The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday October 6th, 2020 

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6 okt. 2020




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Jasin Ferati
Jasin Ferati 13 dagen geleden
Crimson Chin is from the Fairly Odd Parents 😂😂
C Lucha
C Lucha 14 dagen geleden
That Aaron segment on misinformation is the kind of segment you can tell he likes to talk about. Great seeing him being able to freely express that and dive deep.
Justin Bender
Justin Bender 16 dagen geleden
You guys not even a lie saved my life from myself
Fantasyfootballcardguy 16 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodghandi 🐐🐐🐐
Ack Ack
Ack Ack 16 dagen geleden
Did they really say greg olsen is a target? Lmaooo
Jaden Perkins
Jaden Perkins 16 dagen geleden
greatest JR impression of all time at 1:11:29
Ari greenberg
Ari greenberg 16 dagen geleden
Patt I love your show and I love your brand can I please have a “for the brand” sweatshirt for free
jman415 16 dagen geleden
just like Pat, i am SO happy Aaron said that line XD
Jackson Kunz
Jackson Kunz 16 dagen geleden
God I love Aaron Rodgers
Joshua 16 dagen geleden
hey guys ! i took the time to watch the whole interview ! let Aaron know !
DoodleBop 16 dagen geleden
Jamaal Williams is the GOAT
Steve mayo
Steve mayo 16 dagen geleden
I love it
Noah Gray
Noah Gray 16 dagen geleden
This show has made me actually like Aaron Rodgers lmao
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 17 dagen geleden
Hate the packers but Aaron invited to the cookout
Tank Gambino
Tank Gambino 17 dagen geleden
Antonio Carter
Antonio Carter 17 dagen geleden
TyFtI34 17 dagen geleden
❤️❤️ I listened to the whole A-rod interview. ❤️❤️ he’s to cool. Man, we packers faithful have been blessed to have 2 awesome dudes for 30 years
Tyler A
Tyler A 17 dagen geleden
I’m surprised Rodgers didn’t put up better number against that injured and just straight up horrendous falcons defense
LeBron Jericho
LeBron Jericho 17 dagen geleden
Big Aaron Rodgers fan here and he educating me hard rn omg
MrCoyzer 17 dagen geleden
The production value on this show is top notch.
Seth Hall
Seth Hall 17 dagen geleden
Go pack go!! He’s the best!
Plazik 17 dagen geleden
Damn, Pat gained like 50k subs within the last like 8 or 9 days. Congrats to the boys!
Z E 17 dagen geleden
Ty is the GOAT for real
Kennyft Cummings
Kennyft Cummings 17 dagen geleden
I love that Aaron Rodgers said what he said and I’m not even a packers fan, my man!
Zach Rech
Zach Rech 17 dagen geleden
Who else had no idea Aaron was so likable?
Patrick Lawton
Patrick Lawton 17 dagen geleden
Aj sure blushes A LOT when Arodge is speaking. Literally looks like a teenage girl grinning from smitten with her crush lol.
Don Yeetle
Don Yeetle 16 dagen geleden
I don't know Aaron personally and I'm happy when he's happy..
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero 17 dagen geleden
No way Texans go 3-13... they play Green Bay. Check yourself
Joe Harrison
Joe Harrison 17 dagen geleden
When I saw their schedule I thought he would be fired by Texans.
ThtBoi JeffRey
ThtBoi JeffRey 17 dagen geleden
Thats my quarterback
Corey 17 dagen geleden
If I wasnt a Pittsburgh fan I'd be a packers fan strictly for Aaron Rodgers.
Time Out Humanity
Time Out Humanity 17 dagen geleden
Jake Berry
Jake Berry 17 dagen geleden
Did anyone find where he talked about the giveaway? I don’t remember hearing it
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 17 dagen geleden
I hated Aron before now I love him
Ryan Coyle
Ryan Coyle 17 dagen geleden
I’m currently watching Skip Bayless make a fool of himself by taking Rodgers comments out of context exactly as predicted. 🤣
Isaiah SolCruz
Isaiah SolCruz 17 dagen geleden
pat juiced off the vitamins in this one
777d7777 777d7777
777d7777 777d7777 17 dagen geleden
Keep killing it Arron Go Pack Go!!!!
WizardsFan721 17 dagen geleden
Charles Robinson’s joke lmao
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 17 dagen geleden
What was the name of the song at the fist break? Around 28:00?
Sal Shakeri
Sal Shakeri 17 dagen geleden
Looking fwd to Tuesdays w A Rodge like patiently waiting for a new episode of GOT.
Animal Science TV
Animal Science TV 17 dagen geleden
At what time is rodgers on? No timestamps? Rookies!
Chandler Jenkins
Chandler Jenkins 17 dagen geleden
have bob tonyan on your show pat..
Nate Burkes
Nate Burkes 17 dagen geleden
He said red zone hoyer is jimmy clawson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kenneth Gregory
Kenneth Gregory 17 dagen geleden
hey how do we win the money?
Matt 17 dagen geleden
When Pat fingers the ball in excitement 2:40:51 lololololol
bbbusted91 17 dagen geleden
It's hard to be a Bears fan but also an ARod fan.
Bro Hurley
Bro Hurley 17 dagen geleden
Can’t believe I didn’t like Aaron Rodgers before this show
Fraser 17 dagen geleden
This show has made me love Aaron. Coming from a pats fan hes just such a likeable guy
Circle The Baggins
Circle The Baggins 17 dagen geleden
Watching AJ relight a cigar and swig his mouth out with water before straightening up and facing the camera head on with the crimson chin and a hard stare while Pat reads a commercial is a pretty intense experience. Have you ever done DMT?
Dane Whittington
Dane Whittington 17 dagen geleden
Pat should mess with him about “the catch” or the incompletion rather
Helgard Werner
Helgard Werner 17 dagen geleden
Sharps were on the Jets against the Broncos too. Hammer Dahn on Cardinals -6.5 because that line is insane
Robert Christian
Robert Christian 17 dagen geleden
Where was Jeff Passan/Aaron Rogers I need to see this stash
World Peace
World Peace 17 dagen geleden
How stoked would u be being in tys position having Rodgers giving u a shout out saying it’s cool to bunk out at the new mansion ! Haha dream come true for the guy
Black Athens
Black Athens 17 dagen geleden
I hate Rogers for the game killer hail Mary against Detroit but can't help but love him
Dean Swinney
Dean Swinney 17 dagen geleden
Electric interview with ARod. Damn I wish Rivers made this show. Would’ve been in the top 3 of all time
Luke Parker
Luke Parker 17 dagen geleden
Will shanaghaun that left 49ers for college football a chance ?
FFCC Music Judge
FFCC Music Judge 17 dagen geleden
Luke Parker
Luke Parker 17 dagen geleden
To be fair I understand the Hopkins trade but it just hasn’t worked out for them
426ZZZZ 17 dagen geleden
It makes zero sense. They didn’t even get a first or good runningback. David Johnson will never be 2016 David Johnson
Sarah Oleary
Sarah Oleary 17 dagen geleden
Every NON packer fan: I hated Rodgers because he always beats us. Then we seen this show
Justin Acevedo
Justin Acevedo 17 dagen geleden
Aaron about to make me a Packers fan.
Zach Draper
Zach Draper 17 dagen geleden
They using the arod clips on sportcenter now
JM 17 dagen geleden
Cesar Emmans
Cesar Emmans 17 dagen geleden
Why not count them as half interceptions like they do for sacks?
Jon Ruger
Jon Ruger 17 dagen geleden
Miss the McAfee and Hawk song
Zackary Alam
Zackary Alam 17 dagen geleden
Crimson chin is from fairly odd parents
Crimson94 17 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers Tuesday makes me want to support the Packers over my Cowboys
ChuckBeans61 17 dagen geleden
I'm just another boy who hated Rodgers, who became a man who's a fan now because of this show. Also, thank you NLblock Algorithm for introducing me to the Pat McAfee Show.
Manus Bothma
Manus Bothma 18 dagen geleden
I watched Mat Ryan play and first thing I did was to google who the backup is
jgman2645 18 dagen geleden
Where did pats arms and torso go?
Zach H
Zach H 18 dagen geleden
You have a florida man on the phone and not gunna ask what he's doing currently or what's his craziest feat
Zach H
Zach H 18 dagen geleden
Amonzo Osby
Amonzo Osby 18 dagen geleden
2:12:12 what u came here for!
Cat Edwards
Cat Edwards 18 dagen geleden
Just saying,..... Pat - BIG personality A.J.- BIG cigar Aaron - BIG glass of water(funny & "dry") Entourage - Big crew! This is the Best & Biggest Sport show going around! Big Guys, Big Appetites[sport], Big Fun!!
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp
3 guys are on mission in NFL Aaron Rodgers ( he is going downhill, he is not elite anymore, packers also did him dirty, he has no one to work with and he is not a top QB anymore etc) Josh Allen (he is inaccurate, he is run first QB, darnold is better than him etc. hate hate and only hate on him Russell Wilson ( always the forgotten one ) This 3 guys are going to lit up the whole NFL just watch it even more than Mahomes this season Wilson will win MVP this season
Sean Stanchina
Sean Stanchina 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rogers is so cool and East going. Like pat said dude is a living legend.
Stephen Pierret
Stephen Pierret 18 dagen geleden
Gotta change up the music... should’ve kept it OG.
RedMo46 18 dagen geleden
I will never understand how, for so so long and even still, people think Aaron Rodgers is some arrogant, spoiled, douchey ‘overpaid athlete’ when in reality hes just an all around solid dude. Glad to see thats steadily changing
J D 18 dagen geleden
Russell Wilson right now leading contender for mvp provided he keeps this pace
MrBrandon15TV 18 dagen geleden
Was there anything about the rules for the giveaway?
Dan Mingus
Dan Mingus 18 dagen geleden
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having Aaron stop by on Tuesdays. Hes my 2nd favorite player in the league, and is a legit dude. Great job boys
Sean Stanchina
Sean Stanchina 18 dagen geleden
The Aaron Rogers ovation never gets old
Zach H
Zach H 18 dagen geleden
Billy O'Stooge probably wanted to announce his firing just like he wanted to be coach, gm, dumbass trader, and play caller
Mike morris
Mike morris 18 dagen geleden
You guys are killing it, congratulations on hitting a Million and here's to 10 Million gentlemen!
This Is My Boomstick
This Is My Boomstick 18 dagen geleden
Rodgers got his SB ring against my boys, and I respected but hated him for that. But, I learned to have even more respect and watching him play over the years showed me how much of a guru he is, but now tuesdays with Rodgers, well I’ll be watching tuesdays for sure.
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards 18 dagen geleden
You should have time stamps listed throughout the episode. it'd be very helpful to find what we want to watch. Love watching the full stream regardless but it'd just be more convenient.
Doc. DIPshity
Doc. DIPshity 18 dagen geleden
Far-Out...MAC & Boy's Well Done Men !!!
Sam Chaim
Sam Chaim 18 dagen geleden
As I Packers fan I have always loved Aaron and this show has done nothing for me
GypsySpore5 18 dagen geleden
I wish someone would look at me the way pat does to Aaron😂😂 someone’s got a man crushhh👀😂 (pat)
John Gill
John Gill 18 dagen geleden
Couple a plays during the game snap when yelling hard count the actually hard count using it late into games. Maybe big brain might not work at all
Nick Nash
Nick Nash 18 dagen geleden
Love the Rogers interview. I come back for it every week.
Xavier Dahlgren
Xavier Dahlgren 18 dagen geleden
Lol. I watched the interview Aaron Rodgers the whole thing baby
TehDK 18 dagen geleden
Us Packers fans are spoiled to have this every Tuesday 🧀🧀🧀
Lanewood JG
Lanewood JG 18 dagen geleden
A-A-Ron is THE MAN
TheWorstGamer NA
TheWorstGamer NA 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers undefeated since starting his spot on this show. Coincidence? I think not.
Emagdnim9788 18 dagen geleden
I don't know if you're going to see this or there are other people agree but that around the office bit was fucken gold keep doing more of that for the NLblock
MichelinMan 18 dagen geleden
Chiefs knew they were gonna win that game, they took no big risks, didn't look stressed, andy reid knows he has the best team in the league and didn't show the league anything, they could've scored 50 on them if they really wanted to but andy reid is holding back plays and schemes, chiefs are gonna roll the NFL and they are gonna make it look easy
Lee Hollingsworth
Lee Hollingsworth 18 dagen geleden
Aaron Rogers Tuesday is literally the best thing in sports right now
Athleticbeans 18 dagen geleden
How is this not the #1 sports talk show
Schnell 18 dagen geleden
Pat “But boy I would assume” Mcafee
Julio Dylan Estrada
Julio Dylan Estrada 18 dagen geleden
The crimson chin is both a cartoon and a superhero
Nikolas Wesbecher
Nikolas Wesbecher 18 dagen geleden
Bill o'Brien was really out here playing madden franchise mode in real life