The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday September 29th, 2020 

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29 sep. 2020




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Corey Beck
Corey Beck 19 dagen geleden
I am glad I didn't miss the 1 millions subscriber while gone on vacation.
Eston Dawson-Baglien
Eston Dawson-Baglien 20 dagen geleden
PAT!!! You and the crew really help me and a lot of people I know get through the day. Thank you for all that you do! My buddy and I always talk about your show on the weekends when we meet up. RURAL MICHIGAN LOVES AND RESPECTS YOU!!!
Brad Williamson
Brad Williamson 21 dag geleden
Derrick Wojak
Derrick Wojak 21 dag geleden
Dont get me wrong Pats show is already great. Better than most sports shows. Its super cool of Aaron to do this show every week. It will fasho help get more eyes on his show. This show will be the greatest and biggest sports show in due time. I found this show about a month ago and I been watching since. I actually got reintroduced to McAfee thru WWE. I knew who he was and I knew he was on the Colts but I had no idea about his personality. He seems like someone I would burn one wit. Also im from Milwaukee and A.J. Hawk is a fukn legend. A Packer Hall of Famer!!!
weavie82 22 dagen geleden
Weakest comment here...but I gotta ask...what’s the song in the intro? Haha I like it
John Burkhead
John Burkhead 23 dagen geleden
Love these guys. Tremendous.
Cameron mcdonald cahill
Cameron mcdonald cahill 23 dagen geleden
Rodge is definitely infront of a green screen lmao
Tristan Obergfell
Tristan Obergfell 23 dagen geleden
the Conor fanduel ad killed me lolol
Bryce Stumpff
Bryce Stumpff 23 dagen geleden
1:54:21 @vivalazito when you see you special needs buddy in the hallway
Brendan McCashin
Brendan McCashin 23 dagen geleden
You really need to cut the music
Matthew Naoum
Matthew Naoum 24 dagen geleden
I mean Jett Passan is a legend. Get an NBA guy on and it will shoot up
John Rivera
John Rivera 24 dagen geleden
Best Fanduel advertisement I've seen 😂
Blasband, Zachary
Blasband, Zachary 24 dagen geleden
Yoh stuck
Matthew D Miller
Matthew D Miller 24 dagen geleden
mr rogers. your wrong about robert california.
Mitch 24 dagen geleden
Rodgers interview starts at about 2 hours
Jebus1364 24 dagen geleden
Wow amazing ad @ 58:43. so funny
Elliot Van Wagner
Elliot Van Wagner 24 dagen geleden
I am a Bears fan... certainly not a Packers fan... but yes I am an Aaron Rodgers fan big time
Jebus1364 24 dagen geleden
Football makes a better place!
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 24 dagen geleden
Conner promo for fanduel hilarious not bad for a pats fan
CaMaMorro 24 dagen geleden
Alright guys! We NEEEED a Zito „Candy Man“ shirt ! that‘s for sure
Caleb nalli
Caleb nalli 24 dagen geleden
Being a lions fan you guys are killing me! I’m starting to really like aRod😂
Eston Dawson-Baglien
Eston Dawson-Baglien 20 dagen geleden
Hey, I'm a Packers fan, but Stafford's alright. I have to admit that he chugged a beer better than Rodgers. It was fun to go to the game at Ford Field last year (2019), even if it was your backup and the Pack had to win last second.
Mandie Schultz
Mandie Schultz 24 dagen geleden
Nick F
Nick F 24 dagen geleden
2:16:15 watching Rodgers and Hawk both slowly grin is why NLblock is the best outlet for this show.
Cory Matthews
Cory Matthews 24 dagen geleden
Mcafee Mafia CHECK IN!!
Caleb 24 dagen geleden
Connor’s Fanduel ad is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen
Daniel Briggs
Daniel Briggs 24 dagen geleden
Mike Pereira interview was electric! I Did not know he was such a legend and funny guy.
ASpecphotography 24 dagen geleden
When need more “Caaws” on the AJ intro
Leon Lane
Leon Lane 24 dagen geleden
Hawk looks like a Yolked Woody Harrelson
Caleb 24 dagen geleden
2:32:11 who is slurping a water bottle next to a mic? This is the moment! Aaron Rodgers talking about how he loves Patrick Mahomes, and your slurping a down water next to a mic?!
Richie Benites
Richie Benites 24 dagen geleden
I fast forward during cassies call
Shawn O'Sullivan
Shawn O'Sullivan 24 dagen geleden
Mike P needs to watch that commercial when someone teaches new house buyers to silent their cell phones
Trey Haglund
Trey Haglund 24 dagen geleden
Not a big hockey show.
Jamar Suggs
Jamar Suggs 24 dagen geleden
“Go get tea bagged Mike”-Pat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fisher Doane
Fisher Doane 24 dagen geleden
Get this man to 1 million subscribers, he deserves it
J D 24 dagen geleden
I wanna know what Aaron keeps looking at off screen lol
Greg Bazooka
Greg Bazooka 24 dagen geleden
This is the best sports show
Hejendjsjejdnsjee 24 dagen geleden
Aaron Rogers did dmt listen to this man talk 😂
Kao Lor
Kao Lor 24 dagen geleden
Glad to know Aaron hates ProFootballFocus just as much as I do.
Blaine Delaune
Blaine Delaune 24 dagen geleden
Love the original commercials
Walton 24 dagen geleden
The Boston Connor ad is absolute gold. Can we make this a show? 😂
777d7777 777d7777
777d7777 777d7777 24 dagen geleden
Rodgers interview is from 2:06:00 till 2:43:00 And btw: “giving out suck it signs and dropping dimes” Go Pack Go!!!!
777d7777 777d7777
777d7777 777d7777 24 dagen geleden
Go Pack Go!!!!
Justin Gruber
Justin Gruber 24 dagen geleden
stop doing the suck it thing....
Michael Zorn
Michael Zorn 24 dagen geleden
If you can shut down the run Lamar CANT beat you with his arm!
Jonny Roxtar
Jonny Roxtar 24 dagen geleden
PMI Zito ​5k likes won't happen PMI Zito ​no way yes way
Mateo Aguilar
Mateo Aguilar 24 dagen geleden
Pat McAfeeeeee!!!!!!!! Love your show, love the DROPPING DIMS shirt!!!! Where could we Purchase?!?!?!?!?🙌
Patrick John Grimmer
Patrick John Grimmer 25 dagen geleden
Mr Groundhog
Mr Groundhog 25 dagen geleden
Pat McAffee, Aaron Rodgers, AJ Hawk = ULTIMATE
Sean Stanchina
Sean Stanchina 25 dagen geleden
Pay your are the best man. You really make my day.
bistro autismo
bistro autismo 25 dagen geleden
Find someone who looks at you like Pat Mcafee looks at Aaron Rodgers
Shawn Hass
Shawn Hass 25 dagen geleden
All of a sudden find myself cheering for a Packers win lately. And I look so forward to tuesday. It awkwardly helps me being a Cowboys fan. Not much to be happy about there. Even that win against Atlanta is tasting more sour with each week. I'm calling Chiefs/Packers superbowl.
Michael Magdycz
Michael Magdycz 25 dagen geleden
“Tuesday’s are for Aaron” banners
John osgood
John osgood 25 dagen geleden
Slowly turning into a packers fan... ready to dump the jets, im living in agony
John Burkhead
John Burkhead 23 dagen geleden
You dump the jets and I’ll dump these bungles duuuuhhhhnnnnnnnn here in Cincinnati.
Zac Woods
Zac Woods 23 dagen geleden
I think Jets fans deserve a free pass after this season to officially switch teams. Rt.
Essie 24 dagen geleden
wouldnt blame you tbh niners practice squad blew y’all out lol
Bradley Jarrell
Bradley Jarrell 24 dagen geleden
Falcons fan, I'm right there with ya. Rodgers/Mahomes/Newton are my favorite players right now.
Cutler Hedtke
Cutler Hedtke 25 dagen geleden
As a pack fan, having ARodge in the show every week is just a blessing
MadMalcolm D
MadMalcolm D 22 dagen geleden
I used to HATE him....(Steeler fan 2010) but he is just so funny and likable.....the bastard .
Zdog_210 Zach
Zdog_210 Zach 23 dagen geleden
It’s honestly a packers fan dream
Alessandro Nova
Alessandro Nova 24 dagen geleden
it really is honestly like us packer fans have loved him for his football abilities for years and years but this show more than any other interviews i’ve seen of him really shows a side of him that is readily seen publicly and hes just such an awesome personality and its fully on display on this show and its just so much fun to watch
Harrison Marshall
Harrison Marshall 25 dagen geleden
I hope Pat caught Mark Schlereths For the Brand shoutout during Sunday’s Bucs vs Broncos broadcast when McManus destroyed a 56 yarder that could’ve gone 70.
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 24 dagen geleden
Yeah I heard that too haha
Jaime Blanco
Jaime Blanco 25 dagen geleden
From Chico .ca not butte
OsirisOrion46 25 dagen geleden
Nick sounds like he's sending a pilot messages over the radio. 1 up conner and come in with a helmet and aviators.
Stephen Benoit
Stephen Benoit 25 dagen geleden
A Pereira and the Punter Podcast needs to happen...dude is legendary
cobee lemon
cobee lemon 25 dagen geleden
4 Boston Conors ohhhh nooooo lol
Nate REG
Nate REG 25 dagen geleden
McAfee and Hawk w/Aaron is literally the best sports talk on earth. I’m glad I’ve been here since the very start, and got to witness this show become the POWERHAUS, that it is!
Isaac Sosa
Isaac Sosa 25 dagen geleden
The Mike P interview had me crying. Didn’t realize he was so funny.
SkinnySnorlax 25 dagen geleden
snakes do sense earthquakes first. facts
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly 25 dagen geleden
“5-15, I just took a 420”
BadCoverMan 25 dagen geleden
Ted Lasso is created by Bill Lawrence, the same guy who made Scrubs.
Darnell Bogout
Darnell Bogout 25 dagen geleden
Every Tuesday I look forward to Aaron UFO Rodgers
Ronald Crispen
Ronald Crispen 25 dagen geleden
Saruany Rubalcava
Saruany Rubalcava 25 dagen geleden
Yo what happened to McAfee and Hawk sports talk
Alejandro C Barrios
Alejandro C Barrios 24 dagen geleden
Hour 3 now that they're on the Maddog, 3 hour show instead of 2 And AJ joins during hour 3 for McAfee and Hawk.
Brandon Vernuccio
Brandon Vernuccio 25 dagen geleden
Aaron Rodgers such a great addition to my Tuesday’s! Please do this next season
sedftnio 25 dagen geleden
Hell yes you should have a mike pereira day! The man is electric!
James WMS
James WMS 25 dagen geleden
Aaron dumped that Debbie Downer Danica and now look at ya son !! Aw yeah.
Chad Barczak
Chad Barczak 25 dagen geleden
Futurerama said time travel to 2020 is banned.
Kyle Stricklin
Kyle Stricklin 25 dagen geleden
McAfee...don't let the sports gambling crash the ship. Other than that, keep it up. I love it. Stay frosty my man. Love the work you're doing
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin 25 dagen geleden
Pat has more subscribers then Rich Eisen, not trying to say rich Eisen is trash or anything like that but Pat is on a path for something special.
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin 21 dag geleden
Yeah that's fair....I'm just happy for Pat growing
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown 24 dagen geleden
Most of the people who watch Rich Eisen aren't on youtube
g3161 25 dagen geleden
Pat has converted me from a casual fan to a hard core fan. All you bub. P.S. that FanDuel ad was on point.
Mightyguru Nolastname
Mightyguru Nolastname 25 dagen geleden
What about the expanded practice squad? Lamar Jackson has no leadership qualities.
Mightyguru Nolastname
Mightyguru Nolastname 25 dagen geleden
Steelers get fucked again.
gana gana
gana gana 25 dagen geleden
@PMI Zito. I see 5k 👍🏼’s 👀
Trent 25 dagen geleden
Connor had the greatest ad o all time
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 25 dagen geleden
There's just something about Aaron Rodgers voice that makes me wanna stick my head in a deep fryer... BEAR DAHN
LLL 777
LLL 777 25 dagen geleden
Wtf mike. My damn ears. Your phone and real surprise backing the former job.
Saby Hernandez Jr
Saby Hernandez Jr 25 dagen geleden
52:50 best part of the show. Get a shovel for Zito RIP.
Sov Savior
Sov Savior 25 dagen geleden
Now that we have ART (Aaron Rodgers Tuesday), can we get a Taylored Thursday for Taylor Lewan to be a weekly guest? Love the guy as my LT, but also an absolute personality
DeadlyDanDaMan 25 dagen geleden
All the countries in the world that have 100% legalized ALL drugs, have had their addiction rates and overdose rates drop MASSIVELY. That is 100% true. The "War on Drugs" is the most failed thing in human history and has caused MUCH more death and pain and ruined more lives than is even slightly necessary. Legalization and education is the way to go. Humans have been using drugs for TENS OF THOUSANDS of years. Enough is enough. PS: Alcohol is also a drug, and does WAAAAY more damage than all the other drugs combined. It's not even close.
Jonny Bailey
Jonny Bailey 25 dagen geleden
That Connor fanduel sportsbook ad had me dying hahaha.
_kr¡mzen_ 25 dagen geleden
A Rodgers is great on the show.
Prime time
Prime time 25 dagen geleden
PatRICK mahomes like u r r r r r r readdddd about!!!!
Daniel Coleman
Daniel Coleman 25 dagen geleden
Wentz died years ago, they just propped him up like a scarecrow
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 25 dagen geleden
The NFL should go and have a look at the AFL
SteelersLakersFan 25 dagen geleden
Yes the multi billion dollar NFL should go look at a league that nobody cares about outside of a 80% uninhabitable continent
Mason Henry
Mason Henry 25 dagen geleden
That boston conner ad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia 25 dagen geleden
Mike go get tea bagged! lolololollll
thomas baird
thomas baird 25 dagen geleden
When someone gets a pop out of aj hawk it makes this show
Real 1
Real 1 25 dagen geleden
🔥 show yall killin it!
TautestCrane 25 dagen geleden
Whats the name of the song and artist name just before AJ is introduced? I. remember when they first heard it from soundcloud but cant remember the name. absolute banger
Joe Bono
Joe Bono 25 dagen geleden
Did anyone else catch the "Go get teabagged mike" I'm done 🤣
John Bailey
John Bailey 25 dagen geleden
Seems like the NFL should have had it setup that if a team sits out and the team they just played has to sit out. I know logistics come into play but why wouldn’t they play the opponents of the Covid teams against each other. I know there is a lot of preparation work to change up. Everyone in this time has to change what they’re doing.
Ben G
Ben G 25 dagen geleden
I hate Robert California
Tmoora Fight
Tmoora Fight 25 dagen geleden
Pereira fell flat on his replay argument. Obviously biased... but it's very reasonable to be able to review the calls. Riveron "overriding being hard" on refs should be perfectly acceptable.
BAGEL FART 25 dagen geleden
Boston Connor is unstoppable...
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 25 dagen geleden
I wish full video episodes of the pod was for everyone for free but I get why they are making it for members only
Steele Frey
Steele Frey 25 dagen geleden
Anyone got a link to that A-Rod tee???
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