The Pat McAfee Show | October 2nd, 2020 

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2 okt. 2020




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Garrick Oestriecher
Garrick Oestriecher 13 dagen geleden
Lildicholas 15 dagen geleden
Peyton purposely put that call in for Gase to ruin the Jets for ruining his final run in Indy
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 16 dagen geleden glasses.
deanbalboa 16 dagen geleden
America has a dominant soccer team?!?! LOL
jeff yang
jeff yang 16 dagen geleden
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Jason Hasz
Jason Hasz 16 dagen geleden
"0:44" Take a look our collection and get 50% exclusive offer for jersey. Don't forget - this offer just for NFL's fan and will end soon. Check now. 🔜 *onthegosport .store* *delete space gKga jjAv
Dominick Todd
Dominick Todd 16 dagen geleden
If you can get Woody again get him as much as you can! Dude is super smart and funny
Jefferson Hutchinson
Jefferson Hutchinson 16 dagen geleden
Arkansas won..........
Dayton Down
Dayton Down 17 dagen geleden
Listening to pat say Arkansas is gonna catch 50-60 to Mississippi State didnt age well
DF Otaku
DF Otaku 17 dagen geleden
Bear Down!
Los Santos
Los Santos 17 dagen geleden
Man where the hell do we go for the sound track during the podcast. The beat at 1:25:25 is heat 😬🔥
Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson 17 dagen geleden
Bruh cut Darnold amd bring back Butt Fumble Sanchez
JW MS 17 dagen geleden
Super boost ? Whoops.
HAYDEN DILTS 17 dagen geleden
Like if pat and hawk should react to flights!! 😂
hunter watkins
hunter watkins 18 dagen geleden
The 2019 sf 49ers had a week 4 bye week
MFFL_77 18 dagen geleden
Almost 1 million?!??! Congrats brothers 🤟🤟 the first million is supposedly the hardest
Adam Christie
Adam Christie 18 dagen geleden
What a great comment by Lee Battle around 56:00
Ack Ack
Ack Ack 18 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson is the best QB in football. The dissrusspect
Cody Jones!
Cody Jones! 18 dagen geleden
If you don’t say a word about Collingwoods win over the Eagles this coming Monday or COXZILLA’S THREE CONSECUTIVE GOALS you need to remove that footy from your desk ornaments Pat.
Taylor Jacobson
Taylor Jacobson 18 dagen geleden
Who's here after Cam has COVID
Rodney McGiveron
Rodney McGiveron 18 dagen geleden
AFL Finals series commenced this week...Four great close games.... Port Adelaide beat Geelong in the first Brisbane Lions beat the Tigers for the first time in several years in the other QF (Qualifying Final).. Port and Brisbane have now secured Preliminary Final spots .. Yesterday the two Elimination Finals were played ... Two of the greatest games of footy you'll ever see . St Kilda hung on to win by 3 points over the Bulldogs after leading by 26 points at one stage . Last night the Collingwood Magpies beat the Eagles by a single point 76-75 to keep their season alive . What a game ...Mason Cox was a key player in the win .. Now the Tigers face off against St Kilda in a semi final and Collingwood play Geelong.. Whoever wins stays in ..Whoever loses are out . The two winners play against Port Power and Brisbane Lions for spots in the Grand Final 2020.. Of the six teams remaining , any one of them can win the Premiership ...all are good enough . Good luck trying to pick a stand out winner.
iAmFabled 18 dagen geleden
Did he not talk about it?
Rob Rowe
Rob Rowe 18 dagen geleden
Dilfer sounds like the most amazing HS school coach. Impressive application of childhood psych to get the best results on and off the field.
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 18 dagen geleden
Eric Bienemy to the Jets?
Gunnar Matson
Gunnar Matson 18 dagen geleden
Earth. Fire. Wind. Water. Heart. CAPTAIN PLANET. HES OUR HERO
Michael Button
Michael Button 18 dagen geleden
Diggs is the definition of soft! Just look at that body of his. He's as white collar as they come. Moisturizing stooge lolol
Nicky the kid
Nicky the kid 18 dagen geleden
schefter just announced newton just tested positive... shity asf but as a chiefs fan il take it lol
Joshua Wargo
Joshua Wargo 18 dagen geleden
This is the greatest sports show I’ve ever seen
RedEyeJedi 18 dagen geleden
Sad Darnold to Pittsburgh and reunite with juju!!
James Allen
James Allen 18 dagen geleden
Bengals was a jab but keep it movin soccer will happen in 6-7 years for coach pat
oscar solis
oscar solis 18 dagen geleden
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 18 dagen geleden
Minkah said something about MetLife last year in an interview
mitrisaosefh 18 dagen geleden
More Pat less boys
Taylor Lowe
Taylor Lowe 18 dagen geleden
The reason i love this show so much, it feels so genuine, it feels like your just talking sports with your friends, thats the charm of Pat, hes the exact same person off cam probably. feels good watching something you know is real, no acting or censoring themselfs
B EZ 21
B EZ 21 18 dagen geleden
With the 0-16 talk. Don't forget about the 0-26 expansion yucs. They were the first to lose every game for a season. Lions or browns have nothing on Tampa Bay.
alex coy
alex coy 18 dagen geleden
More Damien woody!
TheMichaeldch 18 dagen geleden
Come on 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!
Paul Italia
Paul Italia 18 dagen geleden
Tragic jets fan D-Wood is the best D-Woooddd 🙏
Jake Hughes
Jake Hughes 18 dagen geleden
TVG Mike is quickly becoming one of my favorite guests on the show. Guy brings that douchey confidence
brucesmith765 18 dagen geleden
Is Mcafee and Hawk done as a separate show?
NMS Cafe Ka-Tet
NMS Cafe Ka-Tet 18 dagen geleden
@brucesmith765 Yes Pat was telling us for a while before it happened but it's now the third hour essentially. They moved the show to a later start, likely because it capitalized a larger market and I think that's just one of the end results so Pat can still have a life outside the show 😂😂😂
brucesmith765 18 dagen geleden
@Schnell Did I really need to say the whole thing? Go be sad somewhere else. I was asking if I had missed a video on it or something
Schnell 18 dagen geleden
Considering you didn’t call it “Mcafee and Hawk Sports Talk” I would consider it done being done as a show.
AP Lewis
AP Lewis 18 dagen geleden
Tribleman247 18 dagen geleden
Just need to say on the topic of Harry Kane. He is an Englishman, he aint a Welshman, not one of our fair country! You're thinking of Gareth Bale, hes the famous Welshman at the moment
Nestor Heredia jr
Nestor Heredia jr 18 dagen geleden
2:55:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
alex currington
alex currington 18 dagen geleden
Zac Woods
Zac Woods 19 dagen geleden
Lmao USA Isnt even top 10 in the world in football... i can name 4 countries in Africa that would tear the USA mens national team apart
Chris Maze
Chris Maze 19 dagen geleden
Mortalis Ares
Mortalis Ares 19 dagen geleden
Not a bills fan by any imagination but Allen IS playing better currently then Rodgers. NOT all time obviously. But if we’re talking about who is currently playing better then it’s Allen and that’s obvious you could look it up. I know you guys have Rodgers deep up your ass right now dry cuz he’s on your show but don’t just say someone is playing better when no statistics show it currently for this season
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 15 dagen geleden
Allen is keeping my COy bills pick alive
426ZZZZ 18 dagen geleden
No he’s not
Kai George
Kai George 19 dagen geleden
Your 'Soccer' team stinks🤣🤣🤣🤣Always has
Jebus1364 19 dagen geleden
Pat said "Doo Doo". Best show
Tribleman247 19 dagen geleden Ty wearing a Cena hat?
Drew Dowers
Drew Dowers 19 dagen geleden
Why don't you guys ever try to get Russell wilson on your show. It's always rodgers, rodgers, rogers. Don't get me wrong I like aaron rodgers too but Wilson is my QB
Drew Dowers
Drew Dowers 18 dagen geleden
What if rodgers is an alien, he said there was some other things he would talk about later, what if he was abducted and given special abilities?
Spencer Carson
Spencer Carson 18 dagen geleden
Bc Wilson is a robot during interviews
Michael Kiska Jr
Michael Kiska Jr 19 dagen geleden
Michael Kiska Jr
Michael Kiska Jr 19 dagen geleden
Sov Savior
Sov Savior 19 dagen geleden
To be fair the Titans had a week 1 bye because of an extreme storm in Miami could always be worse for us!!
James Kuich
James Kuich 19 dagen geleden
Is josh allen better than aaron rodgers? No. Is Aaron rodgers better than Russell Wislson right now, naw.
Adam Guillen
Adam Guillen 19 dagen geleden
Maaan, how amazing it is seeing how close to 1Mil subscribers yall are now. Daily gold
promeitheus 19 dagen geleden
What did Philip Rivers do, or say, to Pat to garner his relentless backhanded scorn?
Chris Simms
Chris Simms 19 dagen geleden
The dilf, really? Trent fin dilf? Credibility way down 👎
American Argonaut
American Argonaut 19 dagen geleden
If the NFL wants some form of credibility back since having decided to keep Al Reveron on the payroll. I move Pat McAfee, Tony Romo, and Mr Ripper Magoo himself Bob Menery be allowed to call the SuperBowl! Aaaaaand! The Prez. Dave Portnoy gets to organize the SuperBowl half time show. It’s time the fans have a say, these musicians suck! If you’ve seen one wardrobe malfunction your seen em all! I’m not joining the Illuminati I just came here for sports!
Phil Errup
Phil Errup 19 dagen geleden
Those adds were unbelievably funny
DeadlyDanDaMan 19 dagen geleden
People forget how bad the Browns were. They were 3 and 13 in 2015, 1 and 15 in 2016, and 0 and 16 in 2017. They won a grand total of 4 games in 3 years. That's unbelievably god awful. NOBODY will ever be as bad as that. PS: If I were Trevor Lawrence, I would absolutely refuse to be drafted by the Jets. No way in hell would I go to that team.
jackie liuk
jackie liuk 19 dagen geleden
San fran made it to the superbowl last year after having a bye in week 4. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Patrick Lawton
Patrick Lawton 18 dagen geleden
San Fran didn't find out about their bye week in Thursday. They got Friday and Saturday off. I'm a Browns fan and hate the Steelers but not the same at all
Zachary Durant
Zachary Durant 19 dagen geleden
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 19 dagen geleden
There was a Greg Williams who use to play in the AFL and he was nicknamed Diesel he would run through you than around on the field
Al Ried
Al Ried 19 dagen geleden
120k views daily. Is that good?
Erick N
Erick N 19 dagen geleden
On Monday to celebrate a million subscribers the boys should sing " A Milli" Lil Wayne🤷‍♂️👐
Commish 19 dagen geleden
DWood and Trent "lucky I have A Ring" Difler were insightful , But why is my AJ Hawk Throne picture covered up, noooooooooooooooo
Ragnar Rothbard
Ragnar Rothbard 19 dagen geleden
D Wood, It wasn't 3 or 4 personal fouls. IT WAS SIX! SIX!! HOW DOES GREG WILLIAMS STILL HAVE A JOB?!
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson 19 dagen geleden
This dude said Harry Kane plays for the Coys ???
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez 19 dagen geleden
Coffee is good fer yer liver
435iak 19 dagen geleden
Trent Dilfer is such a great guy, I hope he can come on again!
Casey Snow
Casey Snow 19 dagen geleden
I think Roethlisberger has 33.5 million other reasons to be playing this year in addition to “loving the guys” lmao
Gold Rush Empire
Gold Rush Empire 19 dagen geleden
9ers had a bye last season early but look what they did
B Bibbles
B Bibbles 19 dagen geleden
Hey, Kyle from Champaign, I'm Byron from Urbana!
Krzysztof Figwer
Krzysztof Figwer 19 dagen geleden
Not that its any important in here but you are NOT going to be any kind of dominant at the World Cup 🤣🤣🤣
Caleb 19 dagen geleden
55:30 Mississippi State representation. Hail State baby.
Michael Olson
Michael Olson 19 dagen geleden
Hail State!
sirhandelno3 19 dagen geleden
Who farted at 49:03 😂
Mike Seibert
Mike Seibert 19 dagen geleden
Baffert won his record 6th Derby's with Authentic few weeks ago. The previous 5 Derby Winners Baffert trained all went on to win the Preakness Stakes 2 weeks later. 2020 it's been 3-4 weeks and 5 months later than normal. 3 year olds can change ALOT in 5 months.
Seth Butler
Seth Butler 19 dagen geleden
I'm a Bears fan. But Rodgers seems like such a cool dude..So much respect for him.
Soul_Chief 19 dagen geleden
What is the song playing at the very beginning of the video while the clock is counting down?
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 19 dagen geleden
The song is called Call On Me by Artist called Kick Lee
Aidan Watson
Aidan Watson 19 dagen geleden
If those dogshit illiterates in Starkville best us this weekend I'll take back my comments of their state education system being based around teaching people how to breath through their mouth for 12 years just to barely make intelligent sentences out as adults.
D in Colorado
D in Colorado 19 dagen geleden
D-Wooder is always fire.
Michael Oras
Michael Oras 19 dagen geleden
Can we get some jack fox hype
a. corman
a. corman 19 dagen geleden
Woody sounds like a Bucs fan pre BA and pre Dungy
snoman180 19 dagen geleden
If Rodgers had same receivers is Wilson still better?
Jesse Bourcy
Jesse Bourcy 18 dagen geleden
Meh, what Wilson does hve rodgers doesn’t, what Rodgers has Wilson doesn’t. As far as supporting casts go. Aaron has a way better star rb and a true #1 in devante Adams, Wilson has 2 B receivers imo with dk and Lockett. Packers d is way better too lmao Seahawks d is soooo bad
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez 19 dagen geleden
Damien Woody was killer on the show today! Loved it!
Kristie Allen
Kristie Allen 19 dagen geleden
Please have him back! Electric.
Mike H
Mike H 19 dagen geleden
FYI, Rypien embarrassed Josh Allen and Jordan Love in head-to-head play in college.
RedEyeJedi 18 dagen geleden
Yea cause he team was better lmao
andy Google
andy Google 19 dagen geleden
@James Kuich lol exactly. Dude threw 3 horrible interceptions against the worst defense in the NFL. He started out okay but he was still playing the Jets. Comparing him to Josh Allen is comical.
James Kuich
James Kuich 19 dagen geleden
In college
Elijah Rockey
Elijah Rockey 19 dagen geleden
Ngl I hope the Steelers trade for Sam darnold bc we have juju and that would be great chem cause they playing in college together plus we have a amazing qb system
Just Adab
Just Adab 19 dagen geleden
Was pat talking about matcha when he was saying he only likes green tea? Big matcha guy here.
Tom McLain
Tom McLain 19 dagen geleden
Horrible football last night. Refs did not control hitting. Loved the block by Rypien to free Gordon in final TD.
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira 19 dagen geleden
You'll never win a World Cup...
Schnell 17 dagen geleden
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira “When you wake up to the real world” Another young dousche bag loser fresh into the real world and now that you are here you just have to tell everybody about it lmao, dumb bloke. where I’m from nobody cares about soccer. You might as well ask everybody to watch women’s basketball because you’ll get a laugh in response for both sports. Edit: good luck in the real world fella, seeing as you still haven’t realized we are all in the real world 😂🤣🤡
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira 17 dagen geleden
Schnell when you wake up to the real world its going to be brutal on you, mate. Continue dreaming like this... Its better.
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira
Andre Ribeiro Bandeira 18 dagen geleden
@Schnell It didn't look that way in the show here pal
Schnell 18 dagen geleden
Win all the soccer games you want, in America, we play football.
While imhere.
While imhere. 19 dagen geleden
What about Marvin Lewis for that Jets job?
PMS Store
PMS Store 19 dagen geleden
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 19 dagen geleden
5K away from a million. Get it boys!
Marvin Rivera
Marvin Rivera 19 dagen geleden
glenn jackson
glenn jackson 19 dagen geleden
Great show guys!!! 995k Almost there!!!
Randall Jessee
Randall Jessee 19 dagen geleden
Love Allen and Rogers but Russell Wilson mvp
Griffo417 16 dagen geleden
Paul Burton Allen has played better than Mahomes through the first 4 weeks imo chiefs are just too strong rn
Griffo417 16 dagen geleden
So far this season it’s: 1. Wilson 2. Rodgers 3. Allen Allen has surprised me with the improvement in his passing game and is already forming a great partnership with Diggs
Landon McAdams
Landon McAdams 18 dagen geleden
Yeah Russell is 10 times better than Mahomes!!! Lol
TheMichaeldch 18 dagen geleden
Sebastian Delgado
Sebastian Delgado 18 dagen geleden
Yall some wilson nut draggers
Michael Mazarakis
Michael Mazarakis 19 dagen geleden
see i thought sam played well all things considered. he should always find a job.
The Ricks4549
The Ricks4549 19 dagen geleden
Harry kaaaaaaaane! If you know, you know.
Patrick Lawton
Patrick Lawton 19 dagen geleden
The guy for the Jets was already there Should have never fired Rex. Just get him a a real OC
Kyle Micel
Kyle Micel 19 dagen geleden
Kyle from Illinois here, Bears will indeed beat the PISS aht of the Colts
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