamalu.
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 24 dagen geleden
Its because hes waiting on a deal to be a lead blocker for Pat when Troy Polamalu lines up in the C Gap.
Chris Foxwell
Chris Foxwell 24 dagen geleden
There's a reason the term don't rock the boat exists.
Hunter Lehman
Hunter Lehman 24 dagen geleden
He did it to himself. He was the future HOF veteran who put his own ego over the team and his teammates
Lunzatis Palemoon
Lunzatis Palemoon 18 dagen geleden
@bc_77 The fact that the ENTIRE team leadership for the Baltimore Ravens players wanted Earl Thomas gone is enough to know. You do realize that means that every single player that was considered a team leader for the Ravens wanted Earl Thomas gone right? A player has to do something really bad to get to that point. In fact, this is the FIRST time I've ever heard of something like this ever happening which should really tell you how bad the situation was and why Earl Thomas hasn't been picked up by any team since then.
Hunter Lehman
Hunter Lehman 19 dagen geleden
bc_77 except for the fact that every report coming out of Baltimore was exactly that
bc_77 19 dagen geleden
You have absolutely no idea what happens behind closed doors.
Yochan Hwang
Yochan Hwang 21 dag geleden
CompTechDC5 25 dagen geleden
B/c the chargers are idiots and they signed garbage Jahleel Addae instead.
kurbd17 25 dagen geleden
I had a mic drop zinger but the gram says we gotta keep it respectful
Randy Timmer
Randy Timmer 25 dagen geleden
Franchise tagged QB. Not a franchise QB🤣😂
James Bragg
James Bragg 25 dagen geleden
He'll sign with the Texans to salvage they're season. Even though the problem with the Texans is BILL O'BRIAN!!!
EatsMeSpinach 25 dagen geleden
Thomas is busy with his brother
Dennis Daugs
Dennis Daugs 25 dagen geleden
Not a team player and his entourage is a ghetto sheitzshow
Gold 25 dagen geleden
Cardinals should take him
Randell Graham
Randell Graham 25 dagen geleden
"Maybe he just didn't like somebody"- Pat. If you have to like all 53 guys and coaches than youre not much of a professional. JMO
MT 25 dagen geleden
Niners need to sing earl he’d reck the hawks
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 25 dagen geleden
Colts sign Earl Thomas
Scotty Six Seven
Scotty Six Seven 25 dagen geleden
Aint no one like his rudeass thats why
Alec Guerrero
Alec Guerrero 25 dagen geleden
Hell after last nights game the ravens wish earl thomas was on their team
Not Mick Blotters
Not Mick Blotters 25 dagen geleden
I saw yesterday evening that the Texans are signing earl. This clip from a previous episode of a show that doesn’t reveal breaking news is less intelligent than me. I better go to the comments to flex how much smarter I am than Pat, just like everyone else did. All of their points still stand kids. He has a label, teams have to take that into consideration before signing and it didnt help him get on to a good team. I love AJ but right around the time we got sports talk with mcafee n Hawk, the comment section became a plethora of morons. There used to be different opinions to consider in the comments. Now it’s just vomit someone else’s information to fit in.
Jacob M.
Jacob M. 25 dagen geleden
Greg Hardy
Jay Belmont
Jay Belmont 25 dagen geleden
Signed with the Texans
Josh Markley
Josh Markley 25 dagen geleden
This guy on the right has a smoking problem
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns 25 dagen geleden
Blount punched a guy in practice then was signed by rhe eagles and won a ring. Maybe they just don't like him
Furman Memecity
Furman Memecity 25 dagen geleden
I just want the falcons to sign him so bad, idc what he’s doing in the locker room he will help us win
MrKeykeylikesit 22 dagen geleden
Probably doesn't want to sign with that dumpster fire team 😂
Cutz McVascular
Cutz McVascular 25 dagen geleden
the fact that the cowboys havent signed him yet tells you everything you need to know about how the league thinks of him as a PERSON, not a PLAYER!! Hes a great player, but Earl as a PERSON is not what anyone wants in their locker room..
akingpa 25 dagen geleden
As an Eagles fan, I would straight up trade the free agency market Carson Wentz for Earl Thomas.
Andrew Healion
Andrew Healion 25 dagen geleden
He should go to the raiders
PMS Store
PMS Store 25 dagen geleden
Derek Roberts
Derek Roberts 25 dagen geleden
Who cares Dak Prescott MVP baby. Most pass Yards.
Sho Time
Sho Time 25 dagen geleden
Ravens missed Earl Thomas against the Chiefs
ryonanno7 15 dagen geleden
Earl was blowing coverages IN TRAINING! How do you expect him to show up during games?
Steven Kincaid
Steven Kincaid 20 dagen geleden
Sho Time yeah but they would’ve still be pretty fucked.
Sho Time
Sho Time 20 dagen geleden
@Yochan Hwang one player does make a difference. If he was back there, Pat wouldn't have 🐝 going deep that much. Earl will make him think twice.
Yochan Hwang
Yochan Hwang 20 dagen geleden
When a team get murdered the way baltimore did, there isnt anything one additional player can do. Thats for all sports. When youre outmatched, youre outmatched.
Steven Kincaid
Steven Kincaid 20 dagen geleden
Sho Time I mean he’s right in a way. Baltimore needed some defensive help but all if their struggles were on offense. Lamar didn’t have enough time to pass and was pretty much limited to scrambling. Even the run game wasn’t all that great. Like I said he probably would’ve helped a little bit but I still see the same outcome in the end.
Slick Reynolds
Slick Reynolds 25 dagen geleden
If you don’t have that Seattle defensive scheme he can’t figure out his assignment. He struggled with Baltimore’s defense he kept getting torched.
Jeff 25 dagen geleden
Cowboy are crazy not to sign Thomas or reid
Victor Thiros
Victor Thiros 25 dagen geleden
I think he hasn’t been signed is because he’s not a good character. Would you guys wanna play with a watered down Antonio Brown?
Pat B
Pat B 25 dagen geleden
Come to New England
Mathew Herreth
Mathew Herreth 25 dagen geleden
Earl Thomas: Stiff armed by Derek Henry. Wife holds him at gun point. Runs trains with his brother. Pat: “Guys a ball hawk tho!”😂
Charles Conner
Charles Conner 19 dagen geleden
Told Garret to come get him in free agency
Jahminski831 Michael Vienola
Mathew Herreth hell yeah!!!!! Sign that guy!!! U don't know the circumstances.
N8TIVE2008 22 dagen geleden
Flipped off the Seahawks
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 25 dagen geleden
I think he is asking for to much. he probably wants 2 years 20mil or more when they want to give him 3/6 million 1 year.
Hal Mosher
Hal Mosher 25 dagen geleden
Pats need him bad
Helgard Werner
Helgard Werner 25 dagen geleden
Because Earl Thomas is locker room poison.
Skeezix 25 dagen geleden
Besides the distractions the word is he was too stupid to learn the defense in Baltimore and was getting by on athletic ability.
AttilatheThrilla 25 dagen geleden
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