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15 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Carson Quinnell
Carson Quinnell 2 dagen geleden
Anyone know the name of the song at the end of the show?
Matt Gorski
Matt Gorski 3 dagen geleden
Way to get animated Gumpy that was great today! Good job boys!
Stephen Salinas
Stephen Salinas 5 dagen geleden
If you’re involved in 60% of the song/album, you get a Grammy.
Ant W
Ant W 5 dagen geleden
Damien Lillard
Partuzius Maximus
Partuzius Maximus 5 dagen geleden
Pat is cool the rest of these dudes r tooooooooooooooooools
Chris Harris
Chris Harris 5 dagen geleden
Pat talking about how soccer helps make better punters reminded me of coach Snyder at Kansas State preferred his defensive players to have a wrestling background.
austin 5 dagen geleden
College football isnt the problem. The problem is that you push big 10 and no body cares about them
Kansas Vlogger
Kansas Vlogger 5 dagen geleden
He made my birth day sounds way more hype than me!
Charles Nix
Charles Nix 5 dagen geleden
Why so dark in there
Isaac Carter
Isaac Carter 5 dagen geleden
AJ looks like Benji from Love Victor
Team AHGG 5 dagen geleden
Does anyone know what mic he uses?
Alec Studley
Alec Studley 5 dagen geleden
They should make a best of Connor episode on the weekend, on a day they aren’t filming to get a nice laugh lol
Robert Christian
Robert Christian 5 dagen geleden
Get Passan on for the next Aaron Rodgers Tuesday love the show
Blux 5 dagen geleden
David Henretty
David Henretty 5 dagen geleden
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
MichelinMan 5 dagen geleden
How much more interesting would bowling be if it was more like golf with bunkers and water hazards
Steven Pan
Steven Pan 5 dagen geleden
Mark Shaffer
Mark Shaffer 5 dagen geleden
We need more AJ Hawk time
AzraelPOV 5 dagen geleden
We need a Pat McAfee >< Flagrant 2 crossover
Sweet potato
Sweet potato 5 dagen geleden
So sick of Boston Conner being a fratboy making fun of professional players who might come on the show. Is this how you want the show to be? please make him stop
Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold 5 dagen geleden
Typical masshole
Sound Innovations design & production
2:54:41 man wtf the Seahawks are the only team at 5-0 we are the top team rightnow
Sound Innovations design & production
@Austin Ballentine last time I checked it was about wins and losses but why don't y'all just stay focused on making it back to the big game. Get to the super bowl for the first time on forever and now the chiefs think they some high class dynasty
Austin Ballentine
Austin Ballentine 5 dagen geleden
Worst defense in nfl history
Sound Innovations design & production
Aj Hawk looks like a human version of a cartoon shark
Emanuel Madrigal
Emanuel Madrigal 5 dagen geleden
Is AJ still mad at the Giants for ruining his two chances at a Super Bowl bc I know the Giants trash right now but the Jets are the New York City Dumb bro!!!
Mac Stacks
Mac Stacks 5 dagen geleden
I feel the same way about the titans as Connor does about the lions.
ac dc
ac dc 5 dagen geleden
Boston Connor reacting to the bag of cash makes me bust up every time "are you fuckin serious". Most underrated internet moment all time 😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Yount
Daniel Yount 5 dagen geleden
What’s the link for mcafee’s mafia?
Isaac Cornelius
Isaac Cornelius 5 dagen geleden
cobfucius 6 dagen geleden
Diggs...did you say there wer no locker room issues, and his teammates were happy for him when Le"veon left and got paid?? I am not a Steelers fan, so, do not know how everything goes every day. I do have to wonder...Were these the same teammates that were ransacking his locker and mocking him while wearing his gear? lol
Sound Innovations design & production
Haha "Thonng, thong thong, thong thong"
Dusty Shinski
Dusty Shinski 6 dagen geleden
Just stated watching this channel! It's awesome . But is AJ Hawk a sometimes guest or do they have a separate show together?
LA Ramilia
LA Ramilia 5 dagen geleden
They had a separate show Mcafee and Hawk... now that they are on Siriusxm, Aj joins in the last hour of the show.
Sound Innovations design & production
Ha I thought luke combs was like diddy's cousin haha
Terry Fairweather
Terry Fairweather 6 dagen geleden
"BUY IN DARREN! FKN BUY IN!" Damn Pat, always droppin jewels. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA
T0nyMc716 6 dagen geleden
Darren looks high af
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 6 dagen geleden glasses.
Mr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody 6 dagen geleden
Schnell 6 dagen geleden
Bell gets signed to the Chiefs.... unbelievable
Richie Benites
Richie Benites 6 dagen geleden
Ashley M.
Ashley M. 6 dagen geleden
I think AJ was thinking about Sam Hunt. He worked out as a free agent for the Chiefs but I don’t think he ever signed with them.... 2:33:07
Scotty Laub
Scotty Laub 6 dagen geleden
Was late watching this one. Boston, my man. That Brian Windhorst drop after the mayo convo had me crying. Omg 🤣😭
Jake Gonnerman
Jake Gonnerman 6 dagen geleden
Anyone else miss chase rice
William Woodard
William Woodard 6 dagen geleden
“It’s poop again!” -Zeet
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 5 dagen geleden
Also Old Man Clemons.
Amanda Knowlden
Amanda Knowlden 6 dagen geleden
I feeeeel like AJ is referring to Sam Hunt
Kyle Vaughn
Kyle Vaughn 6 dagen geleden
2:27:33 *buh do*
Swaggz52 6 dagen geleden
Really happy for Darren man, was always so promising in bmore😈😈😈
lenno l
lenno l 6 dagen geleden
Darren waller is such an electric human being, love it!
stephen williams
stephen williams 6 dagen geleden
How the hell do i watch the pod?
Tanya Frost
Tanya Frost 6 dagen geleden
You have to subscribe to McAfee Mafia.....there is a link in each of their Twitter bios....I think....The Pod bio would be where to start.
Andy Wounds
Andy Wounds 6 dagen geleden
News just in ... CHIEFS GOT BELL
Josh Matt
Josh Matt 6 dagen geleden
1 playoff win in 60 years is on the ford family they are horrendous owners.also we do have mountain lions in michigan they have been numerous spottings
Zack Evarts
Zack Evarts 6 dagen geleden
Pat: "That Gary guy in the Joker movie..." Connor: "Oh, Juakim Phoenix!" 1:53:45
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck 6 dagen geleden
Listen to the song "Wall street" by waller. Bro it's fire. He has another excellent rap song as well.
Josh Sonter
Josh Sonter 6 dagen geleden
I can't believe Pat even took Mark's call. Poor Jett
Rigel 6 dagen geleden
Darren Waller, great interview, wish the best for this guy.
PMS Store
PMS Store 6 dagen geleden
Ryan Ayers
Ryan Ayers 6 dagen geleden
"It's Le'Veon not Le'Veon"
Aidan Watson
Aidan Watson 6 dagen geleden
Smoking and riding smoking and riding
V30474 6 dagen geleden
Did Pat just admit he.... no other comments about it so it must’ve flown over everyone’s heads... I guess I won’t mention it if no one else caught it
Marty Moose
Marty Moose 6 dagen geleden
@Bri Guy I love Pat unconditionally. He can do whatever he wants I don't give AF. Well within reason anyway. Any recreational drugs he does I just don't care. He does the best sports show in all of media! Rock on Pat with your bad self!
Bri Guy
Bri Guy 6 dagen geleden
He's made it clear he's done coke before... in that segment with the NBA player who was on drugs for his whole career, pat made a statement that was quick and easy to miss but that's why I love him... him being honest about stuff most media personalities would never admit to is endearing
Marty Moose
Marty Moose 6 dagen geleden
Did you think he had this much energy naturally?? 19:00 Pat addresses drug use.
Tanya Frost
Tanya Frost 6 dagen geleden
It’s nothing new and we don’t care.
Jonny Bailey
Jonny Bailey 6 dagen geleden
Awesome having Darren Waller on. Just win baby
Jeff McCann
Jeff McCann 6 dagen geleden
Lmfao Boston Connor burning the lions down😂
Kristie Allen
Kristie Allen 6 dagen geleden
Waller Baller!
Kristie Allen
Kristie Allen 6 dagen geleden
Holy Cow, he is Fats Waller's grandson! via Wikipedia
Tucker Johnson
Tucker Johnson 6 dagen geleden
Dude Darren Waller seems like he hates football lol
Josh Matt
Josh Matt 6 dagen geleden
1 playoff win since 1957..? That is my detroit lions although I don't think stafford is going to win a superbowl anywhere I guarantee he won't win with the detroit lions
cobee lemon
cobee lemon 6 dagen geleden
Raider Nation🙏🏼💪🏼🔋
Don't Go to College
Don't Go to College 6 dagen geleden
Anyone else think Pat is so good with a serious person? Ying yang effect sort of like wrestling commentators. Thats why AJ and ARod is so much fun.
Schnell 6 dagen geleden
Pat has the talent, it really shines through once an “on-line” person helps Pats ADD
Jacob Fonzo
Jacob Fonzo 6 dagen geleden
Can we get some Halloween decorations around the office? Tis the season 🎃🎃
Mike M
Mike M 5 dagen geleden
yeah a gourd or two wouldn't hurt lol
SoxArizona 6 dagen geleden
Best show on the internet
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez 6 dagen geleden
RustCole01 6 dagen geleden
Kinda hoped Pat was a fan of that show PSYCH that used to be on USA. Perfect setup with the Leveon Bell name thing... "I've heard it both ways"
That Moonage Voodoo
That Moonage Voodoo 6 dagen geleden
Love the show! But talking about a hack like L'ev Bell is not worth any time. He will never be considered a NFL great. He had a unique running style and made plays and had stats…..he will always be a "What if", talking point in regards to NFL RBs. "Was good...but...what if"?
Double H H
Double H H 5 dagen geleden
@Schnell looks aren’t everything
Schnell 6 dagen geleden
how wrong you are human, Bell signs to the Chiefs so he will have a ring within the next year, book it.
Double H H
Double H H 6 dagen geleden
Vegas should do an over under on how many games with his new team until his groin or leg gets hurt. I hope he can find success, but highly doubt it.
Chris Pregot
Chris Pregot 6 dagen geleden
56:25 - 58:31 someone please tell me the song I really want to know!!
Alex 5 dagen geleden
@Chris Pregot for some reason, my phone spazzed out. Dry Away - Anthony Lazaro. Thank me later .
Chris Pregot
Chris Pregot 5 dagen geleden
stop giving me fake answers I've been trying to figure this out for weeks
Alex 5 dagen geleden
Dry Away - Ac UU
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody 6 dagen geleden
That was a great convo with Darren Waller. I didn't know his story, but it's awesome that he was able to turn it around and find that love for the game and himself again.
Cody Mcallister
Cody Mcallister 6 dagen geleden
They never mentioned he was drafted to play WR but ended up moving to TE for a better chance on the roster and he bulked up and learned a new position. I always thought that was cool too.
Tevin Boone
Tevin Boone 6 dagen geleden
Rivers turn the ball over like crazy got paid. J Winston turn the ball over ppl didn't want him to be a back up white privilege at is finest
Baliboy95 6 dagen geleden
you are a idiot, people like you are the real racist, Rivers has actually won plenty of playoff games even got to AFC championship game.Winston hasnt done anything.
Jake Boldt
Jake Boldt 6 dagen geleden
86.9 career passer rating vs 95.1. 5 vs 17 years of experience. 1.375 td to int ratio vs 2 to 1. I’m sure it’s because one guy is white though 😂. Look at some stats and toughen up guy.
Jake Sensiba
Jake Sensiba 6 dagen geleden
I believe AJ was referring to Sam Hunt as the football player turned country singer
Boone Myers
Boone Myers 6 dagen geleden
Lee Brice played at Clemson. Sam Hunt played at UAB.
The Ydarb
The Ydarb 6 dagen geleden
AFL talk is finally back!!
Kristie Allen
Kristie Allen 6 dagen geleden
Whoot! I have been watching the highlights on NLblock's AFL channel
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 6 dagen geleden
Check out Melvin Ingram’s music kingmel
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 6 dagen geleden
Pat hates meatball subs and loves mayonnaise 🤢 his taste buds officially cant be trusted
Michael Munson
Michael Munson 6 dagen geleden
Meatball subs meat to bread ratio is awful, and mayonnaise is great
Andrew Vreibel
Andrew Vreibel 6 dagen geleden
I love the part from yesterday when they were talking about how both 44 and 43 love Pat on gameday. Shows how sports can bring people together. Beautiful
Colin Tainter
Colin Tainter 6 dagen geleden
Chalk me dahn as a person that would rather hear Connor’s thoughts on the Sanchise rather than hear Sanchise. That FanDuel commercial energy is ELECTRIC.
Zach Eisenhour
Zach Eisenhour 6 dagen geleden
Y'all gotta chill with slandering all referees all the time. There's a national shortage of High School officials around the country which is forcing schools to cut sports. No one wants to be a ref when everyone irrationally hates you for no reason.
Zach Eisenhour
Zach Eisenhour 6 dagen geleden
@Schnell lol what did my original post have to do with participation trophies. I'm confused?
Schnell 6 dagen geleden
Good. Bout time we stop with the participation medals. Hopefully this will push students to actually WANT to go hard for their sport, The entire world is going soft, sums’ gotta be done.
Chowdering 6 dagen geleden
Pat macafee whistling on d wall track 🔥
Jacob Wahbeh
Jacob Wahbeh 6 dagen geleden
addicted to this show the vibe is hilarious. Keep it up
Brice kelly
Brice kelly 4 dagen geleden
No one cares what you think pal
Dylan L
Dylan L 6 dagen geleden
have watched every single show since quarantine’s so addicting my guy
g3161 6 dagen geleden
Josh Sonter
Josh Sonter 6 dagen geleden
L in
Teddy Ross
Teddy Ross 6 dagen geleden
Bro for real. I watch the day after in mornings. Good stuff!
Chowdering 6 dagen geleden
more darren waller😈✊
Clay Boneham
Clay Boneham 6 dagen geleden
Lillard is far and away the best pro athlete singer, not only a top 10 basketball player in the world, Dame D.O.L.L.A. has some of the best flow in the world, dude is a legit rapper, his songs are legitimately good, doesn’t need to be carried by the gimmick of his name like most athlete rappers
Schnell 6 dagen geleden
Don’t forget Dame Dolla buried SHAQ of all people in a rap battle
Just Adab
Just Adab 6 dagen geleden
I love the only Pat segments
Hussain Waseem
Hussain Waseem 6 dagen geleden
Shout-out Roy Jones
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 6 dagen geleden
The music in the beginning never gets old
TheExperience 6 dagen geleden
@Adam Darud- Sandstorm
Adam 6 dagen geleden
Song name?
GameEffect 6 dagen geleden
We need longer Aaron Rodgers, he needs to come on more often!
alfred wayne
alfred wayne 6 dagen geleden
Dont ruin a good thing.
Dubraye McDaniel
Dubraye McDaniel 6 dagen geleden
If give a inch and they take a mile was a person
GameEffect 6 dagen geleden
@Gavin Thompson disagree more Aaron Rodgers is not a bad thing unless your team colors are purple or Blue
Adam Barnhart
Adam Barnhart 6 dagen geleden
He off his ball bag bro
Matt Kneeshaw
Matt Kneeshaw 6 dagen geleden
Because you feel that way it means he should not oversaturation is real if it's every day you can miss it and say I can catch it tomorrow 40 minutes once a week you might make time for that in your weekly schedule but yeah it would be good for a bit be great for a long time if it was in this setting you get a bunch of men together that are friends and close friends at that well men are going to bulshit and tell lies even when they're not it almost sounds like they are
auneakeffect 6 dagen geleden
damn you need better production... show is all over the place. a disaster to watch also, youre not funny, stop trying to be
Wakeup Tooturnt
Wakeup Tooturnt 6 dagen geleden
@Freedom The Freeman stooge master
Rob b
Rob b 6 dagen geleden
Freedom The Freeman
Freedom The Freeman 6 dagen geleden
Nobody in this thread can spell. How about you ALL suck. Btw it’s not cool to purposely spell words incorrectly just because you want some kind of camaraderie with people from the same region as you. Grow up kiddos.
Zachary Durant
Zachary Durant 6 dagen geleden
Then don’t watch?
mSQUARED 6 dagen geleden
@Don't Go to College He’s a special kind of stupid and not worth your time explaining to him
JVV Prod.
JVV Prod. 6 dagen geleden
Love you pat!
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 6 dagen geleden
5:02 ( CFB COVID, Bell to Bills?, Pat likes to slow things dahn) 27:56 (Boston Connor tries to cancel baby alien, Phonecalls: Steelers Over?, Greenbay Talk, Is Rivers done?) 43:30 (Baby Alien Mark Sanchez) 1:05:02 ( College Gameday Host Rece Davis) 1:36:38 ( Dak Prescott Update, Zito's Big Poll, Where is Stafford going?) 2:05:02 (McAfee and Hawk Sports Talk: Darren Waller with a great interview) 2:31:20 ( AFL Grand Final (Magpies Out), OBJ sent home, Bell Update, Power Rankings)
volts- ѧ
volts- ѧ 5 dagen geleden
PMS Store
PMS Store 6 dagen geleden
The Wild Crawdad
The Wild Crawdad 6 dagen geleden
The Ydarb
The Ydarb 6 dagen geleden
Finally AFL talk is back!!!!
Marc Nehring
Marc Nehring 6 dagen geleden
Simply the BEST! Good to see you here already sir!
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