Pat McAfee "The Steelers Are Getting SCREWED By Game Suspension!" 

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Who do you think is getting the bad end of the stick?
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1 okt. 2020




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Charles Antony
Charles Antony 11 dagen geleden
Pittsburgh gets 4 automatic wins every year with Bengals and Browns in their division. Mike is good. But he will never touch Bellichick's shoes.
mrman3523 11 dagen geleden
Tomlin’s mistakes seem to be amplified “for some reason” We know the reason.
matt williams
matt williams 12 dagen geleden
I don’t know why they didn’t like just give every team 3 bye weeks this year. Football goes on longer, more views and such. On top of that, tons of wiggle room for Covid issues & probably better football due to players being more rested
Jason Stadtfeld
Jason Stadtfeld 13 dagen geleden
Love u pat but Mike tomlin actually is not as good against loosing teams his record is pretty bad.
Jason Stadtfeld
Jason Stadtfeld 13 dagen geleden
I say push the whole week back for every team
Dusty Nutt
Dusty Nutt 14 dagen geleden
Oh no guys who are in top physical shape have to play one extra game in a row and get paid millions to do so hopefully they can manage
Mike 15 dagen geleden
Titans violated NFL protocol. There should be no "make up" game, the Titans should have to forfeit the game and any other game they are not able to take the field. Teams change how they approach the week based on the team they face as well as when their bye week falls. A later bye week is always better than an early one so it drastically impacts the Steelers in a negative way.
Matt Varner
Matt Varner 15 dagen geleden
Dead right on everything said about Tomlin. Great coach but I don't think I've ever seen him throw the challenge flag and win 😂
SuperJohn12354 17 dagen geleden
Screw would the game being called a Tie and the stealers losing 1 point
Jonathan Stevens
Jonathan Stevens 17 dagen geleden
Not far to the steelers what so ever
kcroyals85 17 dagen geleden
NFL is screwed if it happens again!
Rich Steel
Rich Steel 18 dagen geleden
The last time Steelers had a week 4 bye they went on to play 17 consecutive games, winning the final 8 of them including Super Bowl XL...We Do Not Care
Safiyah Hamlet
Safiyah Hamlet 19 dagen geleden
Tomlin is the BEST coach! Give him his flowers now. 💐
Collidiscope 19 dagen geleden
Steelers getting screwed........proceed to be given a schedule through the first 3 weeks that consist of teams that have zero combined wins. Yea Pat they’re really being bent over lol.
Kevin lynch
Kevin lynch 19 dagen geleden
This may be a good thing for the Steelers , they don't normally play well coming off a bye week. They can get this out of the way and get back on a roll.
Free Man
Free Man 18 dagen geleden
Adam MF Turek
Adam MF Turek 19 dagen geleden
There's probably pity parties in Cleveland.
Brian Jungen
Brian Jungen 19 dagen geleden
Oh wah.....remember when the NFL played games without a week off? I do....if you made the Super Bowl you played 21 straight weeks counting preseason and the players didn’t complain. They’ll get over it.
Turbo BaconTM
Turbo BaconTM 20 dagen geleden
But when the Bucs had to play 15 in a row nobody batted an eye
X•Mega Mike
X•Mega Mike 20 dagen geleden
The Pats are the ones getting screwed. Cam can’t play but the teams are going to play anyway instead of rescheduling for a different week.
X•Mega Mike
X•Mega Mike 19 dagen geleden
Kevin Ward Belichick doesn’t throw games.
Kevin Ward
Kevin Ward 19 dagen geleden
They are throwing this game
JAE tokes
JAE tokes 20 dagen geleden
What if it happens to the same team twice tho..?
Nav Bravic
Nav Bravic 20 dagen geleden
yeah, starting to shift the schedule around though has a good chance of derailing the season. What happens when there are outbreaks at other teams or the Titans have another one next week?
Kalob Hoot
Kalob Hoot 20 dagen geleden
He was still on the sideline tho sooo😂😂 idc
Jerry Obrien
Jerry Obrien 20 dagen geleden
its becoming clear the steelers have a legit gripe about the Titans. They apparently had a coach spread the disease who was very cavalier about it and many titans are not adhering to basic protocols. The Titans should lose a draft pick. 18 in the organization have it. Sounds like the white house. There needs to be penalties for bad behavior. I am not a steeler fan but they should be pissed. So what happens to the titans if they have 30 infected before their next game. With only 1 patriot player infected the KC New england game needs to be played monday night.
J Weezy
J Weezy 21 dag geleden
I'm getting screwed because the ravens are affected by this and their bye has changed
Giuliano Di Lorenzo
Giuliano Di Lorenzo 21 dag geleden
B E 21 dag geleden
I dont feel bad they get paid alot to play regardless of a bye week.
Ryanator 21 dag geleden
You think the NFL would’ve planned for something like this. They had to have known it was at least a possibility. So the plan becomes “let’s screw these two teams” because we didn’t have a plan. 🤦
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 21 dag geleden
I love Coach T! F*** the Tomlin haters aka Squealer fans.🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
Steel Town
Steel Town 21 dag geleden
Tomlin can say that all he wants, believe me they care that they got fucked outta their week 8 bi
5.7.0 bassin
5.7.0 bassin 21 dag geleden
Tomlin's great when the Kaepernick stuff happened and the kneeling and everything and they decided ya no what we are going to stay in the locker room all for A.V people hated them for it but didnt understand why they did it they think they were doing it just because but like tomlin said they didnt want any part of the drama so they separate themselfs from it
Corey Rees
Corey Rees 21 dag geleden
So wait when would the Ravens bye week be then? If they use their week 8 bye for the steeler game. Got Jackson and Andrews on my squad lol
JMJArkansas40 nature
JMJArkansas40 nature 21 dag geleden
Before the season, the NFL should have just set it up to play all the playoff games a week later than usually so that they can play make up games after week 17. NO No No it was not the right move to mess with teams bye weeks like this
Brendan Allison
Brendan Allison 21 dag geleden
Lost in this is how TEN screwed MIN, who is desperately trying to salvage their season. Through no fault of their own, their prep had to be put on hold until all their people were checked out, but their game is still early Sunday. But, like they said, 'No pity parties in the NFL'.
Prometheus 21 dag geleden
hows it feel
GraveDigger35 21 dag geleden
I like how no one is mentioning the fact that the ravens will end up not having a bye week if this ends up official
Xane Daniel
Xane Daniel 21 dag geleden
Their bye moves to week 7 (from week 8)
Nick Spallone
Nick Spallone 21 dag geleden
And this is what the NFL gets for not wanting to move the damn super bowl date, everything would be so much easier!
A Live
A Live 21 dag geleden
Titans should only be able to play the Steelers on wk 7 with the same roster that they had on wk 4! No new players added after wk 4 because it'll raise the question of cheating. Postponing the game until they get better players perhaps. Hey , Vrabel came from new England maybe he took a page out of bill and the patriots on cheating!
Max Fire Fantasy Report
gotta reschedule nfl games for a flu with only a .01 death rate
Robert Suchy
Robert Suchy 22 dagen geleden
Tomlin is a great coach but tripping a player going down the sideline is inexcusable
Laxatives Dre
Laxatives Dre 22 dagen geleden
Bruh I just lost the Pittsburg defense. If I lose imma be bummed bruh
David Hix
David Hix 22 dagen geleden
I feel like pats idea would’ve been perfect for this season with 2 bye weeks so that teams would’ve had more leeway with situations like this because if this happens more scheduling is going to be crazy
Tevin Manuel
Tevin Manuel 22 dagen geleden
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell 22 dagen geleden
facts smh
Caleb Garcia
Caleb Garcia 22 dagen geleden
Or, possibly, titans take an L and Steelers get a W. Steelers we’re ready to show up and the titans have sick players and have to forfeit. Happens all the time with kids games, so why not do it with nfl
Dylan Dumire
Dylan Dumire 21 dag geleden
This is a Joke Right?
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 22 dagen geleden
This happened to the Bucs a few years ago. First game of the season postponed due to a hurricane. They played the whole season with no bye week
Giovanni V
Giovanni V 22 dagen geleden
That’s for polamalu screwing over Pats Fake Fg.
Al Haida
Al Haida 22 dagen geleden
The nfl needs more bye weeks. That can't be good to play on Sunday, travel across the country and play on Thursday. Should have 2 bye weeks and space games accordingly
Joseph K
Joseph K 22 dagen geleden
At least the steelers don't have to worry about being in contact with the titans and possibly catching a cold!!!
J V 22 dagen geleden
I love how Pat gets really excited and wants to say something but he is such a good host he never interrupts the guest
A C 22 dagen geleden
Could it be people are so critical of him cuz he’s ......... african American
James Motil
James Motil 22 dagen geleden
I like it... it's gonna show that this bug is 99% harmless and the effects to the games and teams is gonna cost lots of money... and piss folks off...
A. Salinas
A. Salinas 21 dag geleden
Totally, by having some of the most fit athletes in the world, with top notch doctors, exposed to a virus, will show how harmless it is.
Karl Errickson
Karl Errickson 22 dagen geleden
Well it looks like there bye week will be this week make it count
ForkUp 22 dagen geleden
Your fantasy team is fucked?? *Try having Adams, Hopkins, and the Pittsburgh defense either injured or out*
jlserna11 22 dagen geleden
I hope Mike Tomlin gets fired and only so the Texans can get him
Christopher Stone
Christopher Stone 22 dagen geleden
WE ALL KNEW that this season was not going to be normal, Steeler fans need to chill on Twitter. We are lucky to be even having a football season.
TheGuapGetta 23
TheGuapGetta 23 22 dagen geleden
A handful of other teams have to play 12 straight weeks , 13 cant be much worse lol
Trenton Kramer
Trenton Kramer 22 dagen geleden
Should have added extra extra weeks in the season incase of rescheduled games
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 22 dagen geleden
Believe me, my Steelers always waste any advantages that comes from a bye anyway so now at least they will play the game when it matters (or doesn’t) be its going to be a tough game.
Vaughn Hunkele
Vaughn Hunkele 22 dagen geleden
Pittsburgh should use this as motivation the get the #1 seed bye. Chiefs are the team to beat to get that for sure, but the Steelers 2 hardest games are the Ravens which I think they split, and if Pittsburgh can win all of the games they should, we could go 13-3/12-4
Logan Moreau
Logan Moreau 22 dagen geleden
I just hope this doesn’t happen during the playoffs, because who knows what kind of shit’s gonna go down then
dezz nutz
dezz nutz 21 dag geleden
playoffs? play-offs? (say it in your best Jim Mora voice)
Cyrus Bird-Walker
Cyrus Bird-Walker 22 dagen geleden
How about we move Steelers Titans to a "Week 18"? Any other game that gets postponed could go to that extra week.
Ryan Shank
Ryan Shank 22 dagen geleden
Do the ravens not get a bye week now?
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 22 dagen geleden
The Steelers have played 3 teams with a total of 1 Win combined. I wouldn't go as far as claiming that the Steelers are playing " GOOD FOOTBALL".
David Vaudo
David Vaudo 22 dagen geleden
My friend has Henery and Conner 💀
Valan Quade
Valan Quade 22 dagen geleden
I had Ben and Tannehill plus Juju
Ignite Bridge III
Ignite Bridge III 22 dagen geleden
Deion Sanders said he would've been an NFL coach but only if he can wear a suitb like the great coaches of the past n not be a walking advertisement for NFL active apparel.
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez 22 dagen geleden
What kind of team activities happen during a bye week? (practices, meetings, walkthroughs)
Politically Atheist
Politically Atheist 22 dagen geleden
9ers made the super bowl with a week 4 bye last season.
Adam Perez
Adam Perez 22 dagen geleden
It’s not like they were on there way to the Super Bowl anyway lmao
Ryanator 21 dag geleden
Troll alert! Troll alert!
Gilbert Hernandez
Gilbert Hernandez 22 dagen geleden
better for my week 8 fantasy
poopmannelson1 22 dagen geleden
I’m not worried. Steelers won a Super Bowl playing 13 straight. They’ll get in a groove by week 6
James Hendricks
James Hendricks 21 dag geleden
You really think they are beating the chiefs in the playoffs?
JMJArkansas40 nature
JMJArkansas40 nature 21 dag geleden
with all the injuries that have been taken place because of the unusual off season and training camps, I don't have faith with all their bodies holing up for that many games in a row
SlurpMeSlower 23 dagen geleden
If they play on the Ravens bye... when would their bye move to?
Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle 23 dagen geleden
Just give the Steelers a W and the Titans an L
Free Man
Free Man 18 dagen geleden
Oscar Galindo
Oscar Galindo 23 dagen geleden
This season shouldn’t count
Mop Bucket
Mop Bucket 23 dagen geleden
The sign that this is ridiculous... We all assume the players and personal will be fine...which they will be.
EStuder32 Anthony Wayne
EStuder32 Anthony Wayne 23 dagen geleden
They don't reschedule games for injuries!
Nater Potater
Nater Potater 23 dagen geleden
I think the Steelers should get a buy somehow, but i dont know really. The Titans players should be fined for not doing what they should.
Austin York
Austin York 23 dagen geleden
Niners had a week 4 bye last year and went to the super bowl.
Mj Russell
Mj Russell 23 dagen geleden
But everyone forgets when the Dolphins went a whole season without a bye week because of the hurricane? 🤔
fyukfy 23 dagen geleden
Because that was no one's fault. This is the Steelers getting screwed because the Titans players forgot to wash their hands
Bradley Maravalli
Bradley Maravalli 23 dagen geleden
If the Titans can't make it to the game, then it should be an automatic forfeit.
Richard Seeley
Richard Seeley 23 dagen geleden
Maybe being screwed over with the bye week the Steelers will be stronger. I have faith in my team
Kevin P
Kevin P 23 dagen geleden
So the ravens will most likely have a bye right before playing the steelers. I know Tomlin doesnt care, but Steelers are getting royally screwed here.
Jaryd Jackson
Jaryd Jackson 23 dagen geleden
Another reason to diversify your fantasy football lineups, gents. Limit the amount of players on one roster to two players in your lineup. I like the QB/WR or QB/TE duo. Any more than two in your starting lineup, you risk getting blown out on the other end of your matchup bracket if they have a bad game, therefore it’s in your best interest to limit that possibility. Not every team can have a bad game, someone has to win. Lots of success from Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews this season so far, looking forward to their bye week so I can put Josh Allen and John Brown in the lineup and keep scoring 140 fantasy points a week!
jj jj
jj jj 23 dagen geleden
I just hope this don't mess with the season period that will suck ,players being stupid an not staying safe ,🤔
JOEY G 23 dagen geleden
why does the nfl have a week 4 bye week..... should be week 6-12
A.J. Zalar
A.J. Zalar 23 dagen geleden
This sucks
Rocko_Is_A_Bot 23 dagen geleden
Well if they practice hard and stay focus and safe we vs the eagles then the bengals or browns which were def going 5-0
SuitingMangoArmy TV
SuitingMangoArmy TV 23 dagen geleden
I have Henry on fantasy smh
William Prine
William Prine 23 dagen geleden
So dumb you’re gunna give a conference rival an extra week to prepare for us. That’s not an advantage at all
Ben Crichton
Ben Crichton 23 dagen geleden
Didn’t realize steeler fans are the biggest b*tches in the NFL...
Scott Choate
Scott Choate 23 dagen geleden
This is going to mess with both teams mojo now, this blows, rona and her pesky germs strikes again.
Joseph Mode
Joseph Mode 23 dagen geleden
Why not just quarantine the sick players and staff.. what’s the point of having a expanded practice squad then?
Aidan Kelley
Aidan Kelley 23 dagen geleden
So close to 1milly
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez 23 dagen geleden
This is not cool tho.... Titans should forfit. Not steelers problem!
Michael R
Michael R 23 dagen geleden
The NFL is rigged. They did this deliberately to help the chiefs and the patriots.
Richard Reese
Richard Reese 23 dagen geleden
But are they sick? I have friends who have tested positive but they had very very very minor symptoms, 6 pos. 1 sick for 2 days with no taste or smell the other five just had headaches or stomach aches
Charlie Day
Charlie Day 23 dagen geleden
Just have each teams best madden player get on the sticks. I need conner to play dammit!
Back Woods
Back Woods 23 dagen geleden
I got Big Ben, JC at RB and the Steelers D I’m fucked this week 😩😩
PapaBeanos21 23 dagen geleden
I had a feeling the league would f*ck us over since week 2. 🤦‍♂️
Ed Kokosko
Ed Kokosko 23 dagen geleden
Mommy needs to keep me home because I have a stuffy nose. Come on man! You think this would happen when people actually worked 🤔 🤣😅🤣😂
steeleru7 Burgh
steeleru7 Burgh 21 dag geleden
Are you stupid or something? As an RN, I have to pass a Covid test every day or I can't go to work until I do!