The Pat McAfee Show | October 16th, 2020 

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16 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Ftv_serpent Dag geleden
So proud to have called chase my swim captain the last 2 years, keep it up!
Farmer Leo
Farmer Leo 5 dagen geleden
Nobody gonna suggest Stafford to the Saints??
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 6 dagen geleden
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 6 dagen geleden
DillonDank 7 dagen geleden
Don't let Pats impeccable charisma & shotgun thighs distract you from the fact King Henry should be the official spokesperson of Roman Swipes with all the Vicious Stiffies he's handing out.
Brian Heavilin
Brian Heavilin 7 dagen geleden
Loving the Magpies footy! What's the connection?
Randall 7 dagen geleden
1:55:33 can't do it but continues to talk about baseball after hanging up in the guys face
Mac Dre
Mac Dre 7 dagen geleden
Man.... Listening to what we actually already know but having it confirmed is Scary AF!! SHOUT OUT TO JOSH CRIBBS!! 💯💯💯 A STRAIGHT REAL 1!!!! Respect ✊🏼 POWERFUL INTERVIEW......... 💯💯💯
Cameron Yates
Cameron Yates 7 dagen geleden
Sooo how y’all going to forget about magic Johnson..😂😂
Gavin Weltmer
Gavin Weltmer 7 dagen geleden
Hey, Pat and Ty, your man Aaron is looking real good right now at the half of this game.....
pauly233 7 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers for MVP ? You insane? Allen had a bad day and still played better than Rogers....smh
Lettie Vazq
Lettie Vazq 8 dagen geleden
When they mentioned ICP, it took me a min to get what they were referencing. But the fact that I know who ICP is... 😅😅
Lucas Hafford
Lucas Hafford 8 dagen geleden
Hey folks. Real quick what's the email address to send in independent music?
PMS Store
PMS Store 8 dagen geleden
John Picone
John Picone 8 dagen geleden
They don’t make tarps that big - nick 😂😂😂😂😂
Brice kelly
Brice kelly 8 dagen geleden
Josh cribbs is dope but he is tripping about the Steelers game.
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser 8 dagen geleden
Read that screen grab ahahhahaha
ToXiC_Sh0T 8 dagen geleden
Cold take alert: Clemson beat Georgia 73-7...
Johnny Popolotimus
Johnny Popolotimus 8 dagen geleden
no AJ im aaaaaht
zac hurst
zac hurst 8 dagen geleden
Shed a few tears there at the end
Hill LeFrere Jr.
Hill LeFrere Jr. 9 dagen geleden
Can we get rid of Mitt and make Chase a mainstay? 😂
Ryan Hartline
Ryan Hartline 9 dagen geleden
My dude chase went to prom as many times Connor did 11th grade. Legend keep on chugging chase
nicole fagula
nicole fagula 9 dagen geleden
Loved having Chase on! When Is he getting a shirt in his honor?
Austin D
Austin D 9 dagen geleden
Who is the musician/rapper from Morgantown they were referring to?
Josh Cole
Josh Cole 9 dagen geleden
Dude, Chase is such a badass! He’s out there whooping cancer’s ass & spitting positivity! Make this guy a weekly guest please!
Jay White II This Just In
👏 Jets Can Have 1st Pick, Hope They Go 0-16
Richard Danicic
Richard Danicic 9 dagen geleden
lol....did he call josh cribbs a HOFer as a goof?
Politics is lit m8
Politics is lit m8 9 dagen geleden
God bless you josh cribbs
Kurtis M
Kurtis M 9 dagen geleden
Did Pat snicker when Ramon Foster pronounced ‘ask’ as ‘axed’?
kapten awesome
kapten awesome 9 dagen geleden
I'm happy for Chase that things are getting better and he's a real trooper for all the bad stuff he has gone thru. Now, I'm sorry but he he does not tell stories good ùýķj. There is "öhm's" all the time and it's super annoying..... :/
BigGuapMonte 9 dagen geleden
gotta hard counter those comments about cleveland and cleveland fans, such scummy losers, so disrespectful, no class
Abandoned Adventures
Abandoned Adventures 9 dagen geleden
Pat could you do something on the AFL? The grand final (Super Bowl) is next week Richmond vs Geelong. I miss the AFL vids ya did.
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 9 dagen geleden glasses.
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 9 dagen geleden
This kid’s great. He’s got charisma. Sign him up!
Damon Sinclair
Damon Sinclair 9 dagen geleden
Great show guys. You guys are the best. Chase was a great guest!!
cueball8464 9 dagen geleden
That seat needs to be chase's any time he wants
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 9 dagen geleden
I’m bye flexible
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 9 dagen geleden
Sabotaged? C’mon man. It’s much more likely that they had a bad batch of tests. The quick tests, which test the blood of a finger prick, are notoriously inaccurate. To suggest sabotage as a possibility is irresponsible.
Billy Conley
Billy Conley 9 dagen geleden
I’m with Chase, I really haven’t heard a bad show. Every show is the same in quality for me. Doesn’t matter how “structured” the show is. It’s all about Pat and the BOYS! That’s what I am here for!
Jesse George
Jesse George 9 dagen geleden
Penn State has a huge following c’mon now takin shots boys Ohio state, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan state, and Wisconsin all top notch football programs with huge followings and ridiculous crazy fans. Let’s not undersell the big 10 just because their presidents are stooges.
Big boy Roy
Big boy Roy 9 dagen geleden
Atta boy chase
Ju 9 dagen geleden
This show has the best guests and most authentic interviews. True definition of A1
Mr K
Mr K 9 dagen geleden
Jets will not win a game all year
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams 9 dagen geleden
1:50:10 in pats formation, there are 4 Offensive Lineman LOL but yeah it should be fun to watch what the chiefs come up with
MoparManiac 96
MoparManiac 96 9 dagen geleden
2:20:00 one of the funniest minuite and a half ive heard on the show lmao
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez 9 dagen geleden
Noble Vagabond
Noble Vagabond 9 dagen geleden
Chase Smith interview was straight up powerful
Stomping Peak
Stomping Peak 9 dagen geleden
Steelers are in a must win game. Where the browns can lose and it won't really matter. Look at both teams next few games. The browns play against trash teams where the steelers will have a tough road. The Steelers can lose this and end up 4-3 real quick
Noah McC
Noah McC 9 dagen geleden
Geoff Brown
Geoff Brown 9 dagen geleden
James Laverty
James Laverty 9 dagen geleden
That Merril Hodge reference by Boston connor was impeccable 👌 👏 🤣 😂. What a stooge. AKA "The Demoninator"
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 9 dagen geleden
ehh bois. i miss you. my new job is going too well....silent brag here
Spencer Arebalo
Spencer Arebalo 9 dagen geleden
this show is special, you changed this kids life, im all about that! Good luck brother i know me and the rest of the McAfee million are all behind you! You got All of our support Chase
Abundance Yeh
Abundance Yeh 9 dagen geleden
1:11:17 LOL Boston Connor trying to apply Merrill Hoge mathematics
Cooper Copper
Cooper Copper 9 dagen geleden
Can we actually pray for chase wow I cried
big facts
big facts 9 dagen geleden
Big Ts and Ps to Chase man we all here for you brother. You’re gonna kick cancers ass bro you’ve done it before and you’ll do it again
Michael Flowers
Michael Flowers 9 dagen geleden
Dang!!! You guys got me tearing up listening to this!!!! Laughing and half crying at the same time is a wild ride!!!
jake08311 9 dagen geleden
I could see Matthew Stafford go from the Lions to the Saints and take over when Brees retires.
Adam Kemmerling
Adam Kemmerling 9 dagen geleden
I think Boston is still salty abt the giants smackin the pats around twice for 2 SBs I guess I’d be mad to
Adam Kemmerling
Adam Kemmerling 9 dagen geleden
Boston is still a national treasure
Riley Juelich
Riley Juelich 9 dagen geleden
Gotta love josh cribbs😂 he sounds like a mixture of lil Wayne & lil boosie with a great personality
Eric Woollard
Eric Woollard 9 dagen geleden
My niece is 9 years old and just got diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma last month. It’s very scary and she got it in her femur also. It’s been a very rough month
Captain Mclovin
Captain Mclovin 7 dagen geleden
@Justin Wells you didn't watch the entire episode
Justin Wells
Justin Wells 8 dagen geleden
That’s hella random
Riley Juelich
Riley Juelich 9 dagen geleden
Pat potentially said “potentially” 30 times in the first 15 minutes of the episode🙄😂
jake08311 9 dagen geleden
I'm a big Ohio State fan boy, but it might be smart to remember that two teams that have hype coming out of college about QB's are USC and Ohio State. But neither school, for people who follow them, would say we produce exceptional professional QB's. Ohio State does produce defensive studs and running backs but no lasting pro QB's. And if you look at history, USC produces great RB's but few quality pro QB's. So, looking at Fields as a can't miss QB is really tempting history.
thebravelittletoaster14 9 dagen geleden
Big josh cribbs show
This Guy
This Guy 9 dagen geleden
Kid is tough as hell thanks for having him on
Nick Mackey
Nick Mackey 9 dagen geleden
If the browns are gonna go on a ply off run they need to sign Joe Thomas
Yo Moms
Yo Moms 9 dagen geleden
Yo, Chase Smith got me!
Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz 9 dagen geleden
Why can’t we watch The Pod on video yet???
Nick Mackechnie
Nick Mackechnie 9 dagen geleden
This dude is a savage, gets married with only moths expected left to live. Now just vibin and appreciative of what he gets gotta love that attitude
Joe Pines
Joe Pines 9 dagen geleden
Couldn’t say it better myself
Alexander Landrum
Alexander Landrum 9 dagen geleden
I don’t see why people feel bad for Mason Rudolph. He tried to take his helmet off first, then chased him after his lineman pushed Miles back. Was miles right? No. Am I surprised that a qb that chased a freakishly built no.1 pick while he was already being restrained got hit? Not at all. Understand violence before you get into it.
Alexander Landrum
Alexander Landrum 9 dagen geleden
@This Guy Yes lol and it’s usually people who don’t understand what violence really is. If your gonna try an charge Myles Garret (6’4 270 pound man) you have to be ready for whatever comes with that. If not your father didn’t raise you right and you should reconsider your decision making.
This Guy
This Guy 9 dagen geleden
You know how many people start fights then play victim lol all p u ssies
Jamie 9 dagen geleden
Hammer the OVER on CHASE!!!!
cobfucius 9 dagen geleden
I know there are a plethora of takes on this...but, when it comes to the Garrett/Rudolph situation last year.....More than we know happened. I was not there, of course. But, we have all seen fights pop off when a defensive player lays a single hand on the QB in ANY extracurricular It happens immediately. Well, go back and watch what happened while Garrett and Rudolph got it all started while still on the ground. Even while Garrett was basically dragging Mason around while ripping at his helmet....The Steelers linemen that are right here...and not going after Garrett at all...yet. Even after he rips the helmet clean off him..nothing much..they are just trying to separate them. After that, all hell broke loose...understandably so. But, I have never seen any offensive linemen sit around whole their QB was being manhandled by a defensive lineman. Doesn't happen...never. Even those on the sidelines usually run out at first contact. I am sure there is video somewhere of similar fights popping off. Touch the QB.,...instant riot. That just did not happen. I am not saying I know what happened..but, something more than we may ever know was going on down there. I am in NO WAY condoning anything Garrett be clear. I am just the actions of the players themselves....there is more to it than what we know.
Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann 9 dagen geleden
Good job today. Round of applause for being good ppl👏👍
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez 9 dagen geleden
The way Pat looks at Connor after his comments 😂😂
MattyFishes _
MattyFishes _ 9 dagen geleden
Stafford to the 49ers!!!!!!
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 9 dagen geleden
Ima be sad to see him leave, but I'll support Stafford wherever he goes (except the Patriots)
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 9 dagen geleden
@Kyle Walsh we're self respecting fan though, Kyle. I dont think Stafford would stoop so low but not New England
Kyle Walsh
Kyle Walsh 9 dagen geleden
If he ever leaves I'll change from being a detroit fan to wherever he goes
Sean Watson Jr
Sean Watson Jr 9 dagen geleden
killing it boys!!
Christine Marinaccio
Christine Marinaccio 9 dagen geleden
This show is great!
Jacoby spelled Jacob Hetterscheidt
Freedom The Freeman
Freedom The Freeman 9 dagen geleden
Used to love Pat talking about baseball and hockey. Fantastic sports that dont get enough credit because you cant just get a ball and play them. They require some money and commitment.
Jay Green
Jay Green 7 dagen geleden
It’s football season, ya stoooooge
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 9 dagen geleden
Get some, Chase!! T's & P's to that young man! You're a beast!
anthony david
anthony david 9 dagen geleden
Seems like pat just learned what "candid" means, used the exact same "to be completely candid" line countless times the last few days lmao
imapieface 9 dagen geleden
Can't imagine what this guy has gone through. Only thing I can relate to is the lung surgery; had a chunk of my lung removed a while back which destroyed my running career. But this guy. My goodness. What a champion.
Derek Neal
Derek Neal Dag geleden
you may not believe but i swear on my life that chase (the guy ur talking about) is my old kindergarten teachers and my current health/PE teachers son
Brent Buchanan
Brent Buchanan 8 dagen geleden
@Josh Cole I second that
Josh Cole
Josh Cole 9 dagen geleden
You’re a badass as well! Don’t ever forget that or downplay your savagery!
William Huber
William Huber 9 dagen geleden
Best feel good friday ever. Have that kid back asap
The Chopboard
The Chopboard 9 dagen geleden
Big time
tek2g 9 dagen geleden
Josh Cribbs was awesome! Not sure what else he has to say, but bring him back on the show
2oothpick 9 dagen geleden
Cribbs is still my favorite Browns player ever! He was so electric on the field and was often our only source of points/highlights Other than our kicker Phil Dawson. Sucks the Steelers used to target Cribbs every chance they got trying to take him out for the day and it's sad hearing about this issues he has now.
Josh Cole
Josh Cole 9 dagen geleden
Shout out to Josh Cribb’s bc he’s an all time great, but it would’ve been epic if under his name it would’ve said “once tackled by a kicker”
Matthew Kleist
Matthew Kleist 9 dagen geleden
Love Cribbs. There was a point in Cleveland that our offense would have just been better if we lined up with Josh in the shotgun 15 yards deep every play and ran it like a return. Sorry to hear about the head, but at least you know so you will be prepared if anything happens. Hope to see you on CBD for years to come. Cleveland Browns Daily... not the vitamins ;)
michael johnson
michael johnson 9 dagen geleden
Love the show boys
RustCole01 9 dagen geleden
CRIBBBBBBBBS! I frigan loved that episode of The League that Josh Cribs guest starred in. That show was awesome
Insert Here
Insert Here 9 dagen geleden
Do the boys/Mcfee crew ever comment or reply to the NLblock comments?
James Laverty
James Laverty 9 dagen geleden
When is the drawing for the GROAT 2.0?
Shooter Mcgavin
Shooter Mcgavin 9 dagen geleden
Cam Newton is going to have ptsd when he's sees the broncos in that white uniform.. fuckn hack has never beat denver in his lame career😂😂
Dash Pederson
Dash Pederson 9 dagen geleden
Loved Chase’s story. My mom has cancer and I’ve also used your show to help on my bad days
The Chopboard
The Chopboard 9 dagen geleden
Praying for your Queen Dash 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hill LeFrere Jr.
Hill LeFrere Jr. 9 dagen geleden
So let me get this straight, the Jets just let Adam Gase ruin Darnold's career, and they're about to let Gase ruin Trevor Lawrence's career as well? Reset the whole team and start over lol
Hill LeFrere Jr.
Hill LeFrere Jr. 8 dagen geleden
@A Guy I'm not even a Jets fan and I sure hope he leaves. Never seen a more toxic organization/team
A Guy
A Guy 9 dagen geleden
Gase will be gone
E Moore
E Moore 9 dagen geleden
Shirt logo looks a little off bruh
Ten Two Sports
Ten Two Sports 9 dagen geleden
keep kicking ass Chase, best wishes pal
cenzo intravaglia
cenzo intravaglia 9 dagen geleden
"take it down"
Green Bricks & Cam
Green Bricks & Cam 9 dagen geleden
Amazing show! Chase killed it!
b b
b b 9 dagen geleden
Really dope to have that kid on the show - like i was bumpin my chest like KG for that dude, good stuff boys
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