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5 okt. 2020




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Christine Marinaccio
Christine Marinaccio 8 dagen geleden
Mark Guin
Mark Guin 10 dagen geleden
Been here since 2018 when he was giving out a free Robinhood stock. Congratulations Pat I love your videos!
atomly 10 dagen geleden
Buck Mahaffey
Buck Mahaffey 10 dagen geleden
Hale yeah! Hell yeah!
Lito basihan
Lito basihan 11 dagen geleden
Jazz Covell
Jazz Covell 11 dagen geleden
Ethan thomas mann
Ethan thomas mann 11 dagen geleden
Congrats guys! Keep it up!
William Covington
William Covington 11 dagen geleden
We like sports and we donโ€™t care who knows.
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett 11 dagen geleden
I found you guys from the RV video, that is my favorite video. 1. Because it was hilarious 2. Because it was the video that led me to find you guys
Russell Bus
Russell Bus 11 dagen geleden
For the brand
Russell Bus
Russell Bus 11 dagen geleden
Bronco Al
Bronco Al 12 dagen geleden
James Paul
James Paul 12 dagen geleden
It's funny i found this NLblock Page off the recommended List, Following Skip & Shannon, Colin Cowherd. I enjoy the content yall post! Congrats Keep up the phenomenal Job. You can tell Adam Cole to suck it too HAHA!
Big Ben
Big Ben 12 dagen geleden
Thank all the packers fans for the last 30,000 subscribers because AA-RON is Patโ€™s bestie and shows up every Tuesday dropping dimes and suck it signs to all the haters...may god bless you and the boys and may god bless the GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! Letโ€™s gooooo!
RuneRaged 12 dagen geleden
Hell yeah, well deserved
King Jazy
King Jazy 12 dagen geleden
Yessiiirrrr hell yea
Michael Broderick
Michael Broderick 12 dagen geleden
Hell yeah boys!!
Dakota Rudow
Dakota Rudow 12 dagen geleden
Best show for sports hands down.. keep it up boys, titan up
Jason Moran
Jason Moran 12 dagen geleden
Great job.
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez 12 dagen geleden
CONGRATS BROTHA! Definitely the best sports talk on the air right now!
Jr Madden
Jr Madden 12 dagen geleden
Little late but I started watching you guys when we got sent home from school cause if Covid back in March. You're the goat
Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein 12 dagen geleden
โ€œBird noisesโ€
Connor Kern
Connor Kern 13 dagen geleden
Love this!! Love the content!
Pizza_ delivery
Pizza_ delivery 13 dagen geleden
That's want in talking about 1 milly
nick999 13 dagen geleden
One of the best sports talk shows online to date. Wish nothing but the best for all your futures!
That Raiders Fan
That Raiders Fan 13 dagen geleden
The show is badass ๐Ÿ‘
Sukhbir dhillon
Sukhbir dhillon 13 dagen geleden
Wtf im sure i was subscribed to this.
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 13 dagen geleden
They hit a million because Troy Polamalu lined up in the C Gap
thurleluther 13 dagen geleden
Hey Pat Congrats to 1 million followers, I have a blast getting my football news from you!! Having my first child in the coming days- Atlas Max Luther-Parrish!! Could you wish him well for me??!! (Also give Atlas(me) the 20,000 prize please)!!
Daniel Chain
Daniel Chain 13 dagen geleden
Wait how do we enter the giveaway?
Michael Morrisey
Michael Morrisey 13 dagen geleden
I tried to wait and be the 1 millionth subscriber...I suck
Ryan 1989
Ryan 1989 13 dagen geleden
For The Brand!!!! Packers fan here!
XlG3n3ralXl 13 dagen geleden
Pat for life yall, congrats! Been here for awhile and watch your vids everyday!
hamza Abad
hamza Abad 13 dagen geleden
Been here since 100k , congrats bois
jamal jawad
jamal jawad 14 dagen geleden
Kyle Moller
Kyle Moller 14 dagen geleden
I've been waiting for this! Congrats! You guys have earned this!
David Hix
David Hix 14 dagen geleden
We appreciate you too pat! Thanks for being one of the best sports talk channels out here
Kayode Akinwumi
Kayode Akinwumi 14 dagen geleden
You make my day everytime
John SLAUGHTER 14 dagen geleden
Lit af
Danny DiCola
Danny DiCola 14 dagen geleden
Highly entertaining show
Esther Pullido
Esther Pullido 14 dagen geleden
The Tuesday segments with Aaron is definitely a draw for us cheeseheads. Congrats guys!
Snowmobile 9364
Snowmobile 9364 14 dagen geleden
0:10 why I love the show
Sam Schroer
Sam Schroer 14 dagen geleden
congrats big dawgs well deserved
Jaymz Parker
Jaymz Parker 14 dagen geleden
Damn! been with you guys for a while! I created a second NLblock account to try to be subscriber 1,000,000. went camping and found out we already hit a million. Congrats boys!
Andrew Keddie
Andrew Keddie 14 dagen geleden
congrats from scotland:-)
MAXimumvolt6 14 dagen geleden
Honestly this show grew so fast on youtube
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas 14 dagen geleden
Y'all should do a field goal kicking competition for everyone in the office except for Pat.
RaginAsian419 14 dagen geleden
THE Elliott Show
THE Elliott Show 14 dagen geleden
Next year it will Be millions AND MILLIONS
Jef BoyArdy
Jef BoyArdy 14 dagen geleden
Ayo, best sports talk show. Made summer classes not suck as bad, while doing HW and all that crappy stuff
Richie Benites
Richie Benites 14 dagen geleden
Congrats boys๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Lost In Place
Lost In Place 14 dagen geleden
Cheers boys
Josh Bromley
Josh Bromley 14 dagen geleden
Congrats on the 1M subscribers!
Atunga Anassi
Atunga Anassi 14 dagen geleden
Congratulations boys.
Al Stanton
Al Stanton 14 dagen geleden
Crackin a Sparkling Liquid Death (cause I'm a man of taste) to say congrats. Big hell yeahs all around.
Nick messenger
Nick messenger 14 dagen geleden
Yo pat mcafee congratulations ๐Ÿ‘ and drank that beer like a boss
chris brown
chris brown 14 dagen geleden
Billy Landy
Billy Landy 14 dagen geleden
if anyone knows but pat is the best at chugging and i finally got to witness the legend do what he does best
Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion 14 dagen geleden
Dude I just subscribed yesterday. Proud to be part of the wheel. cheers!
Bird Man
Bird Man 14 dagen geleden
Yessir Iโ€™ve been here from the start congrats!!
Matthew Diggs
Matthew Diggs 14 dagen geleden
I love the Astro Crag being back BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michael dalessandro
michael dalessandro 14 dagen geleden
well done gents
Billy Bill
Billy Bill 14 dagen geleden
Altothebert !
Altothebert ! 14 dagen geleden
Congratulations from England! Loving the content!
Timmothy Napier
Timmothy Napier 14 dagen geleden
Your welcome XD
Jordan McIntyre
Jordan McIntyre 14 dagen geleden
Pat! Loved you as a player man, and I love seeing you succeed and getting to hear all your crazy stories! You and the guys keep up the hard work! Absolutely love the show and it's well deserved!
John Hutchison
John Hutchison 14 dagen geleden
Been here for a couple of months. Iโ€™ve been watching sports center and etc sports shows my whole life. And this is hands down the best of the best.
Frankie 1218
Frankie 1218 14 dagen geleden
Hardest Working PEOPLE I KNOW
John Bell
John Bell 14 dagen geleden
Congrats, love the channel!
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert 14 dagen geleden
Been here since the start. Congrats pat!! You deserve it man.
Facetings 14 dagen geleden
Congrats boys!
James Nelson
James Nelson 14 dagen geleden
Congrats, but Pat has lost his chugging fastball, also probably the 10,000th person to say that, to numbers fellas!
Scoop 14 dagen geleden
Josh Fricker
Josh Fricker 14 dagen geleden
Pats the Goat ๐Ÿ Cheers from Toronto
micah joiner
micah joiner 14 dagen geleden
Keep it up Patrick. One of the few that make a legit substitute of ESPN which the world desperately needs
Joseph K
Joseph K 15 dagen geleden
I can't think of a more deserving show. Easily the best sports show out there.
TheBaePhenomenon 15 dagen geleden
Pat and the Boys, yinz guys give me something to look forward to every single day. Never a dull moment, always entertaining, thought provoking and insightful. Cheers to the million, and hereโ€™s to millions....AND MILLIONS... more!
Isaac Swarts
Isaac Swarts 15 dagen geleden
If I win some cash I may not be homeless for a while. Still be disabled but I will take small victories.
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 15 dagen geleden
Hopefully I get this, been needing it big time!
James Willette
James Willette 15 dagen geleden
Did you post the video of how to enter the contest?
John McCall
John McCall 15 dagen geleden
Normally don't subscribe but if they are giving away money, I'm in. Love watching these guys and getting Rodgers is a huge boost.
Wenzor The Cleric
Wenzor The Cleric 15 dagen geleden
For The Brand Baby!!!!!
PR311 15 dagen geleden
when people make good content they deserve to grow ;) congrats guys ;)
William Diaz
William Diaz 15 dagen geleden
congrats to pat and the boys, keep up the great and hilarious work!!
Vinsanityy360 15 dagen geleden
canโ€™t believe your already at a million! congrats fellas!
Jonathan Woods
Jonathan Woods 15 dagen geleden
Congratulations! I watch you all everyday and yes i subscribed about 6 months ago.
DBshow47 15 dagen geleden
So proud of you guys! Been going through a lot since COVID (as I know we all have been) started and Pat and the boys really make these dark days really positive. Safe to say I probably wouldn't be here without you guys and The Pat McAfee show!
Sean Rumsey
Sean Rumsey 15 dagen geleden
How do we enter the giveaway l?
cody burns
cody burns 15 dagen geleden
Love to see the most electric sports talk get to 1 mil
Ben Geisser
Ben Geisser 15 dagen geleden
Congrats Boys!
Bigpapi349 15 dagen geleden
Could use the 100k lost a car today
sasquatch9099 15 dagen geleden
Hell yeah! Can't to watch you hit 2 million
Ralph Regalado
Ralph Regalado 15 dagen geleden
Your show is great man especially when you have hawk smokin a stogey with you and Aaron
Daniel Shelton
Daniel Shelton 15 dagen geleden
This has been the best sports show sense day one. Love what Pat and the boyz do!!
J Goree
J Goree 15 dagen geleden
Congrats Fellas. Great Show
John Lewis
John Lewis 15 dagen geleden
I love this sports talk show ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚
Chiefs Hotline
Chiefs Hotline 15 dagen geleden
Thanks for the content!
Brian Ramsey
Brian Ramsey 15 dagen geleden
Awsome best talk show out not gonna lie though Matt Overton needs to make an appearance pat
CryptoHaven 15 dagen geleden
Whoo Hoo. Congrats! ๐Ÿ‘
Corey Davis
Corey Davis 15 dagen geleden
0:12 boys locker room when some roasts someone else