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12 okt. 2020




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Joshua Noel
Joshua Noel 6 dagen geleden
I love how salty the crew gets when the Seahawks and the MVP Russell Wilson are mentioned. They need to tone down the Rodgers hype machine, it's silly. It's 100% clear that Russell is better than Rodgers.
Sound Innovations design & production
Wow...just glaze right over my 5-0 Seahawks. Hah smh the envy make media salty. Russ is gonna be MVP and watch us make alot more then the playoffs
Jesus Andujar
Jesus Andujar 7 dagen geleden
The day I kill myself, I'll make sure I'm watching this...something I enjoy before going out
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 7 dagen geleden
Best sports show period
jackie liuk
jackie liuk 8 dagen geleden
What dynasty??? So now you win 1 superbowl and your a dynasty? That word just keeps getting thrown around pretty nonchalantly lately like a dynasty is some easy feat. Lmfao you people really are clowns calling the chiefs a dynasty. Slow your fuckin roll. "This dynasty was just getting started" lol stfu. Win 3 then we can talk about a dynasty. Yall are wayy too full of yourselves.
James Powell
James Powell 8 dagen geleden
Pat i do that everyday push kicking that pallet jack hahahahahaha
Zac 8 dagen geleden
Pat will talk about the east coast bias but does nothing to help combat that. The la teams never get much love other than talking about bad things about the teams.
perfect fitz
perfect fitz 8 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers was my favorite QB for a while when he took over starting for Favre. He is once again one of my favorite QBs, but mostly just because I love his little chats with Pat and friends.
Wyatt Harvey
Wyatt Harvey 8 dagen geleden
I think im gonna have to come to terms with the fact that pat won't ever give russ the respect he deserves. He doesn't even have the dignity to look at his game highlights? Like how lazy can he be? He has the same guests on everywhere and somehow he has as many listeners as he does. Im suprised he hasn't started blowing Aaron rodgers yet.
thatboy dre
thatboy dre 8 dagen geleden
The rookies this year are going t be fresher than any other year they don’t have rookie camp, OTA, or even mini camp they’ll hit the wall in the end of the season last 4 weeks which could potentially be detrimental for playoff teams
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 8 dagen geleden glasses.
I NEED MONEY 8 dagen geleden
BenTalksSportsShow 8 dagen geleden
The last two teams to make the playoffs under .500 won their wild card games
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 8 dagen geleden
Chase MapleTron Claypooooool
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 8 dagen geleden
The Kansas City Chiefs don't need to go undefeated, yes that's what fans and other people wanted to see but it doesn't need to happen for them to win a championship. Cool your jets people.
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
15-1 now lol
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 8 dagen geleden
Chase Claypool for touchdowns as a rookie, now he's in the same conversation is Franco Harris, he's going to be a great Steeler for a long time. Chase Claypool making a name for himself early in the season, let's go Steelers let's go.
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 8 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk is a pretty cool guy, not only is he a national champion he's a Super Bowl champion to. That's pretty awesome, not very many people are able to say that.
BenTalksSportsShow 8 dagen geleden
If the Falcons draft a QB they should delete the franchise. They have a strong offense, the problem is the defense
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
They might trade Matt and then draft in 2021
Brandon Walters
Brandon Walters 8 dagen geleden
Dan Mingus
Dan Mingus 8 dagen geleden
Superbowl champs lose 1 game and all hell breaks loose 🤣🤣🤣. It was a division rival. They will always play us harder than anybody else, yearly.
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
Raiders have been ass against chiefs for 7 years it was bound to happen
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich 8 dagen geleden
Love the show but this frat boy mentality they have with Aaron Rodgers is sad
Dan Zickus
Dan Zickus 8 dagen geleden
Dalton is the next Foles
Dan Zickus
Dan Zickus 8 dagen geleden
Green Bay went out and Got Reggie White... Charles Woodson, Peppers
Lazy Beear
Lazy Beear 8 dagen geleden
Mr. Unlimited has the best punter in the game with DICKson
Derek Alvarado
Derek Alvarado 8 dagen geleden
I think lebron would quit if he had to go against the bad boy pistons alone
Derek Alvarado
Derek Alvarado 7 dagen geleden
@SteelersLakersFan yes
SteelersLakersFan 8 dagen geleden
Lol. 6’8 250, “would quit” lol
Elliot 8 dagen geleden
what did pat mean when he said that rivera "put a c" on haskins's chest?
David Tran
David Tran 8 dagen geleden
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 8 dagen geleden
Why are we not talking about Chase Claypool doing an interview in his boxers?
JOHN Hagen
JOHN Hagen 8 dagen geleden
Rene R
Rene R 8 dagen geleden
Chiefs.. Dynasty... they won once.... calm down buddy.. Mahones is overrated.. he has great wrs around him..
Sound Innovations design & production
Foreal, its so annoying
JOHN Hagen
JOHN Hagen 8 dagen geleden
RustCole01 8 dagen geleden
I like AJ Hawk but man, he is a tough crowd. You can tell he finds Pat amusing but his poker face is legendary. He's a solid co-host tho, especially in the interviews.
SteelersLakersFan 8 dagen geleden
Somebody has to give this show integrity
JOHN Hagen
JOHN Hagen 8 dagen geleden
W P 8 dagen geleden
Um nobody even knows who the Colts are, they used to be in Baltimore. This guy talks so fast, he is like the howard stern of the what? What is up with the tanktops? Is this some University of Miami skank show comedy
Mr.ZeForume 8 dagen geleden
Mapleton sat in some major gum in those short shorts. Hanging it all out there pal. Gotta respect it.
pauly233 8 dagen geleden
Play some of cole beasley's rap
Save the Geese
Save the Geese 8 dagen geleden
The Russ bias is real lmao
Sound Innovations design & production
Foreal, people mad because he could legit become the greatest QB of all time
Brian Felshaw
Brian Felshaw 8 dagen geleden
Why do you guys hate Russell. It’s honestly disgusting.
SteelersLakersFan 8 dagen geleden
Cuz they have Rodgers on every week and are clearly biased
John-Louis Wepener
John-Louis Wepener 8 dagen geleden
Overreaction Monday
Brian Felshaw
Brian Felshaw 8 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson > Aaron Rodgers
Sam Bell
Sam Bell 8 dagen geleden
skipped thru every part about the nba
Dauid Ben Yahuda
Dauid Ben Yahuda 8 dagen geleden
On another note-the Falcons GM -Should Not have been let go-he has been on the money!-look at the talent there! This they will regret...
Brian Felshaw
Brian Felshaw 9 dagen geleden
Here to hear Pat say that the “Seahawks are never on TV.”
scott abrams
scott abrams 9 dagen geleden
Chat help us out and tell us the funny story on how Gilmore and Cam got Covid!
Michael Amon
Michael Amon 9 dagen geleden
Missing Mcafee & Hawk sports talk intro!
Sweet potato
Sweet potato 9 dagen geleden
It sounds like Pat has an acid reflux issue. What does one do to address that?
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
@Mike M it could be the vitamins lol
Mike M
Mike M 8 dagen geleden
@Jose Ac Well the main giveaway is that he burps and hard swallows all the time. Its as if he's just had a huge meal all the time. I think its more noticeable if you have it yourself.
Jose Ac
Jose Ac 8 dagen geleden
How does one sound if they have that issue? Just curious
Sweet potato
Sweet potato 8 dagen geleden
@Mike M I've only been a fan and listening for a month but yea I also noticed it straight away. I just obviously don't know his medical history and maybe this isn't acid reflux and is something else I am not aware of so didn't want to be too ignorant.
Mike M
Mike M 8 dagen geleden
I've thought that since day one and I'm surprised this is the first time anyone has ever said anything.
Dauid Ben Yahuda
Dauid Ben Yahuda 9 dagen geleden
Crown Them...hold on -not yet,Chief!!!
Noah Shields
Noah Shields 9 dagen geleden
He's called Matty Ice because he melts under pressure.
Tbay Vic
Tbay Vic 9 dagen geleden
Can someone do a time stamp of the show. I.e game 1. at this time game 2. at this time. 3. at this time. talking about coach hot seat at this time ect ect. Would be greatly appreciated!
Tbay Vic
Tbay Vic 9 dagen geleden
Hey Pat shout of from Cold Ass Edmonton Alberta Canada, as one of the millions AND MILLIONS of your fans just had to bag lick and say LOVE THE SHOW.
Double H H
Double H H 9 dagen geleden
The Bill Bellichek coaching tree is getting trimmed and manicured more each passing day. the problem with a legend is legends can’t be replicated.
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 6 dagen geleden
Hard to coach without a hofer QB lol
Ricky Plaisance
Ricky Plaisance 9 dagen geleden
Global warming turned him into Matty Moist
silenttoxic707 9 dagen geleden
Leave Tannehill out all you want, He will take Allen's spot when we beat the Bills Tuesday
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
Tannehill has been top 5 since he started last season. Only casuals disagree
JA Izzo
JA Izzo 9 dagen geleden
Pat you should talk about baseball more. So happy the Yankees lost too, go Rays!
Josh Cole
Josh Cole 9 dagen geleden
Slam dunked HARD on Parker with sack in the face!
Jamie 9 dagen geleden
Suck purgatory is the Lions on the nose
Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers 9 dagen geleden
I know this is a football show but the fact they didnt open with Basketball finals says VOLUMES about how little anyone cares
SteelersLakersFan 8 dagen geleden
Yea because a niche NLblock show not talking about the NBA means nobody cares, meanwhile the biggest networks in sports media are leading with the Finals. Man shut up
John Bryant
John Bryant 9 dagen geleden
Love the show, however the disrespect towards Russ and bias towards Rodgers is off the charts
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
To be fair vikings pissed it away
Branden Rhodes
Branden Rhodes 8 dagen geleden
Majorky 8 dagen geleden
That’s the show
poocrafter2 8 dagen geleden
@Isaac Carter Hahahahahahahahajaja. Hahahaahahahahahaha. Rodgers has one of the best Olines and a middle of the league D. Wilson has what is considered one of the worst Olines and Ds
ETT Media
ETT Media 8 dagen geleden
Probably has something to do with Rodgers being a friend of the show
Jamie 9 dagen geleden
Doing that Manscape pitch right after the Yate's interview was just savage
BENJ1 9 dagen geleden
what was the email to submit music, whatever you guys said wasn't working for me.
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 9 dagen geleden
Air bear ⚡️⚡️
jay gee
jay gee 9 dagen geleden
Mister McCafé was on fire today.
Jared Hypsomnus
Jared Hypsomnus 9 dagen geleden
For Franchise Tags, what if they compromise and still have it, but make it the top 5 or 3 at the position, and still fully garunteed ?
DF SPORTS 9 dagen geleden
Can’t wait to watch Diggs Cry when the browns beat the Steelers
SteelersLakersFan 8 dagen geleden
And then you woke up
wandering spirit
wandering spirit 9 dagen geleden
Dak should fire his agent. Turning down a Russell Wilson type of contract was idiotic.Let Dak walk, and spend the free agent money on defense. BTW-The best undefeated QB right is RUSSELL WILSON, hands down.
Tyree Travis
Tyree Travis 9 dagen geleden
Best sports show on radio and NLblock by far!
Gary 509
Gary 509 9 dagen geleden
“The grinch russel Wilson stole my birthday” 🤣😂😅
Tyree Travis
Tyree Travis 9 dagen geleden
You give me something to look forward to every day while I'm at work man. I listen everyday now for a year and a half, and prior to that I was a huge fan of yours as a punter. My team is a Tennessee Titans due to being born outside of Houston and growing up with my team the Houston Oilers. So I followed them to Tennessee. But my second favorite team was always the Colts during the dynasty and when you came in your personality and your high-level game immediately made me a fan. I truly appreciate all the hard work you've done to build your Empire and I hope it continues on and triples by 300% every years on your profit margins so that we can have patt McAfee calling both college football games and NFL games. Sunday night, Thursday night, or Monday Night Football games. You continue your path this is what's going to happen. Good luck to you and the boys man and thank you for giving me laughter everyday during such a depressing time
Joshua Mclaughlin
Joshua Mclaughlin 9 dagen geleden
Did he say the wrong team names? He switched the Viking and Houston and LA and the raiders
Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann 9 dagen geleden
I was hoping for Bill gates... Not field Yates.
g3161 9 dagen geleden
Over reaction monday!!!!
12ondrugs 8oncheeseburgers
How the hell does A.j. smoke and only drink water.
Jarred Still
Jarred Still 9 dagen geleden
The Aaron Rodgers bias with this group is insane, he just simply isn't better than russ right now. Could that change? Sure, but right now russ is better in every way
Alex James
Alex James 9 dagen geleden
Can we PLEASE bring back the McAfee and HAWK sports talk outro??? I'll become a McAfee Mafia Member
Joseph Hoagie
Joseph Hoagie 8 dagen geleden
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser 9 dagen geleden
Danny 9 dagen geleden
At the end of the year I bet the Bears drop both trashcans in their QB room and try to pick up Dak if Dallas doesn't resign him. Jesus I would love that. BEAR DAHN.
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser 9 dagen geleden
How ya doin..... keep it movin
USMC Young Gun
USMC Young Gun 9 dagen geleden
How about Big Ben wins the Super Bowl this year and Rides off into the sunset and the Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Dak Prescott! Great defense, great offensive line, decent running game, great wide receivers....I think it could be a match made in heaven. Plus the cowboys would be sending him outside of the NFC.
Double H H
Double H H 9 dagen geleden
USMC Who knows. I’ll give him another year of development and tutelage Of a full season under Ben to figure out. Remember even Aaron Rogers sat on the bench for almost 3 years before he was a hot young QB. worst case scenario is he is the guy they transition with until they find a guy in the draft who fits their system. he would already know the plays and personnel so that gives him some value.
USMC Young Gun
USMC Young Gun 9 dagen geleden
I just really hope that they don’t think that Mason Rudolph is the QB of the future.
USMC Young Gun
USMC Young Gun 9 dagen geleden
Double H H I think there is at least a decent chance Ben could retire after this season. But I really don’t think it’s even a possibility that Tomlin or Colbert retire after this year regardless of what happens. But it is at least possible in the next season or two Ben could retire and Possibly some decent QBs are in the market like Dak or Matt Ryan.
Double H H
Double H H 9 dagen geleden
Only if Ben retires will we have the cap space to even consider signing a veteran QB with the salary commensurate with skill/experience. But if Ben retires, Tomlin and the GM probably also ride off into the sunset with him, which means the new GM and the new coach both would want to start from scratch or their method.
M Pop
M Pop 9 dagen geleden
Almost 140K views and barely 4k likes, let's put Pat and the boys on the map!! Hit the like button!!
Radice 9 dagen geleden
Russel > Aaron and Allen, quit clowning with the bias Pat
Jamal Phillip
Jamal Phillip 9 dagen geleden
Do y’all think that there’s potential of Matt Ryan going to the 49ers
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter 9 dagen geleden
I think it’s very possible if Atlanta drafts a QB in the 1st round. The 49ers are full of offensive weapons but have had extremely average QB play so Ryan could be a good fit there
Jonathan Coffee
Jonathan Coffee 9 dagen geleden
Yall are killing it keep it coming boys. The guests are great content solid and it is everyday. Who woulda thought pat feom west virginia to best punter in the leaque to best podcast on the internet. Staying true to you has done you well brother. Keep it up
Olivia K
Olivia K 9 dagen geleden
me a Notre Dame and Colts fan knowing we had two opportunities to draft Claypool but didn’t
jackie liuk
jackie liuk 8 dagen geleden
Everyone had a chance to draft Claypool and didn't. Thats just how it works. Who knows if he would have been a stud in the colts system..some guys just work better for certain systems.
Nicholas Francoletti
Nicholas Francoletti 9 dagen geleden
You know it's overreaction Monday when these guys talk abaht the goddamn Dolphins as contenders after week 5. Calm dahn. Fitzmagic will turn into fitzception in a blink of an eye again. You watch.
Angel Diosdado
Angel Diosdado 9 dagen geleden
1:56:50 Pats reaction to someone calling him Patty lol
Adam Cummings
Adam Cummings 9 dagen geleden
Was hoping to get his Hot take on the Jimmy G benching. And what it means for next year with a 2.8 mill cap hit if they where to cut him.
don primer
don primer 9 dagen geleden
Don't ruin the show with Chairman James please.
wangsta nation
wangsta nation 9 dagen geleden
Bell is being punished by the football gods😂
Alex 9 dagen geleden
BonerGarage20 is a great username idea.
KASHMADEIT 9 dagen geleden
Orlovsky need some airpods
Frankie Gumdrops
Frankie Gumdrops 9 dagen geleden
Bro people talk about how cool Rodgers is but give AJ Hawk some love. That dude is just cool. Always laid back, chillin, tootin a stogie😎
Frankie Gumdrops
Frankie Gumdrops 8 dagen geleden
@Ryan Tracey yeah I understand he’s a host and I understand he’s not a HoF QB. All I’m saying is he’s cool. That’s it
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela 8 dagen geleden
I always skip to the last hour first and then watch the rest
Ryan Tracey
Ryan Tracey 8 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk is way better than Rodgers but he's a host not a guest
Peep2Ok 9 dagen geleden
Aj is great we love him. But he isn’t considered the potential GOAT of his position and that position isQB so it’s a lil different
ChinsHyperBTW 9 dagen geleden
Where’s Russell Wilson on that polle
Shane Shelton
Shane Shelton 9 dagen geleden
Jerry Jones better pay Dak but he did offer Dak 5yr/$175mil with $110-$125mil guaranteed, so like Pat says, don’t leave fo sho money, fo mo money, or you could end up with No Money.
Kieran Gregan
Kieran Gregan 9 dagen geleden
How many games does the Washington football team name tbd have to win for Alex smith to be comeback player of the year?
12ondrugs 8oncheeseburgers
None. If he finishes out the season hes a lock.
Lucas Jungmann
Lucas Jungmann 9 dagen geleden
In Russ we Trust baby!!
Scotty Laub
Scotty Laub 9 dagen geleden
Mapletron!!!! Love it, let's go Steelers. 4-0 baby onto cleveland
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 9 dagen geleden
Sad this is an anti-Matty Ice show
CVO. J 9 dagen geleden
Htown htine is just houston slang ✌
Kristie Allen
Kristie Allen 9 dagen geleden
Amazing guy, Claypool. My fave Pittsburgh acquisition this decade ;)
Jacob Craig Music
Jacob Craig Music 9 dagen geleden
Moral of the story is this. Dak shouldn't have been as greedy as he was considering his playoff performances and record last year. Couldn't beat the Eagles to get in when the Eagles were basically a 5th string team then. 2. Chiefs kind of got screwed a few times by no calls. The PI would have put them in position to score again before LV got too much momentum. That killed them but their defense was absolutely atrocious. 3. When you are winning against Russell Wilson and you have the opportunity to go up by 8 with less than 2 minutes left you kick the f@cking field goal and hope to stop them. Don't be greedy, fix your defense, fire terrible refs, and always take points especially when you're playing potentially the MVP this year.
That Moonage Voodoo
That Moonage Voodoo 9 dagen geleden
Dak got paid! More than average American. Of course he is all smiles! Cry me a River!
TheBigZtv 9 dagen geleden
You’re easily over 40
mr logick
mr logick 9 dagen geleden
Dalton trash