The Pat McAfee Show | Monday October 5th, 2020 

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5 okt. 2020




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GenieGNEE 10 dagen geleden
1:43:07 , best part of the show lmao! Bring Good Will Hunting back on the show!
JT Cattanio
JT Cattanio 12 dagen geleden
Love the liquid death.. but cold ass water don't hydrate you like room temperature water does. Love yalls show an the wackiness yall bring everyday
Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney 17 dagen geleden
I hope Pat saw Collingwood's remarkable victory in a final over West Coast against all odds? BY ONE POINT! In fact all 4 AFL finals were compelling. Easily, the greatest sport on this planet!
Nicholas Giuliani
Nicholas Giuliani 17 dagen geleden
Great show! Makes me feel like im back in the burgh
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 17 dagen geleden
I Thought stafford was going to replace Tom
Kmac Vlogs
Kmac Vlogs 17 dagen geleden
Great to hear this after the monday games, because DB said the Pats need to create turnovers. They dropped 2 picks and 1 was called dead.
Adam Danks
Adam Danks 17 dagen geleden
A one point away win to your AFL side Collingwood in a finals game and the match was basically won by an American Mason Cox (Coxilla) and no comment about that or anything AFL ??? you obviously were just worried that the NFL season and US sport in general wouldn’t happen due to the Pandemic and in March you needed something to talk about on air just in case ...pretty piss poor’ve lost a lot of support and fans in Australia mate 👎
Tom Bastan
Tom Bastan 17 dagen geleden
1:01:40 if you are here for the With Arms Wide Open
Crawfo 17 dagen geleden
Tell me you saw COXZILLA?!?!?!
Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney 17 dagen geleden
Coming into form at the pointy end of the season. Great come back. Has had major lingering health issues with a damaged eye.
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp
Thank god for Justin Herbert 🔥🔥🔥 But Lynn needs to go BoltUp⚡⚡ and Go Bucs ♥️ love from India 🇮🇳
Aiden Taliaferro
Aiden Taliaferro 18 dagen geleden
“You gotta corner proof the hahs” -zeet spitting facts 😂😂
Ron Paul
Ron Paul 18 dagen geleden
Hey Bengals are one game below 500 . Season ain't done yet . I only say that if mixon really is back .
crazywalsh81 18 dagen geleden
Nice work on a Million boys
Brandon Alpern
Brandon Alpern 18 dagen geleden
Congrats on a milli boys ! Y’all deserve it
riley moyano
riley moyano 18 dagen geleden
Cheers to 1million! Love your channel 👍
Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry 18 dagen geleden
Mr. David
Mr. David 18 dagen geleden
You guys bought your subs 🤭
Mr. David
Mr. David 18 dagen geleden
Who else starts the show at the 2 hour mark?
SaigeCraft 18 dagen geleden
Let's Go!!! 1 Million subs!
B1LLyB.0.BBoy 18 dagen geleden
Just a suggestion: change Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays to Tuddie/Tuddy Tuesday. I believe he calls touchdowns Tuddies. I might be crazy but something along those lines.
Luke 18 dagen geleden
Grats on a milli pat and the boys!!
OnthemykTV Mike
OnthemykTV Mike 18 dagen geleden
feels good to be 1 in a million
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 18 dagen geleden
A million! Who’s remember laces up with AJ and jerry?
Ed62008 18 dagen geleden
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 18 dagen geleden
Great show congrats on a mill been here since 135k
uncle rey
uncle rey 18 dagen geleden
Congrats on the 1mill subs!! Fan here from the Philippines!
Jon -Michael
Jon -Michael 18 dagen geleden
Conspiracy theory begins.....patriots faked the test results for Cam. Knowing they will face chiefs later in playoffs. 😳
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela 18 dagen geleden
Is betting on insider news legal or allowed by the terms and conditions?
NewageRoidrage 24
NewageRoidrage 24 18 dagen geleden
Congrats on having Millions AAAAANNNNDD MIIIIILLLIOOOONNNNS of subs pat proud to be one of them
Charles Jolley
Charles Jolley 18 dagen geleden
Proud to be part of the million!
Kaitlyn Blount
Kaitlyn Blount 18 dagen geleden
No one was mad at you cuz you said rodgers was playing better than allen...we were mad cuz you've wouldn't even put him in the discussion. Now after 4 games and the same stats, you and the media are having no choice but to pay attention. Honestly we'd rather ppl keep doubting the Bill's
The CMFs
The CMFs 18 dagen geleden
Hand my drink in the air for entire announcement. Congratulations on the 1,000,000 Subs Pat &The Boys! Cant wait until the next time you or Zito slams an RV into a WrestleMania!!
Eric Bancker
Eric Bancker 18 dagen geleden
Boston Connor is 25???? Jesus being a Masshole ages you so rapidly. Stooge looks like 43 after his second divorce. Sheesh
Rodney Montgomery
Rodney Montgomery 18 dagen geleden
I love hearing the media finally give Patricia what he deserves it’s not the players it’s you
Rob b
Rob b 18 dagen geleden
go us
Alon Lavy
Alon Lavy 18 dagen geleden
Where is the Seahawks part?
Playing With Gems
Playing With Gems 19 dagen geleden
1 million subs let’s go proud of u pat
ChesterPerry187 19 dagen geleden
Does Pat ever breathe? Just non stop talking.
Da CheWookie
Da CheWookie 19 dagen geleden
You hit 1 million subscribers!!!!!!! Congrats
JSansi 19 dagen geleden
for some reason i felt like hoyer and the pats had a chance lmao
Real 1
Real 1 19 dagen geleden
Salute to the millions n MILLIONS of subscribers!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 19 dagen geleden
I have to say I love the Josh Allen pitch but hes no MVP. Russell and Aaron all day, dont get hurt Russ
Hyla Carter
Hyla Carter 19 dagen geleden
Love the Lions talk
Hyatt Matsuba
Hyatt Matsuba 19 dagen geleden
Great call by Orlovsky on the packers TEs
Wobbly Rooster
Wobbly Rooster 19 dagen geleden
Will is HANDS DAHN the best caller yet
supatimefunshow 19 dagen geleden
congrats on a milli. best sports show hands down
AbsolutelyAndre 19 dagen geleden
1:20:45 Dan was SPOT ON about the Packers against the Falcons
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 19 dagen geleden
Congratulations on the 1 million subscribers! Well deserved.
Mac Stacks
Mac Stacks 19 dagen geleden
This is edited? Damn don't like that I want to know what I missed
H 19 dagen geleden
Coxzilla man of the match in the AFL Finals 👍👍👍
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 19 dagen geleden
I think that he is standing back just a little bit due to his eye injury but will get better soon as soon as his confidence comes back
Robert Bridgeman
Robert Bridgeman 19 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what the song @2:25:52 is? I’ve heard it a few times on here and it is a BANGER!!!
Corey McGregor
Corey McGregor 19 dagen geleden
I saw 994k last week and I got so giddy for you guys. Congrats!
Richard Matthews
Richard Matthews 19 dagen geleden
Congrats on a million boyz ;-)
DNS 19 dagen geleden
congrats on the one million!
Reece Richardson
Reece Richardson 19 dagen geleden
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck 19 dagen geleden
2:06:14 why they edit
James Laverty
James Laverty 19 dagen geleden
I could only imagine foxy's family watching the lions game. They should be on suicide watch lowkey.
Diamond D
Diamond D 19 dagen geleden
James Laverty
James Laverty 19 dagen geleden
Will hunting was the best call of the day .. hands down ✋
Miles Webb
Miles Webb 19 dagen geleden
This man is so charismatic
Mike M
Mike M 19 dagen geleden
1 million subs!!! !
Shaun McGuire
Shaun McGuire 19 dagen geleden
Congrats Boys. Well deserved!
Bradley Jarrell
Bradley Jarrell 19 dagen geleden
Dustin from Georgia is my spirit animal.
Donk Diggler
Donk Diggler 19 dagen geleden
Congrats on millions AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANND MILLIONS of subscribers!!!!
Mohamoud Mohamed
Mohamoud Mohamed 19 dagen geleden
I swear since all I watch is football the last year lol
Marina Darin
Marina Darin 19 dagen geleden
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Magnus Frejat
Magnus Frejat 19 dagen geleden
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Bradley Hamburg
Bradley Hamburg 19 dagen geleden
Pat, you gotta get some Chargers merch in your store! I know I’m the only charger fan so do it just for me? Thanks
Mcgriddles90210 19 dagen geleden
Congrats on the 1 million subs boys, here to the next 9 mil 🍻
David Lewis
David Lewis 19 dagen geleden
Great show Boys!!
C-Hud 517
C-Hud 517 19 dagen geleden
Whoever disliked this can.... how ya doin, keep it movin
tek2g 19 dagen geleden
I'll accept the 30k, but it needs to be straight cash in a backpack! Congrats fellas
bryce rands
bryce rands 19 dagen geleden
The best show talking football I’ve ever seen rich Eisen couldn’t even do it as good as you pat happy 1 million
War Peace
War Peace 19 dagen geleden
Congrats fellas on ONE MILLION.... thx for the cash .... and ...... How about them MAGPIES
Ariel Knauer
Ariel Knauer 19 dagen geleden
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Andrew Smyth
Andrew Smyth 19 dagen geleden
Best show ever to get me through the day!!! keep it up Pat and the boys hammer it DAHN 🔨
Jimmy Rutkowski
Jimmy Rutkowski 19 dagen geleden
We just NOT gonna mention @bostonconner s commercial? Eeeeeelectric
Kauri Farnham
Kauri Farnham 19 dagen geleden
AFL finals ??
Jake Haller
Jake Haller 19 dagen geleden
I love how the lady says “The Pat Mcafee Shooouw”
Chad Foster
Chad Foster 19 dagen geleden
Billy O' Bi*** t*** won the day with zitos poll.
connor jeans
connor jeans 19 dagen geleden
pat really said tennessee might be a problem to georgia?
Ethan Glo
Ethan Glo 19 dagen geleden
After Mike and Mike on ESPN ended, sports shows sucked... until Pat and the boys came in and created the best damn sports program on. Congrats on Million gents!
Jeff D.
Jeff D. 19 dagen geleden
Firing a coach in the middle of the season is always a disaster. Where the hell is Jim Caldwell? Can we get him back? Can we move him into his old house?
Tuc Fang
Tuc Fang 19 dagen geleden
Feels good to see the "1M subscribers" on the channel. Congrats to all the boys and what they've accomplished in a pretty short amount of time.
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 19 dagen geleden glasses.
dansmart76 19 dagen geleden
Haven't seen much AFL coverage lately boys! Lost interest?
Steven Garver
Steven Garver 19 dagen geleden
XFL will fail because of Dwayne Johnson’s endorsement for Joe Biden
Rob Breitmaier
Rob Breitmaier 19 dagen geleden
congrats on the milly!
Abby Gierke
Abby Gierke 19 dagen geleden
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
michael johnson
michael johnson 19 dagen geleden
Hell yeah packers fan from north Carolina
Nestor Heredia jr
Nestor Heredia jr 19 dagen geleden
Dan O looks like the definition of I hate my life😂😂
michael johnson
michael johnson 19 dagen geleden
I watch yall every single day and love the show
michael johnson
michael johnson 19 dagen geleden
Please include NLblock for the people that don't have Twitter please for the giveaway
Rex Banner
Rex Banner 19 dagen geleden
2:16:14 Two hours later Billy O’Stooge Fired from all roles 😂😂
big facts
big facts 19 dagen geleden
TONE DIGZ TWIN IS TOM SEGURA can’t believe i never realized that
Rios_Dilligaf !
Rios_Dilligaf ! 18 dagen geleden
Lmaooo his stunt double
Mikey_Gaming 19 dagen geleden
Holy hell this is the most Lions talk I've heard in a long time. Thanks Pat
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 19 dagen geleden
YES!! 1 Million Subscribers!!!! Well deserved and earned!!!!!!!!
Piddles McGee
Piddles McGee 19 dagen geleden
I swear it was at like 850k a week ago. That's how you know you're doing something right
Spencer Arebalo
Spencer Arebalo 19 dagen geleden
The fan duel ad with 4 Connors is freaking amazing
trinity smet
trinity smet 19 dagen geleden
Congratulations on 1 mil! Honestly look forward to this every day, congrats boys you deserve it.