The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday October 1st, 2020 

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1 okt. 2020




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Christopher McCauley
Christopher McCauley 18 dagen geleden
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez 19 dagen geleden
So when is pats next fight?
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 19 dagen geleden
Crimson chin and patricia lol
BluezFan91 19 dagen geleden
Heya Chad
Speak My Opinion On Topics High
Best Show ever!!! 👍💯
AleKai The Great
AleKai The Great 20 dagen geleden
Anybody else annoyed that they merged McAfee and Hawk with the regular show? I used to download just the former and now I don't even bother since ill have hundreds of unnecessary MBs downloaded.
Brach Malek
Brach Malek 20 dagen geleden
mooch is the man
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 21 dag geleden
7:46 lmao
CCP Dragon
CCP Dragon 21 dag geleden
I. go with waterboy
w j
w j 22 dagen geleden
Everytime you tell us to go "take a leak" I can't help but know that you're telling us to go take some vitamins because whatever is coming next is gonna be fire. Shout out from San Antonio TX
Paul Cagna
Paul Cagna 22 dagen geleden
Are Hawk's kids iPad or Amazon Fire kids. hmmmm
Ansley 22 dagen geleden
The bird noise every time AJ comes on is my favorite thing
Ryan Coyle
Ryan Coyle 22 dagen geleden
Pat > ESPN
beast killer
beast killer 22 dagen geleden
Imagine only being the 8th worst air quality tulare county/ central valley cali has been the worst my whole 18 years of life
beast killer
beast killer 22 dagen geleden
California has grit it's just all in the central valley
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 22 dagen geleden
Mooch was great 😂😂
Fake Newds
Fake Newds 22 dagen geleden
Man I wish online sports betting was legal in my state after seeing these guys winning on their bets
trinity smet
trinity smet 23 dagen geleden
I miss hearing the McAfee and Hawk theme song
trinity smet
trinity smet 22 dagen geleden
HTTRskins21 haha same, I start playing it in my head and then get so sad when it doesn’t actually play
HTTRskins21 22 dagen geleden
"AJ used tackle quarterbacks and hes a rust belt kinda guyyyy" It still plays in my head as the segment starts 😅
Dylan stanford
Dylan stanford 23 dagen geleden
While I appreciate the recognition about the niners, bosa is the only player that we lost for the entire season that is actually a starter. Solomon Thomas was maybe a third down and depth position. So he’s just not much to our D. Kittle is now back. Raheem will be back this week or next. Same with deebo Samuel. Sherman will be back in a few weeks. Jimmy G will be back next week. Like, we’re getting everyone back just in time for the meat of our schedule. It’s heartbreaking about bosa, but our offense with deebo, aiyuk, kittle, Raheem mostert, mckinnon, reed in a month, Kendrick Bourne. That’s a nasty ass lineup. Deebo and aiyuk are going to be the next hardman and tyreek hill. Mark my words and track this post. Slay time baby.
Checho Seven10
Checho Seven10 23 dagen geleden
The amount of people that pat has opened me up to and introduced me to blows me away because I can’t believe I didn’t know some of these individuals like mooch 🤣
Anthony D
Anthony D 23 dagen geleden
Lets try and get some Urlacher at some point this season boys
Anthony D
Anthony D 21 dag geleden
@Big White Duck BEAR DAHHHHN
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 21 dag geleden
a. corman
a. corman 23 dagen geleden
How baked was pat in the beginning? My man!
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell 23 dagen geleden
Big Sleeveless Hoodie Show Today
OsirisOrion46 23 dagen geleden
Anybody else rewatch Pat's "I do declare!" Speech? My goodness, the great content
OsirisOrion46 23 dagen geleden
I rewound at least 6 times
Dj Bernal
Dj Bernal 23 dagen geleden
We need more Nicky Maraldo on the mic!
Noah McC
Noah McC 23 dagen geleden
Does anyone know how I can access my emotes??? They aren’t on my keyboard as an option when it pops up
Mike M
Mike M 23 dagen geleden
should be on the right of where you're typing
SK 33T
SK 33T 23 dagen geleden
Big fan!
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 23 dagen geleden glasses.
Matt Zabielski
Matt Zabielski 23 dagen geleden
McAfee and Jared Allen is amazing
Matt Zabielski
Matt Zabielski 23 dagen geleden
How did Pat not ask him about spear hunting out of a tree?
GrimmNastyy 23 dagen geleden
Guys. Y'all don't understand Minnesota sports woes. He has no reason to lighten up on the twins they've lost 18 consecutive playoff games. Spanning back to 2006 or something like that. The Vikings stink and always choke going back to 1961. Being a Minnesota sports fan is awful. Don't even talk about the Timber-Chihuahuas
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck 23 dagen geleden
Eh I'm just saying 10 min before kick Ryp went to Boise State. He can ball.
dwalk2011 23 dagen geleden
I love this show!!!!!!!! Seriously, best sports show in the world.
gana gana
gana gana 23 dagen geleden
Watch the Jets and Broncos tie after trying to loose the Suckbowl for Trevor.
Jeff Farner
Jeff Farner 23 dagen geleden
John J
John J 23 dagen geleden
Mooch been burning up at da beach or what!?!
John J
John J 23 dagen geleden
Mooch is a pink light under a dome
John J
John J 23 dagen geleden
Or is he about to have a stroke
Jeffrey Cavanaugh
Jeffrey Cavanaugh 23 dagen geleden
Randy Savage cutting a promo on Halloween is ALL TIME
Nestor Heredia jr
Nestor Heredia jr 23 dagen geleden
Where am I going next Scientology?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
John J
John J 23 dagen geleden
C'mon Pat, Ryp is a legacy
Abundance Yeh
Abundance Yeh 23 dagen geleden
3:05:45 Big Scientology Show
Matt Gorski
Matt Gorski 23 dagen geleden
Gumpy is painful to watch, monotone and statuesque.
Matt Gorski
Matt Gorski 23 dagen geleden
@Al Ried buffoon
Matt Gorski
Matt Gorski 23 dagen geleden
@Al Ried had to edit that huh? @ me you coward. You're a child go get adult supervision kiddo 😂
Al Ried
Al Ried 23 dagen geleden
Youre painful to read
Elijah Schmitz
Elijah Schmitz 23 dagen geleden
Even tho I already use fanduel I still watch the Boston Connor commercial everytime because of how funny it is lmao.
Caleb Wilson
Caleb Wilson 23 dagen geleden
Tom hanks
JoJo Kaler
JoJo Kaler 23 dagen geleden
1:22:40 "if they didn't have Jamal Adams would they have a single playmaker out there?" I'm sorry are you forgetting arguably the greatest linebacker in the league Bobby Wagner???? In the last six seasons he has made six pro bowls and been named all pro 5 times. He has not had a single season under 100 combined tackles. Where is the respect?
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 23 dagen geleden
I want more yinzer rants from tactical digs
Justin Fries
Justin Fries 23 dagen geleden
Please please please make McAfee and Hawk sports talk a separate thing! The old format with you two was amazing
Nick Fiser
Nick Fiser 22 dagen geleden
He sports casts college games now
Schnell 23 dagen geleden
It kind of seems like that was a phase for AJ to hang with the boys during quarantine... now that things are healing AJ hasn’t been around to do the show as much.
Eric trendepazz
Eric trendepazz 23 dagen geleden
What was the difference?
Chad Galland
Chad Galland 23 dagen geleden
The Vikings have a 1st round pick next year
hoopsfreak5 11 dagen geleden
But is it theirs? Like the caller was saying, "if" the Vikings were to go 0-16, now 1-15, would they get top 3 pick, or do they have another teams 1st? Love the lack of research put into the show.
The Law_v1001
The Law_v1001 23 dagen geleden
Can we talk about how the games being moved sucks for the Ravens. Literally the only team not involved in this that have to take a earlier bye week.
Kyle Fitch
Kyle Fitch 23 dagen geleden
What happened to the beat drop yo?
Nico G
Nico G 23 dagen geleden
Mooch with the nose drip 💧 big fan 😂
Skyler Green
Skyler Green 23 dagen geleden
Zachary Durant
Zachary Durant 23 dagen geleden
Travis Davey
Travis Davey 23 dagen geleden
Finally said his name right
Kevin Conlon
Kevin Conlon 23 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee Show has been helping me kill time in the combine harvest 2020 is better with the boys
Farmer Leo
Farmer Leo 22 dagen geleden
Same! I mount my phone next to the command center screen in the ol 9870
DC Brooks
DC Brooks 23 dagen geleden
It's my birthday! FERDABOYS!
Bob Dabear
Bob Dabear 23 dagen geleden
Get Josh Allen on the show
jthalford27 23 dagen geleden
Watching Pat try to avoid saying Mad Dog is slowly becoming my favorite part😂😂
jthalford27 21 dag geleden
@ghart22 😂😂
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell 23 dagen geleden
ghart22 23 dagen geleden
*viciously starts barking*
DRO 23 dagen geleden
Is the liquid death water really that good?
DRO 23 dagen geleden
The Pat McAfee Show Are you guys sponsored and I just have never heard the code?
The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 23 dagen geleden
It's amazing. Gets ICE COLD.
Sean Noble
Sean Noble 23 dagen geleden
Kennyft Cummings
Kennyft Cummings 23 dagen geleden
That Halloween/pat baptist preacher segment had me dyin
PMS Store
PMS Store 23 dagen geleden
the prince that wasn't promised
You need yo get Josh macuga on here
rawrxd 23 dagen geleden
hey pat just a tip you can name different parts of videos so it’s easier to jump to a story that your interested in or that you’ve already heard love the show
Rory Burnell
Rory Burnell 23 dagen geleden
just look for Turks timestamp comment which is 10 minutes after every vid!
Bloodwake Music
Bloodwake Music 23 dagen geleden
Asthma Gang
Nolan DeMartino
Nolan DeMartino 23 dagen geleden
Y’all should have Pittsburgh native Billy Gardell on the show
Dan 23 dagen geleden
Miss the old format when Pat and AJ was separated.
JT 23 dagen geleden
Pat has to get Darius some Raycons
hoopsfreak5 11 dagen geleden
Because they all use them so much?
Mister Yuk
Mister Yuk 23 dagen geleden
Jared Allen should be a regular
mr faade
mr faade 23 dagen geleden
So close to 1 mil boys
Dusan Vukicevic
Dusan Vukicevic 23 dagen geleden
if anyone deserves a mil its this bunch here for sure hehe, should have 10 mils
Ray Davis
Ray Davis 23 dagen geleden
I have been skipping to when aj gets on everyday
hoopsfreak5 11 dagen geleden
I skip the commercial breaks
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 22 dagen geleden
You missing some funny stuff
robert pontureri
robert pontureri 23 dagen geleden
best sports show ive seen in my 31 yrs dahn here on planet earth
Gavin Thompson
Gavin Thompson 22 dagen geleden
DC Brooks hey happy birthday man I hope it was a good one
HTTRskins21 22 dagen geleden
Yup I'm with ya. I can't believe a year ago I was watching that absolute STOOGE and SELLAHTTTT skip Bayless on Undisputed. It was more cuz i love me some Shay Sharpe but this show absolutely dumps on Undisputed dahnnn 'ere on the NLblocks
Schnell 23 dagen geleden
What’s the best sports show you seen up er’ in space
DC Brooks
DC Brooks 23 dagen geleden
@Sixsoul Gosh Bless you it's been an honor.
Sixsoul 23 dagen geleden
About to turn 32 so this is almost not relatable anymore
Chicken is fun
Chicken is fun 23 dagen geleden
Pat “I assume” mcafee
Hill LeFrere Jr.
Hill LeFrere Jr. 23 dagen geleden
"Let's assume"
Isaiah Ruff
Isaiah Ruff 23 dagen geleden
Allen is awesome you guys should get Brian Robison on he’s hilarious the 96 Questions segment he did for the Vikings was legendary
Isaiah Ruff
Isaiah Ruff 22 dagen geleden
Schnell Id love to see him on here with Pat and AJ
Schnell 23 dagen geleden
Speaking as a Vikings fan, BRob was the glue holding everybody together. Vikings haven’t felt the same ever since he left
Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan 23 dagen geleden
Who else listens to Pat while doing homework
eagleandguitarguy44 19 dagen geleden
Just a Random person
Just a Random person 21 dag geleden
@Addison Peek z5z5z55z5z5zzzzzz53xzzz35z3z5z3z5z55z5z3z555z55355555555555555555
James Hibbard
James Hibbard 22 dagen geleden
I don’t get a lot done while I’m doing homework😅
WizardsFan721 22 dagen geleden
I’m far too ADD to do that
Ben Gibson
Ben Gibson 22 dagen geleden
Lol after school zooms
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 23 dagen geleden
4:43 (Thursday Night Suckbowl, Titans/Steelers Postponed) 29:35 (Darius Butler and his Locks for tonight and some NBA Talk) 1:05:15 ( Mike Tomlin Loves Football, Phonecalls: 49ers vs Eagles) 1:28:18 ( Badass Jared Allen, Fantasy Tone chooses a FF defense) 2:04:45 ( McAfee and Hawk w/ Coach Steve Mariucci ) 2:33:55 ( Phonecalls: 49ers 3rd string, Bills Mafia attacks Pat, Pat and Ty take on Scientology)
Jay Green
Jay Green 21 dag geleden
Why can’t they just pin u 🙄
Jimmy Kulaga
Jimmy Kulaga 23 dagen geleden
Thanks turk!!
XGU 23 dagen geleden
Hunter Anfinsen lol
Hunter Anfinsen
Hunter Anfinsen 23 dagen geleden
XGU oh is it really cause it didn’t sound like it!!!
XGU 23 dagen geleden
Hunter Anfinsen it’s called Sandstorm by Darude
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