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13 okt. 2020




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Big White Duck
Big White Duck 9 dagen geleden
Aj hawks grumpy pic was inspired by Chuck Berry
Stephen Salinas
Stephen Salinas 11 dagen geleden
Can y’all set up some light threshold gates on the boys’ mics? I can hear y’all eating, whispering and having side convos throughout every episode. Just a tip.
Shaun Singletary
Shaun Singletary 11 dagen geleden
Paul Carr
Paul Carr 11 dagen geleden
Those Bills bets didn't age well
James WMS
James WMS 11 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers Tuesday is my favorite sports talk segment. AND, its doing the world a great service.
Rick Murillo
Rick Murillo 11 dagen geleden
arod's a g.hancock fan WOOT
Jebus1364 11 dagen geleden
Woah!, Pat is a Tuga?
Jovian999 11 dagen geleden
Pat is half right. Lows get talked about more than highs, *unless* someone's trying to get a hype train going.
Scarecrow0059 11 dagen geleden
As a huge Packer fan living in Oregon, my husband and I had gone to a Ducks game last year and we were very very impressed with Justin Herbert. We were talking about how this guy would make a name for himself, and I had thought* wouldn’t it be awesome if he somehow ended up on the Packers trained under Aaron Rodgers! But then I thought* not ever in my dreams cause Rodgers still has some good years in him despite what a lot of people were saying and there’s no way they’d be looking into drafting a QB... well... I am ok with the Jordan Love pick. I get what they were thinking... same deal they had with Favre and Rodgers sitting under him for a few years. But I don’t know that it will work out in the grand scheme of things cause ideally Rodgers will have another 5 years, maybe another ring or two 🤩 But who knows... too soon to say I suppose. I don’t know that we will ever have another one as good as A Rod though. But Herbert, I do think he is gonna be something special. He was super fun to watch in person and I compare everyone to Rodgers cause he sets the bar in my opinion.
Jossue Sandoval
Jossue Sandoval 11 dagen geleden
GB is a cool place to VISIT
Abbas Abbadi
Abbas Abbadi 11 dagen geleden
what an Arron Rodgers Tuesday!!!!
ChumblesMumbles 12 dagen geleden
Can't believe Zito's poll didn't have Dwayne Haskins as an option........
Alex Cash
Alex Cash 12 dagen geleden
I love that Aaron Rodgers name-dropped Graham Hancock.
donnaboucher7 12 dagen geleden
Pat, you are right! Aaron would LOVE TED LASSO. It's so great!!!
Random Blitz
Random Blitz 12 dagen geleden
Would have been nice if questions about their upcoming game were asked
Kasey Morrison
Kasey Morrison 12 dagen geleden
I want to see Clay Matthews on here with A.J
Tyler Carter
Tyler Carter 12 dagen geleden
I wish Ryan was a co-host also 💪🏾
kimmcbride30 12 dagen geleden
I live in Yorkshire in Great Britain and I love this section of the show gives us an insight on what the players are really like
Mosmeister 94
Mosmeister 94 12 dagen geleden
Was jordan love even mentioned 1 time since ARod joined the Show? 🤣
IambecomeZ 12 dagen geleden
McCowns jaw line is beautiful
Stack Sandoval
Stack Sandoval 12 dagen geleden
Bring back spinner watches with a FOR THE BRAND background 😂
Plazik 12 dagen geleden
Population of Greenbay is 105k. Pat has gained 101k new subscribers since starting, "Aaron Rodgers Tuesday's" Coincidence?! But seriously every Tuesday feels like a local Greenbay radio show even tho Rodgers only makes up like 25-40min of the show lmao
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 12 dagen geleden
Does Josh Mccown living a Bob Ross painting???
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp
Anthony Lynn needs to go he is too much conservative
Marcus Bnice
Marcus Bnice 12 dagen geleden
ESPN fuckin SUCKS!!
volts- ѧ
volts- ѧ 12 dagen geleden
2:28:43 Rodgers just corrected himself and switched from referring to Love as "the backup" to "a backup" This man isn't going anywhere.
Kristof Strehl
Kristof Strehl 12 dagen geleden
cobfucius 12 dagen geleden
I have a number of current and former players say they watch the games with the sound off. Several have said they do not want the announcers getting in the way of seeing what is really happening. I imagine after so many hours of film study, you really can't watch the game the same way as the fans anymore.
DoodleBop 12 dagen geleden
Aaron Freaking Rodgers the GOAT Go Pack Go
Kyle Stricklin
Kyle Stricklin 12 dagen geleden
kdub 713
kdub 713 12 dagen geleden
Ay bro yall gotta get Troy on this show
codypanek 12 dagen geleden
Vikings fan here. Aaron Rodgers might be a national treasure.
D D 12 dagen geleden
Pat and Rodgers are both definitely taking some vitamins before each interview
Cynthia Gomez
Cynthia Gomez 12 dagen geleden
Willis McGahee wishes ryan would've been waiting for a tip in 08
BIGV AZ 12 dagen geleden
It’s get off Aaron Rogers nuts Tuesday.
E J.
E J. 12 dagen geleden
I’m just curious, how many viewers of this show are Packers fans?
E J.
E J. 12 dagen geleden
I need that Mcafee/Ryan Clarke/Arodgers interview together
Alexander Vizcaino - RealitySpin
Andrew Vreibel
Andrew Vreibel 12 dagen geleden
Went back and watched MetLife mishap. Best 36 minutes to spend a night
Melvintheegreatest 12 dagen geleden
get russ on the show. this is his bye. put some respect on his name.
Addison Peek
Addison Peek 12 dagen geleden
No way that was 400,000 in damage maybe 40,000 if you include the rv damage
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling 12 dagen geleden
Aaron’s face when he talks about Fitz is telling that he really respects him.
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 12 dagen geleden glasses.
Dauid Ben Yahuda
Dauid Ben Yahuda 12 dagen geleden
That's my secret-I'm always angry-J.Herbert
SoxArizona 12 dagen geleden
Espn is scared of this channel
big daddy mandigo buck
big daddy mandigo buck 12 dagen geleden
this clark fellow is a good listen he could be a regular
Jack Sine
Jack Sine 12 dagen geleden
Can’t wait for Pat, Aj, and Aarons podcast
The Great Bambi
The Great Bambi 12 dagen geleden
I think Pat needs to make a shirt with Aaron Rodgers and something to do with aliens on it.
Jon Rob
Jon Rob 12 dagen geleden
I would like to say that I have tried to join this channel 3 times over the past 3 days, using Paypal, using my credit card, and each time I have been told an "unexpected error has occured" and some error code. Anyone else had this happen? NLblock is not allowing me to join this channel!
Tim O'Donnell
Tim O'Donnell 12 dagen geleden
#13 for the bills needs to go
Squirt9721 12 dagen geleden
Josh Allen is a pile of garbage. His plays against the titans who haven’t played in 16 days was awful. Dude needs to be officially removed from mvp convo
Three Putt Mas
Three Putt Mas 12 dagen geleden
I swear each episode is even better than the one before!
Nathan Chamberlain
Nathan Chamberlain 12 dagen geleden
Patty I love the show I tune in each week. I'm a Canadian living in Australia and fell in love with AFL I'm loving the Sherrin on your desk.
Blake Rhoades
Blake Rhoades 12 dagen geleden
A-rod dropping G. Hancock on a Tuesday in 2020... Things are looking up.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 12 dagen geleden
We need a live show during NFL games
Nakai McGowan
Nakai McGowan 12 dagen geleden
scumbag sampson
Logan Elliott
Logan Elliott 12 dagen geleden
Congrats Aaron Rodgers you've made me a green bay fan
Chance Wilson
Chance Wilson 12 dagen geleden
Damn, Ryan Clark is such a killer interview
Gage Minton
Gage Minton 8 dagen geleden
Dude was nasty on the field too , him and Polamalu were scary back there
clownin dan
clownin dan 11 dagen geleden
Yeah really liking this dude
Alexander Posey
Alexander Posey 12 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is woke asf
David Destefani
David Destefani 12 dagen geleden
Thankfully Josh McCown and AJ Hawk aren't on at the same time. NLblock can't handle that much jaw.
Farhood S.M.
Farhood S.M. 12 dagen geleden
Don't watch American football, but I'm a Aaron Rodgers fan for referencing Graham Hancock.
Farhood S.M.
Farhood S.M. 11 dagen geleden
@Bri Guy offended by what? Like I said he gave a shout out to Graham Hancock, I’m a fan of the author, I think it’s cool that he mentioned him on what appears to be a really popular channel. I honestly never heard of the man before or this channel.
Bri Guy
Bri Guy 12 dagen geleden
Not trying to be offensive, but if you're not into the NFL why are you watching this? Or what brought you to this channel/ made you stay and listen even if Main subjects are football related
Don Solo
Don Solo 12 dagen geleden
volts- ѧ
volts- ѧ 12 dagen geleden
Layne Inouye
Layne Inouye 12 dagen geleden
Here's and idea. Would you guys and Mr. Rodgers, go down to participate in Mr. Nelson's celebrity softball game? For the Brand!!!!
Jared Daniel
Jared Daniel 12 dagen geleden
Go Steelers
Tom McLain
Tom McLain 12 dagen geleden
All of your guests have been free flowing with commentary but Kerrigan. Whoever is getting your guests needs a raise. Ryan another DB telling it like it is.
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 12 dagen geleden
RC vs AR-12 next Wrestlemania
Gareth Junior
Gareth Junior 12 dagen geleden
PLANT BASED DIET has him looking and feeling so good! Keep it up Aaron! Go Pack Go!!
Zac Woods
Zac Woods 12 dagen geleden
Wow i didnt know me a Ryan Clark had the same birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday Ryan!
Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers 12 dagen geleden
The boys need to make Mcafee and Hawk its own episode
Sy Bodin
Sy Bodin 12 dagen geleden
He just referenced Graham Hancock
Just Adab
Just Adab 12 dagen geleden
Watching the ultimate warrior on Arsenio Hall... Lmfao
Beverlyhillsgilles 12 dagen geleden
Aaron is the best eh. Loving A-rod Tuesday. Thanks pat and crew for the laughs and smiles.
Nathaniel Flauger
Nathaniel Flauger 12 dagen geleden
Aaron has his third eye open. he's woke.
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez 12 dagen geleden
Z E 12 dagen geleden
If Aaron ran for president I would instantly vote for him
Mr. David
Mr. David 12 dagen geleden
Mr. David
Mr. David 12 dagen geleden
Vote? Why?
A Galvaannn21
A Galvaannn21 12 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers is the man, the baadddd maannnn! 🤟💪
wandering spirit
wandering spirit 12 dagen geleden
Herbert has poise,a big arm and is accurate. Future star. MVP-Russell Wilson.
jill wilkinson
jill wilkinson 12 dagen geleden
I didn't know I could loved Aaron Rodgers anymore until he started talking about Graeme Hancock and Egypt
Jeff Dredd
Jeff Dredd 12 dagen geleden
When AJ started goading him I was hoping thats what he was talking about. Didnt think he would be so direct about it though.
Kaivyosi 12 dagen geleden
Wait...Which Batman🤔?
D. Shadows
D. Shadows 12 dagen geleden
Can we just get a Packers Tuesday with AJ, Jordy, JJ, and Aaron. Also get Aaron to bring the Smith bros on
Scotty Laub
Scotty Laub 12 dagen geleden
As a steelers fan, totally am still hurt by that SB loss so I totally feel you RC 🤣🤣 gotta admit, Rogers is a cool dude man. Makes that SB hurt a lil less
cisco01real1 12 dagen geleden
“Do you hate em?! Do you hate em??!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ilya Borisov
Ilya Borisov 12 dagen geleden
This is better than every other sports talk show in the market today. All of them. Great work boys
Alexander Palmer
Alexander Palmer 12 dagen geleden
1:43:20 Joe Douglas pay attention man's worked with Sam before might be a good fit if we can't get bienemy
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser 12 dagen geleden
Arron rodgers Tuesday
g3161 12 dagen geleden
Don't get to watch live cause of work but have to say I like to see the 3hr and 30mins videos over the 3:09. More McAfee!!!
E Lowe
E Lowe 12 dagen geleden
Never went down at the MetLife
Timothy Kenyon
Timothy Kenyon 12 dagen geleden
Well spoken Arron Rodgers for their is such an enormous delta between the bug 5 news channel networks and what the honest science studies reveal.
thatboy dre
thatboy dre 12 dagen geleden
Since everyone wants to get healthy you guys should do a challenge whatever guy loses the least amount off weight has to do a dear or challenge they hate and the boys should weigh each other every Monday morning
Addison Peek
Addison Peek 12 dagen geleden
Titans will be okay but mmm no idea how this game will go tonight. Titans won’t lose by much if they do lose
Joseph mannion
Joseph mannion 12 dagen geleden
Air bear is the goat. Go chargers
Evangelos 12 dagen geleden
The chargers will probably trade Herbert to the saints in a couple years. 😜😁
Nick Mahood
Nick Mahood 12 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers Tuesday!!!
Benjamin Stansfield
Benjamin Stansfield 12 dagen geleden
Shoutout to Graham Hancock!!
Kyle Zavinski
Kyle Zavinski 12 dagen geleden
Just came to say love the Jared lorenzen figurine on the desk!
Dylan O
Dylan O 12 dagen geleden
Find you someone who looks at you like Pat looks at Rodgers.
Ricardo Alvarez
Ricardo Alvarez 12 dagen geleden
Clark wasn't covering Finaly. Him and Grant was out. He must of been covering Qaurless or Crabtree
Sam Phillip
Sam Phillip 12 dagen geleden
The train museum haunted house Rodgers is talking about it called Terror on the Fox, for the Fox River that runs through Green Bay. As a local I have been there many times, it's very well done
93 Til Infinity Steez47
93 Til Infinity Steez47 12 dagen geleden
Everything sounds better when it's coming out of Pats Mouth
Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Evolution)
Joyner Lucas - Snitch (Evolution)