Pat McAfee: What Was That Trysten Hill Play On Chris Carson?! 

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What Was Trysten Hill DOING Here in the Seahawks vs Cowboys game?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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28 sep. 2020




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jlonely239 8 dagen geleden
Steelers do it all the time! Along with, spearing with their helmets and illegal screens, the Steelers constantly drop and roll or shady ankle roll is par for their course!
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 9 dagen geleden
He tore his acl against the giants on Sunday. So I think he got what was coming to him. Coming from a cowboys fan by the way.
NathanDee307 2 dagen geleden
Never want to be joyful about someone’s injury, but LFG
m m
m m 14 dagen geleden
He is out for the season. KARMA!!!
SpectacQlr_Gamer 17 dagen geleden
Anyone else got a Gronk ad trying to find his balls with the Men lawn mower 3.0
Phillip Hensley
Phillip Hensley 18 dagen geleden
As a Cowboys fan, I've been embarrassed a lot by our D this season. There was no excuse for that, and Trystan Hill is a lazy POS outside of that play. He shouldn't even be on the field.
riley fair
riley fair 20 dagen geleden
Why do they even wear pads anymore. Some of yalls comments prove you only play golf
M Blackthunder
M Blackthunder 20 dagen geleden
Greg Williams will sign him if he gets cut....
Caleb George
Caleb George 21 dag geleden
And he messed up Chubb a week later....
Tom Andriani
Tom Andriani 21 dag geleden
All of you guys seemingly forgot the Seahawks do this themselves. I couldn't tell you how many times the last 7 years on SNF I've heard Chris Collinsworth praise the Seahawks for twisting guy's legs while they're being tackled because that will cause them to lose attention and react to the pain and then fumble the ball.
Tom Andriani
Tom Andriani 10 dagen geleden
@David T gottem
David T
David T 10 dagen geleden
Oh yea , you’re stupid.
your moms house
your moms house 21 dag geleden
if im not mistaken he was the one that rolled up on nick chubb too
bonek350 21 dag geleden
I would not object to guys who do this being banned from all of pro sports for life.
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 21 dag geleden
A move like that can take a guy out for a year, therefore that's how long he should be suspended.
_ androo _
_ androo _ 21 dag geleden
Not saying this is ok but this has happened to dak and other cowboys players multiple times and its never gotten this much attention
The Art Block
The Art Block 21 dag geleden
I'm a cowboys fan,I definitely wish this didnt happen but alot of defense players grab the legs like that and dont let go. I dont know if it was on purpose or if it's just how they play defense
Shawn Brogdon
Shawn Brogdon 22 dagen geleden
That was deliberate attempt to injure another player. Should be a suspension at the minimum
Evelio DLeon
Evelio DLeon 22 dagen geleden
There’s a huge difference between being vicious and being malicious.
Anthony Ahola
Anthony Ahola 22 dagen geleden
Kick him out of the nfl.
Upside down
Upside down 22 dagen geleden
I’ve always loved the saying “get got” 😂
Trajanus LaRocque
Trajanus LaRocque 22 dagen geleden
Trysten Hill has a rap sheet lmao. It’s why he fell in the draft. The Cowboys know who he is. They like these types of players.
187 Macabee
187 Macabee 23 dagen geleden
I saw a jets player doing a gator roll on mostert in week 2.
Bolo Kinobi
Bolo Kinobi 23 dagen geleden
Could of ended that mans career ppl like that don’t deserve and opportunity to play in the nfl they make the game dirty
wgme86 23 dagen geleden
u wanna make every game interesting, step 1 open the mgm sports book, step 2 skip ads
DanielG65 23 dagen geleden
When this happened i was like yo wtf did no one notice that? Im glad you guys are giving it attention he needs to be suspended
Albeeno 23 dagen geleden
People calling for him to be suspended are crazy he should just be straight up banned no exceptions trying to end someone’s career
Browns Talk
Browns Talk 23 dagen geleden
If he does that against the browns. Dawg pound coming
Eddie3074 23 dagen geleden
What a scumbag, he has no place in the NFL.
dwt 23 dagen geleden
This is equivalent to squeezing a guy's nutsack after you tackle them. A scumbag move.
serenity bloodsaw
serenity bloodsaw 24 dagen geleden
hes dirty for that he deserve a suspension and a fine poor chris carson
kanaka MAOLI
kanaka MAOLI 24 dagen geleden
Hill needs to get got
orangeblood307 24 dagen geleden
Cowboys fan here, that play was dirty AF. Sorry ass should be suspended and fined. But how is the gator roll still legal?
Frank T
Frank T 24 dagen geleden
Thats a legal technique BEFORE HE WAS ON THE GROUND. Thats not football. Gtf out the league.
Frank T
Frank T 24 dagen geleden
Had to comment again...thats could be a fkn career ender. Hoooly. Knocking a guy out so a backup replaces the starter is one thing but thats career ending. Good god
MIKELAWRY 357 24 dagen geleden
Ian Dickeson
Ian Dickeson 24 dagen geleden
I just don't think this is as egregious as everyone is making it out to be. I don't think Hill is a dirty player or "scumbag" like they are saying.
Dyrty Barstud
Dyrty Barstud 24 dagen geleden
Simple Fix. If you make a hit or tackle that results in a fine or suspension, then you START the suspension or can return to the field when the player you injured in the incident returns. Put the responsibility back on the players to do it fair.
Daniel Maldonado
Daniel Maldonado 24 dagen geleden
Not saying it was right, but watching it in real time not slow motion they were in rolling motion. So ur telling me the defender should just let go? Like he just knows this guy is down & let go? What if he let go & then the guy get a few more yds? What would u all say then? I'm I wrong, plz let me know.
Padraig Murphy
Padraig Murphy 24 dagen geleden
Trysten Hill is about to become real familiar with the chop block.
adam gonzalez
adam gonzalez 24 dagen geleden
oXImperiumXo 25 dagen geleden
How have 103 people disliked this? 😂 He’s talking about dirty players and that gator roll. Y’all dumb.
Cando 25 dagen geleden
Clowney almost killed a guy(wentz) and people forget about that 🤷🏻‍♂️
RollinBrownEye 25 dagen geleden
Using wrestling terms now! Very basic moves
Chase Dyer
Chase Dyer 25 dagen geleden
This is the first time you've heard Trysten's name if you think he did it on purpose. Literally the nicest kid ever
Steven Hoene
Steven Hoene 25 dagen geleden
72 was just trying to make a play to stop carson from going for a bigger play. I'm sorry to say it I think this play isn't at all dirty
James Dixon
James Dixon 25 dagen geleden
All the alarmists bitches complaining about men playing football. This is cancel culture at it's worst. Watch it in full speed. While you're at it watch the roughing the passer call in slow mo. Nothing Burger. Just a player playing hard. Go back to Tennis 🎾 if this bothers you.
Jon Mikles
Jon Mikles 25 dagen geleden
Bart Scott gator rolled Reggie Bush. He said he put a little hot sauce on that ankle. 😂
Snowy Winters
Snowy Winters 25 dagen geleden
How do you not sit for 2-3 weeks after this
mellow fella
mellow fella 25 dagen geleden
I wonder what he was thinking doing that
Mike Cash
Mike Cash 25 dagen geleden
They gotta hide their bountygate better looks like everyone can see it
Billy Kuan
Billy Kuan 26 dagen geleden
Getting pissed off is useless. The Cowboys tried something similar on a Wilson sack. One Cowboy held his foot while the other manipulated Wilson trying to cause injury. THIS WAS COACHING. I THINK THE COWBOYS ARE GOING TO HAVE A ROUGH SEASON FROM EVERY TEAM THEY PLAY.
Enzo Cirnigliaro 1
Enzo Cirnigliaro 1 26 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk looks like Squidward’s house
Paytee Poo
Paytee Poo 26 dagen geleden
Burfict was gator rolling Cam's sprained ankle and now look what he's become
Dawayne Brown
Dawayne Brown 26 dagen geleden
This is a dirty tactic that the Seahawks have used against Zeke in the past , this is honestly karma
David T
David T 10 dagen geleden
You need to look up the meaning of karma my friend .
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 26 dagen geleden
Worse than the burfict hit on Jack Doyle. For sure!
John Paul Bacon
John Paul Bacon 26 dagen geleden
The Players that initiate actions like this and other actions that cause injury to others should be fined + suspended for at least 1 game maybe more depending on the severity of the injury inflicted.
MR.Bigglezz86 26 dagen geleden
Funny no one was saying this 2 years ago when the cowboys and Seahawks played in the wild card and the Seahawks were losing so did something like this and broke hurns (WR) leg and he was out for about a year then released...
Brett Orzel
Brett Orzel 26 dagen geleden
Love the comments by aikman. Can't really sew how it happens. Maybe it was from having his foot in his hand on the 3rd rollover. Why is he even doing dallas games. And if this guy is not suspended something is wrong with the NFL. Then he hits Wilson helmet to helmet cause the blind officials let him get away with gator rolling for 2 yards with someones leg in there hand. So 2 extremely shady plays in 1 quarter.
Florin Zam
Florin Zam 26 dagen geleden
Dirty dirty play
Dj Cobbs
Dj Cobbs 26 dagen geleden
So nobody sees 99 fall on Carson’s leg which made him turn while 72 was holding his leg ?
Aim 26 dagen geleden
I agree
K H 26 dagen geleden
Saw the play in slow motion. What a scum bag. He should be banned.
lorenzo delgado
lorenzo delgado 26 dagen geleden
Mann he did that to Chris Carson but it’s ok but it was for nothing they still lost at the end of the day they are laying there running back to get 2.4 yards a carry and only got 34 yard 😬😬I promise you if Chris carson was in he would ran more then the cowboys running back
Tony Marin
Tony Marin 26 dagen geleden
Way to toot your own horn pat
Daniel Tang
Daniel Tang 26 dagen geleden
It is Carson’s contract year too. Definitely should be suspended.
Hold The Phone Fighting
Hold The Phone Fighting 26 dagen geleden
That's my D linemen.
George 26 dagen geleden
He should have a huge fine, at least 1 mil minimum, and be suspended 4 games, minimum. Intentionally hurting another player should be treated very harshly, but we all know Goodell has no balls
Majd Labbad
Majd Labbad 26 dagen geleden
Lol seacocks players always twist mfrs ankles. yes it is horrible, but seahawks last team gets to complain about this, last time these two teams met Seahawks nearly ended allen hurns career with it, Frank clark did it to zeke too, didn't see any clowns calling him out? oh and the hit on Sean Lee lmfaoo. Pete caroll the last one that gets to talk really, biggest scumbag coach in the NFL.
christianrapper 26 dagen geleden
That’s just makes no sense. So it’s ok to hurt someone because you think that other people do it? Yeah right.
gimmethunder 26 dagen geleden
There's a lot of dirty plays that happen in the NFL. Most of the time it's a player that is honestly trying to make a big play and maybe they have a lack of concern for whether or not the other player gets hurt. Those plays are bad enough, but when you can look at a play and definitively tell that the person is specifically trying to injure the other player, it's not just an overzealous attempt to make a big play, then there should 100% be a suspension included in their punishment.
TipOfTheSpear 26 dagen geleden
Needs to be kicked out of the league for sure. This type of behavior is just criminal in my honest opinion.
jermaine 86
jermaine 86 26 dagen geleden
I didn't see anything malicious 🤷🏿‍♂️ Go Cowboys! 😂😂😂
Don Fromp
Don Fromp 26 dagen geleden
cowboys fans acting like this is almost as scummy as the gator roll itself. can't say I'm surprised though
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 26 dagen geleden
If this was done to Tom Brady or someone of his caliber, dude would've been on the exempt list already
Sergio Blanco
Sergio Blanco 26 dagen geleden
Y’all forgot the saints bounty scandal lol the clowney hit...... this happens week in n week out
Kai Cambra
Kai Cambra 26 dagen geleden
That player isn’t winning any games for the Dallas might as well drop his dirty ass. And fine his ass for thousands
Pythgorean's Assistant
Pythgorean's Assistant 26 dagen geleden
As a Cowboys fan I think he should be suspended. It was obvious and not only that, he cost us a 2 point conversion.
Skittypus 22
Skittypus 22 26 dagen geleden
As a Cowboys fan I was concerned the way that was done looked very sus
Dave Colin
Dave Colin 26 dagen geleden
So everyone complaining about that hit but what about when the Jets hit Jimmy G in his ankle twice
Brenden Riddle
Brenden Riddle 26 dagen geleden
As if the cowboys weren’t hated enough already 😂
Yess Ir
Yess Ir 26 dagen geleden
Honestly he should be suspended for the remainder of the year, absolutely disgusting of him, have never truly hated the cowboys but this makes me want to
Mike McGirr
Mike McGirr 26 dagen geleden
Anyone that dislikes this I hope gets gator rolled by a real alligator
gge brd
gge brd 26 dagen geleden
so scummy. disappointing.
mark drangstveit
mark drangstveit 27 dagen geleden
Reminds me of when dbag Pete told client to target Carson went head and take him out of the game 🤔🤔🤔
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 27 dagen geleden
That should be banned immediately. Who taught him to tackle like that?
Deepti Gupta
Deepti Gupta 27 dagen geleden
reminds me of old su
cayd crow
cayd crow 27 dagen geleden
I saw nothin wrong with that play. Clean and textbook. Should’ve had a tighter grip around the ankle
Mauricio Chavez
Mauricio Chavez 27 dagen geleden
That was dirty coming from a 49ers fan
Chee Nou Lo
Chee Nou Lo 27 dagen geleden
Andrew Beckerdite
Andrew Beckerdite 27 dagen geleden
He’s on my fantasy team was total bs
BoviceSON! 27 dagen geleden
As a Cowboy fan, F Tristen Hill. What an a**hole move.
themantbone23 27 dagen geleden
That was a Ken Shamrock level leglock
VICSKIM949 27 dagen geleden
Plot twist. That was really Rousimar Palhares in a cowboys uniform.
Jubjub Tubs
Jubjub Tubs 27 dagen geleden
It's all tragic, terrible, horrible, evil, dirty ... unless it's your team using dirty hits to knock out QBs in playoffs. Then it's all cool
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith 27 dagen geleden
What a sec, cracking a guy to get on the "big hits" reel has nothing to do with tackling either.
Ty Boolman
Ty Boolman 27 dagen geleden
Didnt that LB from the Bengals back in the day do the same thing to multiple players and was only fined?
Derrick Sanchez
Derrick Sanchez 27 dagen geleden
Cowboys are dirty
Derrick Sanchez
Derrick Sanchez 27 dagen geleden
I'm good I'm glad you're talking about this because Somebody woulda got flagged for this and pee wee football
Travis 27 dagen geleden
How much do you think Jerry Jones paid him for injuring Carson?
THE_2020_ REAPER 27 dagen geleden
I'm a cowboys fan and this is embarrassing for us as fans and for the organization.
Andy Cockrum
Andy Cockrum 27 dagen geleden
Saw that live, I was PISSED
christian 27 dagen geleden
McCarthy comes out and defends him...terrible look for their entire team
christianrapper 26 dagen geleden
That’s his player. As long as he doesn’t outright intentionally murder anyone on the field or just do a WWE leg drop he will defend him.
Vik Saluja
Vik Saluja 27 dagen geleden
They should suspend him for the amount of games Carson misses. Dirty as hell
Nate Burkes
Nate Burkes 27 dagen geleden
But the Seahawks teach gator roll tackles tho or at least they did in like 2015ish...
bubbasdragon 27 dagen geleden
I've been a Cowboys fan for 28 years and Trysten Hill alligator rolling Chris Carson was a dick move. That guy needs to be a benchwarmer for the practice squad