The Pat McAfee Show | Thursday October 8th, 2020 

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8 okt. 2020




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Footyforever 123
Footyforever 123 10 dagen geleden
Do you still follow AFL?
Justin Kilpatrick
Justin Kilpatrick 11 dagen geleden
2:20:12 I wish Pat let Kenny keep going it sounded like he was about to go off
Kauri Farnham
Kauri Farnham 12 dagen geleden
You do you
You do you 12 dagen geleden
Haskins is lazy and he got his chance to pull it together this season and didn't. The reputation has followed him since college and Doug Williams called him out multiple times. You don't get dropped to 3rd string unless you are being given a final warning. Haskin needs to go through an 80's montage of hard work if he wants to start again.
Derek Alvarado
Derek Alvarado 12 dagen geleden
2:37:16 did mcafee just say gronk had sex lol
Schnell 12 dagen geleden
I view Aaron Rodgers a lot like LeBron James, one of the best to ever play their game, if only their own organizational management would’ve surrounded them with little bit more decently talented players, would potentially be the greatest ever.
Marcus Bnice
Marcus Bnice 12 dagen geleden
Somebody tell gumpy to read better on those turrible hammer Dahn promos!! So cringy
sid srivastava
sid srivastava 12 dagen geleden
Lmao Jones was right about the bucs. Damn
nate stump
nate stump 12 dagen geleden
Ty’s adlibs always hilarious
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 12 dagen geleden
Guys, as a titans fan, I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive us. We knocked the pats out the playoffs?
Hammer 6058
Hammer 6058 12 dagen geleden
Just here to say James Jones was right. BEAR DAHN
Lettie Vazq
Lettie Vazq 12 dagen geleden
Low key AJ is me towards the end of the vid... I’d be mute as well lmao
t millz
t millz 12 dagen geleden
31-17 bears stop that nonsense
JA Izzo
JA Izzo 12 dagen geleden
I am so tired of seeing the make sure you vote stuff all over social media, I truly don’t care what the people who are supposed to be influential in society are telling me to do. Love the reaction to it pat.
jordan myers
jordan myers 12 dagen geleden
James Jones called it lol
Ricardo Forester
Ricardo Forester 12 dagen geleden
1:45:00 who’s here after Scotty had zero targets...
4 MKE 12 dagen geleden
I’m sure aaron heard all this with a big ole smile on his face and that makes us all happy. This show has shown everyone what we’ve been blessed with! God bless this show, arod and the green and gold
James Laverty
James Laverty 12 dagen geleden
Now looking back... james Jones was right ✅ 👌. I doubted him all the way! Man knows what he's talking about!
Mr. David
Mr. David 13 dagen geleden
Vote? Both candidates are bought and owned by the central banks.
Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman 13 dagen geleden
Footloose Flaco stinks, lock it in
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo
Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo 13 dagen geleden
“oh geez! Punch in Tom! Christ!!” 😂😂
Bully Blood
Bully Blood 13 dagen geleden
Watching the show..... during the Thursday night game.... A GOOD time
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 13 dagen geleden
Collingwood plays Geelong tonight (Friday)9th October in Brisbane in a semi final
Hani 13 dagen geleden
Pat got me hyped to watch Joe Flacco lol
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta 13 dagen geleden
I just realized what do they talk about when football is over? Prob less shows right? I totally forgot how the offseason went haha
Mike M
Mike M 12 dagen geleden
Honestly they thrived during Covid...
Jonny Bailey
Jonny Bailey 13 dagen geleden
Well they had the show when there were no sports so I don’t think you have to worry about less shows
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta 13 dagen geleden
I thought they banned drop kick onside kick after Justin Tucker did it
Steven Whittington
Steven Whittington 13 dagen geleden
Aj hasn’t been with the right type of woman not knowing what a mattress protector Is really for lmao
Axios 13 dagen geleden
Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa I have to wear a mask every day. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have to get tested every day. Waaaaaaaaaaaa I can't do whatever I want every day. My sis and alllllll of her friends/co-workers in the nursing/medical field have to wear a mask every day. Can't do things how they want every day. In off-hours can just go and do whatever they want every day. My local produce guy for Kroger has to wear a mask EVERY single day and remember social distancing. Why is this so hard for the TItans? Titans and everyone in the NFL need to cut the cry baby Sh%T. Follow the rules (not something most of the NFL does very well) and either do so or get DQd for the season. I don't hate the Titans. Never really cared about the Titans. Still, really don't care about the Titans. But if they are the only ones effing things up for everyone else. KICK EM OFF THE ISLAND. ~Axios
John Murphy
John Murphy 13 dagen geleden
Ahh i know this is probably a long shot but Pat's into song at 1:05:10 an actual song anywhere? Can't find it at all. I think he said before it's by Twine?
Boone Myers
Boone Myers 12 dagen geleden
Instrumental by Twine is called Pistol Hawk. Unkle Samm adds lyrics in his song We Gettin Lit
cobfucius 13 dagen geleden
I remember in 2018...well before COVID.....the Bears played 3 games in like..12 days. Sunday against Lions, Thursday against Vikings, and following Thursday(Thanksgiving) against the Lions, 3 divisional games in that span. So, it can be done. NOT saying anyone will like but, if need be, It can and has been done.
Bri Guy
Bri Guy 13 dagen geleden
Playing the lions twice only counts as like 3/4 of a game total
Comic Book Guy
Comic Book Guy 13 dagen geleden
*James Jones is a great personality, you should have him back on*
Jake Fraser
Jake Fraser 13 dagen geleden
For the brand
cobfucius 13 dagen geleden
I understand when people talk about working out and keeping in shape..but, those "secret" meetings..especially if not handled right...can be the very reason it gets all over a team. get too close to the wrong person, and you bring it in to the locker room. This virus does not care how much we all love football...unfortunately. This is going to be really tricky for teams to navigate through for a whole season. Especially with it showing up so damn early. I hope they figure it out and get it back under control. it is not an easy foe. I also hope these younger guys can avoid the worst of the potential symptoms. I had it pretty bad, and it sucks. It can also last a long time...over 2 months for me. I really hope no one gets the rougher side of it.
halfstrike721 13 dagen geleden
Love me some Darius Butler great guest.
GoHawks12 13 dagen geleden
Whole lotta white privilege coming from AJ at the end of this one. Go listen to Jamal Adams or Bobby Wagner.
Joe Harrison
Joe Harrison 13 dagen geleden
The NFC East is terrible. No offense and even less defense.
Joe Bono
Joe Bono 13 dagen geleden
Dak is on pace for 7000 yards lol
Quest4Adventure 13 dagen geleden
I’ve always hated Rogers but I’m a diehard Vikings fan. That being said; I find myself kind of liking him lately. Which is frustrating
Elvis Aguilar
Elvis Aguilar 13 dagen geleden
Pat, when you guys restocking those long sleeve shirts? Just got paid but sumbish sold out now
Alex Bautista
Alex Bautista 13 dagen geleden
Come on pat, how did you hold back on mentioning the colts holding bears to 11 points?!
Aidan Watson
Aidan Watson 13 dagen geleden
I would take Aaron's cookies on the court James Jones
Cody Chapman
Cody Chapman 13 dagen geleden
If James jones said the game would be 14-17 I would believe him but to claim 14-30 bears offense sucks. Their defense is top 5
Cody Chapman
Cody Chapman 13 dagen geleden
Plus winston had 9td to 5ints his stats aren't the same and Brady is 11td and 4int
tarmas tarmas
tarmas tarmas 13 dagen geleden
I have learned more about Football from your show in past 8 months than 20 years of watching and listening to other talking heads. That bit about running out CB lol
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez 13 dagen geleden
I look forwards to connors bark every day 😂😂
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 13 dagen geleden
Am I the only one that realized how much deeper Pat’s voice was during the “edible story” snippet?
Bruh 12 dagen geleden
Time stamp or it didn’t happen
dr BOOZEYzzz
dr BOOZEYzzz 13 dagen geleden
Anyone else’s audio wayyyyy more quiet than usual? Not having this problem on other videos
Mr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody 13 dagen geleden
I've had this issue for a week+ and have commented as such. Some days you can literally hear it get turned up or down while people are talking. I have other programs turned down to 65% and STILL have to crank up my volume. It's maddening.
dr BOOZEYzzz
dr BOOZEYzzz 13 dagen geleden
The Pat McAfee Show cool Thanks Chief see ya tomorrow 👍🏼
The Pat McAfee Show
The Pat McAfee Show 13 dagen geleden
working on our compressor with new radio hardware,
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 13 dagen geleden
The Bengals looking pretty smart now, with there outdoor practice facility. The sun up there Killin all the covid germs. If thats even how it works? Either way Paul Brown isn't cheap, he can see the future. Lol
B Bailey
B Bailey 13 dagen geleden
Screw the titans... disqualify them before they tank the league... they suck anyways
Saby Hernandez Jr
Saby Hernandez Jr 13 dagen geleden
2:44:52 best part of the show. Wayne the new Legend.
don primer
don primer 13 dagen geleden
we are only nice in canada because you can get charged by raising your voice or giving an opinion, if you let that bidump dude win you'll understand.
Graham 13 dagen geleden
Pat has sounded drunk the past few weeks. Like he’s fighting a burp every sentence
Damny Scott
Damny Scott 13 dagen geleden
Ok if no Vikings got it maybe a flight attend on the plane spread it to the team and if it happened on a plane everybody close together
Cody Miller
Cody Miller 13 dagen geleden
They need to just give covid infested teams a loss that week akd move on
Byran Kreegums
Byran Kreegums 13 dagen geleden
I wish this was quarantine and I had 3 hours to watch. Now my busted workin ass can't sink 3 hours in everyday. It'd be like another job.
Elvis Aguilar
Elvis Aguilar 13 dagen geleden
Arthur Rahman word man I could watch this live during the day but rather watch at work while I’m processing lol
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 13 dagen geleden
Then grind your way to a job where you can listen while you work , because the 3 hours after lunch where I listen to PMS gets me through the work week
peteroc4 13 dagen geleden
Pat you need timestamps my guy.
static1217 13 dagen geleden
@peteroc4: Turk Davidson is the man for that.
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter 13 dagen geleden
Jonny Bailey same here, I watch the first half throughout the day at work and the second half at home lol
Jonny Bailey
Jonny Bailey 13 dagen geleden
Just watch the show a fast forward through breaks. It’s not that hard to do, I do it everyday lol
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter 13 dagen geleden
Look for Turk’s comment he always leaves time stamps once the full show is uploaded
Nick Bischoff
Nick Bischoff 13 dagen geleden
It’s a live show my guy
PMS Store
PMS Store 13 dagen geleden
michael miyasato
michael miyasato 13 dagen geleden
Ty out there calling in with his accents again.
Brian Manns
Brian Manns 13 dagen geleden
I wanna hear mad mel call in when rodgers is on after a loss lol
Boone Myers
Boone Myers 13 dagen geleden
Time stamp? Lol
Bossmanjr 13 dagen geleden
Pat please practice your football up the arm gimmick before Aaron next Tuesday. Let’s nail it
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 13 dagen geleden
5:11 ( Who wins Titans or Covid, Cowboy Drama ) 24:50 ( James Jones talk all things NFL and makes his TNF Pick) 1:05:11 ( Titans/Bills game being moved, Playoff Changes?, Lamar Jackson update, Flacco in for Jets) 1:35:34 ( Darius Butler makes his TNF Picks) 2:04:41 ( McAfee and Hawk Sportstalk: Chat with Tom E Curran) 2:34:20 (GB doesn't deserve Arod, Haskin and Kyle Allen talk, Vegas All in One Sportsbook, Benedict Bob, and Zito Eats Estrogen)
zoomlensshow 12 dagen geleden
Dale Mulligan
Dale Mulligan 12 dagen geleden
Turk always out here doing the Lord's work
Mr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody 12 dagen geleden
static1217 13 dagen geleden
@PMS Store My main man Phil Mains is the man!!
static1217 13 dagen geleden
It's okay that you had a work call bub. You are still the man Turk!!!
Drago 13 dagen geleden
04:34 start time 🇺🇲💪🏼
Jackson Bitzer
Jackson Bitzer 13 dagen geleden
When your team plays in primetime so you actually get a 10 plus minute segment on your team
Kyle Delgado
Kyle Delgado 13 dagen geleden
What’s up with the jared lorenzen statue? Lol
Jeremy Buckalew
Jeremy Buckalew 13 dagen geleden
The hefty lefty
DeadpanFish 13 dagen geleden
I'm pooping
Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan 13 dagen geleden
ya mumma
ya mumma 13 dagen geleden
Hello from Australia bro 🤙🤙
Kyle Griffith
Kyle Griffith 13 dagen geleden
This is the most confusing time to be a Titans fan
Kevin Moss
Kevin Moss 13 dagen geleden
Cleveland BRAHNS
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 13 dagen geleden
Pat get colts punter Rigoberto on the show ask about the culture now compared to back then with you
James Kuich
James Kuich 13 dagen geleden
Pat, watch more seahawks game. Russ is beyond Aaron's level.
James Kuich
James Kuich 13 dagen geleden
Russ 2nd most wins since 2012, most passing touchdowns by any other QB since 2016
Terrance Campbell
Terrance Campbell 13 dagen geleden
They both are playing similarly
riley garcia
riley garcia 13 dagen geleden
Not really. Career wise there stats are about the same, as for this season
Prophet Jagerbomb
Prophet Jagerbomb 13 dagen geleden
Always look forward to putting on the pat mcafee show to relax and watch while I take my vitamins after work 👍🏼
Bear Down!
Bear Down! 12 dagen geleden
Mikey Bellettiere
Mikey Bellettiere 13 dagen geleden
This is me 😂
KP Thirsty
KP Thirsty 13 dagen geleden
birry13 13 dagen geleden
I respect that vibe
moonlite gamer
moonlite gamer 13 dagen geleden
I love James Jones and Aj Hawk. I miss those guys here in Wisconsin. 🥺
Frosty Snowman
Frosty Snowman 13 dagen geleden
U ain't kidding! Go pack!
static1217 13 dagen geleden
James Jones the hoodie OG
DeadpanFish 13 dagen geleden
Go Packers. FTB
Fear 101st
Fear 101st 13 dagen geleden
Whoa Pat McAfee got his own shownits about time he is a class act and hilarious good to see!!
Tanya Frost
Tanya Frost 13 dagen geleden
You must be new here....
Colter 13 dagen geleden
He's had this show for a long time now.
Esteban 13 dagen geleden
Ahhh, finally done with work…time to enjoy this QUALITY CONTENT.
Eric Cddr
Eric Cddr 13 dagen geleden
Bear dahn
auburnlover02 13 dagen geleden
David McKenna
David McKenna 13 dagen geleden
connor - do a back flip
Jack 13 dagen geleden
yoo never been this early we lit
Kyle Micel
Kyle Micel 13 dagen geleden
Here before Turk
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 13 dagen geleden
Congrats!!! Was on a work call, just getting to the stamps now.