The Pat McAfee Show | Friday October 9th, 2020 

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9 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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thesus4499 14 dagen geleden
Love you guys! Packers still undefeated haha
david fernandez
david fernandez 15 dagen geleden
We got Rodgers Tuesday’s but how about Thielen Thursday’s??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
AllDay28 15 dagen geleden
Thielen Thursdays, make it happen
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 15 dagen geleden
Zito-update i made a twitter thingy and did the #
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 15 dagen geleden
Zito- i wanted to joi. The give away but i dont have a twitter or instagram idk how to work those things but i love the show so i figured i would post on here!!
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 15 dagen geleden
Where do you get TJ watts black chain
Santiago Ulloa
Santiago Ulloa 15 dagen geleden
Pat, since Jared Allen is a friend of the show, on Tuesday gotta ask Aaron Rodgers about the Allen 5 sack game against him on MNF 🤔
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser 15 dagen geleden
Appreciate the hell outta you guys
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 15 dagen geleden
Great show
Lou V44
Lou V44 15 dagen geleden
TJ is the best defender on earth right now
Dan Ostby Jr
Dan Ostby Jr 16 dagen geleden
Any one who gives these shows, especially this episode a thumbs down is a STOOGE and a SELL AHT!!!
Robert Rodelo
Robert Rodelo 16 dagen geleden
Great Podcast for sports & it’s industry
MrTdorm 16 dagen geleden
I love watching the old highlights of the shows. What a great time and brings back great memories of being locked up in our houses. You guys are awesome thanks for everything! Shooters keep shooting you’re the man Foxy!
Caleb 16 dagen geleden
My guuuyyyy Adam Theilen. Damn Good Friday show.
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 16 dagen geleden
Peep2Ok 16 dagen geleden
Adam Might have been the most boring person I’ve ever seen on this show. Forget the Pretzel. This dude was a snooze fest !!
Scotty Laub
Scotty Laub 16 dagen geleden
TJ was awesome boys def gotta have him back on. Big steelers show
Brandon Bagley
Brandon Bagley 16 dagen geleden
Been watching Thielen ball since his college days over at Mankato State. Best underdog story I've ever seen
Keith Chaffin
Keith Chaffin 16 dagen geleden
pat needs to start selling a shirt that says "big how you doin, keep it movin' guy"
Miserable Goat
Miserable Goat 16 dagen geleden
Imagine picking Tampa to win the SuperBowl, yet have Aron Rogers Tuesday? Intresting
Tyler Seddon
Tyler Seddon 16 dagen geleden
Try a razer mouse you won't regret it
Tyler Seddon
Tyler Seddon 16 dagen geleden
@PerfectReflex highly disagree
PerfectReflex 16 dagen geleden
Logitech is 50x better, Razer is a trash can of a company
Daddi Green
Daddi Green 16 dagen geleden
Broke my phone when tj WATT showed off the FTB shirt!!!💯
Jonathan Tona
Jonathan Tona 16 dagen geleden
Easy for Bears to Win when they got the refs helping them
Mac Dre
Mac Dre 16 dagen geleden
Negativity hogs Publicity 🧐!!!! Facts.... 💯💯💯
Aaron aegerter
Aaron aegerter 16 dagen geleden
That fan duel skit was epic lmao 😂
Frank Koenig
Frank Koenig 16 dagen geleden
If a parent gets upset because they have to explain something to there kids, like a swear word/phrase.......prolly shouldn’t be a parent then.....
Frank Koenig
Frank Koenig 16 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee is the new and improved version of, Joe Rogan. I now listen to this show more than the Joe Rogan show.
Lando 9128
Lando 9128 13 dagen geleden
Jesse Donaldson I’m comparing personalities not what they talk about
Jesse Donaldson
Jesse Donaldson 15 dagen geleden
I will admit I listen to pat mcafee more than Rogan now but literally can’t compare a person who talks just about football and little bit about other sports and Rogan who talks about so much different topics
Jesse Donaldson
Jesse Donaldson 15 dagen geleden
Nothing in common with Joe Rogan lmao nice try trying to compare apples to oranges
Lando 9128
Lando 9128 15 dagen geleden
I stopped watching joe before his Spotify deal. I’ve been watching pat daily for about since that time. Funny, upbeat, and goofy. I find podcasts boring and it’s mainly the host in my opinion. Pat drives it great and the boys are the best compliment to his personality
Mitchell Reece
Mitchell Reece 16 dagen geleden
Feels good to be one of P-Mac's "Millions & MILLIONS" subscribers!
MichelinMan 16 dagen geleden
Best show on the internet watch every day
RJPD_Official 16 dagen geleden
Damn. TJ and I have the same birthday. Wasn’t aware.
The Amazingly Randy
The Amazingly Randy 16 dagen geleden
There's never been anything wrong with the Patriots balls.
boydnchrist 16 dagen geleden
F-Bomb Friday.
Lyla Mcdowell
Lyla Mcdowell 16 dagen geleden
One of my friends is confused by that but I love it
Lyla Mcdowell
Lyla Mcdowell 16 dagen geleden
Why does pat call herbert heirbear
Willie B
Willie B 16 dagen geleden
Thielen did not griddy first it was jefferson lol 👍
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling 16 dagen geleden
$19 on Adam scoring anytime for his son, absolute lock.
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck 16 dagen geleden
Nobody gonna talk about that cat falling 6 stories and air bud all tries to box it?
Collin Aills
Collin Aills 16 dagen geleden
Its not easy going undefeated in Madden either just saying 😂. But I defiantly understand that this is real life and there is a huge ass difference. But love ya Pat and the boys, good day keep the work up .
Cody D
Cody D 16 dagen geleden
1:07:35 Obligatory BIG POLE NICK FOLES talk I love it
OsirisOrion46 16 dagen geleden
Your intra-mercial music makes me feel like I'm back in high school.
Checho Seven10
Checho Seven10 16 dagen geleden
JJ Watt: “No but I’ll ask my brother if he wants to”
Raro Al
Raro Al 16 dagen geleden
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Paulo Martinez
Paulo Martinez 16 dagen geleden
Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️
David Henretty
David Henretty 16 dagen geleden
2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️
Brad Blackledge
Brad Blackledge 16 dagen geleden
KC nearly lost to Chargers, they will lose at least one regular season game, and get knocked out early in playoffs
Kennyft Cummings
Kennyft Cummings 16 dagen geleden
They trippin on games startin at 2pm in California for MNF I’m from Hawaii games like that start at 11am all the time n the early games Sunday are at 7am lol. Always freaks people out when they come here
Robbie Patrick
Robbie Patrick 16 dagen geleden
Lived there for 4.5 years, I had to wake up at 6am to watch college football!
Dan Render
Dan Render 16 dagen geleden
Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Drue Watson
Drue Watson 16 dagen geleden
Paul Carr
Paul Carr 16 dagen geleden
If we have to have a game pushed back, at least we get Herbstreit and Fowler announcing it. Now if someone can just take Chris Collinsworth out into some field somewhere and leave him so he can't find his way home and do Sunday night football any more, I'll be happy. And the Bears still do not look good. The way those two teams played for most of the game was atrocious. All the penalties on both sides, bad coaching, bad decisions. Though I would have loved to see Allen Robinson catching balls from Brady in New England in his prime. They'd have been perfect for each other.
Nigel Belote
Nigel Belote 16 dagen geleden
How Conor Looks During That Ad Read Is How i Look at Steak 😂
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 16 dagen geleden glasses.
sang anh
sang anh 16 dagen geleden
I'm Single 😍😥
ToXiC_Sh0T 16 dagen geleden
Thielen Thursday’s incoming
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 16 dagen geleden
Y’all should hire Duck
Mason Hain
Mason Hain 16 dagen geleden
mack gave brady 7 concussions and detrimental anxiety last night, no wonder he didn’t know the down
Snarkathon 16 dagen geleden
I see the old Sherrin collecting dust on your desk there Patrick... you given up on the Pies/AFL? ;) The game tonight against Geelong will be a classic.
Faster Nights
Faster Nights 16 dagen geleden
Pat cmon now Thielen did not do the griddy first
Jeff Sharp
Jeff Sharp 16 dagen geleden
If he checks down, on 4th, time left, was inside 40 secs on 4th... bone head move, but outcome prolly doesn't change
Plazik 16 dagen geleden
Have they announced how to win part of the 100k he's giving away yet? I listen to the show every day while I'm at work so maybe I missed out on it
Plazik 16 dagen geleden
@devildog65301 Thanks man! You as well
devildog65301 16 dagen geleden
Look in their videos list they clipped it and it is it's own video. Good luck.
Diamond D
Diamond D 16 dagen geleden
Toms still great but in an old way . Great stuff fellas
CCP Dragon
CCP Dragon 16 dagen geleden
What a crazy , wonderful football season we have upon us. This is amazing , so much going on.... We do not care !
Z J 16 dagen geleden
Tampa o line weak But at the same time, Tom be so outta sorts when the pocket ain’t sweet
Seth Lowery
Seth Lowery 16 dagen geleden
Happy birthday ZITO!!
Just Adab
Just Adab 16 dagen geleden
Love everything about this show outside of that radio intro. Dont like that
Charles Peterson
Charles Peterson 16 dagen geleden
Where's 40 @....
Kyle Heller
Kyle Heller 16 dagen geleden
Don’t let Colin cowherd see my man with the backwards hat
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling 16 dagen geleden
But is he thick and trunky enough to get a pass?
Levi Smith
Levi Smith 16 dagen geleden
Thats only for quarterbacks lol
MaCoy 16 dagen geleden
The segment with the cat video was 10/10 comedy
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 16 dagen geleden
Chiefs Kingdom is a really stupid term. If they are chiefs, wouldn’t they preside over a chiefdom?
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 12 dagen geleden
@Philip Chevrette yeah kingdom is stupid haha
Philip Chevrette
Philip Chevrette 16 dagen geleden
Why wouldn’t they be the chiefs tribe?
Bombour 16 dagen geleden
No AJ Hawk...
Jordan Goldsher
Jordan Goldsher 16 dagen geleden
Thielen thursdays
gana gana
gana gana 16 dagen geleden
How about a live stream watch along for the 5pm game from Pat’s new streaming man cave for the McAfee Mafia Members? If they ain’t gonna give you MNF let’s take it
Lisa Carlson
Lisa Carlson 16 dagen geleden
Best fanduel commercial with just boston connor re pat mcafee show
wangsta nation
wangsta nation 16 dagen geleden
Wentz's a cool dude but I hope T.J gets to bear hug him at least 4 times Sunday
James Laverty
James Laverty 16 dagen geleden
1:58:10 That zoom in on connor was hilarious 😆 🤣 😂
BeatUzumaki 16 dagen geleden
Eagles fan, but Steelers are steamrolling us, especially if they're pissed off about the last minute bi-week. Might have more injuries this weekend.
Miserable Goat
Miserable Goat 16 dagen geleden
You'd be Surprised
Carlos Martx
Carlos Martx 16 dagen geleden
Whit Steelers Dline I think Eagles' whole organization will die on Sunday
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 16 dagen geleden
Best sports show araahnd.
Michael Mazarakis
Michael Mazarakis 16 dagen geleden
Yo 59:00 the best thing ever 😂😂😂
Aaron aegerter
Aaron aegerter 16 dagen geleden
I’m dying bro 😂
D Loops
D Loops 16 dagen geleden
Absolutely nailing it with the interviews lately
Dr. Jamie Jakes
Dr. Jamie Jakes 16 dagen geleden
That Moonage Voodoo
That Moonage Voodoo 16 dagen geleden
"Pat McAfee show Better than the NBA ratings! " -Phil from Finland!
HogNuts52 16 dagen geleden
I miss Mullet Mitts Minutes
RustCole01 16 dagen geleden
Pat had one of the most unappreciated comments ever yesterday when they were talking about Scottie Miller. At one point Pat said, "Well, it's not like Scottie doesn't know". A reference to the song "Scottie doesn't know" from the movie Eurotrip. Didn't seem like anyone caught that comment but I got a good laugh out of it...
RustCole01 16 dagen geleden
@PJ3721 Pat is well versed in movie quotes. One of my favorite elements of the show...
PJ3721 16 dagen geleden
I caught it lol
Tyler A
Tyler A 16 dagen geleden
Pat you’re so ignorant on the Falcons and Matt Ryan just stop 🤦‍♂️ whenever his name is brought up you are quick to divert the conversation and dismiss his abilities. He’s on his way to be top 10 all time in every major passing category, but it’s not all about stats. His impact goes way beyond the field to his teammates and community, he’s a prime example of a franchise quarterback. If you say it’s because he can’t win the big game, it’s nowhere near his fault. He posted the 4th highest Passer Rating in SB history at 144.1 which is the highest in a SB loss. Dan Quinn, on the other hand, has shown that he can’t discipline his players and week after week he illustrates his lack of coaching ability. Matt Ryan slander will no longer be tolerated 🙅‍♂️
This Guy
This Guy 16 dagen geleden
He said he's been amazing but lately looks flat
Michael Kiska Jr
Michael Kiska Jr 16 dagen geleden
matty ice!?..... more like matty yikes! womp womp boohoo get over it keep it movin!
Matt ADorno
Matt ADorno 16 dagen geleden
There should be more NFL on these holiday mondays, anyways
Alex 16 dagen geleden
I think Shanahan is developing the reputation that Andy Reid had for years. Everyone agrees that he's good at coaching but can't win the big game. Reid finally got his, I'm sure Shanahan will get one as well.
ColM188 16 dagen geleden
i miss the old intro
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 16 dagen geleden
ColM188 Pat McAfee Shoo-o-owww
ColM188 16 dagen geleden
Arthur Rahman Ladies and gents its the..
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 16 dagen geleden
2 hours of magic let’s give it a goo
Kaivyosi 16 dagen geleden
So......"The Deflate Gate" Was BS🤔
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 16 dagen geleden
Yinz do realize NHL Free Agency goin on, right?
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 16 dagen geleden
@Fred Giggles YOU don't care about the hockey bub
Fred Giggles
Fred Giggles 16 dagen geleden
No one cares bout the hockey bub
James Laverty
James Laverty 16 dagen geleden
We want mullet mitt's minutes back...!!!
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 16 dagen geleden
Sumswag Gaming Boston on the Pod is hilarious, dude is my favorite in the office aside from Pat of course
Sumswag Gaming
Sumswag Gaming 16 dagen geleden
seems like they had some position changes in the office, mitts minutes were temporary and now hes on the phones. conner definitely earned the position change, so good for him.
Actual Senpai
Actual Senpai 16 dagen geleden
Jonny Bailey
Jonny Bailey
Jonny Bailey 16 dagen geleden
Zito ad reads is what I miss and pat choking out the mic
James Laverty
James Laverty 16 dagen geleden
@Arthur Rahman same
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 16 dagen geleden
Keep hating on da bears ur still 0-1 In nxt
Boxy Tunic
Boxy Tunic 15 dagen geleden
Bruh 🤣🤣🤣
James Laverty
James Laverty 16 dagen geleden
Whats going on in these comment sections? (Look further down) (Burner Accounts?)
IG LuckyFetus
IG LuckyFetus 16 dagen geleden
The Duke
The Duke 16 dagen geleden
It's those stupid dudes who try to steal your channel.
PMS Store
PMS Store 16 dagen geleden
boydnchrist 16 dagen geleden
I bet the Titans were already infected beforehand. The ones that tested positive probably did not practice or hang out with the ones that tested negative beforehand. C’mon now.
Bobs Sully
Bobs Sully 16 dagen geleden
Please educate yourself on VOTER SUPPRESSION. You clearly don't recognize your white privilege here and it makes you sound like a complete idiot.
Aaron Whitfield
Aaron Whitfield 16 dagen geleden
TJ Watt Goated
Nakai McGowan
Nakai McGowan 16 dagen geleden
That Friday Thielen should be a new thing
Schnell 16 dagen geleden
Thielen Thursday = Big Brain
Brian Nagle
Brian Nagle 16 dagen geleden
I can actually watch a 5pm game
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 16 dagen geleden
Now you’ll know how we feel dahn here on the west 😎
unfab 16 dagen geleden
All of that happened, yet remember - Bengals still don't have an indoor practice facility.
TevinDvideo 16 dagen geleden
larry daguy
larry daguy 16 dagen geleden
AB going to green bay watch
Boxy Tunic
Boxy Tunic 15 dagen geleden
Doubt it
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 16 dagen geleden
Chicago would take him before Green Bay and they won’t even resign their best WR
C Smith
C Smith 16 dagen geleden
Green Bay doesn’t take players like that...
Bri Guy
Bri Guy 16 dagen geleden
Naw we'll just bring back James Jones again
static1217 16 dagen geleden
Nooooooo thank you.
Joshua Schlessinger
Joshua Schlessinger 16 dagen geleden
Ty is a stooge
PerfectReflex 16 dagen geleden
Not as big a trash can tones